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Now a convicted felon, Gary Norton joins the Cleveland Hall of Fame of dirty ex-politicians endorsed by the Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, OH – The Plain Dealer and’s editorial board has done a horrible job of endorsing candidates for elected office.  When the newspaper’s endorsed candidates commit crimes in office or demonstrate incompetence its publishers, editors and writers just act like it didn’t happen.  Ignore their ongoing offenses until law enforcement authorities step in.

Gary Alexander Norton, Jr. is the latest Plain Dealer endorsed political candidate to be convicted of crimes he didn’t get caught committing until he was out of elected office.  Norton showed up at East Cleveland city hall after voters recalled him in 2016 and offered to demolish up to 10 homes for free.  After leaving city hall he became an UBER driver.  What council didn’t know about Norton’s overly-generous offer was that it wasn’t true.

The ex-mayor ended up with a demolition contract he was given by ex-police chief secretary Vanessa Veals after she signed community development director Melran Leach’s name to it.  Both subsequently received a visit from and ended up being arrested by FBI agents after being told to keep their mouths shut about the visits.  Instead of keeping their mouths shut Norton discussed it with Veal and she discussed it with another employee.

Veal tried to destroy Norton’s email not knowing the data is stored permanently on her email service’s servers.  When the woman Norton was alleged to have been caught with in an uncompromising position Forest Hill Park was confronted by FBI agents about their conversations they each lied.

Norton and Veals’ decisions to run their mouths resulted in federal agents aborting the investigation and holding them accountable for the obstruction.  Both were indicted for lying to FBI agents on November 21, 2019.  Norton entered a guilty plea in December 2020.  He was sentenced to one year’s probation for the felony on May 13, 2021.

Gary Norton joined Uber after being removed as mayor by East Cleveland voters in 2016.

According to Norton’s Thompson, Hines & Flory lawyer, John Mitchell, East Cleveland’s disgraced and recalled ex-mayor can never serve in elected office again.  He can’t vote and he’s already been globally discredited with all the negative print, broadcast and online references to his crimes in office.  His attorney said the public won’t even hear from him as Mitchell pleaded for extreme leniency to help his allegedly contrite client.  Norton selected the same law firm that represents Forest City Enterprises.  Mitchell wrote the following about his client.

“Gary is a 49-year old, non-violent, first-time felon that no person could possibly claim to be a threat to society. The citizens of the United States, and Cleveland, Ohio, in particular, will not be “less safe” if Gary receives a humane sentence. This is particularly true because of the facts of this case, because the circumstances leading to Gary’s conviction will never reoccur. He is not under any investigation. He will never hold public office again. In short, by virtue of this conviction and his voluntary choice to leave the political arena, this Court should recognize that this will be the only time it ever sees Gary Norton.”

Mitchell’s “help a brutha out” pleading identified the wrong city as the one Norton harmed by referencing Cleveland instead of East Cleveland as being “less safe” from his presence on the streets.  In other sections of the document Mitchell submitted to U.S. District Court Judge Dan Polster, he appears to ignore crimes that Norton and his wife committed while holding public offices and employment.

Ohio State Patrol officers visited Gary Norton’s former East Cleveland home on Newbury Road after he began working for Rick Case.

Shalom Norton was a Cleveland school principal when she stole over $10,000 from the treasury of the principals association and delivered a portion of it as gifts to Gary and their children.  The Norton’s three daughters now have two parents with criminal records.  Shalom Lawrence-Norton and Gary are now divorced.

For each of the six years he served East Cleveland as mayor, local and state records on file with the office of Ohio’s Auditor of State show him annually engaging in dereliction of duty and obstructing the city’s official business by recklessly exceeding the budget council approved.  It took him 33 months to return the city to fiscal emergency after racking up a debt of nearly $11 million.  Norton’s misspending caused serious harm to the city’s residents when he was unable to deliver an EMS vehicle that would transport them to hospitals during life-threatening emergencies.

Even now the residents of East Cleveland still struggle with the aftermath of the illegal construction and demolition debris landfill he and the city council Brandon King and Thomas Wheeler presided over allowed George Michael Riley to build.  Riley is currently in trial and Norton’s name has figured prominently in how he and Christine Beynon acquired the former site General Electric used to manufacture lights at 1740 Noble Road.  Instead of ensuring that Riley and Beynond readied the property for redevelopment as the ordinance council enacted required.  Norton cut a side deal with Riley and delivered him title to the property without council approval.

According to a woman named Nikki, who claimed that she and Norton shared a child, the former mayor gave her $700 a week in cash she claimed he was receiving from Riley.  Norton’s legal salary as mayor was $40,000 annually.

Norton and Delos Cosgrove further conspired to close Huron Hospital in violation of an ordinance Dr. Joy Jordan led council to enact that instructed the mayor not to even have a meeting with Cleveland Clinic about the closure.  Norton had zero legal authority to sign the contract the two “teams” of lawyers created.

This information was also concealed from East Cleveland residents and greater Cleveland by the Plain Dealer and since the hospital’s board included their publisher.  Terrence CZ Egger.  In that deal  Cosgrove delivered $8 million to an account Norton had set up without council’s knowledge or authority to receive it.   Council’s under Ohio law receive and appropriate all of a municipal corporation’s funds.  The agreement signed by this devil-ish duo claimed it was being binding whether council agreed or not. Not so under any Ohio law.

Gary Norton, Jr. aided George Michael Riley and Christine Beynon in violating federal environmental laws when he delivered the property General Electric owned and manufactured lighting for them to use as a construction and demolition debris landfill in a residential neighborhood near three schools.  Cleveland and East Cleveland firefighters were forced to repeatedly visit the illegal dumpsite to out out fires that spewed deadly tars, gases and acid rain in the air.  Nearby residents complained of health problems that included cancer.  Barbara Garner died of lung cancer and her son believes the dump Norton let Riley place in her backyard was the cause of her early demise.  Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish was forced to spend $10 million with the support of the county council to clean up the mess Norton’s lawlessness created.

Norton told Plain Dealer reporter Chris Feran he would spend the money to eliminate the debt he’d created by exceeding the budget council approved.  This was in 2011.  Norton returned East Cleveland to fiscal emergency 33 months after taking office after exceeding budgets approved by council by more than $11 million.  Residents of the city never saw a dime of the money spent on improving the city.  Feran didn’t return with a Plain Dealer or cleveland.con story that Norton had lied.

The sentencing memorandum Mitchell submitted to Polster acknowledges that as far as his future, Norton’s name is now trash. He’s lucky, according to Mitchell, to be employed as a used car salesman for Rick Case at 49 years of age.  He didn’t even want Norton fined.

“Regardless of this Court’s sentence, Gary has already been and continues to be punished for his offense. As the result of this investigation and his conviction, Gary has gone from being a highly respected member of this community and his neighborhood to a convicted felon. He will now be unable to exercise certain civil rights, such as the right to vote. Moreover, this case has garnered significant negative publicity for Gary in news articles published in print and online that will forever tar him as a felon. For those who do not know him, he will now be best known for this conviction rather than his successes in life.”

In private conversations with people with both know, Norton has shared that his life was ruined by this writer.  In all the acts described above this writer was nowhere within Norton’s inner-circle as an advisor.  The one piece of advice he got from me “officially” came in the form of my decision to veto a self-dealing ordinance he’d asked council to approve in 2009 during a “special meeting” I’d called as mayor.

His ordinance was not on the agenda and Norton knew it wouldn’t pass with a new council.  What he wanted was to add $45,000 to $65,000 to the salary of the director of public safety and assume the title and the wages.  I vetoed it as a violation of the state’s open meetings laws.  Norton and the idiots on council at the time overturned it.

Norton was warned that if he started off stealing he wouldn’t stop.  I repeatedly warned him, editorially, to consider his family.  Today his wife’s left him and their three daughters have a “mommy and daddy” with criminal histories as thieves and felons they’re stuck with having to explain to all their friends.  I’ve always said people will fuck up the perfectly good children God gives them to lead.  No bad children.  Just bad parents.

Advance employee Terrence Egger works for the Russian-owned Plain Dealer and under Advance Communications, served on Cleveland Clinic’s board; and editorially concealed Gary Norton’s acts of misconduct in office from the newspaper’s readers.  Egger controlled all of the newspaper’s editors and reporters.  If he didn’t want a story in the publication it wasn’t printed.  If he wanted to smear someone they got smeared.  Journalistic integrity is bullshit.  I reported for the Cleveland Press and worked under its Russian owner, Joseph Cole, and its Russian Editor, Herb Kaminsky aka Kamm.  It was the last year the Cleveland Press existed in 1981 and 1982 before I joined Curtis Sliwa’s Guardian Angels and organized chapters in Cleveland, Youngstown and Columbus.   There were roughly 110 writers and four of us were American Negroes employed at the Cleveland Press.  Check my clips.    The Cleveland Press closed in 1982 and the closing was investigated by the United States Department of Justice.  Cole and his development partner, John Ferchill, then built the headquarters for Jones Day – Vladmir Putin’s law firm – on top of the Cleveland Press building’s foundation.  Most of you don’t know Egger put $15,000 of his personal money into Bill Mason’s campaign to “reform” county government in 2009 and 2010.  Consider the conflict of the Plain Dealer’s publisher helping Mason pay to collect the signatures to put the issue on the ballot because that’s the form of government he saw in Saint Louis County.  He’s from St. Louis.  I’m from East Saint Louis.  I have a different spin on his upbringing than you folk here.  He seeks to editorially destroy American Negroes.  St.  Louis.  Cleveland.  He’s now in Philadelphia.  I feel sorry for Bill Cosby. 

They were so young when voters chose Norton over me on September 29, 2009, six days after the day he disseminated pictures stolen from my personal computer to the city’s electorate the same day my father died, they don’t even remember me.  Mitchell claimed in Norton’s sentencing memorandum that his client now feels the pressure of the media that has deterred him forever from wanting to hold another elected office again.

What Mitchell shared that I know as a journalist and newspaper publisher in this town since 1978 is that honest public attention can put the fear of God in an elected or appointed public official who knows accountability comes after their misdeeds in office are publicly-exposed and proven.  Plain Dealer reporters “promoted” Norton instead of covering him.  So did the other media.  Reporters ignored that council had legitimate issues with their endorsed candidate’s failure to abide by his oath of office.

Had the Plain Dealer’s publisher, Egger, not possessed an economic and personal interest in closing Huron Hospital as a board member, the news man in him should have stepped down with a warning to his Cleveland Clinic colleagues that he was going public with Cosgrove’s illegal deal with Norton.  Dr. Joy Jordan, Chantelle Lewis (Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill’s Lt. Governor running mate), Nathaniel Martin, Barbara Thomas and Mansell Baker had enacted legislation instructing Norton not to meet with Cleveland Clinic officials about closing Huron Hospital.  So the contract Cosgrove and Norton signed was a sham and Egger knew it.

The Plain Dealer’s Ellen Kleinerman covered the story about Gary Norton and Delos Cosgrove illegal deal to close Huron Hospital and did not mention one word about its illegality.

Had Plain Dealer and writers reported the truth instead of concealing vital facts from East Cleveland residents and higher authorities an intervention could have prevented the single-most significant act that led to the city’s financial demise.  1100 workers.  300 of them – at least – residing in the surrounding apartments a walking distance from work.  $1.3 million in annual income tax revenue.  East Cleveland’s #1 employers.  An asset left from the legacy of John D. Rockefeller whose destruction appears to have been intentional.  In no paragraph or sentence of her June 2011 story about the deal Cosgrove and Norton entered to close Huron Hospital did writer Ellen Kleinerman report that East Cleveland city council enacted legislation instructing the mayor he had no authority to discuss the hospital’s closing or to sign any contracts.

