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Child killing children of immigrants didn’t get away with slaughtering an American child as media obscures their family’s immigrant backgrounds

Aiden Leos was shot to death by Marcus Eriz.

CLEVELAND, OHMarcus Anthony Eriz’s surname of “Eriz” is originally associated with two nations.  Turkey and Brazil.  Wynne Lee is the child of aliens from Taiwan.  She’s of Chinese ancestry and according to President Joseph Robinette Biden that makes her a model minority and a potential victim of anti-Asian violence.  Biden and his Indian vice president, Kamala Devi Harris, seem not to care about the violence Asians and other immigrants are bringing to American lives.

Adding two more names, faces and deeds to the immigrants the United States Congress was warned in 2010 were killing 12 natural born Americans daily, the two children of aliens are now in a California jail and headed to a tax dollar-wasting trial for their roles in the slaughter of 6-year-old American Aiden Leos.  It’s amazing how in the United States of America reporters like WKYC’s Mark Naymik, with Slovenian backgrounds, will gleefully describe American Negroes as “Black” while writing nothing about the race or ethnicity of other editorial subjects.

Marcus Anthony Eriz’s family will go through hell for the rest of their lives in the United States of America as information about his brutal killing of an American child grows. He’s kneeling on the left and clasping his best friend and younger brother’s hand.

As more aliens have entered the nation since the GAO report to Congress in 2010, the number of Americans they’re killing has grown beyond the estimated 4380 annual death toll “reading” citizens of the nation learned of during the administration of then President Barack Obama.  Biden and alien-loving “Progressives” like United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want to increase the “dead American” body count by allowing even more illegal aliens into our nation.

Eriz and Lee have been charged by California state prosecutors for each of their roles in slaughtering Leos on May 21, 2021.  Lee was driving her Volkswagen Golf SportWagon north on 55 Freeway in Orange, California when Eriz decided to shoot into the car Aiden’s American mother, Joanna Cloonan, was driving in the highway’s commuter lane.  Lee had recklessly changed lanes in front of Cloonan’s Chevrolet Sonic and the child’s mother “flipped her the bird” or the “middle finger.”

Marcus Eriz’s Facebook page is full of images of him shooting. The top middle image features a semi-automatic weapon on the roof of a pick up truck like it’s an assault vehicle.

According to California Highway Patrol investigators an outraged Eriz shot into Cloonan’s car and killed the child who was sitting in a seat built for his safety.  The little boy didn’t make it to the school where his mother was taking him to learn.  Had this nation’s immigration laws been strictly obeyed and enforced by disloyal “American” politicians and bureaucrats, Aiden and the more than 50,000 Americans aliens have killed since Congress was warned in 2010 might still be alive.

Neither of the two children of immigrants appear to have learned a saying common in American culture that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  The two appear to have seen an American woman they wanted to exterminate in anger as Eriz ignorantly shot into Cloonan’s car and snatched the life from her child.

Marcus Eriz’s father, Johnnie Joe Eriz, posted this picture on Facebook that features two co-workers at the Nuggest restaurant in Weaverville, California.

Eriz, 24, and Lee, 23, are a couple.  Instead of the child of Chinese aliens from Taiwan reporting the savage she shared a Costa Mesa home with to police or the California Highway Patrol, she kept her mouth shut and aided in concealing his sick crime.  So much for the false thought that Asians are model, law-abiding minorities.  They can’t be “model minorities” if there are more than 100,000 of these criminals entering the nation illegally every year.

Americans looking for insights about the deadly couple are not getting it from the immigrant-descended journalists and bloggers covering the story of Aiden’s death.

Johnnie Joseph Eriz’s Facebook page features an image of his youngest son and the mother of his children. Take a look at his response to the question, “Who’s the young man?” Johnny responds that “she ” is his “young son.”

Eriz’s Instagram and Facebook page features insights about himself and members of his family.  His father and mother’s names are Johnnie Joseph Eriz and Anadilia Rosalinda Eriz now Anadilia Firestein.  They lived in Weaverville, California.  She’s now in Wayside, Oregon.  Johnnie Joseph Eriz is employed at The Nugget restaurant as a cook in Weaverville.

Marcus Eriz describes his United States Army veteran brother, Johnnie, as his “best friend.” A picture their father featured of his uniformed youngest son and mother on his Facebook page describes him as a “she.” There’s also a post on Johnnie Joseph Eriz’s Facebook page that announces the date of an event in Brazil.  The name “Eriz” is found in abundance in the South American nation.

Guns and aliens don’t mix. Americans have no idea who’s among the millions of immigrants and illegal aliens in the nation. Marcus Eriz appears to have been training to kill.

Marcus Eriz was employed as an automobile body repairman at Platinum Collision Centers Dos Lagos in Corona, Riverside County, California. His social media page includes pictures and videos of him shooting handguns, semi-automatic rifles and trap shooting with his uniformed “brother.”  His aim was proficient.  One image includes a picture of his semi-automatic weapon on the roof of a pick-up truck in the style of an assault vehicle.

A reporter from the Orange County Register, Brian Rokos, authored a June 8, 2021 story about Lee that described her in heroic-like terms for “conquering depression” and looking for a “brighter future.”  Pushing the Asians are a “model minority” theme the Orange County newspaper featured a picture of Lee reading a book.

100,000 Chinese immigrants from Communist China or Taiwan are entering the United States of America illegally … annually. It makes the majority criminals instead of model minorities. According to President Joseph Robinette Biden they’re to be welcomed. Biden has a form of dementia from all his cancer medications. Wynne Lee’s parents claim to be from Taiwan. Her mother’s last name is “Huang.” Assumably she’s Mrs. Huang. There’s a story about these Chinese immigrants that doesn’t add up.

The Rokos surname is short for the Polish surname of Rokosz.  It’s a newspaper that typically features only mug shots of Americans who kill.  No sympathetic “puff” pieces.

An astute reader can see in the publication’s portrayal of Lee that an “angle” is emerging of her being an unfortunate soul who fell in with the wrong person because she was culturally pressured into suicidal thoughts Chinese parents who wanted her to be “model minority.”  American Negro children have been indoctrinated for generations to “be a credit to the race.”  Cultural “expectations are nothing new.

The Kaiser Health Network mentioned that Wynne Lee missed 47 days of school but neglected to inform its readers that her parents had been considered for criminal charges because of the truancy.  Here Wynne Lee is shown with her mother, Maggie Huang, and brother, Kevin.  The photo is fairly used for educational purposes and was taken by Heidi de Marco for the Kaiser Health Network.

A 2015 feature story in a publication published by the Kaiser Health Network focused on an interview of Lee saying she tried committing suicide and “cut” herself to numb the pain of her life, depression and family’s cultural expectations beginning at age 12.  She wanted to die. California is a death penalty state and “self-immolation” is associated with Buddhism in China and Taiwan; and Hinduism in India.  It gives the suicidal person a chance to be reborn into another life.

In her journal Lee quoted the words of an Iranian author, Tahereh Mafi, who calls herself an American and writes books for children that have made it to the New York Times best seller list.

“‘And even when you’re ready to let go. When you’re ready to break free. When you’re ready to be brand-new. Lonliness [sic] is an old friend standing beside you in the mirror. … Loneliness is a bitter, wretched companion.’” 

After the Government Accounting Office revealed in 2010 that immigrants were killing 12 Americans daily, the federal agency returned the next year with an assessment of how much it’s costing American taxpayers to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate them.

The amount of information about Lee’s family isn’t as abundant as Eriz’s.  Her mother’s name is Maggie Huang and she has a younger brother named Kevin.  The Kaiser Health Network story doesn’t mention her father’s name: only his being employed for a manufacturing company.  There’s no mention of their date of arrival, whether they entered the nation legally or when they applied for citizenship and under what circumstances.

California prosecutors became involved in Lee’s life when she missed 47 days of school and her “model minority” parents were questioned and threatened with jail about the truancy.

Congress “excluded” the Chinese for admission into the United States of America beginning in 1882 with the Chinese Exclusion Act.  The exclusions also included Eastern Europeans from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia, Serbia, Belarus and more.  The two non-English speaking immigrant groups were viewed as “unassimilable” by Congress for being unable to fit into the unique culture of America.

The nation’s first immigration law in 1790 identified English speaking Caucasians and “Africanists” as the people who would be welcomed for admission.  President John Quincy Adams saw America as an English language nation with Americans being the language’s most eloquent speakers.

Pool is a game to be played in a pool room with better players if the only place you’ve played is at home with your family and friends

CLEVELAND, OH – This “business closing” pandemic bullshit Governor Richard Michael Dewine created when he and his quack health director, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton, lied about the number of CoVid 19 infected Ohioans screwed up my pool game, but not by much.

Thirteen Ohioans were infected on March 12, 2020.  Not the 117,000 they’d “estimated.”  Where I’d played at least three times a week, way down from five days a week, I stopped playing for most of 2020 after he and Ohio’s mayors and councils decided they had the authority to tell Americans who weren’t infected to “stay at home.”

Now I’m playing at least two days a week and my “eye” is improving.  Instead of running 15 balls or the entire rack I’m running about 12 before I miss during practice.  Yes.  That’s me at Long Green’s in the “feature” image.

When I played straight pool my best game saw me running three racks until I missed on my 48th shot in the fourth rack.  I ran 47 balls on four consecutive breaks.  For perspective the late Willie Mosconi set the world straight pool record by running 526 balls before he missed during an exhibition.  That’s 37 and one half racks over four and half hours without missing a single shot.  After 65 years Mosconi’s record held until John Schmidt in 2019 ran 626 balls.

Willie Mosconi set an unbeatable world record for running 526 balls during an exhibition without missing. Now imagine playing a man like this to a game where the first player to reach 150 wins.  Mosconi’s record was established during an exhibition in Springfield, Ohio on March 19, 1954.  It wasn’t broken until May 27, 2019 by John Schmidt in Monterey, California.

American Negro player Cicero Murphy was inducted into the Billiard Congress Hall of Fame for being “the Jackie Robinson” of pool when he broke the color barrier during Segregation.  If you weren’t ready to start a game 200 balls behind then you didn’t play Cicero.  He could consistently run 200 balls on his opponents.  The first player to reach 150 balls in a straight pool championship wins.

