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The Adolf Hitler of Israel tells Knesset no one will be able to say no to or oppose the United States now that he’s gone

CLEVELAND, OH – Polish-ancestried war criminal and indicted thug Benjamin Netanyahu (family name Mileikowsky) delivered his last speech to Israel’s Knesset as Prime Minister of the nation of illegal Russian, Polish and Ukrainian immigrants who armed themselves to take over Palestine in 1948. Their armed 1948 takeover was accomplished with $50 million in help from illegal Russian, Polish and Ukrainian alien gangsters living in the United States of America.

The extermination-minded Adolf Hitler of Israel’s true colors about the United States of America and Americans were on full display in his departing words before the “constitution-less” nation formed by illegal immigrants inside Palestine in 1948.

“The prime minister of Israel needs to be able to say no to the president of the United States on issues that threaten our existence.  Who will do that now? Prime Minister Yair LapidThis government does not want and is not capable of opposing the United States.”

Ex-President Donald Trump was the most Israeli-friendly chief executive officer of the United States of America in history. He has three half-Russian Jewish grandchildren. His first trip abroad was to Israel. Some see his love of Israel as evidence that he’s now a convert.

Russian moderator Wallace’s debate role is internal Russian election interference


CLEVELAND, OH – I’ve been in candidate debates where the moderator was doing their worst to suppress my performance like Bruce Martin did in East Cleveland in 2005 when I campaigned successfully for mayor.  He even said my time was up “early” as he tried his best to cut off an answer that showed the unpreparedness of his candidate, Gladys Walcott.  

I was in the same position as President Donald Trump,as someone who’d never held elected office, competing against someone who’d been in office for a dozen years.  I thought of him and that debate when I observed Russian American moderator Chris Wallace; and agreed with Trump that the FOX News host was helping career politician Joe Biden.  Like the audience in the room during my debate: everyone saw it.  I shredded my opponents with 84 percent of the vote.

Trump made specific reference to the Logan Act and Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his receipt of a bribe from the mayor of Moscow in comparison to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and others.  New York U.S. Attorney Dana Boente said last year the Logan Act and Espionage Act were tools the U.S. Department of Justice intended to keep in its prosecutorial toolbox; and the “memories” of the violators were on full display in the city where the initial investigation of Russian interference in our elections began in 2016 during the Republican National Convention.

Wallace didn’t touch the “Moscow” reference Trump made to the bribe Biden’s son took, or his reference to the Logan Act, as his July 16, 2018 interview with the President of the Russian Federation, and delivering him a “national defense secret,” is a prime example of the law being violated.

Wallace’s mother, father and their parents are all Russian immigrants or children and grandchildren of Russian immigrants.  You know them as NBC journalist Mike Wallace or “Wallik” and NBC producer Norma Kaplan or Kaphan as the name her father, Ludvig Kaphan, used when he immigrated here at 5 in 1891. 

Their presence may or may not be legal based on the Chinese Exclusion acts and Emergency Immigration Quota Acts that were enacted between 1892 and 1929. For some reason a conversation like this is not supposed to be “politically correct” when discussing who may or may not be selling out their fellow American citizens to violent foreign interests.

Like another son of a Russian immigrant who entered the nation under a fake name, Bernie (Gitman) Sanders, Wallace travelled to “Mother Russia” to meet with President Vladmir Putin in 2018 under the guise of conducting an “interview.”  Journalists are not officials of the U.S. government authorized to meet with the officials of foreign governments or deliver them information under the Espionage Act codified as Title 18 of the United States Code under Chapter 37; sections 791 through 799 inclusively.         

Wallace can claim the interaction with Putin and deliverance of national defense secrets was connected to his “occupation” at FOX, but this is the U.S. and not Israel; and  Israel’s “Basic Laws” as a nation without a constitution that says its people can engage in any occupation anway they want does not apply here.  Being a journalist doesn’t give any citizen “extra” rights to violate laws under the 1st Amendment or any section of the Bill of Rights.

In his FOX interview with Putin in 2018 for his Australian and Communist Chinese-connected employer, Wallace possessed a copy of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller; and gave the official document of the United States government, one of its national defense secrets, to the Communist government official. 