Because of Huron Hospital’s emergency room, the average East Cleveland or nearby Cleveland Heights resident had a four minute drive to health care.  The same for nearby Cleveland residents at East Cleveland’s borders.   The physicians Dr. Gus Kious assembled at Huron Hospital’s emergency room had become life-saving specialists who were increasing the survival and improval rate of gunshot victims.  In East Cleveland was the state’s #1 gunshot wound trauma center.  The homicide rate is higher because gunshot wound victims are bleeding out while waiting for treatment.  Physicians must be placed on EMS squads.  On the scene trauma specialists will drive down the homicide rate.

Dr. Kious and I were discussing using section 749.01 of the Revised Code of Ohio to create a municipal hospital board that would provide free healthcare to the city’s residents and workers.  It’s the 67 year old state law that lets city councils tax property owners $1 per $1000 to fund a free municipal hospital like Cleveland had until 1957.

A combined $8 million was invested to renovate Huron Hospital less than four years before Gary Norton and Delos Cosgrove cut a deal without council approval to close and demolish it for $20 million.

Huron Hospital also had a nursing school that taught skills as a licensed practical nurse and as a nursing assistant.  I invested federal block grant training money in teaching the women who wanted to be nurses assistants how to be licensed practical nurses.  More money for them and their families.

In the sentencing memorandum, Mitchell, Norton’s attorney, glossed over his 12 years in office between council and mayor.  That experience to Mitchell appears to have been the equivalent to a hypen on a headstone at a gravesight identifying the buried person’s dates of birth and death.  Yeah.  They had a life but let’s not talk about it.

Polster should have heard from the residents of East Cleveland as the parties harmed by Norton’s actions.  They voted him out of office because of his incompetence and stealing in 2016 since the county prosecutor and state auditor refused to act.  And after intentionally removing him from office Norton kept on stealing from East Cleveland voters through the network of corrupt workers and contractors loyal to him instead of the oaths of office he’d failed in his duties as mayor to administer to them.  That’s how the FBI got him.

That’s not the story Polster heard and it’s the travesty in his sentence.  Lying to the FBI wasn’t Norton’s first crime.  It wasn’t the only crime he committed that got him arrested and before the federal judge.  It was simply the one crime in a long list of crimes he committed while in and out of public office that someone finally said “enough.”

The 4 East Cleveland mayors the Plain Dealer endorsed, and then used reporters to conceal their crimes in office, explains why the politicians in Cuyahoga County are corrupt

CLEVELAND, OH – A look at the Plain Dealer’s endorsements of East Cleveland’s last four mayors reveals a truth the newspaper’s publishers and editors do their worst to conceal.  They encourage voters to elect incompetents and criminals to elected office.  The lower the moral character the better.   They then starve the voters they suckered into supporting the criminal they backed of the editorial information they need to evaluate their performance by concealing their crimes in office.

Two of the Plain Dealer’s endorsed candidates for East Cleveland mayor have been indicted for public corruption.  A third looks like he’s on the way.  Brandon King.  Only one endorsed Plain Dealer candidate for East Cleveland mayor escaped a public corruption trial; but she did not avoid one for stabbing a man to death.  She claimed self-defense.

The Plain Dealer’s editorial board endorsed Reverend Emmanuel Onunwor over me in 2001 for mayor.  Goggins  over me in 2005.  Gary Norton over me in 2009 as I sought to be re-elected.  The newspaper endorsed Brandon King over the city’s former municipal court judge and school board president: attorney Una Keenon.  This was after King as council’s vice president requested, sponsored and voted on legislation to give himself a home in the city’s Forest Hills section valued at $99,000 for $1,000 out of the landbank.

Retired Plain Dealer editorial pages editor Brent Larkin was a licensed attorney when he worked for the newspaper during a period in his career. The late Carl Stokes told me his law school education was paid by the Climaco brothers. When Mike Climaco campaigned against Mary Rose Oakar my former Cleveland Press reporter, a sportswriter at the time, wanted to go to Washington with him. Mary told me how her success thwarted his dream; and he never forgave her. Brent once had a desk in John and Mike’s law offices. He also worked out of criminal defense attorney Angelo Lonardo’s office. I never called Brent “mobbed up.” That was the title of a book written by ex-Plain Dealer writer James Neff. James actually volunteered and patroled with my Guardian Angel chapter. He’s another Plain Dealer reporter with whom I had a friendship. Brent and I were cool when I asked him to appear on my radio show, Cleveland Perspective on AM 850. WRMR. He told me then I was the only person he’d said “yes” too. I took absolutely no pleasure, Brent, in writing about how you did John Vild for his sister, Regina Vild. I simply thought it was wrong. Nothing more. We don’t use God’s gifts to screw people.

King’s acts of self-dealing were publicly-known to the Plain Dealer’s editorial staff as well as delivered to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agents when editorial pages editor Elizabeth Sullivan led the newspaper to endorse him in 2017.  Sullivan and the Plain Dealer’s past editorial pages editors and reporters have stupidly made it more difficult for law enforcement officers investigating their endorsed candidates to expose them.

Sullivan along with Plain Dealer editor George Rodrigue, Advance Ohio president Chris Quinn of daily encourage unknowing voters to trust corrupt elected and appointed public officials while editorially-disparaging the citizens who have reported their crimes to authorities.  I’m not a criminal. I expose them.  I even expose criminals who are editorially, malicious liars and deceivers.  Of course the Plain Dealer would never endorse me.  Especially after a story like this one.

What all of the Plain Dealer’s last four endorsed candidates for East Cleveland mayor show is the newspaper’s editorial staff has a cultural penchant for candidates who are or were criminally-inclined.  The Plain Dealer’s Russian owners, and its lilly-white and anti-Christian staff of publishers, editors and reporters also clearly demonstrate through their endorsements how they have no regard, whatsoever, for the area’s majority American Negro population.  Anything or anyone who harms us is good.  Like in East Saint Louis, Illinois on July 6, 1917: they’d rather see us “exterminated.”

Keyword search the Plain Dealer for the words “Jesus Christ” around Christmas time.  The last “manger” story was on December 24, 1966.  This was three months before its Russian owners gave us “Seasons Greetings” and “Happy Hanukkah” after Solomon Isadore Neuhaus purchased it in March 1967.

The soul of the Plain Dealer editorial and employment perspective is that Cleveland has “too many American Negroes.”  Cleveland should be a sanctuary city for every iteration of illegal aliens they would rather see displacing “us.”  Of the five daily newspapers that existed in Cleveland before the Civil War began, the Plain Dealer’s Joseph Gray was the only publisher supporting slavery in an abolitionist state.

I have not paid attention to Reverend Emmanuel’s life after his incarceration, but I know from all I’ve heard he’s been repentant.  He’s apologized.  He’s sinned no more to the best of my knowledge for his crimes in office against the residents of East Cleveland.  The way he’s lived his life says to me he deserves to be left alone.  I enjoyed a sermon he delivered at his church on YouTube about “rejection.”  Psalm 118:5 I’m going to remember.  He’s even “diligently” making restitution.  I’ve seen the line item in the city’s budget.

Elizabeth Sullivan is the Plain Dealer’s editorial pages editor. She knows absolutely nothing about government. I doubt she’s ever read the Constitution of the United States of America. She has no business whatsoever endorsing any candidate for an elected office; and neither does the Plain Dealer.

Emmanuel may not know it; but he’s earned my personal respect and forgiveness.  He didn’t endorse his crimes.  The conceal-minded reporting of the Plain Dealer endorsed his crimes.   One hard-hitting investigative coverage of his misdeeds in office would have scared him straight.  He was “encouraged” towards criminal acts.  In his heart I don’t believe he was a criminal.  Just misguided.

Let’s look back.

It cost East Cleveland taxpayers $1.4 million to manage  the city’s “direct service” water and sewer department in 2000.  OMI/CH2M Hill’s Buddy Reneau and Howlie C. Davis offered to handle the city’s water and sewer management duties for $3.2 million.  Boo Boo the Fool could see the contract was padded for bribery, but not the publishers, editors and reporters at the Plain Dealer covering the city who had endorsed Emmanuel over me for mayor in 2001.  I placed 2nd in that race and he won in the general election.

Jim Petro saw what I saw as state auditor when I asked him to investigate the no-bid contract; and confirmed everything I’d sent to him in a 17-page special investigation inside a regular audit.  The FBI saw it, too, when I delivered the information to the agents I’d been sharing records and insights with since 1999.  Plain Dealer reporter Tom Ott had it; and he knew when I met with the newspaper’s editorial board Brent Larkin was leading under Doug Clifton as editor that Emmanuel was under a full federal criminal investigation. At the time I was a Republican and on the party’s executive committee.  Jim Trakas was my chairman.  I actually like him.

The only person Machaskee, Clifton and Larkin could see was a fellow newspaper publisher and journalist who’d been busting their asses for years over their inaccurate and agenda-driven reporting; and for not covering the crimes in office of the candidates the newspaper’s editorial board had endorsed.

An American Negro reporter for the newspaper, Jesse Tinsley, was a reporter I knew and trusted.  Jesse had tried to help the city’s residents by authoring validating me as a public corruption “watchdog.”  That image didn’t eventually sit well with his bosses after the story made me look like the patriotic and concerned citizen of the United States of America that I am.

Remember the story about the National Enquirer publisher who bought a story to keep it from being published about Donald Trump? Ex-Plain Dealer publisher Terrence C.Z. Egger is that kind of guy. A real piece of editorial scum and that’s my personal opinion after having met him. He invested $15,000 of his personal money into Bill Mason’s county reform campaign. But he didn’t assign reporters to investigate Bill and Tom Day for running a campaign consulting business out of the county prosecutor’s office. He also didn’t assign them to investigate Bill for not prosecuting the officials of the boards of elections and the candidates for violating R.C. 3517.10 and 3517.11(d) by entering offices without turning in campaign finance reports for years instead of 38 days after the election by 4 p.m. Period. This is the scumbag who covered for the $20 million illegal deal Gary Norton made with Cleveland Clinic to close Huron Hospital in East Cleveland to build a new facility in Abu Dhabi.

Jesse told me how he had to fight to get the story published.  He also told me how Plain Dealer managing editor Bill McDonald ordered the picture of an American Negro man off its front page.  He had just earned his GED and the picture showed a happy and empowered American Negro holding his son.  That, too, was not an image the newspaper’s editors wanted American Negroes to see.

This is the same newspaper that published actress Jennifer Connelly’s picture on its front page the night home town girl Halle Berry won an Academy Award.  Anything that or anyone who elevates American Negroes is bad.

American Negro Maxine Lynch was another Plain Dealer reporter I trusted. She once worked as the newspaper’s managing editor. She had freelanced for my first newspaper in 1980 when my office was down the hall from hers in Harvey Oppman’s Old Arcade.  Third floor. Suite 352.  Her late husband, Plain Dealer Executive Editor Thomas Greer, and I sat down for a drink after I produced my first edition of Political Reporter.  He picked it up and sat it next to the Plain Dealer’s.  Tom told me he’d read mine before he read the one that gave him a salary.

Ex-Plain Dealer reporter Tom Ott covered the East Cleveland beat and knew the FBI was investigating Emmanuel from me.  I did not at the time know about Nate Gray’s behind-the-scenes involvement in the OMI/CH2M Hill contract; and the $10,000 a month included in it for him and Ralph Tyler to cut with Emmanuel.  Emmanuel got $700 a month.

