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Melinda Gates had to deal with a Microsoft engineer being busted at their Seattle mansion for kiddie porn and Bill’s friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

CLEVELAND, OH – Microsoft co-founder and chief executive officer William Henry Gates, III thinks his wealth gives him the ability to solve the world’s problems.  Now that soon-to-be ex-wife Melinda Ann French-Gates has filed for a divorce the world is learning the world’s 4th richest oligarch can’t even solve the problems in his household.  The oligarch Gates’ “family” image is headed for a nose dive as journalists ignore the public figure’s request for privacy.  Big Tech doesn’t care about anyone else’s privacy.  The Gates don’t get a pass.

Published reports originating with the Daily Beast are alleging that one of the reasons Gates’ wife Melinda wants a divorce was because of his friendship with self-lynched Russian Jewish oligarch and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.  The two met in 2011 and the news website reported how Gates flew on Epstein’s private jet and spent the night at his New York mansion.  Flight records confirm the jet flight.  The Wall Street Journal claimed Melinda began consulting with divorce attorneys in 2019 when the New York Times connected Gates to Epstein after the convicted pedophile’s imprisonment and suicide.

In 2014 Bill and Melinda Gates were asked during a TED conference how they were able to work together and keep their marriage. Melinda said, “We don’t spend every single minute together that’s for sure.”

What’s not being reported by the mainstream media that the Seattle media covered was the 2013 arrest and prosecution of Rick Allen Jones at the Gates’ $147 million Seattle mansion two years after Bill met Epstein.  Jones was accused by Seattle police of downloading and trading (at least once) over 6000 images of children having sex or being raped.  He was 51 at the time of the disovery.

The Seattle police department’s investigation of Jones began around December 28, 2013 when Google reported him to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children as a subscriber who had uploaded one or more files of child pornography at 4:45 a.m.  An investigation of Jones’ IP address identified his email as dating back to November 20, 2013.  The IP address was “geo-located” to Seattle, Washington.   A search of WHOIS identified Comcast as Jones’ internet provider.

In a jpeg file title “jimmy bs arlos” images of three persons were visible.  Two could be identified.  The two identified individuals were boys between the ages of 8 and 12.  One of the boys was “receiving a blowjob” from the other, according to the 15-page report of Detective Ian Polhemus.

The Seattle police department’s investigation of Rick Allen Jones took them to the mansion of Bill and Melinda Gates.

Polhemus obtained a search warrant to enter Jones’ home at 1530 NW Market St Unit 211 in Seattle.  It was executed on March 20, 2014 and empty when police arrived.  Detectives learned he was at work at the Gates mansion as an engineer and paid him a visit.

Jones readily admitted his guilt, according to Polhemus’ 15-page report, and identified Chinese Asian David Wong as the recipient of the jpeg file Google reported.  So much for Asians being “model minorities.”  Wong responded to Jones’ email with his own reference about 15 year-old-boys he saw on a cruise.  The Gates employee said he’d been collecting child pornography for 10 years and that his interest was in young boys.

An investigation of the search history associated with Jones’ IP address identified 6362 files associated with children and 38,488 as “hash values.”  Jones further admitted that he and Wong had been lovers.  Jones also knew one of the boys in the pictures was named Chris.

The search warrant Seattle police obtained to enter the home of Bill Gates’ engineer and to take his computers.

There’s a website called “Techrights” whose moderator has literally written the book on Gates’ like I’ve done with Cleveland councilman Gary Norton, Jr., Basheer Jones, ex-Forest City Enterprises boss Albert Ratner, Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams and others.  It’s full of previously unpublished “confirming” details about Gates’ career dramas.   One of the key insights from the website is how Jones avoided all the “public” records associated with his crime not being released to the public despite the publicity.

There’s no record of the King County charges, a warrant for Jones’ arrest or the conviction.  Jones by law was supposed to register as a sex offender but not even that record exists.  In June 2015 he simply pled guilty and spent three months on house arrest with an ankle bracelet for a crime that should have come with 10 charges.  In addition to house he was given two years probation and told to stay away from children.  The website’s author speculates with some level of justification that Gates’ money was at work.  Records associated with child pornography are not eligible for sealing.

This FAA record shows Bill Gates as a passenger on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet.

Published reports are saying Melinda French Gates has no “pre-nuptial” agreement with Bill so she’s bound by nothing other than not wanting to humiliate her soon-to-be ex-husband publicly in front of their three daughters and families.  Thus far she’s said nothing about the reasons for her decision.

Jones quietly pleaded guilty to related charges on Friday and was sentenced to 90 days in King County Jail, as well as two years of probation. Jones is now required to register as a sex offender and to stay away from children unless certain conditions are met.

Juanita Gowdy’s running for East Cleveland mayor because voters are disgusted with Richmond Heights resident Brandon King’s lying and stealing

CLEVELAND, OH – Council Vice President and East Cleveland Sunrise publisher Juanita Gowdy is counting on the truth that the voters of East Cleveland know more than a few things about Mayor Brandon King that disgusts them as she challenges him for the “chief law enforcement officer”s job he holds illegally as a Richmond Heights resident.  Elected officials under Ohio laws must be residents of the community they’re elected to serve.

For the past nearly two years, Gowdy and East Cleveland Sunrise co-publisher Justyn Anderson have been distributing their 5000 circulation newspaper to every household, door-to-door, providing information-starved voters and residents with details about the “dirty dealings” taking place inside the King administration.  Gowdy and Anderson told EJBNEWS they got the idea to spread regular doses of the truth from the East Cleveland Challenger and the East Cleveland Tattler. 

Brandon King created a proclamation in August claiming he had the authority to suspend the U.S. Constitution, federal laws, Ohio’s constitution, state laws, East Cleveland’s charter and ordinances. He must have been snorting some good shit when he signed it. Crazed and communist-inspired thinking like this is the reason East Cleveland voters should remove this two bit dictator from Richmond Heights out of city hall.

King and his friends were and are robbing the city blind while making up lies to deceive residents who thought they could trust him, Gowdy said.  “We had to do something when his administration started losing $50 million lawsuits we know voters will never be able to pay.”

Gowdy said residents now know King doesn’t live in the city and lied about his residency when he ran for council and then mayor. King doesn’t live at 1735 Elsinore Road in a rowhouse apartment his brother resides in that’s been raided twice for drugs.

1735 Elsinore is where several King brothers fraudulently claim to live in Sheldon King’s apartment so they can vote in the city in violation of election laws, according to Cecil King.  Sheldon King is the brother convicted for drug dealing and child endangering from inside the apartment the mayor’s voting address claims adult King men with families share.  The mayor and his brothers must not have been at the apartment and left Sheldon to take the hit for the King organized crime family during the raids.

Residents of Elsinore Road know Richmond Heights resident Brandon King does not at 1735 with his adult brother; and neither do the other adult King men voting illegally from Sheldon King’s address.

Gowdy said residents now know King is a hot-tempered thief who’s employees like Michael Smedley and Melran Leach,  along with ex-mayor Gary Norton, are either being criminally-investigated or named in federal indictments for crimes in public office.  Numerous residents know King received a subpoena from the Ohio Ethics Commission for records associated with his selling office supplies to city hall as part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Gowdy said King’s chief of police, Scott Gardner, was twice-convicted for felonies he pleaded down to misdemeanors that makes him ineligible to be certified as a law enforcement officer, according to section 737.02(2)(a) of the Revised Code of Ohio.  Gardner was indicted back to back by two prosecutors between Cuyahoga and Medina county in 2013 and 2014.

Gowdy said King would have made himself look like a hero to East Cleveland residents had he fired him after Norton failed to do so.  The heading for the law is “Felony conviction precludes or terminates employment.”

(2)(a) The director of public safety shall terminate the employment of a chief of police, member of the police department, or auxiliary police officer who does either of the following:  (i) Pleads guilty to a felony;  (ii) Pleads guilty to a misdemeanor pursuant to a negotiated plea agreement as provided in division (D) of section 2929.43 of the Revised Code in which the chief of police, member of the police department, or auxiliary police officer agrees to surrender the certificate awarded to the chief of police, member of the police department, or auxiliary police officer under section 109.77 of the Revised Code.

Gowdy told EJBNEWS that had King fired Gardner like a state general law requires, so many residents the police the unfit “chief” stations and transfers have been pursuing and shooting to death might still be alive or uninjured.  The members of the city’s Civil Service Commission resigned in February after not operating lawfully since 2016.  None of the police hired or promoted have been appointed through Civil Service testing.   That list includes Larry McDonald who removed his bodycam before shooting Vincent Belmonte in the back of the head.

Back shooting Larry “Pacman” McDonald was laid-off by this writer as East Cleveland’s mayor and twice-convicted Scott Gardner was twice-suspended by me as I was building a case to fire him in 2009. Cuyahoga County prosecuting attorney Michael O’Malley indicted him on felony tax charges and so did Medina county’s back-to-back between 2013 and 2014. After pleading to two misdemeanor Gardner should never have been allowed to remain a police officer by Gary Norton or Brandon King under Ohio law.  McDonald shot Vincent Belmonte in the back of the head after he removed his bodycam.

The state Civil Service Commission is investigating the Civil Service law violations and King has been warned to take the investigation seriously.  Gowdy said Gardner will have no future with East Cleveland as his two convictions mean the private security company owner should have long ago been fired.

Gowdy said once elected she’s going to follow the model the Brewer administration implemented by making public employee accountability and an obedience to federal, state and local laws a mandate.  Without all the police pursuits, violence towards citizens and police killings, Gowdy said East Cleveland residents remember how crime in every category was reduced by 40 to 70 percent between January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2009.

During an interview, Gowdy told EJBNEWS how she disagrees with demolishing homes that could be renovated with the same money.  Instead of demolishing 125 homes like King is planning as a way to direct more no-bid contracts to his friends, she wants them renovated and sold at cost.