Wallace asked him questions about the official U.S. government document and delivered his answer, as propaganda, to the citizens of the United States of America. The “communication” about the nation’s national defense secret and the Putin meeting violated the Logan Act.  The unpatriotic FOX employee also violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act by not registering as a propaganda agent of the Russian government.

Wallace, additionally, committed an act of treason by delivering Putin the secrets Mueller identified in his special report about the elections his 12 military intelligence agents in the GRU or “General Staff” tampered with when they created the Internet Research Agency.  The indictment of the 12 Russian agents, Putin’s government has not delivered for trial, accused several intelligence units of engaging “in cyber operations that involved the staged releases of documents stolen through computer intrusions.”

What’s particularly important is the identity of Wallace’s employer.  FOX is owned by Australian Rupert Murdoch; a close Putin friend.  Putin and Wendy Deng, a Communist Chinese woman, were alleged to have dated.  Deng is Murdoch’s ex-wife.  Murdoch was also in on the December 2016 $11.4 billion Rosneft sale after Trump won the presidency.  Christopher Steele shared that the late Marc Rich’s Glencore handled the transaction. I met Rich’s widow, Denise, at a party in the Hampton’s.

Anyone who saw the first Communist Chinese Jackie Chan film “Rush Hour,” with Chris Tucker, will remember the the Asian influence on the Australian and Negro characters in the film shot in Hong Kong.  China from Australia is the distance between New York and California.  About 800 miles from Communist-influenced and purge-minded Indonesia.  There are 26 million Australians compared to over 1 billion Communist Chinese within “fucking” range of each other like Murdoch and Deng.  About 5 percent of Australians who are “white” are mixed with Chinese blood.

Jared Kushner is Russian American. Wendy Deng is Communist Chinese and Australian Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife. Foreign friendships in one’s private life without care for the future creates relationships that in government could be detrimental for the nation’s national security as a direct pipeline to Russian President Vladmir Putin she’s supposed to be fucking.

Agriculturally, Australia’s land is so unfertile they can’t eat without Communist China’s food.  They’re also so outnumbered they’ve already been taken over by China’s purchase of millions of acres of its infrastructure.  There’s nothing the outnumbered Australians can do about it as neighbors of Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

The Logan Act of 1917 was enacted by Congress and signed by President Woodrow  Wilson with the specific intent of making it a federal crime for “anyone” but an “authorized” official of the U.S. government to communicate with another nation’s government officials for any reason.  It came during a time when Russian Bolshevik Communists were engaged in a series of violent “Red Summers” that tore up 40 U.S. cities and resulted in hundreds of U.S. deaths, assaults, vandalism and looting. Trump referenced 40 “hit” U.S. cities during the Red Summer II rerun of 2019-2020.

These Russian and Eastern European Bolshevik anarchists had plotted over 300 cowardly assassinations of politicians, industrialists and social commentators who opposed them as their plans were discovered by U.S. Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer and FBI Special Agent John Edgar Hoover.  4500 illegal Russian and Eastern European immigrant anarchists were rounded up. 

Democrats set the ground rules for how they went after President Donald Trump, his family, friends, infiltrated his campaign and impeached him using all the techniques they’ve now taught him. Joe Biden spoke to Americans as if we’re all in agreement with him that Trump is a clown, the election is over and he’s our guy. In truth he looked like he was about to break down and cry over all the shit he knows Trump knows about him and his family that’s about to be exposed. Hunter Biden must have been hitting the crack pipe hard to look more fucked up than his father.

240 were deported aboard the USS Buford in 1919 and the immigration quota acts became constant limits on the legal immigration of Russians to the nation.  The Ku Klux Klan organized large chapters in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Indiana in the same manner as the “Proud Boys” to handle the local community containment of anarchist violence.

I heard Trump say two words in reference to Biden’s defense of his son’s bribe money from the Moscow mayor.  “You’ll see.”  If Wallace or Wallik, as his father’s real Russian surname identifies him, fully understood the conversation Trump was having in a “statutory” light; he’d have seen in the acts he identified in connection with the Biden’s as a pattern of criminal behavior.

He said Biden’s son, Hunter not Bo, was kicked out of the U.S. Navy after he tested positive for cocaine.  All true.  Crack to be specific.  He looks like a fiend.  Trump said Biden’s son didn’t have a job until his father became Barack Obama’s vice president.  True again.