Ott and I had discussed the public records I knew were in the FBI’s hands; and that detailed the unlawful acts which led to OMI/CH2M Hill’s no-bid $3.2 million contract.  He wanted to write but his editors had no interest in exposing Emmanuel’s crimes to East Cleveland residents prior to the 2001 primary election.

In my second campaign for East Cleveland mayor in 2005, O’Neal Price wasn’t alive to tell the story his former girlfriend told me.  The Plain Dealer’s “endorsement” editors didn’t care to investigate.  The girlfriend on the phone with Price when the Plain Dealer’s endorsed candidate for East Cleveland mayor stabbed him said they were planning a trip out-of-town the married woman didn’t like.

Goggins was far larger than Price physically.  She did the yelling.  “You aren’t going anywhere.”

The woman on the phone with Price during the attack heard him say, “Help me” before his lungs filled with blood and he suffocated to death from the stab wound.  None of this news was brought to the attention of the Plain Dealer or’s readers during its endorsement of her.  Not even the fact that Goggins last job before Frank Russo hired her in the county auditor’s office was at University Hospitals as a clerk in the x-ray department.

Ex-Plain Dealer writer and Soviet Mark Naymik ripped American Negro politician Kenneth Johnson for 17 stories over his expense account. A review of Naymik’s clips reveals nothing but derogatory writings about American Negro elected officials as he covers for his own Soviet ethnics.

Goggins for 19 years had spent time behind a desk directing people scheduled for x-rays to follow the blue line to the blue door. To editorial pages editor Brent Larkin, editor Doug Clifton and publisher Terrence Egger, Goggins’ professional background as a clerk qualified her to manage a $27 million municipal budget with around 230 employees.

Goggins told voters after our endorsement meeting that I “cussed out” Larkin, Clifton, Egger and crew.  Not really.

I knew I was going to win the election in 2005.  The Plain Dealer’s endorsement didn’t matter. Anyone who remembers the campaign will remember my WZAK radio spots telling people … “It’s a rag anyway.”

I went to tell Egger, Clifton and Brent they owed American Negroes who had trusted their editorial lies about the city and its political officials an apology.  Their concealment of important information to the city’s residents had been harmful; and from my perspective had obstructed and continues to obstruct the FBI’s desire to rid this region of the corrupt elected officials the newspaper has backed.

Consider that with County Executive Armond Budish, Sullivan led the Plain Dealer’s editorial board to endorse him on October 28, 2018.  By February 14, 2019 his office was being raided by state agents.

Now remember how ex-Plain Dealer blogger and Soviet writer Mark Naymik followed up with an editorial that the FBI should not investigate Budish, a fellow Soviet, while writing 17 stories about Cleveland councilman Ken Johnson’s $1000 a month expense account.  Naymik even manufactured a story that the FBI was investigating Johnson because of what he’d written.  Editorial obstruction to create the false illusion the FBI’s wrong about Budish while offering up Johnson.

Had Naymik ever read the FBI’s Domestic Operations & Investigations Guide, he would have learned that Johnson’s monthly expense budget is paid with “municipal” and not “federal” funds that would not even authorize  a full federal criminal investigation over a municipal legislator’s”heavily audited” $1000 monthly expense account.  This is a newspaper whose writers have a history of creating “non-existent scandals” against honest American Negroes just to make them look bad.

An American Negro committing no crimes is made to look like a criminal by the Plain Dealer whose publishers, editors and writers cover for the real ones. Mayor Frank Jackson’s executive assistant, Valarie McCall, is not a criminal. She’s being made to look like one by the Plain Dealer in conspiracy with an anti-American Negro element on the GCRTA board.

I wasn’t even mentioned in the county corruption trial taking place when I held office as mayor; among the 400 public officials thought to be involved.  What the Plain Dealer and WOIO tried to do was tie the fact that my son was employed with Frank Russo as part of the scandal.  Had any reporter bothered to ask me, Frank’s father and my father, Anthony Russo, Sr., had been friends since the early 1970’s   Dad visited him in the hospital and took him a card before he died.

I’d known Frank’s father since before he ran for county recorder.  Frank and I had never met.  His father asked mine to help in his campaign.  When he ran for county auditor I helped because of my father’s relationship with his.  I didn’t ask for or want a job.  Frank offered me one.  I stayed for two weeks.  He hired my sister.  My father had worked in that office for George Voinovich when he served as county auditor.

There was no “special favor” extended to my competent son when one of his “Godfather’s,” the late Pat Gallina, asked Frank to hire him.  Pat asked me if my son wanted to work for Frank.  I told him to call him.  The “smearing” of my American Negro son’s name was just another malicious editorial cheap shot.

Right now.  Five federal law enforcement agencies are investigating Rokakis’ and Gus Frangos’ activities with the private entity they created to acquire and then make a profit demolishing the thousands of homes their third party tax lien sales made vacant.  Even now the Plain Dealer and’s silence over what’s known about the evil criminal shit Greeks Rokakis and Frangos did to thousands of Cuyahoga County residents, the overwhelming majority of whom are American Negro, shows its editorial complicitness towards concealing the criminal acts of “certain” politicians.

A review of the Board of Revision’s agenda will show Rokakis gave Forest City Enterprises the tax break on their nearly-new $200 million Tiedeman Road plant that former Treasurer Francis Gaul’s appointee, Gerald Murphy, did not.  The $17 million lease the Plain Dealer’s owners are earning from the Council for Economic Opportunities of Greater Cleveland (CEOGC) would raise eyebrows big time, editorially, if Advance’s Russian owners were not the beneficiaries.

The Plain Dealer’s editorial pages editor, Larkin, endorsed Rokakis’ third party tax lien sales in 1998 after he replaced Gaul as treasurer.  Larkin had also called for Gaul’s resignation three times.  Each call for Gaul’s resignation appears to have come around the three times the board of revision rejected Forest City Publishing’s request for a reduction of property taxes between 1994 and 1995.  Right before Joel Rutchik and Tim Heider lied that Frank was losing Secured Assets Funds Earnings (SAFE) investment money.

Frank wasn’t losing a dime.  Rutchik and Heider’s story fueled a “run” on the $1.8 billion investment pool and cost the county’s taxpayers $114 million.  Had Mary Boyle, Jim Petro and Tim Hagan simply enforced Gaul’s contracts with SAFE’s co-investors, the bond market recovery 10 months later would have put $80 million in the county treasury.

It’s just another story the Plain Dealer and’s readers won’t learn in full glaring detail to see how reporters calling investors with lies they got from Ken Kontosh and Mike Scanlon of Productive Portfolios created concern. The 7 percent commission investors earned handling the county’s investments was taken from them when Frank assigned the job to county workers.  Taxpayers kept the 7 percent under Frank.  Rokakis gave it back to the brokers.  They kickbacked to him in campaign contributions.  Fuck the county’s taxpayers.

Cindy Barber edited the Free Times and published a story I’d previously written in my Political Reporter about the Plain Dealer’s lies about Gaul.  Machaskee was forced to write a response in the Plain Dealer to defend what Rutchik and Heider had done after I’d investigated and written that Gaul had committed no crime.  The 8th District Court of Appeals agreed.

The Plain Dealer didn’t even blast the shit out of Mary Boyle for admitting she knew nothing about “investment terminology” as the “president” of the board of commissioners the newspaper had endorsed over Vince Campanella; a certified public accountant.  Mary had a degree in chemistry, but her career was as Cleveland Heights councilman Jack Boyle’s wife.  8 children.

Mary’s only work experience was for six months after college.  Dupont Chemical’s plant outside Toledo.  Beyond that she’d been a school crossing guard and a volunteer with the Heights Community Congress before she was elected to the general assembly.

Mike Polensek pumped gas before joining Cleveland city council in 1977.  One minute he’s a guy putting gas in your tank, air in your tires and checking your oil.  The next year he’s wearing a suit on a city council for a municipal corporation with over 700,000 residents and 10,000 employees approving over $1.5 billion in combined budgets. Geniuses R’ Us.  Plain Dealer-style.

Rokakis’ private landbank is being investigated by the FBI.  Former employees like Cheryl Stephens jumped ship; but her name is deeply embedded within the federal investigation.  Guess who the Plain Dealer just endorsed for Cuyahoga County council over Mansell Baker?  Stephens.  Not that Baker would have been much better as a member of East Cleveland city council who voted to let Christine Beynon and George Michael Riley put a construction and demolition debris dump behind homes on Noble Road.  Not a mention of Baker’s council vote in that real scandal by any of the Plain Dealer’s writers.  Only the FBI knows.

Joe Cimperman is violating espionage laws as the director of Global Cleveland and the Plain Dealer still covers for him.

Convicted thief Joe Cimperman is yet another Plain Dealer endorsed candidate.  So is convicted “attempted” pedophile Michael Cosgrove whose departure from Cleveland as Mayor Frank Jackson’s communitiy development director was rewarded with a nice PR send-off as he accepted a job leading one of the city’s block grant sub-recipients, Neighborhood Housing Services, he failed to annually monitor.  The Plain Dealer “endorsed” Cosgrove in a “puff piece” after the FBI raided city hall.   The criminals the Plain Dealer’s editors back don’t have to be elected officials.

Not once has the newspaper’s owners, publishers, editors and reporters gotten down on their scabby-azzed knees and begged the city’s residents, once loyal readers, for forgiveness as reporters led by publishers Alex Machaskee, Terrence Egger, Rodrigue and now Chris Quinn as Advance Ohio’s president maliciously concealed their corrupt acts and management-deficient backgrounds.  Even now the Plain Dealer’s “dumbed down” readership is shocked at Norton’s indictment.

A review of the newspaper’s coverage of his administration reveals none of his known public misdeeds to its readers.  It’s understood for them to be shocked.  My readers, which include the newspaper’s editorial leadership and staff, are not at all editorially-disillusioned.  For my readers Norton’s indictment, guilty plea and cooperation is a foregone conclusion.

Norton earned 10 D’s and 8 F’s at Morehouse and had never managed any unit of government or a business in his life.  Miami Dade County government fired him from his first management training job after six months.  He returned to Cleveland and worked in menial administrative jobs where no responsible official appears to have trusted him to manage anything other than his own schedule.

Justin Bibb won’t get the intense questioning and examination from the town’s media that will test his knowledge of municipal government as a potential candidate for mayor. Neither will any other candidate for the chief law enforcement officer’s job. When I sought the job of Cleveland mayor in 2017, Plain Dealer reporters wanted to know the style of clothes I wore, where I shopped and ate; and what sports teams I liked. I chose not to talk to the Plain Dealer’s reporters or participate in its endorsement interviews. The conversations would have demeaned my intellect.”

He wrote correspondence for the Cleveland Scholarship Foundation.  He wrote constitutent letters for Barbara Byrd Bennett as the thieving superintendent of Cleveland public schools the Plain Dealer, like its editors, liked under “mayoral control.”  Norton then worked as gopher for Peter Lawson Jones.  A real loser of a county commissioner.  Another politician the Plain Dealer liked.

I’ve just read where the Plain Dealer appears to like some guy named Justin Bibb for mayor.  I read where he graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2018.  I don’t see where he’s passed the bar exam on the Supreme Court of Ohio’s website.  I’ve heard from a source he’s failed it … twice.

So now a guy who wants to be the city’s “chief law enforcement officer” is being encouraged instead of investigated by the Plain Dealer’s so-called 1st Amendment guardians of the public trust.  I now have to ask if he’s hired AdvanceOhio to build up his image since he’s got roughly $180,000 to spend to create a community background out of thin air.

