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Brandon King has debate opponent who humiliated him arrested, jailed and instructs cops not to let him make bond on his word only that he was “assaulted”

CLEVELAND, OH – Richmond Heights resident Brandon King lost a mayoral debate miserably to a first time candidate with a lengthy criminal record who simply outclassed and outknowledged him with every response.  “Name-dropping” King was humiliated in front of an audience of supporters to a repentant ex-offender who made the mayor and his two ex-offending brothers look more like a criminal than he’d ever been.  He even made the mayor’s master’s degree in business look like nothing than just a piece of paper since King’s never been hired by a major corporation or government agency to use it. According to

Councilman Timothy Austin accused of arson murder attempt after he asks elderly couple for more home repair money and the ex-Iraq war vet was refused

CLEVELAND, OH – An 80-year-old East Cleveland couple narrowly-escaped being burned to death in their home at 14105 Orinoco Road after a murderous arsonist torched the front and rear doors of their residence on August 21st.    The tactic is similar to one lawless soldiers and terrorists disregarding rules of conflict use to massacre unarmed civilians or drive out “holed in” enemy combatants. It was used by “unionists” in East Saint Louis, Illinois on July 6, 1917 to aid in the extermination of more than 1000 American Negro men, women and children.  Homes were torched and the fleeing families were

Frank Jackson’s “Kelley endorsement” isn’t sitting too well with Clevelanders who want to move on and close the door on his 32 year presence at city hall

CLEVELAND, OH – Clevelanders looking for an indication of how the 2021 campaign to replace Frank Jackson as mayor might turn out can look at two endorsements.  Jackson’s and the Plain Dealer’s.  Each endorsed Nina Turner to represent the 11th Congressional District in the August 3, 2021 primary election. Turner raised over $6.2 million to Shontel Brown’s $4.5 million and lost by 4000 votes with their endorsements and that of Russian United States Senator Bernard Gitman Sanders.  It’s Kevin Kelley who now has to see if he can do better with one of the two local endorsements.  The Plain Dealer

Politicians making “robocalls” to cell phones without a voter’s written permission are violating federal restrictions on using telephone equipment

CLEVELAND, OH – It’s the election season in Ohio and you’ve received a “robocall” from a candidate for elected office you’ve never met or given your cellular telephone number.  The call violates Title 47 of the United States Code, Section 227 under the heading “Restrictions on use of telephone equipment.”  The specific language prohibiting the political robocalls is found at 47 U.S.C. 227(b)(1)(A).  There’s a section in the law that authorizes victims of robo calls to sue for $500 per call. “b)Restrictions on use of automated telephone equipment.  (1)Prohibitions.  It shall be unlawful for any person within the United States, or any person outside the United

Attorney Darryl Eugene Pittman made history in 1985 as East Cleveland’s first mayor since 1904; and one who had to implement a new form of government

CLEVELAND, OH – Attorney Darryl Eugene Pittman was elected on September 27, 1985 as East Cleveland’s first Mayor since 1904; and he died on July 10, 2021 the day before his 72nd birthday.  Darryl was a Columbia educated attorney born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio.  He was an older brother, a husband, a father, grandfather and one of the smartest men I knew.  Geek smart.  So is his brother … Ron. To his peers in Cleveland’s legal community Darryl was known as a good lawyer and partner in Pittman, Buchanan, Alexander, Hardiman & Wade. Two of his partners, Dean Buchanan

The 11th Congressional District needs Shirley Smith’s “second chance” stick-to-it work ethic in Congress to work on criminal justice reform and more

CLEVELAND, OH – There are 65 chapters in Title 2 of the United States Code that exists under the heading “Congress.”  There are four chapters in Title 3 of the same United States Code existing under the heading of the “President” of whom the members of Congress must interact.  Chapter 3 was repealed.  There were previously five instead of four chapters under Title 3. There are 54 “Titles” in the United States Code each member of the 435 member Congress has the authority to study and recommend ways to improve the federal statutes found within them in order to benefit

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