“If it costs $25,000 to renovate a home in our landbank we can sell it for $25,000 and reinvest the money into another property and resell it at cost … too,” Gowdy said.   “The “D” in “HUD” is “Development” and not “Demolition.” She wants resident homeowners to have access to HUD dollars to help with their repairs.

Gowdy said she disagreed very strongly with former Mayor Gary Norton’s decision to aid Cleveland Clinic’s plan to close Huron Hospital in 2011; and to be paid $8 million in exchange for losing the income taxes that came from its 1100 workers.  300 of the hospital’s workers were residents and the closing emptied the apartment buildings surrounding the hospital for workers who could walk next door or across the street to work.

Council has not authorized funding for a job called “chief of staff” that Michael Smedley claims to hold. He’ll be fired an investigated by a new mayor and administration. He might also face criminal prosecution for the crimes he’s committed in office. Smedley was named in Kenneth Tyson’s indictment.

Gowdy blasted Norton for taking the $8 million and spending it as he pleased.  Norton didn’t spend a dime of the money for new service vehicles to plow or repave and clean the city’s streets and parks; or for new fire safety equipment.  Norton spent nothing for tree trimming equipment in a city full of trees.

Gowdy wants council and the residents once she’s mayor to support a small property tax to build a free fully-equipped emergency room for residents who would pay only $1 a year for every $1000 in property value.  $25 a year on a $25,000 home.

With the $25 million the city is getting from the federal government, Gowdy wants the current council and a new one to use a portion of the money to build the emergency room and the small tax would fund it.  The emergency room would be free to residents with no health care.  Whatever Medicare, Medicaid or a person’s  health care coverage paid would cover the additional costs.  Residents would have no “out of pocket” costs.  Non-residents would be required to pay.

“We have to consider putting physicians instead of untrained EMS workers on our ambulances.  We have residents being shot and beaten; or involved in car crashes that causes serious injuries,” Gowdy said. “The nearest emergency room is University Hospitals and more of our people are dying after Huron Hospital and its gunshot wound trauma center closed.  Free emergency room care would add an extremely affordable value to being an East Cleveland resident and increase the desire for people to live in our city.”

Not a single public safety worker administered first aid to Vincent Belmonte when Larry McDonald shot him in the back of the head. They only checked his pulse as his breathing and heartbeat slowed to a standstill. Juanita Gowdy believes physicians can be afforded to ride EMS squads instead of poorly-trained EMS workers.

Gowdy also wants a portion of the money to be spent on upgrading all the equipment in the city’s service department that Norton did not upgrade with the $8 million in Huron Hospital closing dollars he wasted.  She wants the baseball diamonds improved in the parks as well as the tennis courts.

“Our residents lived a much better suburban lifestyle with greater health amenities before criminals took over our government,” she said.

During her first year on city council, after winning in 2019, Gowdy has been investigating problems with King’s management of the municipal workforce as well as his contracting and compliances problems.  She’s found that King has not been administering oaths of office to employees and delivering the oaths to the council clerk.

This has been a problem issue, particularly, for the city’s law department King lets private attorney Willa Hemmons leads.  Neither attorney has obtained the approval of or reported to council before they initiated or responded to litigation as required by Ohio laws.  Hemmons is a resident of Beachwood who has no legal authority to discharge the law director’s duties as a private contract attorney.  Gowdy said the ate Almeta Johnson was the last person qualified under Ohio law to serve as the director of law.

Brandon King and Mansell Baker voted with Thomas Wheeler to let George Michael Riley stockpile over 1000 Cuyahoga County landbank homes behind houses lived in by Harry Drummond and the late Barbara Garner in 2014. This deadly construction and demolition debris should have been taken to a dump in Minerva outside Canton because they contained asbestos. The place caught on fire often and spewed deadly, immune weaking toxins in the air. Ms. Garner, a non-smoker, died of lung cancer with this filth in her backyard thanks to Richmond Heights resident Brandon King when he served, illegally, on East Cleveland city council as its vice president.

Gowdy said Hemmons and Heather McCullough can expect to be fired.  So can Michael Smedley.  Police officers without certifications and still discharging a law enforcement officers duties can expect to be held fully-accountable within laws.

“We don’t need a high speed pursuit policy and the police chief doesn’t get to write a police department’s rules or regulations under Ohio law,” Gowdy said.  “We already have a state law that instructs them when they can and cannot pursue or cross the borders of another city.  The Ohio Revised Code gives the Director of Public Safety rule writing authority for city police.  Rules written by the police chief is evidence of a police chief exceeding the authority of their public employment.”

Gowdy said Ohio’s general assembly has written a warrantless pursuit “general law” and she just got council to approve an ordinance that requires the director of law, prosecuting attorney and judge to use R.C. 2935.03 in evaluating every pursuit.  Ord. No. 525.03 is named the Tamia Chappman Act.”

The local law Gowdy sponsored makes it a requirement for the law department to ensure every police officer bringing charges against a citizen is authorized by law to do so by delivering the oath and training records to every person they arrest.  If they pursue outside the law the pursuing “law enforcement officer impersonators” will be responsible for their own legal representation and damages.

Richmond Heights resident Brandon King has been repeatedly warned by state officials to close East Cleveland’s filthy jail. Council vice president wants it either closed or money used to repair it … immediately.

They must possess an oath of office that’s filed in the clerk of council’s office pursuant to R.C. 705.28; in addition to maintaining current and approved Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy credentials as required of R.C. 109.81.

They’ve also got to operate the equipment in police cars in obedience with federal and state criminal laws; and not violate R.C. 2913.04 or the FBI’s NCIC 2000 Manual to access the Mobile Display Units.  All this information is required to be delivered to citizens in criminal proceedings to ensure the city isn’t later sued for a civil rights violation. Gowdy is opposed to police using automatic license plate readers that council has not authorized them to buy or use through an ordinance or resolution.

“The taxpayers of East Cleveland are not going to pay for their unlawful behavior and violations of civil rights,” Gowdy said.

The twice-convicted Gardner exceeded the authority of the police chief when he wrote an opinion to council claiming the ordinance was unconstitutional; and that he wasn’t going to enforce it.  Gowdy said the ordinance authorizes residents to file criminal complaints against the law enforcement officer who violates it; and requires Judge William Dawson and the prosecutor to enforce it.   She said Gardner has no legal opinion-writing authority and intends to deal with his duty-exceeding criminal misconduct once elected as the city’s chief law enforcement officer.

Council Vice President Juanita Gowdy sponsored and introduced Ord. No. 525.03 to deal with the warrantless pursuits that took the lives of Tamia Chapmann, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. As mayor Gowdy has promised to deliver the message to the county’s mayors that there police officers will be arrested if they enter East Cleveland’s borders in violation of R.C. 2935.03.

“I’m not worried about Scott Gardner,” the East Cleveland Sunrise publisher told EJBNEWS.  “East Cleveland’s policing will be reformed.  The slave-catching mindset of the city’s police officers will not be tolerated in 2022.”

East Cleveland’s charter is partisan.  Since no Republicans or third party candidates have competed in the last three elections the Democrat who wins the primary heads, alone, to the November general election.  Voters will have once chance during the primary to elect the candidate of their choice.

[DISCLOSURE:  This writer is the former Mayor of East Cleveland, Ohio and I have been aiding Council Vice President Juanita Gowdy and co-East Cleveland Sunrise publisher Justyn Anderson for the past three years in understanding the complexities of municipal management from a statutory perspective.]

Ex-US Attorney Herdman needed mortgage fraud felon Darryl Moore’s $2.8 million in restitution; so the USDOJ said nothing while he stole it from East Cleveland in no bid HUD demolition contracts with King’s help

CLEVELAND, OH – When Richmond Heights resident Brandon King usurped the office of East Cleveland mayor as a non-resident of the city on January 1, 2018, his friend, Darryl Moore, had only made $3400 in restitution payments to the United States government through the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of Ohio.

Moore had been indicted on August 16, 2007 with Leon S. Heard, Steven I. Helfgott, Robert McNair, Mark C. Olds along with other defendants involved in a mortgage fraud, securities fraud, money laundering, wire fraud, interstate transportation of stolen property and conspiracy to acquire millions in dollars from investors without a securities license. They then diverted the proceeds of the dollars they’d stolen from investors to their own personal uses.  Big houses, expensive cars, swanky restaurants, tailored suits and lavish lifestyles.  The case number is 1:07 CR319.  Look it up on PACER.  Moore was “making money moves.”

The federal court docket confirms Darryl G. Moore’s conviction, sentencing and restitution amount.

Moore’s “money moves” led to him pleading guilty and being sentenced on July 11, 2008 to 53 months at the McKean Federal Corrections Institution in Bradford, Pennsylvania with three years of supervised release.  He was ordered to make restitution in the amount of $1,425,819.09 on Count 2 (Securities Fraud) and $1,388,777.31 on Count 6 (Mortgage Fraud).

The U.S. Attorneys prosecuting the organized crime gang under ex-U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman at the time were John E. Patterson, Christian H. Stickan, Richard J. French, Robert J. Patton, Alex Rokakis and Bridget M. Brennan.  Brennan is currently the acting U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio as Herdman’s replacement until President Joseph Robinette Biden’s nominee is confirmed by the United States Senate.

Moore’s conviction on all of the “fraud” offenses automatically excluded him from seeking or receiving a dime from any federal contract.  He was specifically required by federal law to leave HUD dollars alone; and it was the duty of Herdman and now Brennan in the U.S. Attorney’s office to ensure that he did as the prosecuting lawyers for the federal housing agency Biden has nominated United States Representative Marcia Louise Fudge to lead.

Assistant US Attorney Alex Rokakis was assigned by US Attorney Justin Herdman to collect on the $2.8 million in restitution Darryl G. Moore owed for his mortgage and security fraud crimes.