Jackson’s “sanctuary city” policies got Bruno Collins murdered in Cleveland; and his identity stolen by illegal immigrants

CLEVELAND, OH – The millions of Americans who watched President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union Address in 2017 did not pay attention to the suffering of the American Negro families whose stories of being terrorized out of their neighborhoods by illegal Mexican and Guatamalen immigrants with an extermination consciousness he shared.  Throughout his four years in office Trump warned Americans that the mayors and councils promoting sanctuary cities were inviting death to their neighborhoods.

On January 24, 2020, Amanda Berry hosted a “Missing” episode on FOX8 and described the events surrounding the disappearance of Bruno Collins.  He’d been missing since December 24, 2019.  Collins was last with family on Eliot Avenue in Union Miles.  Cleveland police on January 6, 2020 released a photo of a couple with Collins at a West 65th Street Family Dollar.  His 2005 white GMC Envoy was also missing.

Four days after Berry’s broadcast on January 28, 2020, Collins’ body was found wrapped in a tarp behind an E. 89th Street home.  The mother of the man in the Family Dollar with Collins had called police to report her son after his picture was broadcast by local media outlets.  They were poor immigrants in an American municipal corporation that Mayor Frank Jackson and Council President Kevin Kelly had made a “sanctuary” for them.  She didn’t want any trouble. Her son had fled back to Guatemala.

What Cleveland police appear not to have done based on the information shared with me was initiate an investigation of the woman’s immigration status to enlist federal help for their investigation.  Section 737.11 of the Revised Code of Ohio gives municipal police federal criminal law enforcement authority.  There should be a report from Cleveland homicide detectives to Homeland Security about the illegal alien connection to Collin’s brutal murder.  It was shared with me, Frank, that detectives working the case are interfering with the family’s investigation of the federal, felony crime an illegal alien committed against their family member.  They’ve been warned to stop calling.

It is very likely that Amanda Berry’s kidnapper, Ariel Castro, may have been an illegal alien. Puerto Rico is a US Territory and not a state. It’s currently been overrun by illegal aliens so much they’re in the majority.That means it can no longer qualify as a territory of the U.S. U.S. citizens do not control it. The perception, then, is that the people entering the nation through Puerto Rico are U.S. citizens when they’re not. Puerto Rico has become an immigration “pipeline” into the U.S.   Castro immigrated here from Puerto Rico. The “assumption” is that is presence here was legal when it should have at all times been questioned and validated by every government official with whom he interacted; and every landlord and property seller.   I cried with Amanda Berry’s mother at her home a year after her daughter went missing. I published her story in my Cleveland Challenger.  It’s so sad her mother never lived to know she was alive.  My prayer was that she died “believing” it because she trusted the Lord.  It’s good to see Amanda using her power for “good.”

The violation of immigration laws enacted by Congress are federal felonies.  Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4, misprision of felony, anyone with knowledge of a felony crime has a duty to report it to court, military or civil authority.  City police are the “civil authority” with the duty pursuant to R.C. 737.11 to obey and enforce all the criminal laws of the United States and state.  They don’t because of Jackson and Kelly’s council; and a 1987 resolution that came from Commie-loving Dale Miller when he served on the legislative authority when George Forbes presided over it.

Ex-councilman Zack Reed thought to reintroduce the sanctuary city concept to Cleveland in 2017 after Trump’s election.  Jackson backed the 1987 sanctuary city vote and opened Cleveland up to a flood of identity, job and life stealing illegal aliens.

By creating the false illusion that federal immigration laws are suspended in Cleveland, the council Jackson served on in 1987 added another perspective to the layer of knowledge that existed at the time about unsolved homicides in the city.  That Clevelanders might have been killed by illegal aliens who left the country; or fled under another name to a different city.  How long had Collins been dead while the illegal aliens continued to use his identity?

Collins’ death has a personal note to it as his older sister and one of my younger one’s have been friends since Shaw High school in the 1970’s.  I’d seen the story on local media earlier in the year; but the immigrant connection was completely omitted from any and all reporting.  What’s evident in the details the family has learned – that police under Jackson and Kelly have refused to address – is Collins’ identity appears to have been stolen by the “Latino” aliens as they used it to acquire his card-based and PIN-protected assets.

In August 7, 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice for the Southern District of Mississippi joined with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and raided 7 Cleveland Clinic, Univeristy Hospitals, Veterans Administration and Case Western Reserve University-like job sites and detained 680 aliens.  119 were prosecuted for entering and remaining in the nation illegally.  But for a few who could prove humanitarian qualifiers, all were processed for removal.

To live in this nation every single one of them had to steal American identities.  Investigators never appear to ask if the stolen identities are associated with unsolved homicides like in the case of Collins of Cleveland.  Sanctuary city politicians like Jackson ignore the additional crime burden illegal immigration places on every aspect of the quality of life; and on local bureaucracies funded with just enough tax dollars to cover the community’s legal citizens.

Abdulrahman Semeer Noorah is a “person of color” from Saudi Arabia enrolled at a Portland state college. Instead of educating Americans, exclusively, colleges are educating over 1.1 million aliens a year. In 1947 no more than 24,000 aliens were allowed in U.S. schools. People who don’t speak the English language are even given drivers licenses. This Saudi Arabian killer’s license was suspended when he drove his Lexus into 15-year-old Amy Smart and fled the nation before his trial. How many unsolved deaths of American citizens are at the hands of illegal aliens who have simply left the nation; or relocated to another part of it with an American citizen’s stolen identity? Sanctuary city politicians should be jailed.

In Portland, Oregon on August 19, 2016, Fallon Smart was 15 and crossing the street at an intersection when Abdulrahman Semeer Noorah was driving 60 in a 25 mph zone with a suspended drivers license and hit her in his gold Lexus.  He drove away but later returned and surrendered.  The Saudi Arabian consultate posted his bond.  Once Noorah, 20, learned he would face criminal charges and jail the Saudi Arabian embassy helped him get a fake passport and a jet out of the United States of America.

Texas’ general assembly banned sanctuary cities.  So Houston, Texas’ anarchist police chief Art Acevedo, a Mexican American, “policy’d” his way out of enforcing it.  On October 21, 2020 his policies cost Harold Preston, 65, his life just days before retirement as a Houston police officer.  Acevedo’s policies put a bullet in the arm of Courtney Waller.  Both American Negro men.

Preston’s loss of life and Waller’s bullet in the arm came at the hands of illegal El Salvadoran immigrant Rolando Manzaon-Martinez.  How?  On a domestic violence call.

Sending “unarmed social workers” to deadly domestic violence confrontations would be an act of suicide.  The most 911 calls are for domestic violence.  As a former mayor and director of public safety, I know the worst calls for police officer’s when it comes to their safety are the one’s for domestic violence. They’re the #1 call for crimes and the most volatile.

Martinez’s illegal alien wife is happy to be alive because he was about to kill her and their son.  Her happiness should have been short-lived had Houston police chief connected her with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

Cleveland city council’s 1987 “sanctuary city” resolution, one Jackson voted to support and now embraces, cost a natural born American man his life.  A look at the names on the police incident reports tells me his killers aren’t the only illegal aliens in the city who now need to be identified and removed.  Their employers must be prosecuted.  So must their landlords.

It’s a federal crime to enter the borders of the United States of America unlawfully.  It’s a federal crime for illegal aliens to be rented or sold a property; or allowed to work or operate a business.  They have no rights to government services and that includes a drivers license.  They have no right to “exist” in the United States of America.

If they don’t go on their own, when detected they’re supposed to be “removed” according to this nation’s immigration laws.  R.C. 737.11 of Ohio’s Revised Code gives “municipal” law enforcement officers the authority and “duty” to obey and enforce all the criminal laws of the United States of America and the state.

The same mayor of Cleveland who let Bruno Collins’ killers exist unlawfully in Cleveland supervises police who chase down natural born Americans over expired license plates, window tints and backfiring car engines that leads to their deaths.  In once case, a 137 bullet death of two unarmed natural born American citizens in East Cleveland.

Law enforcement focus in Cleveland is deadly wrong.  This mayor and council are deadly wrong.

Camel piss drinking tourists and health care workers from the Middle East brought CoVid 19 to Ohio and every other state in the nation

CLEVELAND, OH – More than 35 percent of Ohio’s health care workers are from foreign nations.  Many are Muslim where the Q’ran references how the drinking of raw camel milk and urine led to the improved health of vanquished and starving people it strengthened to help them vanquish those who had attacked their village.  If they’re not from those nations, health care workers, politicians, lawyers,  visiting the Middle East and places like Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, India and Pakistan as tourists area appearing in videos drinking raw camel piss straight from a bottle that comes from the animal’s unwashed penis or vagina.  Not that washing a camel’s genitals would make drinking its piss any healthier.

Many of the merchants with stores in American neighborhoods are from the Middle East.  More than 80 percent of the nation’s hotel and motel operators are Indians from Kamala Gopolan-Harris’ India.  Health care workers, elected and appointed officials throughout Ohio and elsewhere have been traveling back and forth to the Middle East or places like Israel, Egypt, India and Pakistan where camels are indigenous; and drinking raw camel milk and piss is supposed to be considered good for one’s health in Muslim nations.  It’s the same with the “global” law firms headquartered in Cleveland whose offices in the Middle East and Europe exposes them and their employees to viruses that would not ever enter this community but for their activities.

Cleveland Clinic’s green carded, thick-accented chief executive officer is from Croatia.  Thomas Mihaljevic.  He led the so-called non-profit’s newly-constructed 600 bed hospital in Saudi Arabia the year after Delos Cosgrove in 2011 cut a $20 million deal with Gary Norton East Cleveland city council did not approve to close Huron Hospital.  The $8 million East Cleveland residents were supposed to see never made it to the city’s budget.

Cosgrove delivered the $8 million to an account Norton created with Ron Brooks, Ronald Riley and Michael Smedley’s help.  The 4-man public official organized crime gang then spent every dime without an ordinance of council until the city in September 9, 2012 re-entered fiscal emergency.  Independence Excavating got the other $12 million to demolish the hospital while Cosgrove led this corporate international organized crime gang to lose 75 percent of its operating earnings in 2016.  Norton got recalled.  Smedley got a brand new home built.

I don’t know nor care about Mihaljevic’s religion, but I know Saudi Arabia is Muslim.  I also read the World Health Organization’s 2019 report that identified raw camel piss and milk drinking in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, India, Pakistan and other Middle Eastern Jewish or Muslim-controlled nations, as a source of a Middle East Respiratory Syndrome – Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) that was “renamed” by the media as CoVid 19.

I’ve learned from research that the Sahih Bukhari, Ablutions (Wudu’), Volume 1, Book 4, Number 234 is a story about “the Prophet” where camel urine drinking is referenced. The WHO encouraged people in those nation’s to stop.  They didn’t.  It’s a “religious” custom.  It’s like telling Christians to stop celebrating Christmas as the birth day of Jesus the Christ.  It doesn’t matter that the Plain Dealer’s illegal alien, Russian Jewish owner stopped acknowledging the holiday on December 25, 1967; after he purchased the newspaper that had just acknowledged it the previous year on December 24, 1966.

Narrated Abu Qilaba: “Anas said, “Some people of ‘Ukl or ‘Uraina tribe came to Medina and its climate did not suit them. So the Prophet ordered them to go to the herd of (Milch) camels and to drink their milk and urine (as a medicine). So they went as directed and after they became healthy, they killed the shepherd of the Prophet and drove away all the camels. The news reached the Prophet early in the morning and he sent (men) in their pursuit and they were captured and brought at noon. He then ordered to cut their hands and feet (and it was done), and their eyes were branded with heated pieces of iron, They were put in ‘Al-Harra’ and when they asked for water, no water was given to them.” Abu Qilaba said, “Those people committed theft and murder, became infidels after embracing Islam and fought against Allah and His Apostle.”

