East Cleveland

Look at the filthy junk yard East Cleveland’s mayor pretends he’s living in with his new Cleveland Clinic nurse wife, mom and 3 brothers

CLEVELAND, OH – The feature image is of the address Mayor Brandon Lee King, his mother, three brothers, his wife and a brother’s girlfriend all claim is their residence for the purpose of voting in East Cleveland elections.  King’s new wife, Cleveland Clinic Nurse Practitioner Stephanie McCarroll, just changed her voter registration from a house on Antisdale in South Euclid to vote from the King family junkyard she doesn’t reside at on 1735 Elsinore Street in East Cleveland.  The couple married last February 22, 2022. Living in the city you’re voting in and seeking to hold elected office is a…

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Hemmons tells the elections board how she criminally impersonated East Cleveland’s clerk and gave them fraudulent records after she was fired

CLEVELAND, OH – In a February 14, 2023 declaratory judgement filing with the 8th District Court of Appeals, private attorney Willa Mae Hemmons (Reg. No. 41790) identifies herself as the “pro se law director” of the City of East Cleveland.  Hemmons wants the appellate court to overturn the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections’ decision not to place three recall petitions on the ballot that she impersonated the Clerk of Council to file with election officials. The recall petitions are an act of retaliation against the three councilwomen who exercised the duties of their elected offices to vacate the office Hemmons…

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RTA board member Valarie McCall has a right to file a complaint against duty-exceeding Mayor Bibb

CLEVELAND, OH – If Mayor Justin Bibb had passed the Ohio Bar Association’s examination and obtained a license to practice law in Ohio before he decided to campaign for a job as Cleveland’s chief law enforcement officer; he might not be racking-up a felony-level list of federal and state laws he’s violating as mayor.  Nothing in Bibb’s background identified him as being prime time ready to manage a 6000 employee municipal corporation with a budget footprint that exceeds $2.5 billion. From his violation of Ohio’s campaign finance reporting laws, to those that invalidate his oath of office, Bibb is just days…

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I filed for the 11th Congressional District seat because Biden-Harris must be held accountable

EJBNEWS.COM is my website and I am a Republican candidate for Congress in the 11th Congressional District.

CLEVELAND, OH – What residents of the 11th Congressional District are not getting from the current Democratic representative in Congress is a detailed and knowledgeable report about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  The details and nuances of the discussion from a geographic and historical perspective are complex. The 11th Congressional District needs Brewer in Congress.  What we don’t need is another year of war and inflation fear now that President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ covid fear-mongering and divisiveness is over in time for mid-term elections. I am seeking the 11th District Congressional seat as a member of the Republican…

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CSU’s trustees must fire Harlan Sands and Lee Fisher for managing a law school that encourages anti-American law breaking anarchism in students

The problem with opening one door is that it opens others.

CLEVELAND, OH – Attorney Lee Fisher is the dean of the John Marshall College of Law.   He is not a member of the Cleveland State University board of trustees.  He oversees a department of a state-funded university organized under Ohio’s constitution and general laws found in Title 3344 of the Revised Code and the Ohio Administrative Code.  It’s where the easy to read laws and rules for managing state universities are found. For the purposes of his official role Fisher’s the chief academic and administrative officer of a college of law we know has mis-educated some of this area’s non-reading,…

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HUD’s Inspector General must investigate the effects of the conspiracy between CMHA director Jeffrey Patterson and board member Robert Davis to obstruct East Cleveland’s appointment

CLEVELAND, OH – Attorney Robert Davis should have left the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) board in 2011 after I appointed him twice to serve as East Cleveland, Ohio’s representative in 2006 and again in either 2007 or 2008.  Instead he told me CMHA Executive Director Jeffrey Patterson and he agreed that they liked his presence on the governing body and he wanted to stay.  Each man ignored the statutory duties of their appointed public offices and conspired to remain silent through four expired terms. Patterson was supposed to alert two separate East Cleveland mayors and councils in 2011, 2014,…

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