Harold Hitz Burton

Cleveland Clinic and UH’s greed helped killed the 47 hospitals and 7000 beds thinking leaders started building in 1837 to deal with future pandemics

CLEVELAND, OH – The Cleveland City Directory of 1974 identifies 47 hospitals in the nation’s 8th largest city that year.  Within and around Cleveland’s direct municipal borders were 7000 hospital beds that had been built into our health care infrastructure since City Hospital was constructed in 1837 after the cholera pandemic.  This story’s feature image is of the newly-constructed free Cleveland hospital 184 years ago. As Cleveland experienced more pandemics the city’s enlightened political and health care leaders pushed for and enacted laws that provided funding to increase hospital bed capacity and expand free care.  By 1937 Cleveland’s City Hospital…

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Bibb and Griffin must read and publicly demonstrate mastery of the American Rescue Plan Act before council votes to let the inexperienced mayor spend a dime of Cleveland’s $511 million

The "administration" is responsible for determining whether a police or firefighter's death was within the line of duty. There should be complete silence coming from city council about the mayor's decision to exercise administrative authority over the employees under the mayor's supervision. Council approved a collective bargaining agreement that did not include "death benefits" for cops because the matter has already been resolved by state law's Mayor Justin Bibb's administration has a duty to enforce. It's Council President Blaine Griffin's duty to ensure that his branch of government remains on its side of the aisle.

CLEVELAND, OH – It was wise of Cleveland city council members to reject outgoing Mayor Frank Jackson and Council President Kevin Kelley’s plans to spend American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 funds.  The last thing on Jackson and Kelley’s minds with around one month left in office is reading a 243-page federal law and leading their soon to be “out the door” teams in its broadest implementation.  They’re thinking about “next” and not “now.”  Whether Jackson and Kelley are mentally ready to leave or not the azz kissing that goes along with their public offices is over.  I’ve been there.…

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Governor Lausche’s unused law has allowed Ohio city councils to create free hospitals since 1953

COLUMBUS, OH – Since October 1, 1953 any Ohio city council member could have introduced legislation to create a free hospital to care for residents that’s controlled by the director of public safety under Chapter 749 of Ohio’s Revised Code.   The 1953 law funded free hospitals with a simple property tax.  $1 a year for every $1000 in property value.  $50 a year on a $50,000 home. Section 749.01 of Chapter 749 is specifically one of the state laws every elected municipal official swears to obey and enforce, but the majority haven’t read.   It’s why local politicians are looking to…

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