So if Cleveland Clinic’s green carded new chief executive officer drank camel piss in Saudi Arabia, he and the city’s other two foreign hospital chief executive officers at Metrohealth and University Hospitals are each from the Middle East and know the source of the virus is coming from their or their parents’ native lands.   Akram Boutros Ghali and Cliff Megerian.

What it appears is the “green card” hospital chief executive officers are using the control of the state’s hospitals to conceal this information.  It’s the same with mayors and councils whose foreign-traveled members are enacting ordinances that direct all attention away from the true source of a disease killing Ohioans who never leave their neighborhoods and state; let alone those who never think about crossing the nation’s borders.

Jackson flew an Israeli flag over city hall and has established a “Sister City” relation with one of its Soviet-controlled city’s through ex-offender and public funds thief Joe Cimperman and its Russian-controlled Global Cleveland.  Blaine Griffin, Jazmine Santana and Basheer Jones have all publicly-admitted traveling to either Israel or India.

Every foreign-traveled mayor, councilmember, governor or other official would have a personal motivation to misdirect the attention away from their own activities.  It was the Cleveland Jewish Federation whose director first and responsibly reported 9 of its members carried the virus in Cuyahoga county.  This is when 13 Ohioans, total, were known to have the virus when Governor Richard Michael DeWine tweeted and then acted on Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton’s lie that 100,000 Ohioans were infected.

All nine of the Cuyahoga County residents had traveled to the Middle East or interacted with people from the Middle East at an American Israeli Public Affairs Committee conference between March 6 – 9, 2020 in Washington, D.C.  Six of the 9 Cuyahoga county residents were students from Hawken Upper School.  Section 3707.04 through 3707.40 of the Revised Code of Ohio required them to be quarantined to a disinfected and guarded home where they would be taken care of with “the necessities of life” until they healed.

Reports that have been appearing on the National Center for Biological Information’s (NCBI)  website since before 2015 about the camel-sourced MERS-CoV were available to every hospital chief executive officer in the state of Ohio; and none appear to have publicly shared this information with the general public through the media.  The first report I read shows a concern about the camel piss and milk drinking connecting to MERS-CoV in 2015.

In 2012, six Muslim physicians and researchers authored a report on their study of the anti-cancer effects of camel urine.  The study was captioned, “Camel urine components display anti-cancer properties in vitro” and published into NCBI’s research database.   I’ll emphasize the two words “in vitro” and offer the reality that it involves laboratory-controlled tests that come from scientists “isolating” and then “identifying” specific cells and chemicals in the camel’s urine or milk in a laboratory environment.  In vitro means “outside the body” while in vivo means “inside a living body.”

Their report identified “properties” in camel urine and milk they were seeking to isolate and synthesize for mass use.  The medical concept the researchers focused on was “apoptosis.”  It means “cell death.”  In lay terms “apoptosis” occurs when a cancer cell grows past the body’s immune defenses because the immune system failed to recognize the disguise the cancer adopted to get past it.  The researchers believed an agent in the camel’s milk and urine triggered “apoptosis” and wanted to identify which one.

Ethnopharmacological relevance: While camel urine (CU) is widely used in the Arabian Peninsula to treat various diseases, including cancer, its exact mechanism of action is still not defined. The objective of the present study is to investigate whether camel urine has anti-cancer effect on human cells in vitro.

Materials and methods: The annexinV/PI assay was used to assess apoptosis, and immunoblotting analysis determined the effect of CU on different apoptotic and oncogenic proteins. Furthermore, flow cytometry and Elispot were utilized to investigate cytotoxicity and the effect on the cell cycle as well as the production of cytokines, respectively.

Results: Camel urine showed cytotoxicity against various, but not all, human cancer cell lines, with only marginal effect on non-tumorigenic epithelial and normal fibroblast cells epithelial and fibroblast cells. Interestingly, 216 mg/ml of lyophilized CU inhibited cell proliferation and triggered more than 80% of apoptosis in different cancer cells, including breast carcinomas and medulloblastomas. Apoptosis was induced in these cells through the intrinsic pathway via Bcl-2 decrease. Furthermore, CU down-regulated the cancer-promoting proteins survivin, β-catenin and cyclin D1 and increased the level of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21. In addition, we have shown that CU has no cytotoxic effect against peripheral blood mononuclear cells and has strong immuno-inducer activity through inducing IFN-γ and inhibiting the Th2 cytokines IL-4, IL-6 and IL-10.  Conclusions: CU has specific and efficient anti-cancer and potent immune-modulator properties in vitro.

One of the reasons Americans with cancer are using THC found in cannabis is because the same NCBI website identifies research from natural born American physicians that shows it causes “apoptosis.”  It’s the entire concept behind the RSO or Rick Simpson Oil being sold in medical marijuana dispenaries across the nation.  THC triggers “apoptosis.”  So does “zinc.”  173 cancers are tied to zinc deficiencies.  All of this information and more about medical research and conclusions is on NCBI’s website.

RSO with an 84 percent THC content goes for $20 a gram in Michigan.  Blaine Griffin’s damn near half a pound of weed legislation gave Clevelanders a better “apoptosis” option than camel piss drinking if they mix the weed with alcohol to get the THC byproduct from it.  Look up “decarboxylation.”  It’s also on NCBI’s website.  Astragalus causes apoptosis and is available for $8 a bottle in 400 and 500 mg capsultes.   So does ginger for women with ovarian cancer.  So does the “curcumin” in curry and turmeric.  Apoptosis was well-studied before the 2012 camel piss report.

The 2012 camel piss as a cancer fighter report justified a cultural habit and made it a “tourist” curiosity for Middle East travelers who got it either bottled or straight from a camel’s unwashed penis, vagina or udders.  I used the two words “cultural habit” because the report’s authors used the words “ethnopharmacological relevance” as they were trying to justify a cultural habit this nation’s citizens found offensive.

In 2017 another report from 9 Muslim physicians and researchers returned with results that appears to have reached the ears of newly-sworn in President Donald Trump when he enacted an immediate travel ban on travelers from seven Muslim nations; all the source of the MERS-CoV.  Trump’s problem was he left out the main source of the MERS-CoV … Saudi Arabia.

The 2017 report ripped previous reports in the following headline:  “Failure to detect MERS-CoV RN in urine of naturally infected dromedary camels.”  Dromedary camels are the “single hump” camels. All camels were found to be naturally-infected.  None of the animals raised in the United States of America like cows, goats, sheep are carriers of the MERS CoV.

Background: Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) is a newly emerged coronavirus that is associated with a severe respiratory disease in humans in the Middle East. The epidemiological profiles of the MERS-CoV infections suggest zoonotic transmission from an animal reservoir to humans.

Methods: This study was designed to investigate animal herds associated with Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)-infected patients in Saudi Arabia, during the last three years (2014-2016). Nasal swabs and serum samples from 584 dromedary camels, 39 sheep, 51 goats, and 2 cattle were collected. Nasal samples from camels, sheep, goats, and cattle were examined by real-time reverse-transcription PCR (RT-PCR) to detect MERS-CoV RNA, and the Anti-MERS ELISA assay was performed to detect camel humeral immune response (IgG) to MERS-CoV S1 antigen infection. The complete genome sequencing of ten MERS-CoV camel isolates and phylogenetic analysis was performed.

Results: The data indicated that seventy-five dromedary camels were positive for MERS-CoV RNA; the virus was not detected in sheep, goats, and cattle. MERS-CoV RNA from infected camels was not detected beyond 2 weeks after the first positive result was detected in nasal swabs obtained from infected camels. Anti-MERS ELISA assays showed that 70.9% of camels related to human cases had antibodies to MERS-CoV. The full genome sequences of the ten MERS-CoV camel isolates were identical to their corresponding patients and were grouped together within the larger MERS-CoV sequences cluster for human and camel isolates reported form the Arabian Peninsula.

Conclusions: These findings indicate that camels are a significant reservoir for the maintenance of MERS-CoVs, and they are an important source of human infection with MERS.

Keywords: Dromedary camel; ELISA; MERS; Real time-PCR; Saudi Arabia

Clevelanders will recall the big drama the Plain Dealer and television media made with the help of Clinic lawyer David Rowan in 2017 to get a federal court challenge to Trump’s travel ban for a Saudi Arabian citizen to free medical training while she lived in Cleveland Heights.  The recklessness of exposing Ohioans she’d be interacting with at Cleveland Clinic and in the community never occurred ex-chief executive officer, Cosgrove, as to whether she carried the virus or not.   No one knows.  Americans are not supposed to ask these questions of aliens.  We’re racist for wanting our immigration laws enforced.

Dr. Suha Abushamma’s religious customs exposed her to the practice of drinking camel urine and milk; and it was known the MERS-CoV occurred naturally in the camels that delivered it to the humans who drink the animal’s bodily fluids.  Her nation was identifed and known by Cosgrove, a global health “leader,” to be the source of a virus that was deadly to his patients.  So were a significant number of health care workers he supervised hiring.

Governor Richard Michael DeWine tweeted a lie on March 13, 2020; and used his lie to cancel an election.

As governor, DeWine’s duty was to identify the source of the virus and remove it away from healthy Ohioans.  What it appears from WHO reports is the religious customs of nearly 35 percent of this nation’s foreign healthcare workforce exposes them to a practice that exposes them to a virus that occurs naturally in a mammal whose raw milk and urine they have a right to consume.  What they don’t have is a right to expose unsuspecting and immune weakened patients to a virus that comes with their religious customs.

Health care workers have been tested and confirmed as being disproportionately affected by the CoVid 19.   They’ve infected already immune weakened patients; and continue to infect them.  They’re infecting each other and Ohioans who this information should have been shared with are dying.  Back and forth travelers should not be allowed to work around already-ill natural born Americans with weakened immune systems in any U.S. hospital.

Every virus that has wiped out Americans came from foreigners.  The Spanish Flu is so name for who was identified as its source in 1918. The Swine Flu came from pigs in 2009 when I served as East Cleveland’s mayor.  The source of Swine Flu was Mexico and the nation’s below it.

American Negroes and every other natural born American who never leaves the nation unknowingly encounter aliens from nations with habits and viruses foreign to their own inside their hospitals. Unless these three American citizens traveled to the Middle East or parts of Africa where camels are indigenous, they died because a foreigner or foreign traveler introduced a virus to Americans who may have drank raw camel milk or camel urine.I lived in San Antonio, Texas for six years; and I’ve traveled to Mexico at least 8 times.  As a soldier I went to a town called Nuevo Laredo across the Rio Grande to a place that had been nicknamed “Boys Town.”  Straight out of “Bordello of Blood” starring Salma Hayek.  Seriously.  It’s like the show’s producers picked Boys Town as the ideal site for the film.  Dancers and all.

When I parked my 1966 Mercedes Benz, white, 4-door, 230S, I’d picked up after my year in Thailand, a little Mexican dude approached me and asked if I wanted to have sex with a woman, ghave her perform fellatio on me; or see a woman have sex with a dog who’d perform fellatio on me afterwards.  I’d just spent a year supervising clinics at war time hospital in Thailand.  One of them was the “VD” or venereal disease clinic.  I was then working for the Commander of the School of Aerospace Medicine as an administrative assistant.  I drove.  The other guys wanted to drink.  I was good.