The pool game requires you to play a better player to improve your game.  So during Segregation Caucasian players realized when they saw Murphy’s skill that they were missing opportunities to improve their own games by not playing him and other American Negro players.  When Murphy was not allowed to play at Manhattan’s Commodore Hotel in 1964 for the Billiard Room Propriety Association of America tournament, Caucasian players picketed his exclusion. They wanted the competition.

Straight pool is also called 14-1 Continuous Rotation because you run 14 balls and then leave one ball for your “break” shot. The goal is to place the “break ball” at an angle where you leave yourself an opportunity to crack open the rack after making your break shot.  It is the game of real champions.

I was usually good for two racks before missing and leaving my opponent with either no or a tough shot with a “safe” play.  There’s a psychological advantage to starting 28 balls ahead of your opponent and keeping or expanding the distance between your scores throughout the game.

Former Cleveland Mayor the late Carl Burton Stokes took my Straight pool game for granted when we played at Sharkey’s to 75 points.  After running two racks on him and leaving him safe, he couldn’t catch me before I scored my 75th point.  He won the second game and we ended with a draw when he left.  Attorney and former Shaker Heights Municipal Court Judge Virgil Brown, Jr. has a nice game and so does author and realtor Everett Pruitt.

Imagine playing a game of “straight pool” to 150 points and Cicero Murphy’s skills were so good he could run 200 balls before missing.  Because of segregation in the United States of America, American Negro and Caucasian players didn’t compete until Murphy broke that “color barrier.

Today’s “champs” play 9-Ball or 10-Ball which are games I can but don’t play.  They’re “made for television game” because audiences producers who had no love for the game didn’t think audiences would watch a 45 minute to hour-long game.

The player shoots balls 1 through 9 to win.  If the 9 ball is positioned near a pocket where the player can hit their object ball first during a combination shot to make the 9 ball they win.  From my perspective it’s a game that requires the least skills to win.

Eight Ball is another made for television tournament game for its quickness.  I play it because it’s the game everybody knows with variations on the rules.  Shooters who haven’t read the rules make up their own.

My father taught me the techniques of the game at 14 and I improved between Eddie’s Billiards at E. 125th and Superior and Shaw Lanes during the late 60’s and early 70’s while attending Shaw High School.  It’s now Green’s Barbershop.

When I enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1972, and pool was free at base recreation centers, I could get all the practice I wanted.  For my three months of technical school training at Shephard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas I could get 8 hours of practice on weekends.

When I returned from Thailand in 1975 I was assigned to Brooks Air Force Base where during a series of tournaments I won the “Base Champ” title.  After I’d fulfilled my contract with the federal government and returned to Cleveland the players who’d beat me before couldn’t.  Depending upon where and who I play I generally hold my own.  In the bars I’ve played in I’ve beaten the best players … easily.

Judging by the way he’s positioned his body and his “bridge,” the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. looks like he had very nice pool game and may have been a formidable player. There’s a difference in pool between a pool shooter and a “pool player.”

Pool is a sport and of the sports I’ve played from baseball, basketball to track I love it the best.  The game is based on your skill level and your age doesn’t matter.  Just your sight, aim, technique and the ability not to miss.

As I’ve played throughout Northeast Ohio and other parts of the country when I’ve traveled, I’ve found that players among the Millenials and Generation X’ers who claim to be good aren’t.  Most of those I’ve encountered had pool tables in their homes and no pool hall experience; so the only people they played were relatives and friends.

If no one among their pool “shooting” contacts had pool hall experience or private lessons from an experienced player they didn’t learn the game’s basics.  They hold cues like “babies.”  Their body posture is off.  They don’t know anything about using cue English, how much or if it’s even needed to make a shot.   Watch the video of then President Barack Obama playing Governor John Hickenloop.   He could use some lessons.

They know nothing about “shape” which means leaving the cue positioned for the next shot.  They don’t even know game rules or the types of games to be played other than 8-Ball; and they don’t know the rules of the one game most know how to play.

Pool is a gentleman’s sport played in silence.  When it’s not their time to shoot younger players don’t know the etiquette of the game requires them to sit down or move away from the table so as not to distract the player who their missing gave a turn.  Players who’ve lost their turn to shoot don’t hover over the table or the shooter’s pocket.

Check out Barack Obama’s “bridge.” His forefinger and thumb aren’t connected like the “players” in the pictures above. It’s a weak bridge which shows he hasn’t mastered the game’s basic skills. He appears to have played before as he ran two balls against Governor John Hickenloop during his presidency. He seems to have a little bit of technique. But I”ve never seen a really skilled player hold a cue like he does. I’d beat him … easily. Watch Tor Lowry’s instructional video at the end of the story.  Compare his instrutions to Obama’s “game” and you’ll see the flaws in it that I see.

They also miss “learning” the shots specialized by skilled players when they play among their family and friends at home.  Cleveland player Rufus Brady practiced until he perfected a bank shot where he called “5 rails in the side pocket” on either side of the table.  I used to practice “4 rails in the corner” bank shots.

At Eddie’s I learned how to cut a ball positioned in the midde of the “rail” to either corner pocket using extreme left or right English.  I didn’t believe the shot could be made when Eddie taught it to me.

Over the last few decades I’ve watched the number of places to play the sport dwindle.  As a Cleveland East sider the number of places to play pool from the 1960’s through the 1980’s were numerous.  I started off at Grant’s on E. 105th Street and Scatter’s.

When my parents moved our family to East Cleveland my late cousin Darnell Ivory and I played at Eddie’s Billiards and Shaw Lanes.  I also played at the Hippodrome, Severance, Paul Wells‘ place on Carnegie and Sharkey’s.  But over the years as the owners of pool halls died so did their businesses.  Franchise pool halls like Jillian’s didn’t last.

Today there are not even a handful of pool halls left in Cuyahoga County let alone Cleveland.  They’re even disappearing in many of the bars. A search for place to play the game on the Billiard Congress’ website produced one result for a placed called “Miss Cue” on Reynolds Road in Toledo.

Why did Shaker Heights native and actor Paul Newman appear to be a competent pool player in “The Hustler?” Willie Mosconi taught him how to play.

I play now between Long Green’s Billiards in Cleveland, Wickliffe Lanes in, of course, Wickliffe; and Continuous Play Billiards in Parma.

Green’s is closer to home and the atmosphere for me is familiar.  It’s where I can hear the Soul music of my youth from my favorite Rhythm & Blues artists while I’m playing.  I’m a singer and a trumpet player since the age of 9.  I like the fact Carl’s got a picture of Dizzy Gillespie on his wall.  Dizzy and I once shared a couple of drinks and conversation when he performed at Jim Swingo’s in the Statler Hotel sometime between 1990 and 1992.

I joke with Long Green’s owner Carl Green that he’s running “a senior day camp” because 80 percent of the players are around my age or older.  I’m 67.  It’s in some way like a daily reunion of people who played at all the East side and downtown pool halls from the 1960’s and 70’s when we were in our teens and early 20’s.  Ain’t nobody hustling anymore because most of the players have either jobs or pensions and drive luxury cars. LOL.

I also enjoy playing at Long Green’s for the 9 foot tables that are 5 feet across.  Your game and aim has to be more precise.  Prices are $5 per player per hour.  Senior citizens 65 and over pay $4 an hour per player.  Long Green’s is located at 7420 Carnegie.  It opens daily at 3 p.m. and closes at 1 a.m.  On Saturdays Carl opens at 12 p.m.  He’s closed on Sunday’s.  216-361-9955 is the phone number.

Carl appears to own the “only” billiard hall on the East side of the “city” of Cleveland.  The municipal corporation’s anti-small business political officials have targeted too many places they have no knowledge of for closings.  I don’t know of anyone in Cleveland politics today who plays the game.  Cleveland should welcome as many billiard halls as entreprenuers are willing to open.

Wickliffe Lanes opens at 9 a.m. and closes at midnight.  They open at noon on Saturdays.  They’re closed on Sunday’s and Monday’s.  Prices for the table are $5 an hour until 5 p.m.  Afterwards prices increase to $10 an hour for the table. It’s also a place where I’ve run into some of the same “older” players I’ve seen at Green’s.  The tables there are 4.5 x 9 feet in dimensions.   Wickliffe Lanes is located at 30315 Euclid Ave.  The phone number is 440-585-3505.

Continuous Play Billiards is a private, membership only club that’s open from 5 a.m. until 1:30 a.m.  $5 to join.  From my East side residence it’s closer than Wickliffe Lanes via Interstate 480.  As a private club they have other “features” I like.  The tables at Continuous Play Billiards are 4.5 feet by 9 feet.  I’ve played there twice but each time I’ve felt welcomed as I got in a couple hours of practice.

I’ve shared an instructional video  above from Tor Lowry that very competently and thoroughly explains the techniques of playing.  He teaches beginners how to run tables like a pro and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to learn or improve their game.

Playing pool on a video game is not playing.  Joysticks operate differently than pool cues.  Novices call them “pool sticks.”  It’s another nuance of the game that tells a skilled player whether their opponent is a player or a shooter.

Entreprenuers should consider opening more pool and billiard halls in their communities with all the empty storefront space in towns throughout Cuyahoga County and Ohio.  It’s a great game and a spot with 10 busy tables can generate earnings of $100 an hour at $10 an hour.

Compare actress Vivica Fox’s “bridge” and body positioning to former President Barack Obama’s.  She’s “down” on the table like she’s supposed to be and her technique seems very good.  I saw her play a pool game in the film Booty Call. From the images I’ve seen of her playing the game, I guarantee that a man who took her skills for granted got his azz beat down and she talked some shit afterwards.

A 10-hour day puts $1000 in the owner’s pockets and the only cost of ownership after the tables are purchased and the furniture is installed is for rent and utilities.  $1000 a day for a 6 day work week is $6000 or $312,000 a year.

It takes about 10 years to wear out a slate pool table before the slate and cloth need to be replaced.  By then an enduring owner’s made over $3 million off their 10 tables.  If they add food or a liquor license, and book the place for parties and fundraisers, the money is even better. Elected officials should see the business as providing usable tax dollars for cities, counties and the state.

If you’re looking for a year-round sport to play try pool.  If you’ve only been playing at home with family and friends, and want to improve your game, try a neighborhood pool or billiard hall.  You won’t learn much about the game in bars playing on dollar a game tables.

