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Deportable illegal South African alien Trevor Noah may have slashed his and Viacom’s throats with a personal injury complaint against Dr. Riley Williams

CLEVELAND, OH – South African illegal alien Trevor Noah has some limited rights to file a personal injury civil claim against American Negro Dr. Riley J. Williams, III  just like anyone else in the United States of America.  There are limits, however, on whether he can collect on “future earnings losses” in the state of New York because he’s an illegal alien. By filing a claim against Dr. Williams the South African citizen, Noah, opens the door to his deportation and the termination of his unlawfully contracted employment with Viacom.  He exposes Viacom as a violator of the nation’s federal…

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Trevor Noah confessed to being an illegal alien to U.S. Senator Graham in 2016


CLEVELAND, OH – Viacom and Comedy Central should face criminal prosecution for enabling and conspiring with illegal alien and South African Trevor Noah to work in the United States of America with absolutely no green card that authorizes him to be in this nation earning millions annually in stolen wages.  From his own Wikipedia page, and in his most favorable light, we learn this anti-American un-funny man – who sounds like a British sissy – has got absolutely nothing we desperately need to uplift our nation. We learn he’s a “coloured” being half-black and half-white.  He reveals his mother, a…

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