Mexico and Thailand’s sexual environment as 3rd World nations were the same.  I spent a week in the Philipines.  Same “anything goes” open sexual environment.  We’d treated every soldier with a venereal disease a year earlier.  I understood from a medical perspective the “epidemiology” of the nations I was in.  You don’t have close bodily-fluid level contact with “the nationals” as we called the people native to the lands where we were stationed or entering.  Their “economy” as we called their local living surroundings of air, water, soil and food was not the same as ours.  It is why soldiers are “inoculated” before going overseas.

While stationed at Udorn Thailand at the 432nd USAF Hospital from 1974-75, 80 miles south of the Vietnamese border.  We quarantined a soldier who had orders to return home to the Philipines at Clark AFB’s hospital instead.  He had an untreatable venereal disease.  The United States Department of Defense operates differently than anarchist politicians who never or barely-served.  That soldier did not set foot on U.S. soil until he was cured.  Herpes came to the shores of the United States of America, en masse, as a gift from Vietnam.

I watched it grow after I returned in 1976 and enrolled in college to learn reporting the same year.  I watched the media lie about its origins then as reporters are lying about the origins of the MERS CoV today.  Someone from China did bring the MERS CoV to the United States of America.  They got it while visiting the Middle East.  Chinese physicians are Chinese.  Xi Jinping kicked out all the Middle Eastern foreigners.  Trump tried and was thwarted by the Middle Eastern foreigners controlling our media, hospitals and now the Vice Presidency of the United States of America.

5000 Ohioans are about to die this year from narcotic overdoses as depression emotionally beats down families struggling to survive being permanently kicked out of once stable jobs by DeWine’s malicious disregard of R.C. 3707.04 through R.C. 3707.40 in conspiracy with mayors and councils enacting ordinances they have no authority to enact that are terrorizing people into a level of unreasonable fear they’ve abandoned all legal authority to hold elected offices.

Ohio’s coronavirus cases are spreading because L’il Dick DeWine still hasn’t read the state’s 29 pandemic mitigating laws

CLEVELAND, OH – It is so obvious that Governor Richard Michael DeWine misses his gurl, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton.  Every time he opens his mouth to talk about social distancing and wearing masks during this year’s cold and flu season he turned into a pandemic; the Irish Catholic politician is confirming to the state’s 11.7 million residents that like her he still hasn’t read Title 37 of the Revised Code of Ohio which explains the 29 general laws to mitigate a pandemic.

A New Yorker magazine “puff piece” written by Paige Williams described the non-reading former state health director as seeing things in a non-bureaucratic way. That’s “stupid” for “she didn’t read Title 37 and just made up words like social distancing, wearing masks, sheltering in place and got scared when American citizens showed up at her home to remind DeWine’s loopy lunatic to obey laws and not her delusional mind.

DeWine was once a “licensed” attorney, but he didn’t keep up with his continuing legal education requirements.  That’s another area where Ohio’s criminally “derelict” governor has been negligent as a non-reader.

In addition to his fake panedmic, DeWine’s the reason 32,000 Ohio cops – all of them – are not in compliance with statewide mandated annual training of 24 pre-approved hours by the executive director of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) he led as the state’s attorney general for 8 years.  If the training is not conducted by a “certified trainer” and not “online” by December 15th of each year, then by January 1st of each year every cop in Ohio shall cease discharging the duties of law enforcement officers and wearing weapons.  DeWine didn’t read this section of a state general law he had a duty to enforce.

The continued problem today is that the police chiefs and not the mayors have been communicating with OPOTA thanks, again, to DeWine.  DeWine’s dumb fucking azz has been identifying police chiefs and not mayors and civil service commissions as the “appointing authorities” identified in the training law the General Assembly of Ohio enacted.  He sent letters to police chiefs under another title he made up called “law enforcement administrator.”

DeWine’s non-reading replacement, Attorney General David Yost, just picked up where his non-reading fellow Republican left off; and kept the dumb shit rolling right into the Mariah Crenshaw and Chasing Justice brick wall. She’s filing the criminal complaints both DeWine and Yost should have against the uncertified cop killers of John Crawford and Luke Stewart with more to come.

DeWine took $64 million the state approved for training and used it to test rape kits.  He falsely accused 62 physicians who managed pain of being drug dealers and drove them out of Ohio and the narcotic death toll up.  He lied on Asian Americans in Warren, Ohio that they were operating a human trafficking ring out of 9 municipal massage parlors the city permitted to exist.  He lied hundreds of Ohioans caring for children in their homes out of earning extra money as day care providers.  This man is a non-reading menace to Ohio who deserves the longest prison sentence for a governor … ever.  Life.  Lock his azz the fuck up.

Governor Richard Michael DeWine is a liar. Period.

Here’s what every Ohioan needs to understand about their non-reading, “not a lawyer” governor’s “pandemic” hysteria.  Dude wasted a law school grant.  He reminds me of Alabama Attorney General Troy King losing a traffic case.

13 flu infected Ohioans did not create a pandemic.  At all times, and even now, DeWine is recklessly operating on the March 12, 2020 delusional lie Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton told that 117,000 Ohioans would infect other Ohioans at a rate that would double every six days. He can’t let that stupid thought go.

Stearns-Acton’s crazed math was used to cancel the federal primary election and “close” the state’s economy on March 16th. What it also did is create the false “global” illusion that Ohioans were as CoVid 19 infected as the 134,000 humans known in the world to be infected among the real number of 13 who were actually infected in our state.  From the world’s perspective DeWine made us look like the nastiest, disease carrying scum on the planet.

Stearns-Acton “criminal misuse” of the authority of the state director of health to “guess” resonated around the world and caused surrounding governors to panic.  Travel restrictions were placed on Ohioans from entering another state’s borders.  Travellers from other states were encouraged not to enter ours.

State after state closed following DeWine’s lead as governors were encouraged by media reports that he “was doing a good job” to prevent 117,000 CoVid 19 infected residents of his state from spreading it to others at a rate that would “double every six days.” This all began on March 12th; so let’s use he curve-graded math of these criminally-derelict lunatics to understand why DeWine’s still lost without Amy today.  Dude might have dementia at his age.  Stearns-Acton’s medical board application showed her as having loose screws.  He’s got more than a few.

By March 18th an “infatuated with Amy” DeWine had fully bought into her giggly “117,000 CoVid 19-infected” lie and was believing that 234,000 Ohioans were infected and doubling every six days.  Stearns-Acton looked stupid to the humans who actually think in the world when she admitted on March 13th, the day after she offered the 117,000 estimate, that she was only guessing.  DeWine chose not to hear her alarming confession.  The larger number fit this diminuitive dimwit’s “grandiose delusion” that he, alone, was ordained by the Lord to save lives.  The “doubling every six day” estimate based on Stearns-Acton’s quack math justified this loser’s sense of urgency.  Anyone watching this nitwit’s daily television appearances could see he was on a Mighty Mouse “here I come to save the day” trip.

The truth never added up to Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton’s “guess” that 117,000 Ohioans were CoVid 19-infected; so she guessed they were staying at home instead of flooding hospitals at a rate of 8000 to 10,000 patients a day that never materialized. Of course in her mind it was because she and the nut-in-chief did great job.

By March 24th there should have been 438,000 CoVid 19 infected Ohioans as DeWine and Stearns-Acton were predicting 8000 to 10,000 flu carriers filling up the state’s hospitals every single.  This was the basis for their decisions to cut vital medical services to Ohioans with terminal illnesses; and to have them treated “off site” and over the telephone instead of in person.  They were literally creating their own “death toll” to prove their fake math.

By March 30th the number of CoVid 19 infected Ohioans should have been 976,000 and at that point we were supposed to be fucked.  Doubling every six days meant that by April 6th close to 2 million Ohioans should have been CoVid 19 infected.

By April 12th we should have been hit with 4 million CoVid 19 infected Ohioans.  By April 18th the number should have been 8 million CoVid infected Ohioans based on DeWine and Stearns-Acton’s “doubling every six day” delusion.  By April 24th every single citizen of Ohio should have been CoVid 19 infected and spreading it to 4.3 million others.  We don’t have a population of 16 million Ohioans.

Six days later on April 30th there should have been 32 million infected Americans and  still “doubling every six days.”  64 million infected Americans by May 6th and 128 million by May 12th.  By May 18th, according to DeWine’s math, 256 million Americans should have been CoVid 19 infected and spreading it beyond our borders the next by May 24th to 512 million humans.

The only thing DeWine and Stearns-Acton got right is that 13 CoVid 19 infected Ohioans did double around every six days according to their own reporting of the “known” number of 13 flu infected Ohioans. By the end of the season there were roughly 839 known flu infected Ohioans.  Deaths doctors were reporting as coronavirus among the elderly was indeed the flu; and a bad one.  Flu in people with weakened immune systems can turn into pneumonia; and it’s deadly if untreated.

My Mother died of complications due to pneumonia in 2018 after being treated twice for breast cancer and two heart bypasses. She also had three spinal surgeries.  My Father, a nurse with Cardio Pulmonary Disorder, once described pneumonia as an “old man’s best friend.”  Seven years of my life was spent working between U.S. and military hospitals.  One year as an administrative assistant to the Commander of the School of Aerospace Medicine, Col. Richard Hanson, MD, at Brooks AFB.  I also worked in the epidemiology department.  I spent a year in oncology; and another in an emergency room and intensive care.  A year was spent in Thailand providing administrative support for a U.S Air Force hospital made out of trailers during the Vietnam War

Ohioans should know their “non-reading” governor appointed a Russian American director of health who it took four years to complete a 12-month medical residency as an intern; and who answered “yes” on her application to the Ohio Medical Board to being treated for a mental illness.  She also never practiced medicine. Stearns-Acton taught and managed grants. What her medical board application application shows is she really just wanted to be a part-time working mother; and the only people she’d really led were her three children. Another mother gave birth to her husband’s three children.

According to Stearns-Acton’s mother her daughter is trouble-making a liar.  The family was never homeless and did not move 18 times.  She also did not live in a Mahoning County park with her brother during the winter as published reports attributed to her.

DeWine would have learned Stearns-Acton’s mental medical history if he’d asked his Ohio Medical Board appointees for her application and read it.  He could have also asked to meet her parents.  He might have directed the Superintendent of Ohio’s Highway Patrol to investigate his appointees to verify their backgrounds.   Treatment for drug addiction is also a question to which Stearns-Acton answered “yes.”  Reading is so very fundamental to serving “well” and “lawfully in elected office.  So is diligence.

After fabricating a non-existent troubled family life, and hiding whatever mental illness afflicted her, Stearns-Acton fabricated an estimate that 117,000 Ohioans were CoVid-19 infected when she knew the truth was only 13.  That actual number is all Title 37 authorized her to report, but she did not know this duty she failed to read.  Nine of the infected were her fellow Russian Americans from Cuyahoga County who had either traveled to Israel or interacted with Israelis during an AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C. between March 6 and 9, 2020.

None of the state’s 26 pandemic mitigating laws contains words like social distancing, masks, essential and non-essential businesses.  They are all terms DeWine made up out of thin air with his quack ex-state health director, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton.   The Ohio Department of Health’s duty to “healthy Ohioans” was to “quarantine the infected.” DeWine’s duty was to ensure the Ohio Department of Health’s officials read the 26 pandemic mitigating instructions in Title 37 of the Revised Code of Ohio as the state’s chief law enforcement officer.  Non-reading, curve graded-azzed politicians are evil.

Elected officials who lived through the Spanish Flu of 1918 codified and left behind 26 instructions for future generations to read and follow.  Only Congress under the “Commerce Clause” found in Article 1, Section 8 and Clause 3 of the Constitution of the United States of America this Communist thought he had the authority to suspend regulates the economy he fucked up.