Deadly enhanced coronavirus specimens may have been stolen from US and Canadian labs; and delivered to Wuhan by traitorous agents of Communist China’s government

CLEVELAND, OH – The Greenspring nursing home in Springfield, Virginia, and operated by Erickson Living owned by Redwood Capital, was the location of a “mysterious” respiratory virus that affected 54 senior citizens on June 30, 2019.  Older, frail human beings were experiencing flu-like symptoms and pneumonia.  Two died.

No one could identify the source of the respiratory viral infection although people who follow “calamitous events” pointed to the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland an hour’s drive away.  Why not?  Military scientists at Fort Detrick have been studying and creating incurable viruses that can wipe out “targeted” population groups since 1931.  Over 1500 people who live within three miles of the facility have contracted and died of a cancer.  The number of cancer deaths doesn’t include renters and homeowners who once lived around Fort Detrick or once worked there and relocated.

Greenspring nursing home is an hour away from Fort Detrick, Maryland where scientists work at a BSL4 laboratory to create biological weapons that turn viruses into killers.

In 1977, civil rights activist and humorist Dick Gregory told students at San Antonio’s St. Mary’s University that the human immunovirus or HIV was created as a bioweapon that would target the homosexual population.  Gregory and I were from the St. Louis – East Saint Louis area.  I had read all of his books and wanted to meet him.  One of his Cleveland nieces is married to a close friend.

In addition to Gregory’s thoughts about HIV in 1977, a World Health Organization conference in Sweden around the same time identified Sickle Cell Anemia as a disease that can be weaponized against people with O positive blood types.  I was working for a San Antonio Methodist hospital in 1977 after spending the prior four years working, globally, for U.S. Air Force hospitals.  One of my military jobs included processing human tissue samples for testing to the different epidemiology division laboratories.  Epidemiologists are disease investigators.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) conducted an inspection of the Biosafety Level 4 (BSL4) laboratory at Fort Detrick immediately following the Greenspring nursing home outbreak.  After its inspection of laboratories at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, the CDC issued a cease and desist order for Fort Detrick’s commanders to close them on July 15, 2019.  The facility wasn’t allowed to reopen until November 2019 and a month before a coronavirus lab leak occurred in the Communist People’s Republic of China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology in December 2019.

Some of the deadliest viruses known to humankind are being enhanced for use as biological weapons of mass destruction inside the United States of America and other developed nations across the globe. Fort Detrick in Maryland has been the site of such research since 1931.

The statement from the United States Department of Defense about the closing of Fort Detrick claimed the closure was due to “infrastucture issues” that were of no threat to the public.”  The infrastructure issues at the time were not publicly-disclosed.

A year before the Greenspring nursing outbreak, the Frederickstown News Post reported on June 1, 2018 how Fort Detrick closed for repairs to its sterilization plant that treated liquid waste from its research laboratories.  before the water containing it is allegedly sterilized. 

Three months before the June 2019 Greenspring nursing home outbreak, specifically on March 31, 2019, Canadian officials admitted how two scientists from Communist China used an Air Canada flight to deliver live Ebola and Henipah viruses to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  This was 9 months before the Wuhan coronavirus leak in December 2019.

The two Communist Chinese scientists, Xiangguo Qiu and Keding Cheng, and their Chinese students were escorted off the property of the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg and fired from positions at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). Since the discovery of Qui and Cheng’s treachery,  Canada’s Parliament has been demanding answers from the PHAC’s director for the past 18 months.  Canadian politicians want to know they delivered a deadly coronavirus to the Wuhan Institute of Virology where like at Fort Detrick killer viruses and bacteria are being created.

Communist Chinese bioweapons terrorists Xiangguo Qiu and Keding Cheng delivered deadly ebola and other viruses to the Wuhan Institute of Virology from Canada in March 2019.

Russian-friendly ex-President Donald Trump asked the United States Department of State to investigate the coronavirus’ origins to China and the Wuhan lab leak last year.  China-friendly President Joseph Robinette Biden cancelled the Trump investigation.  Under Biden Communist Chinese operating against American interests and national security inside the United States of America are good.   The Biden’s have been living well off the money Hunter Biden was paid by the Peoples Republic of China to betray Americans.

The mentally-impaired Irish Catholic Democrat has since restored the investigation now that traitor Dr. Anthony Fauci has been exposed by U.S. Senator Rand Paul for funding research in Wuhan via EcoHealth Alliance.   Fauci told Paul, a physician, “there’s no way of guaranteeing” that American taxpayer funds were not spent at Wuhan on “gain-of-function” research to help weaponized bat coronaviruses more efficiently infect and kill humans.

The Communist nation’s “coronavirus laboratory leak” occurred in December 2019 or six months after the “mysterious” coronavirus and pneumonia outbreak at the Greenfield nursing home and the CDC’s “cease and desist” order to Fort Detrick.  One month after Fort Detrick re-opened in November 2019, fingers started pointing to the Wuhan facility as the source after a Chinese alien arrived in Oregon with the infection in December 2019.

Indicted Russian “American” traitor Dr. Charles Lieber of Harvard University collaborated with Lt. Yanqing Ye of Communist China’s Peoples Liberation Army and fellow Communist Zaosong Zheng. Like Hunter Biden Dr. Lieber was a paid and unregistered agent of Communist China.; He was also close enough to Dr. Anthony Fauci to receive over $15 million in funding to study the coronavirus that Pirbright has now patented a vaccine to eliminate in animals.

A convergence of other events made the Chinese connection seem more real when traitor Dr. Charles Leiber of Harvard University was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after being indicted by a federal grand jury for his undisclosed affiliation with the Communist Peoples Republic of China’s Thousand Talents Plan.

Lieber, a Russian Jew who chaired Harvard’s department of chemistry and biology, was indicted on January 28, 2020 along with Yanqing Ye who was acting as an agent of the People’s Republic of China and a member of the People’s Liberation Army.  She held the rank of lieutenant in Communist China’s armed forces.

Joining Leiber and Ye in the indictments was Zaosong Zheng.  Both Ye and Zheng faced charges of making a materially false statement and visa fraud.  Zheng was charged with smuggling and arrested.  Ye got away and is in China.

According to the indictment, Zheng on December 9, 2019 stole 21 vials of DNA expression vectors from the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, Massachussetts and attempted to smuggle them out of the United States aboard a flight destined for China.  Federal officers at Logan Airport discovered the vials hidden in a sock inside one of Zheng’s bags, and not properly packaged.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul knows what most Americans don’t about Dr. Anthony Fauci. That he’s an arrogant traitor to the United States of America who thought he, alone, had the authority to decide that China’s Wuhan BSL4 bioterrorism laboratory should have access to the coronavirus so its scientists could engage in “gain of function” research to make the virus more deadly. The National Institute of Health Fauci led funded another traitor, Harvard professor Dr. Charles Lieber, who was also being paid $50,000 a month in living expenses by the Communist Chinese government.

He was employed with the Russian Jewish hospital operating in the United States of America as a researcher.  There are unconfirmed allegations that Zheng was smuggling vials of the coronavirus and other biological agents.  The content of the vials have  not been shared with the American public.

In January Zheng was ordered out of the United States of America after pleading guilty to lying about the contents of the stolen material when he was caught.  He’d spent 87 days in jail and was given time-served.

Leiber was charged with making false statements as he concealed the $50,000 a month he received from the Chinese Communist government as well as the lump sum of $1.5 million he’d been given. He also received $158,000 a month in living expenses for his role in China’s Thousand Talents Plan from 2012 to 2017.

Harvard officials appear to have known Leiber was violating the Espionage and Logan Act violations as he conspired with Communist Chinese officials to open and lead a laboratory in Wuhan.  Under the two federal laws Leiber was prohibited from initiating correspondence with the officials of a foreign government or sharing “national defense secrets” with them.  He should have also registered as an agent of the Chinese government under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

What should trouble Americans is the $15 million in funding Fauci delivered to Leiber and his “team” of Chinese Communist spies and thieves while serving as director of the National Institute of Health (NIH); and the fact that the Harvard traitor was working directly with China’s Wuhan bioterrorism laboratory.

Adding even more fuel to the “coronavirus is a biological weapon” discussion is a report in the United Kingdom’s Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.  The study was on July 8, 2003 and titled “Influenza as a Bioweapon,”  that found its way into the U.S. National Institute of Health’s database under the National Center for Biological Information.  The report was authored by four physicians connected to the University of Texas’ Health Center in Houston.  The physicians were Scott Lillibridge, Mohammad Madjid, Parsa Mirhaji and the late Ward Casscells.

Lillibridge was the founding director of the Centers for Disease Control’s Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program.  Madjid is a cardiovascular expert.  Parsa is a “computational biology” expert.

Cascells died of prostate cancer in 2012 after a war-time physician’s career in the U.S. Army took him to serve as President George W. Bush’s Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health.  He was also a cardiovascular expert and the son of Noble Prize winning cardiologist.  His father of the same name invented arthroscopic surgery.  Make note that two of the physicians on the “influenza as a bioweapon” team are cardiologists.

Influenza can be used as a biological weapon.

The conclusions of the four speciality-focused experts was a warning that the U.S. was not prepared to be “hit” by the possible “aerosol transmission of influenza” that “requires up to 27,000 times fewer virions to induce equivalent disease.”  They cited “international transmission” as being “increasingly frequent” connected to the influx of foreigners and alleged U.S. citizens repeatedly entering and leaving; and then re-entering our nation’s borders.  Whatever they pick up from “home” gets brought back to Americans.

The most important discovery of the team was that it wasn’t the flu that killed.  It was the “heart attack” the flu caused that killed afterwards.  

“Influenza is usually transmitted by direct contact but can also be transmitted by aerosol (e.g. on a passenger plane).  Indeed, international transmission is increasingly frequent. Notably, aerosol transmission of influenza requires up to 27 000 times fewer virions to induce equivalent disease.  Taken together with the fact that influenza virus is readily accessible and may be causing more deaths than previously suspectedthe possibility for genetic engineering and aerosol transmission suggests an enormous potential for bioterrorism.”

Media reports are now slowly sharing information about theheart inflammation found in young people who’ve been administered coronavirus vaccines the Food & Drug Administration have not approved for anything other than “emergency uses.”  That wasn’t the case last year when national media outlets, including Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, were drowning out any criticism of the storylines they were promoting to encourage state shutdowns, social distancing, mask wearing and demands for Americans to take the vaccines.  Boyle’s thoughts about the source and cause of the coronavirus outbreak were “blacklisted” by the foreigners and Zuckerberg-like traitors now controlling American media outlets.  They didn’t want him “heard.”

