Susanne Dyke’s fake “Mobilize the Vote NEO” grassroots organization is smearing Republican candidates under the guise of voter education

CLEVELAND, OH – Democratic Party activist and Cleveland Heights resident Susanne “Sue” Dyke markets herself on social media as the founder of Mobilize the Vote NEO.  A search of state and federal websites that maintain records of authorized interactions between political contributing entities and donors don’t show her so-called “grassroots organization” as being registered to receive and spend campaign funds. Like so many “grassroots organizations” disseminating political information to influence Cleveland area elections, Dyke’s is as fake as many of the others. As an 11th Congressional District candidate for Congress, I saw my name in a 2022 general election voter…

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Cleveland State University officials lied about closing its Communist Chinese controlled Confucius Institute in September 2021

CLEVELAND, OH – On March 10, 2020 Cleveland State University (CSU) was one of 74 American colleges, universities and public school districts Republican United States Senator Charles Grassley forwarded a letter to with a warning about the Confucius Institute the Communist Peoples Republic of China was funding on its campus with foreign-sourced grant dollars.  The concern from Grassley and other members of Congress has been that officials at universities like CSU have been operating under secret agreements that direct them to obey Communist China’s laws while ignoring our own. Grassley warned of the unregistered foreign agents who were aiding Communist…

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There are 17 empty Republican slots for Cuyahoga County common pleas judgeships 17 civil rights-minded American attorneys could have sought

CLEVELAND, OH – I was stunned when I voted for myself for Congress in the 11th Congressional District and saw that 17 Republican attorneys had not filed for one of 17 court of common pleas judgeships for this year’s primary election.  It means 17 Democrats on the other side of the ballot will have no Republican opponent in November.  The filing deadline for Independent candidacies is May 2. The salary of a court of common pleas judge is $155,000 anually.  A municipal court judge earns $146,000.  Terms are six years.  Democratic Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney Michael O’Malley, again, has no…

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In 1991 Ukraine housed 1400 nuclear warheads aimed at America before Bush and Clinton backed Russia’s Yeltsin in disarming the nationalists

CLEVELAND, OH – Archives of United States national security records from 1990 through 1996 feature a series of 91 documents with transcripts of conversations between Russia and Ukraine’s leaders; and Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and William Jefferson Clinton.  Every member of Congress should have reviewed Bush’s presidential papers and considered his and Clinton’s foreign policies and agreements prior to voting to re-arm a Ukrainian nationalist government the former presidents helped Russia dis-arm. In 1990 Ukraine was a growing nationalist state of the Communist Soviet Union with 1400 nuclear warheads on its soil that faced the United States of America. …

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Nina Turner starts another “grassroot” campaign for Congress with out of town handlers who don’t know 11th Congressional District voters

Nina Turner is the target of negative advertising coming from a pro-Israeli PAC backing Shontel Brown.

CLEVELAND, OH – Round II of Nina Turner’s first campaign loss as a Democrat to “no name” Shontel Brown has begun.  Her Nashville, Tennessee campaign manager, Kara Turrentine, is sending out email that includes a telephone number with the “615” area code.  Campaign offices are in ultra-liberal Cleveland Heights and Lakewood.  Turrentine can’t tell any 11th Congressional District resident who calls her how to travel through the county to reach them.  So much for “good thinking.” During the 2021 Democratic Party primary campaign to replace United States Housing & Urban Development Secretary Marcia Louise Fudge in Congress, residents of the…

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Barbara Snyder said “bye” to CWRU before Fed’s publicized their investigation of her 200 secret agreements and money from the Communist People’s Republic of China and hostile nations

CLEVELAND, OH – Barbara Snyder acted like the Logan Act, Espionage Act, Foreign Agents Registration Act and numerous other federal laws did not apply to her as the first woman president of Case Western Reserve University (CWRU).  No person in the United States of America has the authority to establish communications with the officials of a foreign government or exchange information with them. It doesn’t matter if the person is Joe Cimperman of Global Cleveland or Blaine Griffin, Jasmine Santana and Nan Whaley making trips to Israel they’re not reporting on their “financial disclosure statements” at the request of registered…

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