One single state general law gave the governor authority during a pandemic; and it was to prevent “adulterated” products from entering our borders.  Had he read it DeWine might have prevented the Russian CEO of Johnson & Johnson, Alex Gorsky, from dosing the state with fentanyl.  50 million doses in Cuyahoga County, alone, for a population of 1.1 million.

Had both DeWine and Stearns-Acton actually read reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) each cited, they would have reported that in December 2019 the health organization had identified a camel to human flu “Middle East Respiratory Syndrom” (MERS) that was being transmitted to the U.S., China and other parts of the world.  The MERS came from Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.  This is where more than 35 percent of the nation’s health care workers are from and travel back and forth.

This is what a curve-graded governor and health director lying about 117,000 Ohioans being CoVid 19 infected looks like on the internet when people around the world think they’re dumb.

Had this “non-reading dumb duo” read the report they would have “understood” President Donald Trump’s decision to ban travel from the 7 MERS-infected nations the WHO had identified in 2016 as spreading a CoVid globally.   He’s too pro-Israel and Saudia Arabia to have added them, but those were all “MERS infected” nations according to the WHO.  He played the right move but the president let politics and friendship limit the decision.

What he did do was correctly restrict immigrant health care workers from spreading the MERS to natural born Americans who would normally not ever have exposure to a camel or anyone who lived near them. What Trump got was “drowned out” and censored by all the social media lies that a national security interest was racist.  A national security interest was indeed at stake.  American lives.

The restricted immigrants from the Cleveland area did not like being forced to stay or locked out; and over 1735 mainly foreign health care workers and students between Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University signed a letter that violated the terms of their visas by expressing an interest in this nation’s politics.  Neither DeWine nor Stearns-Acton saw this as putting patients who agreed with Trump’s decision in their health care crosshairs.

Immigrants here on green cards have no right to obstruct the president’s enforcement of federal laws that affects them. The green card is a contract that comes with deportation when it’s violated.  Ex-Cleveland Clinic physician Lara Kollab, a child of Lebanese immigrants, tweeted how she would give the “Yahood” – a term for Russian Jews – the wrong medications.

Should this nation’s majority Christian citizens be concerned that religious wars and retribution are being carried out in its hospitals and emergency rooms by American and Christian-hating immigrant doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, lab technicians and others from Communist nations who make up 35 percent of a national health care system that was once 99 percent natural born American?

Most people seemed to figure out what was going in Ohio was a little “off.”I defy Little Dick to compare each of what he described as an “official act” assigned to the authority of the governor to the specific section of the Revised Code of Ohio that authorized it.  He can’t identify “one” as his conduct shows he’s read “none” but a section of a law that relates to the director of health that he’s stretched into a justification to conceal the truth that everyone now knows he’s been lying.

CoVid 19 is simply pop terminology for the fact that all flus are “severe acute respiratory syndrom” or SARS.  The term “CoVid” is shortened for “coronavirus.”  The number “19” denotes the year this season’s “strain” was “discovered.”  The University of Texas’ 1996 medical book of microbiology describes coronavirus as the “seasonal common cold.”  That tip came from my reading Son.

To make this year’s cold and flu season sound “sensational” those who earn money creating hysteria with “click bait” titles on the internet shortened the term to CoVid 19; and started scaring the shit out of people who don’t read medical terminology and medical textbooks to know shit like this is really normal. The more folk clicked on to learn basic medical terminology the more it drove the algorithms from the cookies inserted in each person’s “search’ from sites that select news that meets each person’s interests.  The more you clicked the more you scared yourselves.  Your search engines were given you the fear you were seeking.

I spoke to a friend who does medical billing about Trump’s claim that physicians are claiming patients are dying of CoVid 19 for extra cash.  He’s right. There’s a 20 percent “add on” for Medicare.  Keep in mind, again, that 35 percent of the nation’s healthcare workers aren’t from the nation and don’t give a shit.

Stop feeding your own fear and listening to Dewine.  He’s crazy.  Dude was born in 1947.  He doesn’t understand the internet.  He can barely use a cell phone and he doesn’t think for himself.  If he did L’il Dick would have “been done read” the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution of Ohio, the United States Code, the Revised Code of Ohio and the Trump administration’s being filing against other governors so he would know the elements of the crimes he’s committing that will eventually lead him to prison.

[The feature photo of Governor Richard Michael DeWine is fairly used for educational purposes.  The education is the way he’s wearing his mask.]

Illegal Russian immigrants are arming themselves in Cleveland Heights and they’re “welcomed” like citizens instead of criminals

CLEVELAND, OH  – An armed Russian Orthodox Jew in Cleveland Heights was not taken into custody and questioned about his citizenship status and “authority” to bear arms after natural born Americans called police to report him threatening the lives of American Negro Christians.   Tamir Rice had a right to that treatment as a natural born American citizen.  John Crawford did, too.  So did Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

So did every other natural born American Negro or Caucasian citizen whose son or daughter has been arrested for gun possession by Cleveland Heights police or chased and shot to death over minor traffic violation. The U.S. is an 85 percent Christian nation.  Russian or Soviet Jews make up a legal 1.6 percent.

American citizens have rights to bear, buy and sell arms.  Russian aliens and undocumented immigrants do not. The man should have been investigated for the threat on the lives of natural born American Negroes whose ancestors have over 400 years of sacrifice on this soil.  If he’s found to be an illegal alien with no rights he should be arrested, prosecuted and deported.  No questions.  The question that is now a matter of national security is how many armed illegal Russian aliens are living and “congregating” in “sanctuary” Cuyahoga County and greater Cleveland who now have to be removed?

When Cleveland Heights’ natural born American citizens and Caucasian Protestant Christians chose not to exercise their overwhelming majority vote in the city’s past elections, the children of minority Soviet immigrants joined with the other immigrant minorities and formed a council majority.  Though all were administered oaths of office pursuant to federal, state and local general laws that required them to swear to obey the nation and state’s constitutions and laws;  loyalty and obedience to constitutions and general laws was not their intent.

Three years ago Cleveland Heights councilman Khalil Seren introduced Ord. No. 106-2017 that would make it a misdemeanor for city hall workers and police to question immigrants and undocumented aliens about their citizenship; and reporting immigration “felons” as required by federal laws to U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE). Seren intended for natural born Americans to still obey all laws.  The surname “Seren” is indigenous to Soviet Turkey. Russia’s next door and across the Black Sea neighbor.

The “immigrant supremacist” municipal councilman had an agenda to elevate illegal immigrants over the city’s natural born citizens.  Their “criminal tools” were three resolutions and ordinances they created and amended in 2017 with the intent to obstruct federal immigration laws from being enforced in the city by municipal workers.  It didn’t matter that the city collects tax dollars which come with requirements for municipal workers to enforce federal immigration laws and those that require citizen-only participation. The net effect of Seren’s mentally-ill immigrant supremacist legislation was that only natural born Americans would still have all laws enforced against them.

Seren and his Soviet confederates appear to have wanted Cleveland Heights to be modeled after “the old country” within the United States of America. Soviets on top.  No Jesus. Perhaps they saw Cuyahoga County as the new Palestine.  If Cleveland voters look at the ethnic origins of each member of council they will see individuals with ancestral ties to warring communist and fascist nations loaded with mass graves.  Irish Catholics sided with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi’s against the Irish Protestants during World War II.

A further examination will reveal an extension of their “old country” Soviet immigrant supremacist consciousness into the city’s bureaucracy through the type of anarchist legislation they’ve infiltrated into the local government without scrutiny over the years.  In a city that has been notorious for writing ordinances that drive down the majority American Negro and Protestant Christian population and businesses, that included jail hangings, the idea of welcoming legislation being written to obstruct federal immigration laws to benefit illegal alien criminals is outraging.

Every Article of the U.S. or Ohio constitution, and federal and state general law Seren’s felonious federal law violating ordinance sought to suspend, was referenced within the oath of office he raised his hand and swore he would uphold and obey.  I didn’t witness his oath so I don’t know if this Stalinist Communist used the words “so help me God” like I did.

The Seren ordinance making it a criminal offense for a city worker to question an alien about his citizenship was racistly-obvious.  Another resolution ultra-right wing Russian Orthodox Jew Jason Stein introduced on February 6, 2017 numbered 15-2017 (CRR) welcomed illegal aliens in the same year this extermination-minded racist was sponsoring legislation telling natural born American Negroes their businesses were unwelcomed.

Resolution after resolution challenged liquor permit holders to the Ohio Liquor Control Commission based on past racist legislation the city council had enacted under Ed Kelley to achieve the same drive out the American Negro Christian goals.  Stein has a foreign “extermination” mindset like Kelley that has no place in Cuyahoga county or American politics.

Consider that Lakewood city council picked up on a Cleveland Heights ordinance Kelley used to exterminate the Myxx’s American Negro customer base at Cedar & Fairmount.

In Cleveland Heights Martin Horwitz, the Russian American mayor of Beachwood, complained to a city council Kelley led that American Negro “gang” members were pissing on the side of his building next door to the Myxx.  Politely.  Kelley said during a council meeting in 2012 he wasn’t turning Cedar & Fairmount into Detroit.  The Myxx’s “gang member” customers included East Cleveland council vice president Chantelle Lewis, a Lorain city school principal and former Supreme Court of Ohio justice Bill O’Neill’s running mate for lieutenant governor.

Civil rights attorney Terry Gilbert sued Lakewood officials for using the extermination-minded language from the Cleveland Heights ordinance to target an apartment complex for a unit by unit inspection that housed majority American Negro tenants.  Lakewood police like those in Cleveland Heights were directed to “target” American Negroes to be cited for any kind of violation as part of their “extermination” effort. Cheryl Stephens may look like Harriet Tubman but she was no one to be trusted as a civil rights guardian on Cleveland Heights council; and as its “ceremonial” mayor.

On the same night Cleveland Heights council passed its alien and immigrant supremacist ordinance, a zoning ordinance “re-write” that had the effect of extending them benefits and rights to which they were not entitled was voted on that was not as obvious.  Language in the zoning ordinance appears to extensively redefine what constitutes families, who can live in homes together, how they can live together in ways that go far beyond issues that have already been resolved by the Supreme Court of the United States.  A part of their intent seems to redefine daycares, residences, family configurations and extending eligibilities for benefits and funds to religious organizations that are already defined and limited in federal and state laws they can’t change under “home rule.”

The Stein “welcoming city” resolution and the anarchist ordinance extended the municipal corporation into matters of national defense and foreign policy the oaths of office they were administered told their asses they had no authority to discuss.  Article 8 of the Constitution of the United States of America these Communist anarchists thought they could suspend with their “resolutions” and “ordinances” clearly instructed them that naturalization matters were exclusive to Congress.