The Burisma claim is true.  The Moscow bribe money is true.  The baby with the stripper is true.  Biden’s kids reflect the family values of a man who stole another man’s Russian wife for himself.  Even Biden’s running mate’s husband is Russian; and her values appear to be the equivalent of his as she humiliated Willie Brown’s wife in public.

A Russian American with no prior experience in elected office did not use the U.S. Constitution or a federal law to have any discussion with candidates for president of the United States of America. He just made up a bunch of ridiculously-uninformed questions that would make any trying to answer them look as foolish as the person who asked it.

Even the selection of Cleveland, where Trump initially got in trouble over the Russian shit, was a strange choice for the debate; but for the fact it’s a shitty-run Democratic city he can use as an example of loser leaders for the rest of the campaign.  It looks like a return to the scene of an international crime against him.

Barbara Snyder, as Case Western Reserve University’s outgoing president, welcomed the audience.  The university’s foreign enrollment this year is a despicable 56 percent.  The Soviet-controlled and influenced Cleveland Clinic hired a Croatian immigrant, Tomislav Mihaljevic, to serve as its chief executive officer. 

The Egyptians accused that hospital’s staff of medically assassinating its former vice president and spy boss, Omar Suleiman, in June 2012 while he was in the nation for tests for amyliodosis.  It makes me wonder if part of Trump’s presence here was to gather intelligence.

There’s Russian inteference in the U.S. elections both abroad and internally.  There’s Chinese interference in the U.S. elections both aboard and internally.  The secure election is one where voters go to the polls and neighbors can challenge who’s one of them and who’s not. 

It’s one where “poll watchers” watch the pollworkers in Russian-controlled and influenced “local” precincts and elections boards across the nation; and where anarchists infiltrated inside the Democratic party’s poll working and precinct apparatus have the final say in some states whether the ballots are counted or tossed.

I know every criminal at the elections board here in Cuyahoga by unprosecuted deed.  I know  Basheer Jones doesn’t live in Cleveland, received $6000 in donations between Russian Americans Milton Maltz and Tim Wuliger; and none were prosecuted for the election law violation.  Local “Russian” interference in an election comes in all ways beyond what’s in existence at the national level.  It all starts at home.

Wallace was not only a lousy choice for a moderator: he was a conflicted choice as an Espionage and Logan Act violator for his interview with Putin.

Wallace opened the debate in Cleveland by saying he’d prepared the questions, without help, and none were shared with the candidates or their campaigns in advance.   That didn’t happen with his Putin interview.

The thought he sought but failed to convey was the questions from his research were so pointedly -specific that the answers to them were not going to be leaked to give one side or the other an advantage.

President Donald Trump attended Rev. Darrell Scotts’ church in Cleveland Heights with Michael Cohen and General Michael Flynn. His friends and supporters were then indicted under pressure from the Democrats for having conversations and business dealings with foreign government officials in violation of the Logan and Espionage Acts; as well as money laundering. What about Hunter Biden?

What Wallace delivered in his “top secret” questions to Trump and Biden is nothing.   Greenhouse gases?  Paris accord?  Race relations in the broadest sense, and Biden’s answer was anti-semitism is wrong, and I was like “oh give me a break.  What’s up with all this we love Russians so much shit in the United States of America?”  Oh.  Joe’s wife’s Russian. I forgot. Of course she talked to him before the debate.  Kamala Harris’ husband is also Russian and with an office in Moscow.  Russian influence, internally, is a domestic problem.

The duties of the president’s job are found in the U.S. Constitution, United States Code and U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.  All free and available online. The federal government is funded by tax dollars and comes with a budget.  Annually the different agencies of the U.S. government are audited and reports are shared with Congress.

Trump in his official capacity as president, has a White House website full of his executive orders, speeches; and a PACER search will reveal the litigation his administration has filed or defended since his term in office.  Biden’s records are in the National Archives.