These same duties applied, equally, to King, Hemmons and Melran Leach in his official capacity as the mayor’s director of community development.  Leach had been a federal “witness” against Moore as one of the co-conspiring players in the organized securities and mortgage fraud crime gang.

As a “grantee” receiving HUD CDBG funds, it was the duty of King, Leach, Hemmons and finance director Charles Iyahen, including an unsuspecting city council, to enforce the “debarment and suspension” mandates found in the United States Code and the United States Code of Federal Regulations.  Moore was ineligible to receive any municipal contracts from a federally-funded city pursuant to Chapter 24 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations Section 85.35.  It is cited as 24 CFR 85.35.

Excluded Parties.  Grantees must not make any award (subgrant or contract) to any organization which is debarred or suspended or is otherwise excluded from or ineligible for participation in Federal assistance programs under Executive Order 12549, ”Debarment and Suspension.” This applies to any CDBG-assisted contract at any tier in the process.

I’m sharing a link to HUD’s procurement regulations every mayor, council member and non-profit receiving CDBG dollars have a duty to know and obey.  Citizen activists and journalists should master the regulations as well.

US Attorney Justin Herdman and Assistant US Attorney Alex Rokakis knew pursuant to 18 USC 4, Misprision of felony, that Darryl Moore was “excluded” from receiving HUD CDBG funds from the city of East Cleveland. Rokakis was one of Moore’s prosecutors.

HUD’s website features a list of offenses that automatically excluded Moore from applying for or receiving the never-ending stream of no-bid contracts and “grants” King, Leach and Hemmons delivered to him between 2017 and 2021 without RFP’s, advertising or council approval.  As East Cleveland council members read the HUD procurement regulations I’ve shared, its members should view all of Hemmons’ legal opinions as her criminal misuse of a usurped public office to protect how she’s been enriching herself by obstructing and violating the civil rights of their elected public offices.  Hemmons has never discussed what she knew about Moore’s garnishment with council; and she’s never ensured King and Leach were obeying federal procurement laws.

After his release from prison, Moore on January 30, 2012 registered 3D Moore Enterprises LLC with the Ohio Secretary of State.  His friend, King, was not yet on city council or the mayor.  King entered the office of mayor without delivering an oath of office to the Clerk of the Council on December 7, 2016 after Gary Alexander Norton, Jr. was recalled.  He repeated the same oath offense on January 1, 2018.

On October 19, 2017, Moore operating under his D Moore Enterprises LLC received his first big check for $39,500 from partners in crime King and Leach to demolish 1277 Hayden Avenue.  It was a single family home once owned by a local female pastor that could easily have been brought “up to code” with the same money and resold at cost to a large family.

Darryl G. Moore appears to have created 3 D Moore Enterprises LLC shortly after being released from prison.

Four months after King was sworn in on January 1, 2018 as East Cleveland’s mayor, after winning the November 2017 general election with the help of campaign donations Moore had given him, Rokakis, a Greek American, on April 26, 2018 entered a Notice of Appearance for the “USA.”  There was a “random reassignment” of magistrates on April 27, 2018 and an order was issued the same day assigning the case to Magistrate Judge George J. Limbert.  He retires in 2022.

On May 2, 2018, a Notice of Garnishment was sent to East Cleveland asking for the money “Darryl Moore” was owed in his “individual” name.  OPERS was also noticed as it appears to support suspicions that Moore is being falsely represented to the state pension board as an employee and not a contractor.

Gowdy told EJBNEWS she plans to investigate how many contractors and friends of King’s are being carried as employees under East Cleveland’s OPERS account.  Hemmons is not an employee but an independent contractor operating under an expired contract with no oath of office.

The federal docket does not reflect the event that “triggered” Herdman to send Alex Rokakis after East Cleveland to collect on the $2.8 million in restitution Moore owed the United States government.  It only reflects that from the time of his release from prison until May 2, 2018, he had only paid $3400 in restitution.

Darryl Moore’s fortunes changed after his $1000 donation to Brandon King’s campaign committee resulted in a check for $39000 from a no bid demolition contract.

Private attorney Hemmons, responded in a June 8, 2018 motion that the federal court should amend its record to identify “3D Moore” and not “Darryl Moore” as the garnishee.  Court documents show Rokakis validated the 3D Moore claim with Ohio’s Secretary of State and Cuyahoga County; and wrote the amendment approved by federal Judge John R. Adams.  There is no information in the federal docket that Rokakis ever shared Moore’s excluded status with Judge Adams; or that he and Herdman sought to formalize the exclusions with HUD after his “mortgage fraud” conviction.

Moore’s name would be on HUD’s exclusion list but for Herdman and Rokakis’ seeming conspiratorial negligence.  Had they alerted HUD officials that a mortgage fraud felon was submitting invoices to obtain no-bid CDBG dollars it would have prevented Herdman and Rokakis from collecting Moore’s restitution.

Alex Rokakis’ garnishment notices were also forwarded to the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS).  It was an act which strongly-implied that King was creating a pension for Moore as a “contractor” that was being paid by East Cleveland taxpayers.

If OPERS is involved its officials were delivered fraudulent documents that falsely-identified “Moore” as an employee.   Rokakis seemed unconcerned that pension contributions to contractors criminally violated Section 145.038 of the Revised Code of Ohio.

Acknowledgement of independent contractor status. (A) A public employer who on or after January 7, 2013, begins to receive personal services from an individual it classifies as an independent contractor or another classification other than public employee shall inform the individual of the classification and that no contributions will be made to the public employees retirement system for the services.

In the documents he submitted to the federal court presided over by Judge John R. Adams, assistant U.S. Attorney Alex Rokakis appears to have had no curiosity about the source of funds the city was delivering to the ex-offender who was in real time committing violations of federal HUD procurement laws.  Neither did Judge Adams.

Willa Hemmons is a contract attorney impersonating East Cleveland’s director of law.

Herdman and Rokakis also seemed unconcerned that Moore was operating a so-called demolition company with no equipment and no prior experience out of his beauty shop’s basement on Noble Road.  Moore did not even possess a Commercial Drivers License.  [NOTE:  One of Alex Rokakis’ cousins was seen in East Cleveland doing a walk-through of a home his company was given an award to demolish from the county landbank his brother, James Rokakis, once led before resigning in disgrace.]

What appears to have been Herdman’s only concern in the documents Rokakis created and presented to Judge Adams was the collection of the $2.8 million Moore owed.  It also did not appear to matter that the money Moore was collecting was being stolen from HUD.   [NOTE: Judge Adams was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation after allegations of misconduct were filed against him with the Judicial Council of the Sixth Circuit.  The mental health evaluation and charges were dropped against the federal judge on June 27, 2019.]

Annually U.S. Attorneys are required to give “Annual Statistical Reports” that identify action on restitution collections.  Herdman appeared to be interested only in building up his numbers as Trump was considering the Jones Day partner to lead the U.S. Attorneys office in Washington, D.C.  His nomination never made it out of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

Jones Day recently closed its Moscow office and relocated the Russian who led it, Vladmir Lechtman, to Washington, D.C.  The firm has represented the Russian Federation as unregistered foreign agents Herdman did not investigate for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Alex Rokakis’ documented mission focused only on getting a plan worked out with East Cleveland to deliver the “garnished” portion of the federal goverment’s HUD CDBG dollars the excluded felon was obtaining in violation of federal laws from King, Hemmons, Leach and Iyahen in no bid contracts.

U.S. District Court Judge John R. Adams has enough problems without being dragged into an East Cleveland organized crime drama by Assistant U.S. Attorney Alex Rokakis and former U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman.

The workout plan included King and private attorney Willa Hemmons, who has no contract, no oath of office nor the residency qualifications under Ohio laws to discharge the duties of a municipal director of law, agreeing to send the proceeds of Moore’s “no bid” HUD-funded demolition contracts to the U.S. District Court.  Hemmons is a resident of Shaker Heights.

Herdman and Alex Rokakis’ completely ignored their “Misprision of felony” duties pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4 to prevent the theft of HUD CDBG funds from “excluded” individuals and contractors as the Secretary of HUD’s prosecutors. Each ignored, as well, Disciplinary Rule 1.13 in the Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers in Ohio instead of misleading the USDOJ’s employees into a conspiracy to aid Moore in the commission of his crimes against HUD just to collect restitution payments.  Neither appear to have cared where the money came from as long as they got it.

An order from the Judicial Council of the Sixth Circuit ended the misconduct investigation of Judge John R. Adams. He should feel “used” by Alex Rokakis for dragging him into an organized crime drama with an excluded felon receiving HUD funded demolition awards that violated Congress’ procurement laws. Adams should review Frisbie Company v. The City or East Cleveland, 98 Ohio St. 266 (1918).  Contracts awarded in violation of public bidding laws are voided. Contractors have a duty not to accept a contract awarded in violation of laws.  Ward 2 Councilwoman Juanita Gowdy was right not to listen to the crap Darryl Moore’s attorney spewed during her contracts and property committee meeting.

Herdman, Rokakis and Hemmons all appear to have violated DR 1.13(a) and (b).

(a) A lawyer employed or retained by an organization represents the organization acting through its constituents. A lawyer employed or retained by an organization owes allegiance to the organization and not to any constituent or other person connected with the organization. The constituents of an organization include its owners and its duly authorized officers, directors, trustees, and employees.

(b) If a lawyer for an organization knows or reasonably should know that its constituent’s action, intended action, or refusal to act (1) violates a legal obligation to the organization, or (2) is a violation of law that reasonably might be imputed to the organization and that is likely to result in substantial injury to the organization, then the lawyer shall proceed as is necessary in the best interest of the organization. When it is necessary to enable the organization to address the matter in a timely and appropriate manner, the lawyer shall refer the matter to higher authority, including, if warranted by the circumstances, the highest authority that can act on behalf of the organization under applicable law.