George W. Bush was serving as President of the United States of America in 2002 when a coronavirus SARS-CoV outbreak ocurred in Guangdong, Peoples Republic of China  and later in Canada.  The same University of Texas was given a grant in 2003 by the Bush administration to study a vaccine that would protect Americans against it.

The U.S. Congress in 2003 had already identified SARS connected “coronavirus” as a potential pandemic for which there was no cure and could affect a large number of people, lethally, very quickly.  In 2003 the Bush’s administration saw the importance of a vaccine after dealing in 2001 with the anthrax attacks.

Work on a coronavirus cure or vaccine appears to have stopped after Obama took office.  The first Kenyan American president didn’t continue what Bush thought was important after dealing with the September 11, 2001 attack on Americans with the World Trade Centers bombing that took over 3000 American lives.  The former president, Bush, also had to deal with an anthrax attack when letters containing the deadly powder were mailed to members of Congress.

The Obama administration proposed the addition of SARS-associated Coronavirus (SARS-CoV) to the list of deadly agents for which there is no cure under Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.   Sebelius reported that 138 laboratories were registered to possess the deadly SARS-CoV virus.  At the same time Obama and Sebelius were dealing with the 2009-2010 H1N1 “swine flu” pandemic that had killed a confirmed 2498 U.S. citizens.  A review of the Federal Register shows his administration’s focus on SARS-CoV was on how it was being handled by Medicare, Social Security and the U.S. Department of Labor relating to payments.

Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of the Obama administration asked Congress to identify coronavirus SAR as a pandemic threat in 2009.

According to University of Illinois International Law professor Francis Boyle, the coronavirus is  most assuredly a biological offensive weapon and stories showing it had also leaked out of a Biosafety Level 4 laboratory in Wuhan, China where Leiber was affiliated are now confirmed.  What the author of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 concludes is that China’s leak was unintentional.

Boyle said the United States of America, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, France and Israel are all involved in a biological weapons race.  Over 13,000 scientists – natural born and foreign – are working on weaponizing viruses and bacteria inside the United States of America.  The biological weapons anti-terrorism bill writer thinks BLS4 and BSL3 labs should be closed in all nations.  He sees the laboratories as “catastrophies waiting to happen.”

According to Boyle, anytime a sudden outbreak of a virus occurs biological warfare should be viewed as the source.  He said the coronavirus is airborne and transmitted up to six feet away from a cough.  Bats are not the source of transmission.  This strain of coronavirus has never existed before in humans or in animals.  Scientists are now affirming that it could only have come from a laboratory.

The U.S. bioterrorism law author said Swine Flu was a genetically modified biological weapon with an 83 percent infection rate and a 15 percent fatality rate.  He said a patented vaccine exists for the coronavirus but he isn’t sure of its effectiveness.  A curable virus is useless in biological warfare.  The 15 percent fatality rate was quoted by U.S. Senator Paul as he outlined crimes of negligence he believed Fauci had committed.

Boyle thinks vaccines are pointless; especially those that contain the coronavirus.  The inclusion of the coronavirus in a vaccine humans are being injected with is based on the theory that it will help their bodies create an immunity. To Boyle mass vaccinating millions of people with vaccines that are completely untested makes no sense.  He thinks Biden’s promise to vaccinate 200 million Americans is turning this nation’s citizens into Big Pharma’s lab rats.

“You’ll be the guinea pig for big Pharma,” Boyle says.  “I wouldn’t trust anything they’re trying to sell right now. You don’t know what’s in them.  They’re using live coronavirus to give to people on the theory that you’ll develop and immunity.”

B&B demolished a building on Kinsman and put grass seed over concrete; and it’s these criminal acts the Fed’s are investigating in the Jackson administration

CLEVELAND, OH – At the end of the day Ed Rybka is Mayor Frank Jackson’s “guy” over the building department the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been investigating.  How Jackson’s former council colleague has managed the building department sets the tone for all the corruption that’s been allowed to exist in the open under a mayor whose “statutory duty” is to be the city’s biggest corruption buster as its chief law enforcement officer.  So are his subordinates.

Jackson, not the FBI, should know Navid Hussein owns Buena Vista Homes, LLC and the Moghul Corporation, and should know he and other inspectors are “acquiring” homes they’re inspecting.  He should know some homes have been outright stolen through the housing court and its judges.  That’s if Rybka was on top of his game and keeping the mayor protected and informed.

There isn’t a federal, state or local criminal law Jackson through the city’s municipal police department pursuant to R.C. 737.11 can’t enforce.  Municipal police under Ohio law have “federal” law enforcement authority as a “state’s right” gift of the 10th Amendment.  The FBI and any other federal law enforcement agency would not be needed if Jackson enforced R.C. 733.34 and “supervised the conduct” of the officers and employees of the municipal corporation; and caused neglect of duties to be promptly punished instead of “law suspending” tolerated.  That level of mayoral diligence would make Cleveland one of the most corruption-free cities in the nation.

Article 1.18 of the Constitution of Ohio instructs every person in the state that “no power shall ever be exercised to suspend a law but by the general assembly.”  Not enforcing laws is exercising the unlawful power to suspend them.  The “mayor’s” duties whether Jackson discharges them or not is to enforce all laws.

Every employee in his administration is a mayoral proxy with the duty to ensure the laws that apply to the duties of their public offices are enforced.  Jackson and every employee he supervises has no other choice but to “obey” all laws.  There’s even a federal law duty pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4, “misprision of felony” to report all felonies.  R.C. 2935.09 and 2935.10 backs up the “misprision” duty imposed on “anyone with knowledge of a felony” with the authority and instructions on how to report them.

On June 24, 2020 I photographed individuals who may or may not be “regular” employees of B&B Wrecking planting grass seed on dirt covering stone.  B&B had been “selected” by officials Jackson hired Rybka to oversee to demolish and then dump a storefront located at E. 149th and Kinsman in an approved construction and demolition debris landfill. B&B is owned by William Baumann.  His father built the business now headquartered at E. 131st and Broadway.  They operate a series of interconnected family enterprises.

The Kinsman property B&B or Baumann’s company demolished was required by federal and state laws to be inspected for asbestos.  If found the nearest landfill that will accept construction asbestos is in Minerva, Ohio just outside Canton.  Rybka’s duty was to supervise the building department’s employees in a way that caused them to “follow up behind” B&B and every other demolition contractor to ensure they were obeying federal and state EPA laws regarding demolition under the OEPA’s 46-year contract with the municipal corporation of Cleveland.  Sidewalk barriers should have been placed at the site to protect pedestrians.

Every part of the building was supposed to be removed. That includes the walls to the basement and the plumbing.  The utility lines were required to be capped.  The driveway removed.  The remaining hole under federal EPA laws was required to be filled with “clean fill” soil and readied for reuse.  It meant that if someone wanted to build a new building on the corner the land was supposed to be like new.  Restored to near original.

Merle Gordon doesn’t know the pandemic laws in the Revised Code of Ohio. She also doesn’t know the contract the city has with the Ohio EPA to enforce air, water and soil pollution laws. What Gordon knows is relationships. She has a friendship with the mayor who hired her incompetent and non-law knowing azz as the city’s health director to enforce federal, state and local laws she doesn’t know. Think about the lunacy of inspecting an illegal dump 26 times instead of closing it on the first visit.

B&B wanted to crush and bury the Victoreen building at 10101 Woodland Avenue last year.  He was told “no.”  I checked daily.  He didn’t.  On this project  the concrete in the hole gives the appearance he crushed and buried it.  Soil was placed over the stone but just enough for “cosmetic” purposes.  Grass seed was placed over the thin covering of soil to conceal the stone.  The grass seed did not take.  Not enough dirt to maintain the roots.

The hole was sinking when I took the pictures in June.  It has sank even more since then as a result of B&B’s environmental crime.  There’s no proof the water lines were capped.  Who knows how much water is running from uncapped lines in “buried” properties throughout the city? If someone walking by slips and falls onto what they think is dirt they’re going to be seriously injured.  That site is now unusable for any development; and exists as evidence of violated federal environmental laws.

The city inspector should have taken pictures of B&B’s progress for a permanent record. All of the documents that would establish “proof” the building either did or did not contain asbestos should be in his or her file.  So should dump tickets proving B&B took the debris to the appropriate landfill before he was paid.  These are the “avoided duties” that got Rufus Taylor into FBI trouble.

There should be a report from an inspector who instructed B&B not to fill the hole before it was inspected.  That inspector’s report, the one assigned to the B&B job site, should have in it the information I’ve just shared above: which is that B&B’s employees were seen seeding dirt over stone.

The inspector should have known to investigate B&B’s dump tickets to see if they were fraudulent.  Instead of a check in his name he should have faced criminal charges as Baumann had criminally failed, again, to discharge an “adjunct” function of the municipal government for which he was contracted.

Right on Kinsman Avenue near 71st and Grand Avenue is a pile of debris the Jackson administration allows Kokosing to leave in neigborhoods like he’s done up the street near CMHA. Another pile is by the Tedd Ginn Academy. There are numerous others throughout the city.

These are also federal law requirements identified in regulations it’s obvious Jackson and Rybka have not read.  Baumann should have been arrested instead of paid when he asked for a check as a federal environmental law violator.

The EPA controls waste “from the cradle to the grave.”  The building Baumannn demolished never made it to the “grave.”  Paying him made the city an accomplice in his federal environmental law crime.

The city’s contracted “waste and demolition removal” duties came from the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1976.  It’s codified under Title 42, Chapter 82 of the United States Code.   The RCRA requirements are found at Subsection 6961.  Everyone in the landfill industry knows it.  Especially those on the “insurance” side.  Landfill closure bonds.

It’s not a law most mayors would know.  It’s one every Cleveland mayor and member of council who’s served since 1976, and who’s approved the city’s OEPA contract, should know well if they read the contract council approved for the mayor to enforce for the past 44 years.

When I worked for the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority between 1989 and 1991, I reached out to Browning Ferris Industry chairman William D. Ruckelshaus for some guidance on managing the agency’s trash for then Executive Director George James.  I served as his chief of communications.  Ruckelshaus was the EPA’s first administrator.  He broke down RCRA to me.  One of his regional vice presidents arranged a tour of the BFI facility in Grafton. It’s now Republic Services.