Wallace’s questions appear to have come from FOX News headlines and his own personal interests.  It might have been his gift to Putin as a “thank you” for the 2018 interview.  Why anyone thinks it’s a good idea to let moderators who have never held an elected or appointed public office interview candidates for elected offices with duties defined by laws they haven’t read is a mystery.  But here was Wallace debating with Trump instead of shutting up and letting him and Biden go at it during the first chance Americans got to see the two together in Cleveland.

As someone who has campaigned for and won an elected office, I’ve done the debate thing like Trump and Biden with “journalists” whose questions, like Wallace’s, have nothing to do with the job.  I don’t remember the questions Rick Walker asked me on behalf of the City Club during my campaign for Cleveland mayor in 2017.  I guarantee he did not study Cleveland’s charter, ordinances, Title 7 of the Revised Code of Ohio or read the city’s budget, state audits and state auditor’s management letters as his guide. 

I have no expectation that the next debate’s moderators will prepare themselves better than Wallace did; and actually spend some time studying the job.  I think all will have an “agenda” that is not designed to encourage patriotism and confidence in this nation’s elections.

The best question was one Wallace asked that got an answer from Trump I thought as an ex-mayor he should have further explored had he understood it.

The discussion of the California fires brought a Trump insight that the solution was in “forestry management.”  All I could think of was Forest Hill Park in East Cleveland that John D. Rockefeller owned and lived in as he became the world’s first billionaire.  I walked every inch of it and his answer about the amount of dead trees all over California’s parks was something I’d never heard a president ever say; but I knew he was right and his answer was brilliantly insightful.

When I took office on January 1, 2006, Rockefeller’s old 288 acre estate had not been maintained in years.  The grass during the spring months had hit over 7 feet tall.  Deer roamed the park and so did foxes, wild turkeys and other animals that were not normal to the area. 

This was the view of John D. Rockefeller’s old estate from my 19th floor apartment as East Cleveland’s mayor. I understood President Donald Trump’s point, exactly, as he discussed “forestry management” as a way to deal with California’s annual wild fires.

We’d relocated to the city in 1969, so I’d seen the park when it was pristine and then subsequently ravaged.   An ex-mayor from Nigeria used it to dump dead trees the city removed from the streets.  Independence Excavating dumped  construction debris the DeGeronimo’s moved from University Circle construction sites in the early 2000’s.

The rotting trees and tall grass would catch on fire.  The animals that weren’t natural to an area so densely-urban started killing off animals that were.  The extra vegetation created extra ragweed that for some made the air, especially for asthmatics, difficult to breathe.

What it appears Trump was trying to explain to Wallace – in terms so clear he did could not understand them – was that even the greenhouse gas problem, like the California forest fire problem or East Cleveland’s park problem, could be corrected by “forestry management.” 

It’s why Trump  could ask Biden, as the ex-vice president spoke of problems that had existed  during his time with Barack Obama and in the U.S. Congress, 47 years in all, “why didn’t you do something about it?” The fires in California occurred during all 47 years of Biden’s presence in Congress; and his answers to questions weren’t answers but a memorized stump speech.

Had Wallace not been operating on an agenda, he might have used his contacts with former presidents to ask them questions about the job that are so specific that only a person who has held it or been close to it would know.  The “forestry management” answer could have come from any of the past presidents if they’ve been paying attention.

Australian Rupert Murdoch owns FOX NEWS and the Wall Street Journal; and he and Putin are “boys.” Chris Wallace works for Murdoch. The rumor is Putin’s been fucking Murdoch’s ex-wife, Wendy Deng, and all is good in the world between them.

Questions like that would have generated a higher level of discussion between two experienced men both in business and government.  Such questions would have elevated those of us who were forced to suffer the ridiculous ones born from Wallace’s over-inflated sense of knowledge he doesn’t possess about the job of President of the United States of America.

I’ve seen debates since President John F. Kennedy debated President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s vice president, Richard Nixon in 1960.  I’ve never seen a moderator so uninformed and poorly-prepared.   

Americans were robbed.  All I saw was an idiot journalist who’d never even been elected to the job of a precinct committeeman looking stupid as he tried to argue with the President of the United States of America.  I wouldn’t expect anything less than from a grandchild of Russian immigrants whose ancestral nation’s rulers are interfering “internally” in U.S. elections so that they’re in the position to take ours over from “within.” 