Council vice president Juanita Gowdy started asking the hard questions about contracts, police warrantless pursuits the media calls high speed chases and Brandon King’s spending as soon as she joined council on January 1, 2020.

Rokakis is the younger brother of former Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization creator James Rokakis who aided George Michael Riley and Christine Beynon in creating the pile-up of 1000 demolished landbank properties at 1740 Noble Road behind residential homes in East Cleveland.   James Rokakis has long been suspected of being protected by his assistant U.S. Attorney brother.

Alex Rokakis appears to have a conflicted relationship with his East Cleveland involvement since the agency his brother led aided Riley in committing environmental crimes against the city’s residents that weakened immune systems, caused cancer and may have resulted in several deaths.  Barbara Garner, a non-smoker, died of lung cancer in 2016.  Her son believes the 5-story pile of death behind their Noble Road home was the cause.

No one has been criminally-prosecuted for the illegal, deadly and immune weakening “construction and demolition debris landfill” James Rokakis supported between Collinwood High School and Apex Charter School near the Helen S. Brown senior citizen high-rise and Crystal Towers. What Alex Rokakis wanted was a workout plan and a garnishment.

City council warned private attorney Willa Hemmons to stop impersonating the city’s director of law in any and every court.

After Ward 2 residents elected Juanita Gowdy to the city council in November 2018, and she was administered an oath of office on January 1, 2020, she immediately began asking for and was obstructed by King, Hemmons and attorney Heather McCollough from receiving all the information she requested about Moore’s contracts and Hemmons’ oath and contract.   McCollough notarized recall petitions against Gowdy that identified Kelly Bright as the circulator that she claimed were delivered to her by Che Gadison.  Gowdy defeated Gadison in 2019.

Gowdy, and citizen activists, who were asking the USDOJ under Herdman for help, had no idea federal prosecutors were aiding Moore in his theft of federal funds by ignoring their duties to keep him “excluded” and HUD protected.  Gowdy confirmed during her first year in office that U.S. District Court Judge James Gwin’s revelations that Hemmons was not representing the city were also confirmed.

Section 705.28 of the Revised Code of Ohio required every employee and officer of the municipal corporation to be administered an oath of office before they began discharging the duties of the public offices to which they were appointed.  The oaths were required to be filed with the Clerk of Council. Gowdy confirmed that none of the city’s official’s oaths were filed with the council clerk.

CDBG director Melran Leach had a duty to keep excluded vendors like his friend Darryl Moore away from federal dollars.

Hemmons supplied an “affidavit” instead of an oath though it was her duty pursuant to Section 733.57 of the Revised Code of Ohio and her contract to ensure the city’s officers and contractors were discharging their official duties.

When an obligation or contract made on behalf of a municipal corporationgranting a right or easement or creating a public duty, is being evaded or violated, the village solicitor or city director of law shall apply for the forfeiture or the specific performance thereof as the nature of the case requires.

Since he’s been freed from prison, Moore’s 3D Moore has had almost exclusive access to demolition awards coming from the community development department under King’s oversight and his former partner Leach’s management.  King and Leach are now trying to give him an $80,000 contract to “patch” a parking lot at city hall.

Like the other awards of federal funds to the mayor’s friends, Leach can’t prove to council that he obeyed HUD’s procurement laws as he seeks to have contracts given to Moore totaling $160,000.  When recently asked if the bids were advertised, Leach supplied an email claiming that he asked the Plain Dealer to place the bid notice without producing an actual copy of to prove that it had been published.

Richmond Heights resident Brandon King is a thief and a liar stealing from East Cleveland.

Once the documents I’ve shared in this story reaches council’s hands, King, Hemmons, Leach and Charles Iyahen are going to have some additional explaining to do.  So should Herdman and Rokakis to the appropriate federal oversight authorities for their unreported complicitness in Moore’s theft of CDBG funds HUD sent to direct entitlement East Cleveland.

Brandon King vetoes East Cleveland’s appropriation law before he got it from council in the most crazed, self-dealing veto this writer as an ex-mayor has ever seen

CLEVELAND, OH – Richmond Heights resident Brandon King’s continued illegal presence in the office of East Cleveland mayor has created yet another problem for the city.  King doesn’t know it, but Michael Smedley and Belinda Kyle told friends when he was campaigning for the seat against Una Keenon and Devin Branch that he was “too dumb” for the job.  King’s latest veto of the 2021 appropriations ordinance gives their words an air of knowing credibility.

I don’t know King and have only met him in passing three or four times in life.  Maybe.  The most we’ve said to each other in past encounters has been “hi.”  As East Cleveland’s former mayor, and and based on my observations of his statutory conduct, I would have to agree with the assessment of the two city workers King inherited from Gary Norton who know him best.

King appears not to have waited until he received the appropriation ordinance council approved on December 29, 2020 to veto the line items that lowered his “professional services” budget.  It’s where King has hidden contracts with individuals like Wendell Lovelace, Willa Hemmons, Trevelle Harp of NOAH, Thomas Wheeler and others council has not approved.


Trevelle Harp has used non-profit NOAH to enrich himself while supporting criminals and non-residents for mayor of East Cleveland.

Harp, Lovelace and Patrick Peacock have been knocking off no-bid contracts of up to $30,000 a month from King to cut grass instead of funding the service department’s workers to do it.  King has required nor shown council proof they’ve done the work on their illegal no-bid contracts.  Harp is the scheming president of 501.c3 violator NOAH who’s been using the organization to get city help on a house renovation he didn’t pay back; and to keep stealing no-bid work from King.

Council cut the money King was paying his office supply company.  They also cut the $30,000 he was paying himself to rent the court an office for its domestic violence program. King’s late father, Norman King, was paid nowhere near that amount for rent during my administration.  The city could have renovated a landbank home and used it for an office to cut the cost of rent.


Instead of waiting for the official appropriation ordinance council amended during the December 29, 2020, King took the appropriation ordinance council reviewed before the meeting began and crossed out the amounts that had been reduced in every “professional services” category.  He then increased the line items in every reduced category and added his initials.  He then wrote that he was submitting his “line item veto” thereby effectuating their repeal and his “executive replacement.”

Excuse me.  I’m actually writing and laughing.  This criminally-minded idiot admitted in writing he was vetoing the lower line item for “office supplies” being paid to his company. The subpoeana the library board got to see the mayor’s office supply contracts with that body should have scared him.

There is a term King added to his “too soon” council correspondence that doesn’t exist in Section 60 and 61 of East Cleveland’s charter; or in Section 113(E) of the city’s charter as it explains the mayor’s veto authority.  There is also no “executive replacement” after a mayor’s veto. The “executive replacement” bullshit he wrote is hysterical.  The address he lists as his residence at 1735 Elsinore has been raided twice by police for drugs.  Didn’t Biggie say, “Don’t get high off your own supply?

The effect of King’s veto is that he “voided” the sections he vetoed.  It means there are no amounts funded for those categories and finance director Charles Iyahen had better not move a penny from one line item to cover Richmond Heights resident’s “executive replacements” without council approval.   He has every duty to ignore King’s penciled in executive replacements as if they do not exist.

Iyahen, who worked for me as a payroll clerk, is already in deep criminal trouble for the way he’s moved money outside the appropriations ordinance; and paid vendors without contracts council approved.  He should realize that finance directors go to jail for the unapproved contracts; especially since he’s discharging the duties of the office without an oath of office or a bond.  Ex-Youngstown finance director David Bozanich was sentenced on September 4, 2020 to a year in prison for bribery and tampering with records.  Three years probation plus restitution.

Judge Maureen Sweeney told Youngstown’s ex-finance director he should have made better decisions. Bozanich hired former federal prosecutor Ralph Cascarilla who represented OMI/CH2M Hill in my suit against the company Gary Norton thwarted.  Federal prosecutors upon convicting former East Cleveland Mayor estimated that OMI/CH2M Hill owed East Cleveland residents a minimum of $12 million I wanted for them.  Norton wrote a letter to OMI/CH2M Hill’s president telling him council would not fund the litigation.  Cascarilla said even he was surprised at the conviction.

This dude, Norton, hates American Negroes more than the 100 blue shirted Irish Catholic and Russians who tried to exterminate our people in East Saint Louis, Illinois on July 6, 1917.  300 American Negro men, women and children dead.  THE HOLOCAUST.  Read the National Archives. These labor union evil pisses of shit said they were going to “exterminate all the niggers.”

The budget Iyahen crafted for King as East Cleveland’s director of finance fails to comply Section 60 and 61 of the city’s charter.  I’ve been told it was created with no “Certificate of Estimated Resources” from the Cuyahoga County Auditor.

As one of County Western legend Charlie Pride’s cousins, I’m reminded of one of his peer’s songs. The Gambler, Kenny Roger. “You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run.”  Run … Charles. Get away from East Cleveland city hall as fast as you can. You are in water way in over your head. You have destroyed the opportunity I gave you as a payroll clerk. Who do you think is going to hire you with all the known criminal acts associated with your “only” 38 year old name in audits, on the internet and possibly in an indictment for misappropriation of public funds? The picture of the man next to you is of a Soviet by the name of David Bozanich. Youngstown’s ex-finance director. He’s in his third month in prison. Do not think the new council is not going to do everything in its power, with my aid, to get the thieves out of city hall. I have no compassion for ANYONE who fucks over poor, trusting American Negroes. You’ve already lost. Each day you stay you make matters worse for yourself. Cut your losses. Leave just like Jack Johnson did. He knew when to “run.” Charles. You know gotdamned well EVERY purchase requisition is copied to council. You are so fucked you have no clue. I see jail in your future. Leave. Today. Every day you stay going forward adds another “count” to an indictment. You’re in over your heard. Your eyes were bigger than your stomach.

The $5.6 million Mayor Brandon King asked council to spend for three months is far more than the less than $6 million he’s collecting annually from local income taxes.  The roughly $3.4 million I once received annually from the state of Ohio’s Local Government Revenue Fund has been long gone.  The December 29, 2020 council vote on the appropriations ordinance is not even illegal.