My most recent discussion about RCRA involved the former General Electric site where Pete & Pete dumped over 1000 county land bank homes in a residential neighborhood instead of a “construction and demolition debris” landfill.  The site is contaminated with mercury, Frank, and the GE vice president I spoke to knows RCRA’s “cradle to grave” requirement makes them responsible.  Cleveland has to enforce its contract with the OEPA to make GE comply… Frank.  All you have to do is enforce RCRA and GE will clean-up the site … Frank.  No lawyers.

The family walking next to the Victoreen building B&B demolished don’t know pieces of it are crumbling; and that the wall could have collapsed on them. The entire sidewalk was required to be barricaded to the curb; and walkers redirected. Bus stops … too. Baumann didn’t act until I complained to Mayor Frank Jackson. My complaint came because building department employees weren’t monitoring the job site. I did.

Rybka’s oversight of the building department Jackson assigned him to initially lead and then oversee should have resulted in an inspector visiting the job site more than once to monitor B&B.  This is particulary since I identified problems last year with the company’s failure to erect barricades at the former Victoreen Building at 10101 Woodland Avenue.

Federal authorities know the Baumann’s have been in court over the stories of contaminated shit they’ve piled up next to Mill Creek so much it spills into the water tributary down the street from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown’s home.  Three years ago one of Baumann’s rusted excavactors had to be removed from Mill Creek.  I took pictures of it.

Garfield Heights Mayor Vic Collova and I have discussed the Baumann dump site at E. 131st Street.  He’s pissed.  Frank’s fucking a lot of mayors with legitimate environmental complaints because Merle Gordon doesn’t know jack shit about the environmental laws he’s hired her to enforce.

It’s been Jackson’s contracted duty with the OEPA to enforce the nation’s environmental laws in the entire county; and to cause violators to be prosecuted.  Federal authorities have to step in because he won’t.  This then leads to Frank’s campaign finance reports; and the millions contractors have been donating to keep him in office and not enforcing federal, state and local criminal laws for the last 16 years.

It also leads to the campaign finance reports of the members of council whose legislative oversight duties, the FBI knows are just like Congress’, they’ve never used to “investigate” why Jackson for the past 16 years has not been enforcing federal environmental laws and others mayors in this state were given “unsuspended” duties to enforce.  If RCRA did not authorize a “landfill” to exist behind homes on Noble Road in East Cleveland, and Jackson’s administration treated an illegal dump like a legimitate landfill by “inspecting” it instead of closing it; every federal law enforcement officer with RCRA knowledge sees the crime as a racketeering level conspiracy that involves numerous officials avoiding the performance of official duties.

The so-called “temporary” stockpiling of hazardous materials on Kinsman, across from CMHA; and down the street on 71st Street by Kokosing is not lawful.   That immune system weakening filth Frank and Kevin Kelly on council are allowing to pile up is blowing daily into the homes of people.  It’s covering their roofs, porches, window sills, shelves, tables and filling their lungs.

The entire purpose of environmental laws, and Congress empowering local officials to enforce them, was to “empower the people” who live in the environment with the immediate authority to protect it from the abuses of the corporations.  It’s their millions in campaign donations over 16 years that has helped Jackson, Kelly and the rest of council ignore the mayor’s andn their own contracted “law enforcement” duties with the Ohio EPA.

A Google Earth view of the Baumannn property at E. 131st Street and Broadway shows how close they’re allowing deadly chemicals from ground up homes to runoff into Mill Creek every time it rains. They’ve been under a court order to find someplace to deposit this deadly environmental mess.

It’s what’s not in “some” reports that’s required by federal laws to be in them the FBI is investigating.  Missing information and avoided public duties is evidence of violated federal laws and regulations.  In this case, Jackson’s workers have been talking to FBI agents and prosecutors with the United States Department of Justice about a number of violated federal laws since at least 2014.  More if past investigations are included.  The “focus” becomes better over time.

President’s change.  Bureaucrats don’t until they are either reassigned or retire.  The Cleveland FBI office is younger.  Trump hires.  They’ve developed a body of knowledge about “Democratic run” cities.

Ed Rybka supervises the city of Cleveland’s building department like a criminal enterprise. It’s why the FBI and other federal agencies are investigating; and people are going to jail. Criminal investigations are like chess. The pieces are not killed. They are captured. Each captured piece is interrogated for “evidence” that will lead to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of the other side’s King. Anyone paying attention to the federal investigation of Cleveland’s building department can see the “up the ladder” approach to the already captured players.

The main change in Cleveland with a change in presidents will be in the job Justin Herdman holds as the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.  Joe Biden’s going to select his own U.S. Attorney General and U.S. Attorney for the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio. They will be briefed on the “ongoing” local full criminal investigations.  The investigations of Dimora and Russo started under President George W. Bush.

If anyone paying attention recalls, it was the administration of “Democrat” President Barack Obama that investigated more than 400 individuals connected to the “county corruption” scandal.  He took office in January 2009.  Jimmy Dimora, Frank Russo and company were indicted the next year in 2010.

The Trump U.S. DOJ spent the last four years building on the investigations Obama’s U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio briefed Herdman on.  I’ve never seen a president “not” investigate public corruption and Cleveland’s officials have been easy.  They don’t read.  It’s three hours and 15 minutes to the federal prison in Morgantown, West Virginia; and lots of Cleveland and Cuyahoga county politicians have called it “home.”

Here’s a tip for mayors.  The police chief I inherited as mayor on January 1, 2006 in East Cleveland had been asked to investigate a detective who used the FBI’s NCIC database to “query” the license plates of an undercover agent.  The agent’s investigation included her husband’s drug dealing; and her use of the detective’s job and tools to help him.

The police chief was the detective’s child’s Godmother; and gambled with the detective and her drug dealing husband.  I had no clue until I learned over a year later of the FBI’s request for an investigation and the chief’s response.  The chief had included herself in the FBI’s investigation by not enforcing the federal NCIC laws.  All FBI agents did was track the Terminal ID number “they” assigned her through the city’s contract with the Ohio Highway Patrol.

I contacted Lt. Col. Atkinson of the Ohio Highway Patrol and the Cleveland FBI office.  I don’t recall the federal agent’s name, but I alerted the FBI that I’d taken over the investigation and had suspended the chief of police and detective.  I later fired them both.  Some of the investigation was shared with me.  What shocked me is how they thought I was involved because they knew the NCIC use violated federal laws; and that I was supposed to have overseen the use of the databases under federal laws.

Since federal laws had been violated, and I had done nothing, the FBI agents thought I had become another Onunwor.  They didn’t know their investigation request had been concealed from me until I shared that information with them.

Federal agents don’t “know” Jackson.  They don’t “know” Rybka.  They don’t “know” Ayonna Donald.  They don’t “know” Thomas Vanover, Paul Cuffari or Navid Hussein.  They know “about” them and they know others.  They know Rufus Taylor, Damian Borowski, James Rokakis, Armond Budish, Ronald O’Leary, Gus Frangos, George Michael Riley, Christine Beynon, Pete Ristagno Sr. and Jr., Baumann,

Eventually the big boys lose patience with a law enforcement officer who refuses to obey and enforce laws; and who they can prove with evidence has avoided discharging official duties in exchange for campaign cash, family favors and “I won’t tell if you won’t tell” secrets. An elected official with a 34 year career has done a lot of things they’ve forgotten; and did not do a lot of things they should have done to avoid looking like a criminal. A 34 year career in public office comes with 34 years of “public” records.

All they know are the federal laws they have duties to obey and enforce that are not being obeyed and enforced. They would even know what Hussein is doing in India or Pakistan; and if Jackson has an undocumented worker here with forged documents being paid in part with federal funds.

Since the enforcement of laws is a duty of the office of a mayor, the only question the FBI asks is why a mayor with law enforcement duties isn’t enforcing laws.  That would justify gaining a number of employees’ and contractors’ cooperation over the past six years without the mayor’s knowledge.

There’s a lot to be learned about a mayor over the course of a five year full criminal investigation that involves multiple federal agencies.  There’s more to be learned than what’s seen in a federal search warrant to recover federal records during a raid at city hall.

What is not over is the ongoing federal investigation of Cleveland city hall.  The regretable truth for the Jackson administration officials in the next round of indictments is they won’t know the federal laws they should have been obeying and enforcing until they read them in Statement of the FBI agent who is investigating them.

During a criminal trial or sentencing after a negotiated plea bargaining, the judge will remind the “off to jail” elected and appointed public officials of the Constitutions they swore to uphold; the laws they swore to obey and enforce; and the duties of the office they swore to discharge.

Jackson may remember the following tip he didn’t follow-up on.

Convicted pedophile Michael Cosgrove, Jackson’s former community development director, and O’Leary approved a $10,800 demolition contract for Velmir Lucic, a Serbian immigrant, to demolish his own “cited” E. 79th Street property.  Lucic was also allowed to demolish his next door neighbor’s property, Frances Caldwell, for another $10,000; although she had an unexpired permit to renovate it.  It’s in the Cleveland Clinic area on E. 79th Street where lots of properties have been destroyed by “arson.”  Barbershop II.  Courtesy of Don Scott, Jr.  I knew Don, Sr.  I know his Mom and Sister.

The building department sent Caldwell a $10,000 bill for the work Lucic had done to demolish a property she was renovating.  She’s learned the county took Lucic to court for the $38,000 he owed in taxes.  He didn’t spend a dime of the $20,800 he got to demolish his own and a neighbor’s property, illegally, on his taxes.

Jackson got a letter from Caldwell.  So did Blaine Griffin.  They obviously didn’t read it and investigate.  If they had she wouldn’t be willing to talk to the Feds; and share the evidence with them she tried to share with the “chief law enforcement officer” of the municipal corporation of Cleveland. Now Griffin leads council’s safety committee and until last year did not know the first three words of the Constitution of the United States of America were “We the people.”

Another non-reading Jackson appointee.

Kamala Harris being graded on a curve and failing the bar on the first try reflects the damage of curve grading students

CLEVELAND, OH – Had Kamala Harris not been so eager to be bussed away from American Negro students as “that little girl,” she might have learned something about the academic standards that elevated our people from zero percent literacy at the end of the Civil War in 1865 to 98.4 percent 105 years later in 1970.  In American Negro schools, during “segregation,” to achieve an “A” a student had to score between 95 and 100.  No curve.  “Anything less demeaned the race.”

