A Girl on the Shore

Deportable illegal South African alien Trevor Noah may have slashed his and Viacom’s throats with a personal injury complaint against Dr. Riley Williams

CLEVELAND, OH – South African illegal alien Trevor Noah has some limited rights to file a personal injury civil claim against American Negro Dr. Riley J. Williams, III  just like anyone else in the United States of America.  There are limits, however, on whether he can collect on “future earnings losses” in the state of New York because he’s an illegal alien. By filing a claim against Dr. Williams the South African citizen, Noah, opens the door to his deportation and the termination of his unlawfully contracted employment with Viacom.  He exposes Viacom as a violator of the nation’s federal…

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Mark Robinson is North Carolina’s first American Negro Lieutenant Governor and he’s being lied on by an ABC reporter who backs pornographic filth in schools

CLEVELAND, OH –  The “left wing” lovers of everything un-American have met their match in North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson.  Robinson stands with God.  He stands with the United States of America.  He stands with the Constitution of the United States of America.  He’s saved and unapologetically follows Jesus Christ.  Robinson’s a Republican who knows and acts like he speaks for the American majority. “I stand with Jesus Christ.  I don’t care what Joe Biden says and I don’t care what anybody says.  God’s people win in the end.” Robinson delivered a sermon at Asbury Baptist Church in June…

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