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Federal prosecutors and the FBI must add O’Malley’s failure to enforce and prosecute federal and state “color of law” election law violations between the elections board and prosecutor’s office

CLEVELAND, OH – Justin Bibb’s September 14, 2021 pre-primary election campaign finance report was required pursuant to Section 3517.10 of the Ohio Revised Code to be delivered “not later than 4 p.m.” on the 12th day before the election.  September 2, 2021 was the due date and Bibb’s campaign treasurer, Scott Hruby, delivered it on October 8, 2021. Failing to file on time violates Section 3517.13 of the Ohio Revised Code.  The heading is “failure to file.”  Because they violated Section 3517.10 and 3517.13 of the Ohio Revised Code, Bibb and Hruby should have two separate 1st degree misdemeanor charges…

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The Adolf Hitler of Israel tells Knesset no one will be able to say no to or oppose the United States now that he’s gone

This isn't the only picture of ex-Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the descendant of Polish immigrants to Palestine, giving a speech and raising his hand like one of Adolf Hitler's Nazis. Last year a photographer in Palestine published this image and got a visit from Israeli police who ordered him to remove it. Israel doesn't have a constitution or free speech. In the past month Palestinians protesting his government's decision to remove them from homes they owned were visited by Israeli police and members of the Israeli Defense Forces who were conducting a "house to house" search for protestors. Benny Mileikowsky's ancestors could have been Nazis since the Poles operated extermination camps during World War II.

CLEVELAND, OH – Polish-ancestried war criminal and indicted thug Benjamin Netanyahu (family name Mileikowsky) delivered his last speech to Israel’s Knesset as Prime Minister of the nation of illegal Russian, Polish and Ukrainian immigrants who armed themselves to take over Palestine in 1948. Their armed 1948 takeover was accomplished with $50 million in help from illegal Russian, Polish and Ukrainian alien gangsters living in the United States of America. The extermination-minded Adolf Hitler of Israel’s true colors about the United States of America and Americans were on full display in his departing words before the “constitution-less” nation formed by illegal…

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Russian moderator Wallace’s debate role is internal Russian election interference


CLEVELAND, OH – I’ve been in candidate debates where the moderator was doing their worst to suppress my performance like Bruce Martin did in East Cleveland in 2005 when I campaigned successfully for mayor.  He even said my time was up “early” as he tried his best to cut off an answer that showed the unpreparedness of his candidate, Gladys Walcott.   I was in the same position as President Donald Trump,as someone who’d never held elected office, competing against someone who’d been in office for a dozen years.  I thought of him and that debate when I observed Russian American…

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Feds busting landlords and housing workers who make broke tenants their personal ho’s

CLEVELAND, OH – There’s a series of titles on porn websites that feature tenants having sex with landlords for rent.  One 52-year-old Chicago landlord’s porn profile consists of 22 pages of tenants he describes by their color and lifestyle characteristics sucking his dick.  His words.  Not mine.    The landlord’s dick sucking tenants are women, men, transgendered women and middle-aged men he calls “sissies.”  He seemed to have no shortage of horny-azzed fans of all sexes wanting to serve him orally in exchange for living quarters.  According to the landlord’s adult profile page on selected porn sites, his dick suckers include…

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A Russian reporter living in England spreads disinformation about Trump’s administration

CLEVELAND, OH – Native citizens of the United States of America are being manipulated daily by foreign reporters and bloggers whose content is appearing on Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News and others.  The news native U.S. citizens are reading about the United States government, our state and local governments, and especially CoVid 19, are on search engines that are often foreign-owned. News on so-called credible news sites about our political leaders and their acts are not being written by reporters and bloggers native to the U.S. and inside our nation’s borders. In 2012 major newspaper chains like Hearst and…

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“Trump” created an obstruction case while Mueller worked to clear “the president”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Donald Trump, personally, was always innocent of colluding with the Russian and Soviet foreign agents and influencers who’d infiltrated his 2016 campaign for President of the United States of America.  He didn’t know all the people who were volunteering or sent to join his team or their motivations.  Had Trump left Special Counsel Robert Mueller alone to do the job he’d been assigned by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and kept his mouth shut, the results of the investigation show he would have eventually been cleared of “Russian collusion.”  Mueller would have delivered his conclusions to Rosenstein…

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