That’s the mantra I learned from my 8 American Negro teachers from the 1st through the 8th grade in segregated and 75 percent American Negro populated East Saint Louis, Illinois beginning in 1959.  Our principal was a Russian American.  Richard Goldsmith.

The school board was majority white and wanted our children graded on the curve.  Clyde Jordan owned the East Saint Louis Monitor newspaper and served on the school board.  My father was one of the city’s activists and a bus driver.  My 8th grade math teacher, Mr. Chandler, born around the time of my grandparents in the 1890’s, was relentless about not accepting that shit.

They met with parents and students and told us our “ways.”  Our parents agreed with them said “no” to the school board’s desire.  75 percent means majority rule. There’s a “no one tells us what to do” attitude that comes with being an American Negro in a community where your people are 75 percent of the population and act like it.

Had she exhibited the studious characteristics of the people with whom she loosely associates, Harris would have passed the bar the first time out with the highest test score among her peers.  I’m an American Negro “A” student.  Harris missed out.  A story in USA Today confirms what was said about her in contrast to U.S. District Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett.  The natural born American judge graduated at the top of her class.  The curve-graded child of immigrants required additional testing to pass.  I wonder if this is a pattern throughout her academic career in curve-graded public schools and universities?

Dr. George Washington Carver typifies the American Negro consciousness. He figured 326 ways to use a peanut every other race of people could only eat. When your teachers instruct you on men of genius like this you can’t help but want to be one.

Harris can call herself Black, African American, a Minority or a Person of Color.  I’ll give her all that.  What she can’t call herself is an American Negro.  She is not in any way one of us.  Her ancestors did not contribute anything to this nation.  Not even her curve-graded legal intellect as news of her law school failure reinforces a stereotype that is not associated with us.

The majority of the nation’s schools grade on the “curve.”  The net effect of curve grading is the student with the highest test score sets the standard even if it’s a 70.  My 12th grade English teacher at Shaw High in East Cleveland told me in 1972 I’d get the grade I received on my final as I’d missed lots of days working full-time as unit secretary at Lakeside Hospital.  Good.  I scored a 94.  One point off between my normal “A” range.

I got my A, but she told me it could not stand.  The next grade below me was a 70 and they’d been in class.  I got an A and so did the student who got the 70 so the rest of the class would not fail.

In East Saint Louis our teachers re-tested and re-tested until everyone’s score improved.  Those of us who got A’s sat with the failing students.

I scored a 99 in my basic military training class as the number one graduate in 1972.  That got me a stripe and extra money out of basic training.  Before I left I earned the rank of staff sergeant but I did not have enough time in grade.  To get that extra stripe I had to re-enlist.  I was good.

My goal was to beat Chief Master Sergeant Harold Barnes’ record of earning 8 stripes in under 10.  I intended to do it in 8 and I’d told him.  He laughed.  His daughter and I were around the same age.  Harold was Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force and the first American Negro to achieve that title.  We were stationed in Texas.  I was stationed in Thailand with General Chappie James’ son … junior.  General James was the first American Negro to earn the rank of 4-Star general.  Friendly, competitive exceptionalism is an American Negro thing.  Harris would have learned it if she’d have connected to us.  Achievement is engrained in the American Negro culture.

The problem with curve grading is when the highest scores are in the 70’s and even lower.   The students then work towards the highest of the low scores and an entire class ends up dimished.  From the American Negro perspective … demeaned.  Important knowledge and the skills associated with its acquisition is left on the table.  No student is improved.

Paul Robeson graduated Phi Beta Kappa as the 3rd American Negro to enroll in Rutgers University. He was college football’s All American. He was his class’ valedictorian. While in college he started what would become a successful career as the world’s greatest gospel singer. I hope Kamala Harris is reading. This man was Albert Einstein’s best friend.

Paul Robeson as a Columbia law school graduate spoke 22 languages.  Dr. George Washington Carver dissected a peanut to learn 326 ways to use it when all anyone else did all over the world was eat it.  I’m a trumpet player from the city that birthed Miles Davis.  There is nothing inferior or minority about American Negroes.

With curve-grading now inculcated into the academic fabric everywhere, the best minds coming out of schools today are reflected in the skills so-called “professionals” don’t have and the resulting chaos that comes from their not learning and being fully taught.  Journalists who graduate from journalism schools who cover government with no knowledge of the governing documents associated with the duties of the public officials they’re covering.  Criminal defense attorneys who don’t know the nuances of the laws that causes interactions with their clients to be legal or not.  They don’t know to check for oaths and training certifications for police officers to even learn if their credentials were expired when their clients were arrested. This includes the highest and best paid legal minds.

Imagine U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Karen Nelson Moore ripping her colleagues in 2006 for not ever having read the laws Congress enacted that governs the National Crime Information Center criminal records history databases; and who don’t know their “no reasonable expectation of privacy because license plates are publicly displayed” rulings are wrong.  Had they read the FBI’s NCIC 2000 Manual under the heading “Data and Probable Cause,” Section 1.1, they would have learned that cops across the nation violate instructions that “an NCIC hit alone is not probable cause to arrest.”

The information behind the license plates is privacy protected under the 1974 Privacy Act the judges haven’t read.  They have no right to stop or pursue.  So manyy lives could have been saved from these reckless warrantless pursuits had the “high speed chase” been properly identifed as a violation of laws by curve-graded, non-reading prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys and judges.

Thanks to “the curve” we’ve got a candidate for vice president in the U.S. Senate who failed her bar association exam.  That explains why she chose politics instead of practicing real law.  Politics is the only place where a district attorney can be a known violator of the U.S. Constitution, federal and state laws, and the rights of citizens, and ask for a higher office on the promise they’ll perform better in the new office than the one they left in a mess.  Harris should be facing criminal charges for violating rights under the color of law, dereliction of duty, theft in office and obstruction of official business for the way she served San Francisco residents.

American Negro Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas is on record as being anti-busing.  Me … too.  I hated that shit and I campaigned against it for a school board seat in Cleveland in 1983.  Me and Carl Stokes had words over it at the Carter Manor during a candidate debate that year.  He was running for a municipal court judgeship against Phil Parisi.  I’d ripped the NAACP for promoting that racially-demeaning thinking that equality for American Negroes meant sitting next to Caucasian children.

What we’d learned in East Saint Louis is that Caucasians were unable to compete with us.  The curve benefited them.  It didn’t benefit us.  When our lesser students left our schools they were A students elsewhere.  We improved students we interacted with in other schools by lifting their scores.  From our perspective Caucasian teachers were sent to American Negro schools to weaken us.  Imagine all four of my American Negro male teachers from the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades standing in front of the class in suits and ties teaching.  These are out standards that don’t exist anywhere in education today.

So when Thomas writes Supreme Court opinions reflecting the “true” culture of the American Negro it’s understood to those of us who know that we are not “improved” simply because Amerian Negro students sit next to Caucasians.  To know the pride American Negroes feel for our brother one had to watch his U.S. Senate confirmation hearing and how he handled that punk azz JOe Biden.

Thomas’ words were also reflected in President Warren G. Harding’s Birmingham Address on October 21, 1921.  I’ve shared a link.  Read all his words.  This fellow Ohio journalist and “passing for Caucasian” American Negro was a beautiful thinker and writer. The words below reflect the tip of the iceberg of the care he had for the American Negro.

Coming as Americans do from many origins of race, tradition, language, color, institutions, heredity; engaged as we are in the huge effort to work an honorable national destiny from so many different elements; the one thing we must sedulously avoid is the development of group and class organizations in this country. There has been time when we heard too much about the labor vote, the business vote, the Irish vote, the Scandinavian vote, the Italian vote, and so on. But the demagogues who would array class against class and group against group have fortunately found little to reward their efforts. That is because, despite the demagogues, the idea of our oneness as Americans has risen superior to every appeal to mere class and group. And so I would wish it might be in this matter of our national problem of races. I would accent that a black man can not be a white man, and that he does not need and should not aspire to be as much like a white man as possible in order to accomplish the best that is possible for him. He should seek to be, and he should be encouraged to be, the best possible black man, and not the best possible imitation of a white man.

Had Harris known more of our history she would also see no “first” in Barack Obama’s election to the presidency.  Yes.  Harding was a “passing for white” American Negro.  So was John Edgar Hoover, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson and Calvin Coolidge.  Obama is not an American Negro unless his mother, Ann Dunham, is a “one dropper.”  He’s Negro on his father’s side, but not American.

There is storyline immigrants and illegal aliens are promoting to justify their presence that they’re here for the jobs natural born Americans “don’t want.”  That now, according to the Democratic National Committee, includes the vice presidency and presidency of the United States of America; and all the federal jobs and appointments that go along with the positions.  Judgeships, banking and commerce … all.  From their perspective we’re too dumb and lazy to run the nation our ancestors built; and that their progeny has maintained and built upon.

The stereotype is a lie.  So is the lie that somehow the children of immigrants are smarter than natural born Americans.  Harris didn’t pass the California bar examination on her first try with the highest test score.

I’m reminded of the first American Negro superstar comedian.  Lincoln Perry known by the stage name of Stepin’ Fetchit.  He lived in Los Angeles in a mansion during his star years of earning more than $10 million between 1920 and 1941.  His housekeepers and drivers were Chinese and Indian immigrants.

U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge is my Congresswoman.  I backed her for the job after Stephanie Tubbs Jones died.  We were at Huron Hospital with her family.  She’s never disappointed me until now.  I very firmly believe she was a vastly superior selection for the job than Harris; and one that was not considered.

As American Negroes we have to elevate “our” best and brightest; and not let others select who they like to “represent” us.  The only person I see Harris elevating is herself.  It won’t be at my expense. She can’t represent me or any proud American Negro I know.  She represents Indians and Jamaicans whose ancestors did not build this nation; and barely built their own.  I’m good.

Was the President targeted by foreign anti-Trump Cleveland Clinic employees for a weaponized influenza “hit” at CWRU?


CLEVELAND, OH – American Nationalist President Donald Trump picked the most “Communist colluded,” foreign-influenced, Demcoratic-run city and locations outside of Communist China and Russia to show up for a debate with Joe Biden during a “flu” pandemic.  Did Biden refuse to look at him because he didn’t want Trump breathing in his direction?