Section 61 of the Charter requires a public hearing on the budget 10 days before it passed.  I see no evidence of council scheduling a “public hearing” on the budget and the Zoom meetings outside city hall don’t count.  I know as the city’s former mayor that the community is internet deficient.  Even the main cable provider is gone.  Council.  Open your meetings to the public … immediately.

I also know King obstructed council’s budget hearing by refusing to allow the directors to attend.  He’s also held no public hearing on the required “Action Plan” required before council approves the city’s block grant request to the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

So King’s current veto is not worth the paper on which it’s written.  He should have waited for the “official” appropriation ordinance the council president signs that the Clerk of Council, Victoria Deneau, has not “yet” delivered to the mayor.  My sources say Council President Korean Stevenson hadn’t signed any legislation before King sent his incriminating veto and “executive replacements.”

Timothy Austin, Ernest Smith and Brandon King are all up for re-election this year. King lives in Richmond Heights, Austin has homes in East Cleveland that appear empty. Smith is just an ignorant, broke thief who has no business anywhere near a public office. Voters should not even sign their “nominating petitions.” That’s not advice.  I don’t tell grown folk what to do.  Austin should just be smart enough not to run. He got a pass in the last election. That won’t happen again. . Here’s a link to the EJBNEWS newspaper that features the story about Smith and his underaged strippers.

Secondly, East Cleveland’s mayor has no veto authority until the entire budget is approved.  He has to wait until he receives the “official” appropriation ordinance that includes council’s amendments.  King should obtain the legal opinions I got from my director of law, Almeta Johnson, when I vetoed two budgets.  This dude is just not smart at all.

Norton in 2006 had taken council’s appropriation ordinance and amended it at home.  He then submitted his amendments as if they were the original appropriation ordinance prepared by the finance director right before the vote.  No one knew what he had changed and I wasn’t signing off on his fraud.  The second veto included the vote on the appropriation ordinance that included Norton’s introduction of $65,000 for himself as the director of public safety as I was headed for a life of peace after East Cleveland city hall.  I warned him in that veto how his future included prison in December 2009.  He didn’t realize I have psychic abilities.  LOL.

East Cleveland’s mayor pursuant to Section 113(E) of the charter can disprove the amount of money council approved.  He just can’t re-pencil in his own amount and operate off it.  The money council approved for professional services is “void” if council doesn’t overturn his veto.  It means for Brandon he’s now got no money in professional services thank to his decision to “void it.”  Council simply has to let his veto stand and instruct Charles to ignore his penciled in changes which he must do anyway by law.

East Cleveland city council should anticipate a criminal tool in the form of an obstructive legal opinion from the unsworn private contractor impersonating the city’s law director named Willa Hemmons of Shaker Heights about Richmond Heights resident Brandon King’s veto of council’s temporary appropriations ordinance that includes no money for her “professional services” contract.

Since Willa Hemmons’ money is tied into professional services, council should expect the private attorney impersonating the city’s director of law to issue an obstructive opinion they should deliver to federal authorities as further evidence of her misuse of the public office she’s usurped. The way Tim Austin and Ernest Smith argued for the professional services amounts King wanted, the other three council members should question if they’ve got a “cut” in it for themselves.

Smith has been driving three city cars in violation of a council ordinance as a part-time member of thel legislative body.  Smith’s main source of income is the $4500 his broke azz gets from the city’s taxpayers.  His other income is the car he’s been driving, two he’s wrecked, and the money he’s been stealing for gas and maintenance without reporting the “benefit” to the Internal Revenue Service.  Dude’s even earning an extra income off the council monthly expense account by buying toys for his daughter.

Iyahn is in trouble for not reporting Smith’s added benefit as income to the IRS on every W-2.  Smith’s in trouble for annually stealing more than the $4500 in compensation allowed by the charter.  He’s still operating the old Club Dew Drop where he was arrested for his back to school fundraiser with strippers, drugs, guns and alcohol without a liquor license. Sources say the strippers were from Detroit he picked up in the city car and transported across state lines; some as young as 17. They called Smith “Dolla Bill.”

Convicted ex-Bridgeport, Ohio mayor David Smith got 36 months in prison in 2020 for theft in office and having a conflict of interest in a public contract. The auditor, Keith Faber, the same one reviewing East Cleveland’s financial records, requested the criminal prosecution. King and his crew of thieves should not try and use “the race card” when they’re indicted. It will not be available to them.

Juanita Gowdy took office on January 1, 2020 and asked for all contracts her first week in office.  Iyahen has never delivered any of the numerous contracts King entered with his friends and his own companies without council authority.  King has been approving budgets and contracts as mayor that include his own business interests as he’s specifically referenced the office supplies contract council never approved with his company.

If he vetoes the “official” appropriation ordinance with council’s amendments, King’s done the council majority’s job for them.  No money for professional services.  He can’t now change his self-dealing reference to the loss of his “office supplies” money even if he withdraws the public record I’ve shared with my readers who include federal and state authorities.

If King could simply pencil what he wanted into the temporary appropriations ordinance the citizens of East Cleveland wouldn’t need a council or a government. All they’d have is this Richmond Heights thief stealing with the help of the other thieves he manages inside East Cleveland city hall.

The same Ohio Auditor of State who’s been busting mayors, finance directors and directors for stealing got Sterling Heights Mayor Charles Neff, his administrator, Joe Johnson, and treasurer, Bonnie Liff. Nett was convicted of “dereliction of duty” for failing to credit 25 percent of village income tax revenue to the village’s capital improvement fund. Why did you hold the federal Payroll Protection money Brandon? Why are you giving checks to Smedley’s live-in girlfriend who no longer works for the city? The car to Ernest Smith? Uh oh. All the Sterling Heights officials were convicted of theft in office, altering records, paying workers outside the council approved salary ordinance and for other acts they same Ohio Auditor of State is investigating in East Cleveland. Three years in prison for the mayor. 10 years for the administrator. One year for the treasurer. The treasurer cashed in more sick time than she was authorized. All the shit they’ve been doing in East Cleveland.

I’ll be watching to see how King and his team of contract criminals proceed.  Thanks to Smedley and Kyle for their post-election analysis of King’s less than average intellect.  His moves as mayor have made me think King’s more than a little “off.”

Willa. Tell ya’ co-conspirator to withdraw his veto and wait until he gets the official, signed appropriation ordinance from the Clerk of the Council.  I have an idea, Willa, you’ll be seeing your name in a criminal complaint.

Smedley’s “caught on tape” story is that Cleveland Heights ex-Mayor Cheryl Stephens was the hookup to “Mike Riley” and the illegal Noble Road death-spewing dump

CLEVELAND, OH – The late Gerald Strothers told me he believed Cuyahoga county council member and child of Carribbean immigrants Cheryl  Stephens was the reason 5-stories of deadly construction and demolition debris death existed in East Cleveland on Noble Road.  The regularly-burning demolition debris was part of the stockpile of 140,000 homes 2 self-enriching state laws written by Greek organized racketeers and lawyers James Rokakis and Gus Frangos, and backed by the Russian-owned Plain Dealer, used the office of the Cuyahoga County treasurer to steal.  Stephens, Strothers believed, was the “hookup” to East Cleveland officials and an environmental terrorist and mass murderer named George Michael Riley.

80 percent of the homes these evil Plain Dealer endorsed Democratic Party beasts made vacant through their 3rd party tax lien sales were owned by American Negroes hoping to create generational wealth for our families.  It’s despicable to know people who look like American Negroes, Stephens, Kenneth Tyson, Gary Norton, Thomas Wheeler and others, betrayed us all over again.  The first betrayal was the involvement of Ghanians and Nigerians selling our ancestors they kidnapped into 400 years of bondage in North America.  It’s even more despicable that the newspaper’s editors endorsed their evil and for years neglected to expose their extermination-minded acts.

The landbank law they wrote let Rokakis and Frangos acquire the thousands of homes their 3rd party tax lien sale law had made vacant and now in need of either renovation or demolition.  Another Plain Dealer endorsed “destruction of the American Negro” scheme.  Houses they liked they kept and distributed to their friends, relatives and business associates with another member of their Greek organized crime family, the late Cleveland housing court judge Ray Pianka.

About 1000 of the homes they forced an American Negro  majority of homeowners out of ended up being demolished and dumped in, of all places, in East Cleveland with the $50 million a year they got between Irish Catholic Ed Fitzgerald and Soviet Armond Budish to demolish.  It’s not the God, guns and country White Anglo Saxon Protestant Jesus-loving Christians creating all these “exterminate the American Negro-minded” schemes.

The late Carl Stokes, Cleveland’s first known American Negro mayor, told me as he told his audience in Promises of Power that the descendants of Communist Soviets and Nazis running the police department and local government offices were the most racistly-brutal.

These legislatively-evil Democratic fucks, Rokakis, Frangos and their gang of thieving employee racketeers, profited off every angle.  Federal agents are investigating the “cut” it is more than a mere allegation these two evil pieces of shit were alleged to have gotten from Riley.  My sources say Riley and Frangos were regularly on the phone during closed door conversations.

I’m sure a search warrant for their cell phone and ping records has already confirmed the relationship.  One of Rokakis’ cousins was recently in East Cleveland to demolish a county landbank property on Beersford Road next door to councilman Nathaniel Martin.  East Cleveland Sunrise publisher Justyn Anderson witnessed and took a photograph of the man claiming he was Rokakis’ cousin; and bragging how he had demolished another county landbank home on the same street.

The Rokakis – Frangos Greek political organized crime gang was the most extermination-minded and ethnic cleansing savage in U.S. history.  By the time I wrote a letter as East Cleveland’s newly-elected mayor telling Rokakis not to place anymore East Cleveland properties on his gotdamned list, up for 3rd party sales over 27,000 homes had been foreclosed on in the county. That’s according to his outdated website.  By the time I took office in 2006 his 27,000 foreclosure statistic was five years old.

