FBI Stephen Anthony

Judge ignored his building employee’s bribe demands

More details are emerging about what appears to be at least a 5-year federal investigation of local government officials, landfill operations and contractors tied to demolition, tax evasion, misappropriation of block grant funds and environmental crimes. The investigation appears to have been launched when Steve Dettelbach was ex-President Barack Obama’s U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. The name of Cleveland Housing Court Judge Ronald O’Leary surfaced in connection with the federal investigation during his 2017 judicial campaign while he was still employed by Mayor Frank Jackson as the head of the city’s building, housing and demolition departments.   At…

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Cleveland’s mayor was unaware a building department worker was under FBI control

Eventually the big boys lose patience with a law enforcement officer who refuses to obey and enforce laws; and who they can prove with evidence has avoided discharging official duties in exchange for campaign cash, family favors and "I won't tell if you won't tell" secrets. An elected official with a 34 year career has done a lot of things they've forgotten; and did not do a lot of things they should have done to avoid looking like a criminal. A 34 year career in public office comes with 34 years of "public" records.

CLEVELAND, OH – FBI special agent in charge of the Northern District of Ohio, Stephen Anthony, was quick to praise the agency’s “law enforcement partners” when he busted “controlled” terrorist Demetrius Pitts.  Not a word was said to Mayor Frank Jackson as the city of Cleveland’s chief law enforcement officer when FBI agents Anthony supervised learned his “law enforcement partner’s” employee, Rufus Taylor, was asking contractors to give him money for special consideration on demolition contracts.  Federal agents under Anthony’s supervision decided to withhold the information from Jackson.  Instead of working for Jackson and obeying the city’s ordinances and state…

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