Trump’s first presidential appearance in “shithole” Cleveland in 2016 became the site that launched a federal investigation of Russian collusion connected to his campaign when General Michael Flynn met here with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kisylak.  His second visit to the city at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) was the most convenient location in the world to execute a “weaponized influenza hit” during a pandemic.  Watch the video below.  President Trump and Melania appeared to be fine when in this video of them heading here for the debate.

56 percent of CWRU’s incoming class of freshman are foreign and from Communist China, the Middle East, India and Africa.  The “Blacks” aren’t really Americans or Christian.  More than a third of Cleveland Clinic’s health care workforce is foreign, undocumented, from Communist nations and some are engaged in espionage.  Trump’s U.S. Department of Justice under William Barr just indicted a Communist Chinese physician Cleveland Clinic employed for espionage. Dr. Qing Wang.  The hospital’s CEO is an immigrant from Croatia named Tomislav Mihaljevic who managed Cleveland Clinic’s “Saudi” operations.  Over one-third of its workforce is alien or immigrant; and some are undocumented.

There is an unexplained and undiscussed curiosity to Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and aide Hope Hicks being the only people infected as the closest to the president.  Chris Wallace (Wallik under his Russian family surname) has offered his perspective that Trump and his team arrived too late to take Cleveland Clinic’s coronavirus test.  The statement from the hospital advises every other guest not to worry; and that only the Trumps and Hicks were infected.

What’s been taking place since news of the viral attack on the President of the United States in Cleveland went global has been a “Cleveland Clinic did a good job” public relations campaign to disguise a possible assassination attempt as something else.  Even Governor Richard Michael DeWine has joined in the chorus of politicians and public figures praising Cleveland Clinic officials .

Cleveland councilman Blaine Griffin is a violator of the Logan and Espionage Act having joined councilwoman Jasmine Santana on a trip to Israel in 2018 where the two met with officials of the Government of Israel without authorization from the U.S. Department of State during Trump’s administration.  The Trump USDOJ has been the most relentless in pursuing Logan Act and Espionage Act violators.  Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson last year flew an Israeli flag over city hall.  That and his statutorily-unauthorized sister city relationship with the indicted racist mayor of a Soviet Israeli city violates the Espionage Act.

Griffin told WKYC reporters the  president’s family rejected multiple attempts by unknown Cleveland Clinic physicians and employees to give them masks to wear.  What Griffin did not say, and could not possibly know as an “official” spreading disinformation, is that none of the masks had been examined or analyzed by the president’s security team to learn if any toxins had been sprayed in them.  WKYC and Vladmir Putin’s Russian Federation are each represented by the Cleveland-founded and global law firm of Squire, Patton & Boggs.

Russian citizen Alexei Navalny has accused his nation’s president of a poisoning attempt.   In March 2018, the Government of Great Britain accused Putin’s administration of sending agents to poison father and daughter Sergei and Yulia Skripal inside its borders.  In 2017, North Korean Kim Jon Nam was assassinated by his brother, Kim Jon Un, when two women splashed a nerve agent in his face at an airport.

Cleveland Clinic is partially in Griffin’s ward as one of the hospital’s political puppets. His praise of Cleveland Clinic operates as an obstruction of the now ongoing investigation of “how” the President of the United States of America became infected with the coronavirus in Cleveland.  The coronavirus was upgraded to “terror” level by the Barack Obama administration in 2012.  Griffin had better learn to keep his mouth shut.  This is big boy shit that’s so far over his head he doesn’t see the comfortable federal prison bed in his future. What he’s identified to WKYC are the multiple attempts Cleveland Clinic employees may have made against the life of the president his family and staff; and he’s now a player in the cover-up.

Why did Cleveland Clinic employees even approach the president or his family; and who were they?  An attempt to enforce Cleveland’s unconstitutional mask “order” on the nation’s chief constitutional defender is a criminal act.  Cleveland Clinic’s employees, whoever they were and whatever their intent, had no legal authority whatsoever to approach the nation’s highest federal elected law enforcement officer to enforce either DeWine or Frank Jackson’s “mandatory orders.”

The same with CDC guideline enforcement.  The president runs that agency.  That agency doesn’t run the president.  No official of any government has the statutory authority to even “offer” an unmasked citizen of this nation a mask as it violates their 1st and 4th Amendment rights.  To know a citizen is not wearing a mask, a government official has to “search” a citizen’s face without a warrant even if it’s in plain view.   As there is no “law” requiring the wearing of a mask, there are no words in any statute that authorizes an official of any government to act.   Griffin sounds like a fool with his claim that Cleveland has a mandatory mask ordinance.  It’s unconstitutional but he struggles with the document’s first three words.

Americans would not know that religious and cultural wars are being executed inside the nation’s hospitals by foreign health care workers that makes the concept of “medical hits” real.  Lara Kollab was fired by Cleveland Clinic after she posted on Twitter that she’d give Jews or Russian Americans and Israeli visitors the wrong meds.  The Ohio Medical Board stripped the Palestinian woman of her license just this past August.   Over 30 percent of the nation’s physicians are foreign.  The majority are from Communist and anti-Christian nations in a majority Christian nation.  In those nations Christians are discriminated against, persecuted and slaughtered.

A website called “Bare Naked Islam” carried the Kollab story as a warning to its Russian readers who call themselves Jews that they should “Never use a Muslim doctor … especially if you’re Jewish.”  The warning for an 85 percent majority Christian nation carries a chilling “converse” perspective.  What if physicians and health care workers who are Communist Chinese, Russian Jews, Muslims and Hindu are behind the 200,000 deaths of mainly U.S. Christians due to “medical errors?” The Bare Naked Islam writer’s thinking offers the motive for a hit in Cleveland on Trump where one of the workers could have intentionally infected themselves to infect the masks and his family.

“The late General Omar Suleiman’s 2012 death in Cleveland Clinic made some news because of his international prominence.  There are nuances to how Egypt’s former vice president and director of the Egyptian Intelligence Services died here; and who was around him at the time of his death which created a global drama and accusations that former CEO Delos Cosgrove may have orchestrated a medical assassination for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  200,000 people annually die of “medical errors” in this nation.  The most prolific serial killers and assassins are in the health care industry.

Suleiman’s death came during tests at Cleveland for Hereditary Amyliodosis.   The tests include drawing blood, pissing in a bottle, being bone scanned and a biopsy of the infected organ if necessary.  As Egypt’s equilvalent to the director of the CIA, in a military-controlled government, Suleiman was tight with Israel and a thorn in the side of Palestine’s Hamas.  He had led the Rendition program with the CIA and Israel’s Mossod as they kidnapped and delivered suspected terrorists to him to be questioned through torture.

Two months before his death, Cleveland Clinic hired former FBI Special Agent Gordon Snow who had served as Director of Counterintelligence for the Middle East during the time James Comey worked with President George W. Bush’s U.S. Attorney General, John Ashcroft, and approved waterboarding and sleep deprivation for nearly 8 days as a method of torture.  The two were on the same counter-terrorism mission.

Snow’s departure from the FBI in 2012 came abruptly to an end on May 4, 2012.  He was hired by Cleveland Clinic on May 14, 2012.  Suleiman died during Cleveland Clinic testing, with his bodyguard present, on July 19, 2012.

Egypt’s suspicions were raised as Suleiman’s friend, Fareed Zakaria, made note that Prince Nayef bin Abdulazziz had died one month before Suleiman; and three months after being treated by Cleveland Clinic. Zakaria had been the first director of Egypt’s Intelligence Services.  The deaths of two prominent “Arabs” within a month of each other – after being treated by “Middle East-influenced” Cleveland Clinic – was just too suspicious.  Snow remains on Cleveland Clinic’s staff.

Just like Cleveland Clinic appears to be “guiding” its political puppets to support its employees threating the security of the president, his family and “already tested” members of his staff, Cosgrove in 2012 took the “extraordinary” step of going public with the reason for Suleiman’s death.  He released the man’s health diagnosis and everyone reading knows Cosgrove violated the Health Information Patient Portability Act’s privacy requirements.  That’s exactly what U.S. Department of State information officer Patrick Ventrell told me when I asked him about the “official” cause of death.  He said Suleiman’s health information was HIPPA-protected.  Ventrell could offer me no section of the federal law that gave Cosgrove the authority to release it.

A 2003 report of the United Kingdom’s Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, titled “Influenza as a Bioweapon,” found its way into the U.S. National Institute of Heatlh’s datebase under the National Center for Biological Information.  The report was authored by four physicians connected to the University of Texas’ Health Center in Houston.  The physicians were Scott Lillibridge, Mohammad Madjid, Parsa Mirhaji and the late Ward Casscells.

Lillibridge was the founding director of the Centers for Disease Control’s Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program.  Madjid is a cardiovascular expert.  Parsa is a “computational biology” expert.  Cascells died of prostate cancer in 2012 after a war-time physician’s career in the U.S. Army took him to serve as President George W. Bush’s Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health.  He was also a cardiovascular expert and the son of Noble Prize winning cardiologist.  His father of the same name invented arthroscopic surgery.  Make note that two of the physicians on the team are cardiologists.

The conclusions of the four speciality-focused experts was a warning that the U.S. was not prepared to be “hit” by the possible “aerosol transmission of influenza” that “requires up to 27,000 times fewer virions to induce equivalent disease.”  They cited “international transmission” as being “increasingly frequent” connected to the influx of foreigners and alleged U.S. citizens repeatedly entering and leaving our borders while engaged in “personal” and unauthorized interactions with the officials of foreign governments.  The most important discovery of the team was that it wasn’t the flu that killed.  It was the “heart attack” the flu caused that killed afterwards.

“Influenza is usually transmitted by direct contact but can also be transmitted by aerosol (e.g. on a passenger plane).  Indeed, international transmission is increasingly frequent. Notably, aerosol transmission of influenza requires up to 27 000 times fewer virions to induce equivalent disease.  Taken together with the fact that influenza virus is readily accessible and may be causing more deaths than previously suspected, the possibility for genetic engineering and aerosol transmission suggests an enormous potential for bioterrorism.”

The team studied the high number of strokes and heart attacks that came after the Spanish Flu in 1918 and identified the influenza virus as the reason.  The number of dead tripled when the later heart attack and stroke deaths were counted among those who died after surviving the flu.  They warned of the possibility of “malicious genetic engineering to create more virulent strains” of the Spanish Flu virus since its “genome” had been “copied.”   Their specific concern in 2003 was for another terrorist attack like the one that occurred on September 11, 2001.