There is absolutely no love lost between me and this piece of Plain Dealer-endorsed scumbag shit.  And all Jim’s going to do is run his fucking mouth from a distance and complain to Mansfield Frazier.  Budish abruptly cut the $50 million and cleaned up the landbank when he learned federal agents were investigating.  “Guilty state of mind.”

Last week I received a recording of East Cleveland Mayor Brandon King’s chief of staff, Michael Smedley, entertaining Ward 2 residents with a series of incredible lies after his initials and title appeared in the “conspiracy” section of Kenneth Tyson’s November 21, 2018 indictment.   The recording capture his comments during a meeting after I associated the M.S. and “chief of staff” referenced in the Tyson indictment with Smedley and the job title he’s been claiming.  Smedley was identified in the Tyson indictment 42 days after federal agents arrested Norton and Veals on October 4, 2018.

This is a Cleveland Division of Fire file photo of one of the many fires that occurred behind homes in East Cleveland; and in between Collinwood High School and Apex Charter School across the street from Helen S. Brown apartments and the former Christ the King. This is evil. The dump contains deadly toxins residents breathed in for three years because of the negligence of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, Council President Kevin Kelly and 16 members of council who either did not know or did not care to enforce the city’s contract with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to protect us all from air, water and soil polluters.

Tyson and Stephens were employees of the Rokakis and Frangos criminal enterprise known as the Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation.  The county landbank.  Tyson was busted for lying to federal agents about the free work Riley did on his home in exchange for demolition contracts tied to the illegal dump Smedley brought to the city as one of his “economic deals.”

Smedley said the M.S. in the indictment wasn’t him.  He wasn’t King or Norton’s chief of staff.  He was bringing development deals to the city.  If “they” make him look bad they make East Cleveland look bad.  In Smedley’s demented mind the city’s residents will lose a champion.  King can listen to the audio recording to hear the scumbag he’s been trusting lying to the residents he asked to vote for him; and who he’s planning to ask for their vote again.

According to Smedley in the audio recording, Tyson did not get a city landbank home from him.  He said he did not know Riley, but he changed and said Stephens had introduced him to the illegal and identity-changing dump operator.  But he only met him once.  Smedley in around the same breath says he sat next to him.  Riley in 2018 changed his name to Anthony Michael Castello in the middle of all the legal troubles killing any future crebility for the name of George Michael Riley.

The audio recording reveals Smedley telling residents he visited the U.S. Attorney’s office; but the twist he put on the visit was as deceptive as the rest of his rambling “true confession.”  Admitting that he’d just gotten out of bed without doing anything but brush his teeth, not even combing his cain’t-cha don’t-cha hair, the chief of staff “funk bomb” said his visit to federal prosecutors was to ask for a retraction.

Smedley’s wild claim that he met with federal prosecutors for a “retraction” of my identifying him in writing as the chief of staff in the conspiracy section of Tyson’s November 21, 2018 indictment was as lunatic as the rest of the crap coming from his dribbling-azzed lips.  His only recourse for a retraction pursuant to section 2739 of the Revised Code of Ohio was to make the request to me in writing.  That shit didn’t happen.  Federal prosecutors also did not remove MS as the chief of staff from Tyson’s indictment.

A search of Tyson’s filings with the U.S. District Court in the Northeast District of Ohio show him about to accept a plea dea.  There’s no record of him asking that Smedley’s name be removed from his indictment as he’s got Greek attorney Chris or Christos N. Georgalis worrying about his azz and not M.S’s.

From Tyson’s motions he’s been running his legal game and not his lying-azzed mouth like Smedley.  Right now he’s worried about a sentence of up to 20 years as his pre-sentence motions show him fighting for up to 5.

King’s chief of staff told residents special prosecutors wrote a letter affirming that he was not being investigated although he had just been “intentionally” identified by them as “M.S” and “chief of staff” in the Tyson indictment.  The unshaven Smedley told residents the investigation was closed.  They could prove he visited federal prosecutors – only to discuss the retraction and to get the letter that he was not under investigation – by making a public records request for the visitor’s log at the Carl B. Stokes Federal Building to see his recorded name.

Smedley didn’t share a copy of the letter he claimed he was given by federal prosecutors closing the investigation of him with Ward 2’s residents.  He told them the worst day of his life was in seeing his name in my article identifying him by name and title in the Tyson indictment for the investigation he told residents was closed.

It was quiet at city hall on December 14, 2020, and Smedley wasn’t around, when the investigation he told Ward 2 residents at Apthorp Towers was closed had produced an indictment against Norton and Veals; and he’d learned that Norton had already pleaded guilty and may have been singing like Tweety Bird a month before Tyson was indicted.

If he hasn’t been keeping up with Tyson’s proceedings and he’s reading these words, as I know he is with his picture intentionally plastered all over the front page of my website, Smedley now knows Tyson’s working on a deal to cut his time from 20 to five.  If seeing your name in indictment lights was the worst day of your ignorant life, Mike, it is not my intent to make the news you’re now reading the second.

East Cleveland councilman Nathaniel Martin talks to a man who claims to be James Rokakis’ cousin and a demolition contractor. He was on the street with his son demolishing a landbank home.

The way you lived up to the day you had your viewing party with pictures stolen from my personal computer, a federal crime, and criminally disseminated my stolen private property to criminals in the media and others the day my father died reflects your corrupted soul.  What you don’t know is I long ago made peace with God and let you people go.  I simply sat back and let the ignorance you and Gary were doing to yourselves entertain me; and wrote about how God moved in all your lives to move you out of the lives of the people he loves but you don’t.

I didn’t have to lay a finger on you.  Get prayed up boy.  You’re gonna have a rough road to hoe.   I see prison in your future.  A hard head makes a soft azz.  When you and Travelle Harp were coupled up over at Speedway – Overlook and regular attendees at my weekly town hall meetings, yours must have done all the jigglin’.

Thanks to your shocking “caught on tape” confession, we now know Stephens, a known associate of Tyson’s, was your hook-up to Riley and the dump.  Is that the same story you told federal prosecutors or FBI agents?

When Gary Norton pleaded guilty to the USDOJ; he agreed to tell everything about his and everyone else’s felony crimes out of East Cleveland city hall and a whole lot more

CLEVELAND, OH – Sing, Gary Norton, sing.  Hit the “high” notes to so they reach the ears of your “big boy” friends.  Sing it loud.   James Rokakis. Gus Frangos.  Cheryl Stephens. Michael Cardilli.  Brandon King.  Thomas Wheeler.  Darrell Moore.  Michael Smedley.   Y’all hear Gary?  He “sangin’.”

A freelancer for WOIO once informed me that a request for Norton’s cell phone records revealed he made approximately 290 calls to the Plain Dealer during his first year in office.   Every politician reading the last sentence thinks its strange and even suspicious for a mayor to spend 290 and out of 365 days of his first year in elected office talking to newspaper publisher, editor and reporters.

The “parties” to the federal crimes Gary Norton has already agreed with the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) that he committed should be concerned about their own inchoate offenses now that he’s “been” talking to reduce the number of charged offenses and time he’ll have to spend in prison if any.   The inchoate offenses are the crimes Norton’s organized crime gang involved themselves in like accessory, attempt, conspiracy, compounding a felony, misprision, misprision of felony and criminal facilitation.

Norton’s only been charged with “obstruction.”  That’s an extremely sweet deal for what I know are his crimes in office.  He must have been hitting the high notes like Eddie Kendricks.

The plea deal he cut with the USDOJ creates for Norton the most difficult challenge of his life.  He has to tell the truth to federal prosecutors about everything he did and everyone with whom he did it while committing crimes in office as the Plain Dealer’s endorsed candidate for mayor.  Language in Norton’s plea deal should read as follows under the Government’s Rule 11 Memorandum:

Subject to the ongoing, full, and truthful cooperation of the defendant, and before sentencing in the case, the United States will fully advise the Court and the Probation Office of the fact, manner, and extent of the defendant’s cooperation and its commitment to prospective cooperation with the United States’ investigation and prosecutions, all material facts relating to the defendant’s involvement in the charged offense, and all other relevant conduct.

Specifically, this means under the Government’s Rule 11 Memorandum that Norton, as a defendant, agreed to testify truthfully and completely at any grand jury, trial or proceeding involving the criminals he’s identified to the USDOJ and is telling on.  He’s agreed to be available, reasonably, for debriefings and pre-trial conferences.  He’s agreed to provide all documents, recordings, writings or materials of any kind of his possession to the USDOJ.  He’s also agreed not to violate any federal, state or local criminal laws while cooperating with the government.

The video below shows Norton in a conversation with city council in what appears to be seeds he was planting to gain access to the city’s demolition contracting process through Vanessa Veals; and her forging Leach’s name on a contract to deliver him.  Keep in mind this was after Norton was recalled and driving for Uber.

It was also after Norton had kept paying himself $65,000 a year as the safety director six months after voters took the money from him.  It’s after Automated Traffic Solutions paid $35,000 in campaign funds to help him keep the extra $65,000.   That was his cut of the “red light camera” scam.  It’s after Norton paid himself $12,000 twice between September and December right before the recall.  It was after his Cleveland school principal wife, in a two-income family of five earning over $200,000 a year off public funds, stole $10,000 from her fellow principals to buy them gifts.

Norton showed up at a council meeting approximately two years ago with a free offer to demolish up to $250,000 in homes.  The person who shared the video with me knows it was before Norton and Veal’s attempted demolition-contractby-forgery theft.

Norton described his partners as “we” but not by name or company during the municipal government’s official meeting.  Councilman Timothy Austin, a retired United States Air Force sergeant, correctly assessed that Norton’s claim was “hard to believe.”  He by now has figured that my perspective of Norton after working with and knowing him; is that if his lips are moving he’s lying.   Pseudologia fantastica.  You can’t take what Norton says seriously … ever.