Has anyone in Ohio ever seen a “chief of police” administer an “oath of office” to another “chief of police?” Hell no! Jeffrey Robertson is the city’s former chief of police. The duties of a police chief are found in R.C. 737.06 and they are to station and transfer police officers under the rules and regulations of the safety director; who has rule writing authority only under the mayor. Robertson is not an “appointing authority” under any Ohio law who is authorized to administer an oath of office to another police officer that “appoints” them to a job. The city manager is the “appointing authority” for Cleveland Heights. The mayor for all other municipal corporations. So the net effect of Annette Mecklenburg being administered an oath of office by Robertson is that she is not the city’s chief of police. She is a criminal impersonating a law enforcement officer and Robertson is a criminal impersonating the city’s chief law enforcement officer. Both are shown in the act of committing crimes against the state in this photo. There’s more. Let’s assume Cleveland Heights’ police chief think Ohio laws gives them swearing in authority, which none does, it means if they’ve done the same thing for every other police officer none are on the streets legally; and all are stealing and violating civil rights “under the color of law.” The exculpatory evidence that should render every arrest a Cleveland Heights officer made illegal is the oath of office a criminal defense attorney should ask for that contains the chief of police’s signature. As the chief has no authority to swear in “any” municipal worker, the “office” or “public job” was vacated within 10 days after the oath was not taken. After 10 days the Mecklenburg was not even allowed to accept a paycheck or add to her pension. Every dime she’s been paid since this photo is theft in office, obstruction of official business, fraud, impersonation of a law enforcement officer, dereliction of duty and violation of rights under the color of law. If she’s been swearing in cops they all should be arrested, prosecuted and jailed. The Communists who have taken over Cleveland Heights city hall are not discharging the duties of public offices under the U.S. and Ohio Constitution, federal and state laws; and the sections of the charter that do not conflict with the state’s general laws. I have a duty to send these facts to the FBI; and will. Police chiefs have no oath authority nor any contract signing authority that binds municipal corporations. The duties of police chiefs cannot be expanded beyond those identified in R.C. 737.06 even by an ordinance or resolution of the council.

The duties of municipal police departments are found in R.C. 737.11 and police under the state’s rights provision of the U.S. Constitution, Article 10 these fucking Communist anarchists thought they could disregard.  Municipal police are granted federal criminal law enforcement authority; and no legislation of council can alter any of the words in the statute spelled out in plain English below.

The police force of a municipal corporation shall preserve the peace, protect persons and property, and obey and enforce all ordinances of the legislative authority of the municipal corporation, all criminal laws of the state and the United States, all court orders issued and consent agreements approved pursuant to sections 2919.26 and 3113.31 of the Revised Code, all protection orders issued pursuant to section 2903.213 or 2903.214 of the Revised Code, and protection orders issued by courts of another state, as defined in section 2919.27 of the Revised Code.”

The sophistication behind such a specific ordinance exists beyond the scope of a 23-year-old elected official. What should be considered is who was behind Seren; and why any loyal and law-abiding American elected official would vote for a law that made it a crime for government workers and police to enforce laws against illegal immigrant felons.  The concept of such thinking is so un-American the influence behind it has to be of foreign origins.

The constitutional and legal review should have been done by the city’s law director before they even “thought” of introducing that Communist filth they voted for through three reads on that Soviet-minded city council.  Federal immigration or “naturalization” laws are not amendable by local ordinance you seditious and treasonous fucks.

Russian councilman Michael Ungar justified the “welcoming city” resolution by claiming that a city council had the authority to take steps to prevent terrorism from inflamed Muslim nations as their response to President Trump’s travel ban.  He dismissed concerns that among the Russians, Ukrainians, Turks and the Soviets on council were “welcoming” to the city, that they were actually inviting fleeing war criminals and terrorists into the nation.  Ungar ridiculously said they would not be harboring criminals while his vote on the legislation sought to protect aliens who could be war criminals and terrorists from being investigated.

His claims were so manipulatively-evil Ungar should be prosecuted for using the public office to lie.  The intent of the resolutions and legislation they enacted is to prevent even law enforcement from knowing who these un-American traitors have “welcomed” into the city from Eastern Europe or elsewhere.

Ungar said one Cleveland Heights resident, an alien he described as a “doctor,” was affected by Trump’s travel ban.  The doctor wasn’t a doctor but a Saudi Arabian student named Suha Abushama getting a free scholarship to learn medicine from Cleveland Clinic.  It’s the same so-called U.S. non-profit that spent $20 million in a secret deal with Gary Norton and Ronald Riley to close and demolish Huron Hospital; and then built a 600-bed facility in Saudi Arabia before that idiot Delos Cosgrove, the Clinic’s retired CEO, cost them 70 percent of their operating revenue. described the alien Saudi student as being here on a work visa when not even that is true.  She’s supposed to be studying on a free medical school scholarship that could have gone to a Cleveland Heights High School graduate.  Her medical license expired last year.  More than a third of the nation’s health care workers are foreign because the nation’s universities are robbing 1.1 million natural born Americans of the opportunity to be educated in the schools their nation-building ancestors built.

As further support for their immigrant supremacist legislation, Ungar described the Trump Executive Order banning immigrants from 7 nations as violating the “principles of the Constitution” as he felonioiusly voted to violate Article 8 of the U.S. Constitution that told municipal legislators to stay out of naturalization.  The Logan and Espionage Acts instructed them all to stay out of foreign affairs.

Russians or the Soviets in this nation are a “counted” 1.6 to 1.9 percent minority.  There are far more Russians in this community than the laws of this nation allowed entrance … legally.  This is truly the problem with electing immigrants, dreamers and uninvestigated undocumented aliens to elected offices in local communities whose roots we don’t know.

Seren was administered an oath of office as an elected official under Ohio laws to uphold the U.S. Constitution, Ohio Constitution and to obey and enforce federal, state and local laws.   This child and his treasonous co-conspirators abused and exceeded the authority of the public offices they held and operated as if no constitutions, federal or state laws existed.   Read a portion of the Communist Control Act to understand how Congress in 1954 described this trait among the characteristics of Communists.

“The Communist Party is relatively small numerically, and gives scant indication of capacity ever to attain its ends by lawful political means. The peril inherent in its operation arises not from its numbers, but from its failure to acknowledge any limitation as to the nature of its activities, and its dedication to the proposition that the present constitutional Government of the United States ultimately must be brought to ruin by any available means, including resort to force and violence. Holding that doctrine, its role as the agency of a hostile foreign power renders its existence a clear present and continuing danger to the security of the United States. It is the means whereby individuals are seduced into the service of the world Communist movement, trained to do its bidding, and directed and controlled in the conspiratorial performance of their revolutionary services. Therefore, the Communist Party should be outlawed.”

Using municipal tax dollars to enact legislation for which a municipal corporation has no constitutional authority obstructs the city’s official business; and steals public funds by diverting municipal workers from discharging municipal duties.  The entire “immigration” discussion was and remains a misappropriation of public employee time and municipal tax dollars for which the legislative authority had no right of the public office to even discuss.

Article 18.3 of Ohio’s Constitution mandates that, “Municipalities shall have authority to exercise all powers of local self-government and to adopt and enforce within their limits such local police, sanitary and other similar regulations, as are not in conflict with general laws.”

The Logan Act of 1799 (18 U.S.C. 953) and the Espionage Act of 1917 codified at 50 U.S.C. 37 are “general laws” that makes it a federal crime for any “person” other than those authorized by Congress to initiate discussions with the officials of foreign governments, or to negotiate with them. The federal laws are referenced, whether known or not, within the oaths of every elected official in the nation among those no loyal American would ever seek to disobey or obstruct with an ordinance.

Giving a foreign government official access to a library card in the U.S. gives them a portal to “national defense secrets.”  Words like “treason” can be found within this series of federal laws it appears Cleveland Heights residents violated with their “immigration” task force if any contact was made with officials of foreign governments by anyone.  Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4 any resident who would have knowledge of individuals on the task force contacting foreign government officials would be required pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4 to report it.

There can be no exchanges of information or greetings between local government officials and foreign government officials that are not authorized by the U.S. Department of State.  None.  No American who is even a private citizen has this authority. It is a “duty” of government workers and police “everywhere” to validate citizenship of suspected undocumented workers and illegal immigrants.

There can be no local government sanctioned discussions about immigration as the duties of local governments is to obey and enforce the U.S. Constitution and laws “as they exist” unsuspended.  To not enforce a law is to act to suspend it; and no local ordinance can be enacted that seeks to suspend the U.S. Constitution and federal laws as was Seren’s and the Soviet-controlled council’s intent.  The legislation should have been viewed as a criminal tool and the conspirers seen as planning treason.  The net effect of the ordinance was to “overthrow” the “will” of the United States Government.

Cleveland Heights police chief Annette Mecklenburg has placed herself in the position of being reported by concerned American citizens to U.S. Customs & Immigration Enforcement (ICE) for violating 18 U.S.C. 4.  It’s a federal law that makes it a felony for any person who knows a felony offense is being committed not to report it to a court of cognizable jurisdiction. Three years in prison.

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

The “having knowledge” part is critical because every Cleveland Heights official who reads my words is now one of the “whoever having knowledge” citizens identified in 18 U.S.C. 4.  The next step for the Cleveland Heights official with knowledge is to as soon as possible make known” the knowledge they have of the “actual commission of a felony” to “some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States.”

The facts known to Cleveland Heights authorities is that a man who fits the description of illegal Russian Jewish immigrants was armed and threatening the lives of natural born American Christian citizens based on their race and religion. The man was not detained and investigated by municipal law enforcement officers with duties described in R.C. 737.11 to obey and enforce all “federal” criminal laws.

The man was treated as if he had a right to bear arms and threaten natural born American Negro Christians with death.  Based on two ordinances Cleveland Heights city council enacted during Cheryl Stephens term as mayor, he felt welcomed and protected though he may have had no rights.

Cleveland Heights police chief Annette Mecklenburg has placed herself in the position of being reported by concerned American citizens to U.S. Customs & Immigration Enforcement (ICE) for violating 18 U.S.C. 4.  It’s a federal law that makes it a felony for any person who knows a felony offense is being committed not to report it to a court of cognizable jurisdiction. Three years in prison.

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

The “having knowledge” part is critical because every Cleveland Heights official who reads my words is now one of the “whoever having knowledge” citizens identified in 18 U.S.C. 4.  The next step for the Cleveland Heights official with knowledge is whether or not they “conceal and do not as soon as possible make known” the knowledge they have of the “actual commission of a felony” to “some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States.”

The facts known to Cleveland Heights authorities is that a man who fits the description of illegal Russian Jewish immigrants was armed and threatening the lives of natural born American Christian citizens based on their race and religion. The man was not detained and investigated by municipal law enforcement officers with duties described in R.C. 737.11 to obey and enforce all “federal” criminal laws.

The man was treated as if he had a right to bear arms and threaten natural born American Negro Christians with death.  Based on two ordinances Cleveland Heights city council enacted during Cheryl Stephens term as mayor, he felt welcomed and protected though he may have had no rights.

Rev. Anthony Mattox should make it his mission to take the city of Cleveland Heights as its first elected mayor. The math is on his side. None of that Communist “Progressive” crap. Straight up, old school, patriotic, hard core American loyalty and values. Kick the Commies out of Cleveland Heights city hall. God. Our guns. Our country. There will be no “immigrant supremacy” in the United States of America.

As more Russian immigrants who are in the minority make Cleveland Heights a sanctuary for themselves by infiltrating and controlling the municipal government, natural born American citizens who are now in the majority will be affected by ordinances like these for which they could have prevented and didn’t.  The constitutional flaws will only be found after they are prosecuted and jailed for daring to report an illegal immigrant as a requirement of federal laws.

Already the children of Russian immigrants, a legal 1.6 percent U.S. minority, have taken over municipal governments in Beachwood, University Heights and are expanding in Cleveland Heights and the county.  Armond Budish is Russian American.  Cuyahoga County now has its first “sanctuary” Russian American sheriff over sanctuary Cleveland and the rest of the “sanctuary” county.  33 Russians serve in the U.S. Congress as they’re elevating themselves locally through lax natural born American voter participation in the Congressional districts.

Below are the Ohio general laws Seren’s unlawful ordinance sought to suspend.  Rev. Anthony Mattox should make it his mission to secure the city’s election as its next mayor.

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