“Sequencing of the genome of the 1918 Spanish influenza virus is nearly complete; once it is published, unscrupulous scientists could presumably utilize candidate virulence sequences.  Recently, the possibility of synthesizing an infectious agent solely by following instructions from a written sequence has moved from theory to practice.”

Over the past year,  foreign-born Mihaljevic has been adding to Cleveland Clinic’s research staff on infectious diseases to study “all areas of virology/microbiology relevant to human disease.”  The new Florida hires at the Cleveland Clinic Florida Research and Innovation Center, and this is according to its announcement, will “closely collaborate” with the scientists at the Lerner Research Institute and its network of 190 labs.”

The applications are going to a woman born in Germany by the name of Michaela Gack.  Somehow she just left high school in Germany to study at Harvard that prefers educating foreigners instead of this nation’s natural born citizens. I make no accusation relative to Gack.  I’m simply offering a perspective of the type of people in this nation with the ability and a possible motive to execute an agenda.

One of the area’s Gack is studying, with the help of the Vilcek foundation owned by Czechslovakian immigrants Jan and Marica Vilceck, is “to identify the precise steps by which viruses override the human immune system.”  The Vilcek grants only go to immigrants living in the U.S. and they don’t want our nation’s immigration laws enforced.  The words below are some very aggressive anti-Trump words from the anti-natural born American grant funders of the Cleveland Clinic employee who may reflect her funder’s anti-natural born American attitude.

“President Trump’s intent to suspend immigration runs contrary to the long-established tenet that America is a land of immigrants and is inimical to the overwhelming evidence that immigrants are an asset for this country. A high proportion of essential workers in our communities—in healthcare, in food service, and in public transportation—are immigrants. Data from the Migration Policy Institute indicates that seventeen percent of heatlhcare workers, and twenty-eight percent of physicians and surgeons in the United States are foreign-born.”

Jan Vilcek is rich because he invented a drug called Remicade.  It’s supposed to treat people who have autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, but it’s been ending up killing the people receiving it. The Trump administration’s oversight of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has resulted in Vilcek, a Russian Jew, having his drug called “dangerous” for the way it’s maiming and killing Christians and others in this majority Christian nation.  Barack Obama gave this man an award in 2011.

With nearly 30 percent of the nation’s medical scientists, physicians and health care workers being foreign, Communist, atheist because of Communism or from an anti-Christian or anti-American nation, and in control of a Christian nation’s health care system, Trump and every other American who doesn’t favor illegal aliens could be slaughtered by an undocumented health care worker.  So the idea of the Trump family and entourage refusing the masks from unidentified individuals is a matter of “security protocol” that’s now being played up by Communist-minded Democratic and Republican anti-Trump politicians as a “refusal” to obey “orders” he knows are unconstitutional.

I make no accusation relative to Vilcek.  I’m simply offering a perspective of the type of people in this nation with the ability and a possible motive to execute an agenda.  Vilcek’s foundation advertises that it  does not provide any grants to a natural born American. Only immigrants. It seems insane for a Christian nation’s entire medical apparatus to be under the control of Communist Russian and Chinese anti-American and anti-Christian aliens.

Historically, during this nation’s push to remove disruptive Russian and Eastern European Bolshevik illegal immigrants who, after arriving here illegally began infiltrating their agenda into the nation’s politics, there appears to have been medical assassinations carried out against prominent U.S. political and civil rights figures who wanted immigration laws enforced when foreigners were heavily in involved in our health care.  I’ll offer two as an example.  American Negro Booker T. Washington and President Warren G. Harding.

Harding in author Joel A. Rogers “The 5 Negro Presidents” is identified as one of the five among our American Negro people who “passed for white.” Eastern Europeans see all American blood as impure irrespective of our skin tones because the majority of us who are the majority are mixed from over 500 years of living together.  The premise of this nation is based on “three races” as observed in the state laws and local ordinances of southern cities.  Negroid, Caucasoid and Mongoloid.  South Carolina ex-Governor and Asian Indian Nikki Haley didn’t like this nuance of southern living as she was forced to declare herself to be among the Caucasoids instead of the Mongoloids as an Asian Indian based on her racial characteristics.  Skin color, hair texture, thickness of lips, shape of nose, chin, blood type, etc.

Mr. Washington died on November 14, 1915.  His blood pressure was high.  220 over 120.  Mr. Washington was in New York city when his elevated blood pressure caused him to faint.  He was taken to an immigrant doctor whose alleged name was “William Bastedo.”  Let’s go with the reality that most Eastern European immigrant identities at that time were false as the man’s name exists in no medical or immigration records I’ve searched.  “Bastedo” is not one of the Mayflower names.  Nor is it a last name that is reflective of the White Anglo Saxon Protestant founders of the nation or seen as indigenous. [NOTE: My late Aunt Helen Brewer worked for Mr. Washington’s Negro Business League chapter in Cleveland for 25 years.]

The immigrant “doctor” gave Mr. Washington “radium water” that if under a regulated formula would have contained one microm each of radio isotopes 226 and 228.  This quack shit was used on him before it was manufactured under the name “Radithor” by William Bailey; a non-physician Harvard drop out.  Foreign doctors like Bastedo in New York and New Jersey prescribed it to unsuspecting politicians and “industrialists” like Pittsburgh Mayor and steel manufacturer Eben Byers.

After Bastedo poisoned Mr. Washington with the radium water, our leader got on a train as his health grew worse back to his own Tuskegee people in Atlanta.  He died and they learned from his autopsy that the radiated water Bastedo gave him had obviously begun burning up his organs.  Byers took 1400 doses of that shit and died a few months later.  An American who wanted this nation’s immigration laws enforced as he sought to hire southern American Negro workers immigrating from the south was dead.  Congress enacted the Espionage Act two years after Mr. Washington’s death.

Like Trump, Mr. Washington wanted the nation’s immigration laws enforced and this nation’s natural born citizens, the one’s whose ancestors built it, uplifted.  His words and presence made him an immigrant target in a city where foreigners controlled health care when he became sick.  Read his 1895 words from the Atlanta Compromise on September 18, 1895 from your perspective “today.”

To those of the white race who look to the incoming of those of foreign birth and strange tongue and habits for the prosperity of the South, were I permitted I would repeat what I have said to my own race, “Cast down your bucket where you are. Cast it down among the eight millions of Negroes whose habits you know, whose fidelity and love you have tested in days when to have proved treacherous meant the ruin of your firesides. Cast down your bucket among these people who have without strikes and labor wars tilled your fields, cleared your forests, builded your railroads and cities, and brought forth treasures from the bowels of the earth, and helped to make possible this magnificent representation of the progress of the South.

Congress responded to Mr. Washington by amending the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1899.  No more than 73 immigrants from all of Eastern Europe and Communist Asia were allowed in the nation all the way through 1940.  So the overwhelming of Russians and Eastern Europeans claiming a legal presence here are not.

President Wilson McKinley was on board.  A Russian from Cleveland by the name of Leo Czolgosz left Fleet and Todd Avenue for Buffalo, New York, after a meeting in Cleveland with illegal Russian immigrant Emma Goldberg, expressed his dissatisfaction by assassinating McKinley in 1901.  Griffin didn’t know the first three words of the U.S. Constitution; so this level of Cleveland history exists well beyond his scope of knowledge until now.  Hi Blaine.  It is absolutely foolish to get in the middle of what could be yet another Cleveland conspiracy in association with the possible attempted assassination of the president.

The “Anarchist Exclusion Act” of 1903 was enacted by Congress after the Russians plotted and executed McKinley. It was during this period that Mr. Washington became “tight” with U.S. presidents who understood clearly who was loyal to the nation and who was not. By the time he died of poisoning in 1915, the literacy rate of American Negroes had elevated from zero percent in 1865 to more than 40 percent.  70 percent by 1940.  98.4 percent by 1970.  American Negroes and Christian White Anglo Saxon Protestants were taking “back” over the nation’s highest professions from the undocumented immigrants who had arrived here illegally with fake names, fraudulent documents, cover stories and aid from inside conspirators.

One of the Americans on the same page as Mr. Washington’s 1895 Atlanta Compromise was President Harding.  Mr. Washington was half-white.  One of Harding’s great-grand parents was an enslaved American Negro.  Like Washington, irrespective of his interactions with the Ku Klux Klan here in Ohio, Harding had grown weary of disruptive Eastern and Southern European immigrants when he signed the Emergency Immigration Quota Act of 1921.  That cemented the Chinese Exclusion Acts numbers of no more than 73 immigrants from all parts of those nations per year.  No Chinese.  That law didn’t sit well with Dr. Raymond Lyman Wilbur.

From the beginning of his tenure as Stanford University’s president in 1916, Wilbur’s inaugural address at his installation expressed the anarchist view that he wasn’t on board with federal immigration laws that kept the “Occidentals” out.  That was then the name for Asians.

“Here in California the product of the mingled races of the Occidental world meet on the ever nearer border of the Orient.  Who can foresee what this will mean in moral, mental and spiritual development?  A great intellectual and artistic future seems to open before us.  Let us here at Stanford welcome it, freeing ourselves as heretofore  from the tyranny of precedent, of the past, except in so far as the past has shown the right principles of conduct and discovered facts.  Let us be conservative in holding to that which is good and true and essential, and above all to justice, but radical in our willingness to receive and understand the new while discarding promplty the trivial and transient. We can be free to give that legitimate scope to acive minds essential in order to make a university.”

This “anarchist” thinking put Wilbur at odds with President Woodrow Wilson and his successor, Warren G. Harding.  So when Harding suffered a heart attack in California one of the doctors “inserted” on his medical team was Wilbur.  Wilbur had never treated him before, but he was alleged to have been a cardiologist.  Someone gave Harding a “stimulant” that induced the heart attack that killed him.

CWRU president Barbara Snyder’s 56 percent foreign enrollment would put her politically at odds, like Wilbur was with President Wilson, with Trump.  Trump wants natural born Americans educated.  Snyder wants to educate everybody but natural born Americans.

Trump and his family were totally outnumbered and surrounded by pro-immigrant and undocumented worker co-conspirators in “sanctuary city” Cleveland.

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