My sources tell me Moore was Norton’s partner.  Driving for Uber and selling used cars for Rick Case wasn’t cutting it for the 7 figure thief.  Where’s the $8 million from the $20 million in Cleveland Clinic money he got from Delos Cosgrove and the criminals who conspired with him to close Huron Hospital?

The problem for Norton is he violated so many criminal laws while holding elected office, misdemeanor and felony, as well as local, state and federal, that his crimes are so imperceptible he’ll be lying and not even know it.  Here’s an example.

There’s a Supreme Court of United States of America case most lawyers haven’t read captioned Frisbie Co. v. City of East ClevelandIt’s found in Ohio Jurisprudence at 98 Ohio St. 266, 120 N.E. 309, 312 (1918).  99.9 percent of the nation’s mayors have never heard of it.  For contractors doing business with any government it’s the most important law they should know.

Frisbie Co. dug and laid the water and sewer lines along Doan and Hayden Avenue in 1895. The company’s owner accepted a no-bid contract when East Cleveland was a township.  The project completed when East Cleveland had grown to a village and the village council looked at the records, saw “no bid” and did not pay.  Public bidding laws were not followed.

The bottom line to the Supreme Court’s affirmation of a lower court’s ruling is that Frisbie Co. was entitlted to no payment even if the work was done because the contract was unlawfully awarded when public bidding anlaws were not enforced by East Cleveland’s township officials.  The court took the unchanged position that contractors have a duty to know and obey public bidding laws whether the elected or appointed officials do or not.

Contractors have a “misprision of felony” duty to report the crime when they receive no-bid and other unlawfully-delivered contracts.  Each duty boxes contractors into obeying laws with no escape.

A thread running throughout the many cases the court has reviewed is that the contractor must ascertain whether the contract complies with the Constitution, statutes, charters, and ordinances so far as they are applicable. If he does not, he performs at this perile. g., City of Wellston v. Morgan (1901), 65 Ohio St. 219, paragraph four of the syllabus; Frisbie Co. v. City of East Cleveland, supra, paragraph five of the syllabus; State, ex rel. Allen, v. Lutz, supra. The most articulate explanation of this principle was given in McCloud & Geigle v. City of Columbus, supra, at 452 and 453, where the court, in referring to private contractors, said:  “We think there is no hardship in requiring them, and all other parties who undertake to deal with a municipal body in respect of public improvements, to investigate the subject and ascertain at their peril whether the preliminary steps leading up to contract and prescribed by statute have been taken. No high degree of vigilance is required of persons thus situated to learn the facts. They are dealing with public agencies whose powers are defined by law, and whose acts are public transactions, and they should be charged with knowledge of both. If the preliminary steps necessary to legalize a contract, have not been taken, they can withdraw from the transaction altogether, or delay until the steps are taken. The citizen and taxpayer, in most instances, unless directly affected by the improvement has but a remote, contingent and inappreciable pecuniary interest in the matter and should not be required to personally interest himself about its details. *

Darrell Moore of D-Moore Enterprises has unlawfully been receiving no-bid contracts from Mayor Brandon King.  They’re fraternity brothers.  Alpha Phi Alpha.  Moore is in another fraernity as a federal ex-offender for his role in violating federal Securities & Exchange Commission laws in a financial scheme.

Under King as East Cleveland’s mayor Moore’s been “making money moves.”  He just got a no bid contract from his frat brother to knock down yet another building in the city at Noble Road and Euclid Avenue.  With the asbestos in it, and the hauls to the landfill at Minverva, a job like that goes for around $140,000.  Lower if it’s bid.  Despite the fire and the nuisance, securing the property from pedestrians for a week’s worth of special council meetings to get bid approval is no real delay in a city with over 4000 vacant properties just like the one Moore’s knocking down.

What Moore had a “misprision of felony” duty to do was report King, Norton and Leach to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for giving him no bid demolition contracts.  As the “Frisbie” case reveals, government doesn’t operate under the “Ooh I got the hookup” paradigm.

 Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Moore as a contracted vendor was discharging an adjunct function of the funding governments when he accepted the illegal contracts.  The words I’m highlighting are legal terms found in the “definitions” sections of the Revised Code.  It makes Moore and every vendor a “quasi-government official” whether they are administered oaths of office or not.

What Moore doesn’t know doesn’t matter.  The university-educated man should have read, mastered and obeyed all federal, state and local laws regarding demolition and public bidding before bidding on public contracts.  Every one of you contractors reading my words had better lock all of them into your brains.  Forever.

At all times, and as East Cleveland’s former mayor, I know the city’s charter has no public bidding or contracting conflicts with unsuspended state general laws.   What I know Norton and King don’t know are the charter section and two Revised Code of Ohio sections that would authorize them to award certain contracts without public bidding.  From their acts I know they’ve read what they wanted into the state’s general laws; and have only selected the “few words” they think lets them do what they want while ignoring all the other words around their chosen words.

Section 72 of East Cleveland’s charter gives the mayor the following limited contract authority on his own.  “Contracts” is the heading.

The Mayor may make any contract or purchase supplies or material, or provide labor for any work in any department, not involving more than Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars or the amount stipulated by State law, whichever amount is the greater.When any expenditure within any department other than the compensation of persons employed therein, exceeds Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars or the amount stipulated by State law, whichever amount is the greater, such expenditure shall first be authorized and directed by ordinance of the Council, and when so authorized and directed the Mayor shall make a written contract with the lowest and best bidder after advertisement for not less than two nor more than four consecutive weeks in a newspaper having a bona fide daily general circulation of 20,000 copies or more within Cuyahoga County, Ohio. All bids shall be sealed and shall be opened at twelve o’clock noon on the last day for filing the same by the Mayor at his office in the City of East Cleveland, Ohio, and be publicly read by him. Each bid shall contain the full name of every person or company interested in the same, and shall be accompanied by a sufficient bond or certified check on some solvent bank that if the bid is accepted a contract will be entered into and the performance of it properly secured. If the work bid for embraces both labor and material, they shall be separately stated with the price thereof. The Mayor shall report all the bids to the Council at its next regular meeting and shall recommend which, if any, bid shall be accepted. The Council, regardless of the recommendation of the Mayor, may reject any or all bids. No such contract shall be entered into by the Mayor until the approval thereof by the Council has been first had and obtained.

The late attorney Almeta Johnson served as my director of law.  Jumping into the first day’s of my administration we followed but started to immediately modify the past practices of the former two administrations.  I had inherited a government that in no way resembled the one identified in Title 7 for all forms of government found in Section 705 of the Revised Code.

The same problem exists today for contractors doing business with the city.  The “elected” mayor I replaced had disassembled the “accountability” boards so he could do what he wanted.  A contractor knowledgeable in all the different statutory nuances of public bidding would have to bypass East Cleveland altogether.

Retired United States Army Captain Samuel Lockhart in front of equipment we purchased to warm asphalt to repair potholes. The equipment disappeared under the Norton administration right after we left office. So did the roller. Photo by Eric Jonathan Brewer

In my administration we had to reorganize the board of zoning appeals, the board of tax appeals, the board of architectural review, the city planning commission and even the board of control.  The existence of these boards are not “options.” East Cleveland officials have no other choice but to keep them in existence in perpetuity.  The board of control is critical when it comes to contractors.  The authority for its existence is found in R.C. 733.21.

The mayor, director of public service, and the director of public safety constitute the board of control of a city. The mayor shall be ex officio president. The board shall keep a record of its proceedings. All votes shall be by yeas and nays and entered on the record, and the vote of a majority of all the members of the board shall be necessary to adopt any question, motion, or order.

Except as otherwise provided in division (D) of section 713.23, and sections 125.04 and 5513.01 of the Revised Code, no contract in the department of public service or the department of public safety, in excess of five thousand dollars, shall be awarded except on the approval of the board of control of the city, which board shall direct the director of the appropriate department to enter into the contract. The members of the board shall prepare estimates of the revenue and expenditures of their respective departments to be submitted to the city legislative authority by the mayor, as provided by law.

What I know do not exist under both Norton and King’s administration are the records of the meetings of the board of control for contracts over $5000  in the departments of public service and public safety.  The director of public service is important in the board of control, as well as the director of public safety, because like the mayor in Section 72 can make contracts under his or her control; the same authority is granted to the directors of public service and safety.  The authority to enter demolition contracts is under the authority of the director of public service in R.C. 735.06.  The heading is “proceedings on opening of bids.”

Bids for work under the supervision of the department of public service shall be opened at the time, date, and place specified in the notice to bidders or specifications and shall be publicly read by the director of public service or a person designated by him. The time, place, and date of bid openings may be extended to a later date by the director of public service, provided that written or oral notice of the change shall be given to all persons who have received or requested specifications no later than ninety-six hours prior to the original time and date fixed for the opening.

Each bid shall contain the full name of each person interested in it and shall be accompanied by a sufficient bond or certified check, cashier’s check, or money order on a solvent bank or savings and loan association that if the bid is accepted a contract will be entered into and its performance properly secured unless the bid is for a contract for the construction, demolition, alteration, repair, or reconstruction of a public improvement, in which case it shall meet the requirements of section 153.54 of the Revised Code. If the work bid embraces both labor and material, such items shall be separately stated with the price thereof.

The director may reject any bid. Where there is reason to believe there is collusion or combination among bidders, the bids of those concerned therein shall be rejected.

Under the circumstances for which Moore’s company has been receiving contracts from King they’re all required to be approved by the “board of control.”  As no board of control existed under Norton, and now under King, the contracts over $5000 to Moore are unlawful even if the two mayors perceived they had the authority to give a single vendor they select all or the majority of the city’s demolition contracts with public bids and him posting a bond.

