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Instead of prosecuting Kevin Kelley for stealing Ward 13’s council seat in 2017, Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney Michael O’Malley endorses the election thief

CLEVELAND, OH – If ex-President Donald Trump wants to know how elections are stolen or obstructed he should review the campaign finance reports of Cleveland Councilman Kevin Kelley for an example.  All you need is a complicit prosecuting attorney who is a member of your ethnic and religious group; and who is willing to ignore the duties assigned to the elected office he holds in Title 35 of the Ohio Revised Code. Kelley has criminally obstructed three Cleveland elections, but these aren’t words Clevelanders will see from Mark Naymik’s reporting at WKYC or from his former work at  Naymik

Justin Bibb’s got an alien Australian “deputy campaign manager” working with a diversity green card who can’t vote in any U.S. election

Justyn Bibb is an American Negro but his campaign for Cleveland mayor seems to be based on his being "the whitest black guy." West side political figures say he's all over the west side which is good. He's cutting into the Caucasian vote that might otherwise have sat out the race instead of votng for Kevin Kelley or Dennis Kucinich.

CLEVELAND, OH – Eden Giagnorio is a citizen of Australia and has lived in the United States of America since June 10, 2020.  She’s here as a recipient of a “Green Card” through an annual lottery that awards 55,000 “permanent resident visas” to aliens from “under-represented nations who want to live and work here. Giagnorio on her LinkedIn page is identified as Cleveland mayoral candidate Justin Bibb’s deputy campaign manager.  The Australian citizen has not adjusted her status as a green carded worker to a “naturalized” American citizen and can’t for at least 5 years.  It means she hasn’t “renounced”

The Adolf Hitler of Israel tells Knesset no one will be able to say no to or oppose the United States now that he’s gone

This isn't the only picture of ex-Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the descendant of Polish immigrants to Palestine, giving a speech and raising his hand like one of Adolf Hitler's Nazis. Last year a photographer in Palestine published this image and got a visit from Israeli police who ordered him to remove it. Israel doesn't have a constitution or free speech. In the past month Palestinians protesting his government's decision to remove them from homes they owned were visited by Israeli police and members of the Israeli Defense Forces who were conducting a "house to house" search for protestors. Benny Mileikowsky's ancestors could have been Nazis since the Poles operated extermination camps during World War II.

CLEVELAND, OH – Polish-ancestried war criminal and indicted thug Benjamin Netanyahu (family name Mileikowsky) delivered his last speech to Israel’s Knesset as Prime Minister of the nation of illegal Russian, Polish and Ukrainian immigrants who armed themselves to take over Palestine in 1948. Their armed 1948 takeover was accomplished with $50 million in help from illegal Russian, Polish and Ukrainian alien gangsters living in the United States of America. The extermination-minded Adolf Hitler of Israel’s true colors about the United States of America and Americans were on full display in his departing words before the “constitution-less” nation formed by illegal

HBCU’s targeted by unregistered Communist Chinese government agent Julia Wilson with help from Morgan State University’s president

CLEVELAND, OH – College and university presidents along with local school district superintendents and boards have been targeted for infiltration by the Communist Peoples Republic of China.  100 colleges and universities, and 42 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), appear to be targets of this covert espionage through diplomacy. Ohio United States Senator and Republican Rob Portman, in his capacity at the time as the Chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), released a 196-page bipartisan report in February 2019 detailing how the Communist Chinese government was combining “covert operations with diplomacy” at more than 1000 American colleges, universities and

A sex video of Hunter Biden smoking crack or meth was available before the election, but Twitter & Facebook’s owners censored it to help Joe


CLEVELAND, OH – People are selling and having sex all over Facebook and Twitter.  A video of Hunter Biden smoking crack, meth or weed and having his schlong foot massaged by a young woman was kept from American eyes during the 2020 presidential election by un-American censors Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. The new First Son is, indeed, a criminal who worked as an unregistered agent of the governments of Communist China and the once Nazi Ukraine.  So is his father.  Zuckerberg and Dorsey should be jailed.  Their corporation’s … disbanded.  We’re Americans.  No one censor’s us. With all the

Putin’s Cleveland law firm, Jones Day, has closed its Moscow offices and immigrated the Russian who led it to D.C.

Read how Jones Day describes the lawyers in its Moscow office as being fully-integrated, globally, with its 2500 attorneys around the world. Now imagine 14 Jones Day attorneys or more working for the Trump administration; and some serving as U.S. Attorneys in places where Putin's U.S. interests are doing business. How does this firm's attorneys not violate the Logan Act and the Espionage if they represent both the U.S. government and the Russian Federation at the same time?

CLEVELAND, OH – If AdvanceOhio president Chris Quinn thinks readers are going to pay $100 a year to read, his reporters had better learn to find stories like those in EJBNEWS.  No intelligent person will pay to read plagiarized government news releases and paid client driven content. Squire Patton & Boggs global managing partner and attorney Fred Nance must not believe fat meat is greasy.  Seven figure earnings and a high-rolling global lifestyle from his Moreland Hills palace must have blinded Fred to the tea leave writings on the “Foreign Agents Registration Act” wall.  The Russia shit is over.

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