There can be no good that comes from lying to become the mayor of a city where you are not a resident. You start off as a criminal. You end up as a criminal. Brandon King lives in Richmond Heights and lied about living in East Cleveland at 1735 Elsinore Avenue. He cares about the money he’s stealing. He doesn’t care about the residents of East Cleveland he’s been lying to and fooling. The criticism he’s ignored is also the instruction that would have saved him from shaming himself and family name.

It was close to three years around late 2008 before I reorganized East Cleveland’s dismantled board of control.  The other boards were functional and operating.  Instead of sending designates to attend the meetings the mayor was required to attend I attended for the most part.  I forwarded my bid requests through city council.  Every single piece of legislation from my administration was requested of council by the mayor.  No “departmental requests.”  Directors have no legislative request authority.

Retired United States Army Captain Samuel Lockhart served as my director of public service when my first service director resigned after slightly over a year.  He attended meetings Cuyahoga County’s other directors of public service organized.  I sent him to the meetings of the Mayors and City Managers Association when I couldn’t attend.

Samuel brought the board of control and the full scope of the statutory duties of the director of public service to Almeta and my attention; and we reorganized that board.  It was up and running when Norton replaced me as mayor.

Hemmons, now a contractor impersonating the director of law, would have known of my administration’s board reorganization effort as someone Almeta had referred to me as a part-time assistant prosecuting attorney.  I’d never met her before.  Had both Ronald Riley and Hemmons had ensured that Norton and now King maintained and improved upon the governance structure my administration delivered to him on December 31, 2009, many of the problems the city and he now face would be non-existent.

My goal was to see the contractors working with the city grow. Not engage them in criminal acts that destroyed their names, families and the wealth they were creating to leave for them.  Criminals in elected and appointed public offices, particularly those in predominantly American Negro cities, are killing our people as bad as the rabid Communist, Nazi, extermination-minded Eastern European Irish Catholics and Russian illegal aliens who had organized themselves into terrorist labor unions and slaughtered 300 American Negro men, women and children in their “Holocaust” against our people on July 6, 1917 beginning in that city and spreading across the nation.

Mayors pursuant R.C. 733.01 are “chief conservators of the peace” or more specifically defined as “law enforcement officers” pursuant to R.C. 2901.01.  Every home rule city with a charter has language for mayors that fall within the range of the duties authorized in R.C. 733.01.

733.03 General powers of mayor in cities – merger of certain departments.  The mayor shall be the chief conservator of peace within the city. He may appoint and remove the director of public service, the director of public safety, and the heads of the subdepartments of public service and public safety, and shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as are conferred and required by law.  In any city the legislative authority thereof may, by a majority vote, merge the office of director of public safety with that of director of public service, with one director to be appointed for the merged department, and the director of the merged department shall have those qualifications provided in section 735.01 of the Revised Code.  Effective Date: 09-06-1965 .

As a law enforcement officer Norton’s duty pursuant to R.C. 733.34 was to “supervise the conduct of the officers of the municipal corporation.”  He had to ensure that all laws were obeyed and every official and vendor interacting with the city complied with two constitutions and East Cleveland’s charter, and all the applicable federal, state and local laws as unsuspended and written.  The same appllies to King who’s too stupid not to direct city workers to buy office supplies from his American Merchandising Company.

King’s frat brothers should have run away from him instead of doing business with him.  If they cared for him they would have privately told him to read, master and obey the laws that would guide him towards successfully serving and enriching Americans.

So instead of giving Moore no bid contracts, Norton and King’s duties were to enforce laws.  Moore’s duty was to demand that his law enforcement officer friends obey the laws he donated campaign money for them to obey.

It’s not snitching to tell your elected official friend not to do stupid shit that will get you both in jail.  It’s not smart to tell the mutha fucka you ain’t giving him a “cut” and cuss his mutha fuckin’ azz out.

I’ll share one of the “municipal” laws that would have allowed Norton and King to award no bid contracts.  R.C. 735.051.  The emergency defined in the law has to be real and not “tautological.”  It means King or Norton can’t just say they’re doing something because it is an emergency without defining it.

A water line break is an emergency.  A tree falling a home and injuring a family is an emergency.  A sinkhole is an emergency.  A fire in a high-rise apartment building like the one I lived in, and that displaces 500 residents, is an emergency.  Giving your boy a no bid contract to demolish homes that have sat for years is not an emergency.

735.051 Emergency conditions obviate formal bidding and advertising for contracts.  In the case of a real and present emergency arising in connection with the operation and maintenance of the department of public service, including all municipally owned utilities, the department of public safety, or any other department, division, commission, bureau, or board of the municipality, the legislative authority of the municipality may by a two-thirds vote of all the members elected thereto, authorize the director of public service, director of public safety, city manager, board of public affairs, or other duly authorized contracting officer, commission, board, or authority, to enter into a contract for work to be done or for the purchase of supplies or materials without formal bidding and advertising.

So now here’s Moore’s problem.  King gave him his most recent no-bid contract.  It’s unlawful and I know he and his associates are reading.  What he can’t do is submit records requesting to be paid.  That will be fraud.  So it’s best for him to stop working and remove his equipment from the job site.

What Moore, King, Smedley, Charles Iyahen, Korean Stevens as council president all have to now concern themselves with, as officials and officers of the municipal corporation, are what are the “individual duties” of their respective statutory public offices as “defined by unsuspended general laws” for the public offices they hold after reading my words.

The 2nd worst decision Gary Norton made in his life was to hire Michael Smedley as his chief of staff. He’s told others what he thinks is his worst mistake. Brandon King literally place himself in the middle of a criminal enterprise when he kept and empowered a criminal like Smedley to help him manage a municipal workforce.

Moore is operating as an “adjunct official” of the municipal government of East Cleveland as a contractor.  He can’t violate any laws and expect anything other than criminal prosecution in the current “known” environment.  In this same environment where it’s known the former mayor and secretary of the chief of police have been federallyindicted, Iyahen would be a fool to direct a check to Moore in his official capacity as the director of finance knowing all he knows about the violations of felony level federal, state and local laws in which he and King are engaged.

To pay him would be to legitimize an illegitimate act and make Iyahen a co-conspirator in concealing felony crimes.  It’s supposed to be “the law director to the rescue” with a legal opinion that guides every official on how to lawfully discharge their duties, including the adjunct ones; but she’s a criminal, too, as a director of law impersonator.  This is how East Cleveland officials look in a federal agent’s file on its way to a federal prosecutor for an ongoing evaluation.

So here’s a final law.  It’s a section of East Cleveland’s charter.  A charter for a municipal corporation is like the Constitution of the United States of America.

There is not a single word in it that cannot be altered in any way unless the current language and the proposed new language appears on ballot where an election is held during a “referendum” or an “initiative” and qualified electors of the municipal corporation of East Cleveland, only, get to vote yes or no.  Fuck anything else you’re told by a criminal in office if you’re a contractor.

Charles Iyahen’s mishandling of East Cleveland’s finances has his name on the lips of federal and state law enforcement officers. 216-522-1400. FBI. Sean Roth. Confess. Time’s running out. Gather your records and remember these words. Misprion of felony. 3 years in prison if you do not report the felony offenses your job as an unsworn finance director requires you to report. No oath makes you a finance director impersonator, Charles. You’re already caught. You actually remind me of Daniel Bertosa. The feds investigated how he misappropriated $459,000 in 1985. Darryl Pittman fired the screw up finance director in 1986. Bertosa said he didn’t know the money had to be accounted for formerly. The Feds didn’t care about his ignorance. He was also sending checks to the former judge who went to jail. Since I’m older than you and been around this country longer; I have a longer historical perspective. You’re in GroundHog Day and don’t know it. You’re already caught. HIstory does repeat itself.

The section of East Cleveland’s charter is 75.  It’s one fucking sentence written in plain English that needs no interpretation.  You’ve already read section 72 of the charter.  There are other sections between 72 and 75 you’re going to have read on your own.  Within this paragraph I’ve linked to East Cleveland’s charter twice.  You can’t miss it if you’re paying attention

75  CONTRACTS – WHEN VOID.  All contracts, agreements or other obligations entered into, and all ordinances passed or resolutions and orders adopted contrary to the provisions of the preceding section, shall be void

FBI agents would prefer not to be wasting federal dollars investigating this dumb shit.  I’d prefer federal dollars not be wasted on this dumb shit.  Will you please read, re-read so you can remember, and then re-read again and again until you get this nation’s Constitutions and laws embedded into your minds when you’re interacting with governments or holding elected and appointed public offices: including you “adjunct officials” of the government who are contractors?

If your local elected and appointed officials are not obeying laws anyone can read free and online they’re criminals.  Put their asses out of office at the next election even if they’re a mutha fuckin’ friend.  A criminal in elected, appointed or adjunct office ain’t nobody’s friend.

They set us back.  They make us look bad.

To the organized crime gang operated out of the mayor’s office, finance department, police department, municipal court … you’re already caught.  Why is it so easy to catch East Cleveland thief’s?

When I took my staff to Columbus, Ohio for meetings HUD uses to train community development directors, Karen Hood and crew were able to see the name East Cleveland on the PowerPoint presentation.  Ask her, Pat Lacey and Cheryl Stanton.  HUD planning director Jorgelle Lawson, retired, said they trained directors, nationally, using East Cleveland’s community development department as an example of what not to do.

They take the public records East Cleveland officials create.  They use the audit findings and inspector general investigations coming out of their non-compliance.  Viola.  How to bust a thief?

All that shit stopped after I was the only mayor in this state, and the only one in the nation, to takeover the community development department and attend the meetings.  HUD’s Inspector General delivered the results of a special audit of my work administration over the department my last month in office in 2009.  I let Norton listen as mayor-elect.

Zero mutha fuckin’ audit findings … Gary.  Remember?  All you had to do was keep it up. An A is 95 to 100.  Anything less demeans the American Negro race you curve-graded oaf.

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