Five Russian Americans just campaigned for U.S. President.  33 serve in the U.S. Congress.  12 in the U.S. Senate and 21 in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Trump can forget me taking a vaccine created by the Russian leading Johnson & Johnson.  He also leads the manufacture of fentanyl that’s been killing Americans all over the nation.  They’re 1.6 percent of the U.S. population and not all legally.

Yes.  There is “internal” Russian influence inside the U.S. that is intefering not only with this nation’s elections, but in every other area of American life.  This is the “Communist agenda” the President of the United States of America “appears” to be fighting.  Wallace’s presence appears to be disruptively-intentional and undermining.

Feds busting landlords and housing workers who make broke tenants their personal ho’s

CLEVELAND, OH – There’s a series of titles on porn websites that feature tenants having sex with landlords for rent.  One 52-year-old Chicago landlord’s porn profile consists of 22 pages of tenants he describes by their color and lifestyle characteristics sucking his dick.  His words.  Not mine.   

The landlord’s dick sucking tenants are women, men, transgendered women and middle-aged men he calls “sissies.”  He seemed to have no shortage of horny-azzed fans of all sexes wanting to serve him orally in exchange for living quarters. 

According to the landlord’s adult profile page on selected porn sites, his dick suckers include married couples who don’t know one or the other is blowing him for the rent.  They even give him head in the building’s elevator as his tenants become his exploited and publicly-exposed amateur porn stars.

Landlords like the one described above exist all over the nation and now include a growing volume of immigrant EB5 passport investors like those Russian American Jared Kushner’s sister said the White House would let in the country to invest in their properties.  Current and former drug dealers with large amounts of cash have been buying hundreds of homes and apartment buildings at foreclosure auctions to rent as a way to launder the money. 

Rental property owners with already existent criminal mindsets are padlocking doors and ignoring the state’s landlord – tenant laws to pressure tenants out or to pay.  Those telling tenants to either give them sex or rent are now U.S. Justice Department targets because of the CoVid 19 pandemic.  So are tenants offering sex for rent; and the landlords who accept. 

Landlords with unnecessary access to a tenant’s “Social Security” number are cutting deals with them not only for sex; but to receive benefits and identifications in the names of others.  Imagine poor U.S. citizens whose criminally-minded or even foreign landlord has access to their Social Security numbers, dates of births and personal information that gives them the ability to use their identities either for cash or without their knowledge.  No city council or state legislature has enacted an ordinance or law protecting citizens of this nation from landlord Social Security number theft.  No landlord needs a prospective tenant’s SSN to rent a unit.

In an April 23,  2020 memo to the nation’s 94 U.S. Attorneys, Barr continued to direct the nation’s 94 U.S. Attorneys to pursue not only governors and mayors as the root causes of the economy closings that have forced 2 million Ohioans and 20 percent of U.S. adults and young workers out of jobs, but the people who are exploiting others and resources during the CoVid 19 cold and flu season.  Barr has described the behaviors of the nation’s economy-closing politicians and the people exploiting their unconstitutional and un-American misconduct as exhibiting the worst behavior.

“As the country adopts drastic measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, many Americans have lost their jobs and many more have seen their wages curtailed. These losses have forced many to seek abatements or suspensions of their rent, with reports that nearly one third of Americans were unable to pay their April rent at the beginning of the month. Many landlords have responded to these circumstances with understanding and care, trying to work with their tenants to weather the current crisis. They should be commended for those efforts,” Barr wrote.

“There have been reports, however, of other landlords who have responded to requests to defer rent payments with demands for sexual favors and other acts of unwelcome sexual conduct.  Such behavior is despicable and it is illegal.  And the Department of Justice has not hesitated to intervene when clear misconduct occurs.  This behavior is not tolerated in normal times, and certainly will not be tolerated now.”

The Trump Administration, curiously, under former U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions launched a Sexual Harassment Initiative in October 2017.  The U.S. Fair Housing Act prevents the type of sexual contact and financial or identity exploitation that comes with interactions between landlords and tenants.  There aren’t supposed to be any impediments or barriers to a person having a place to live except their ability to pay; and even that’s covered under federal law with tax-supported units that must be made available for even the extreme poor with resources.

From the Trump administration’s perspective, since the president’s a 3rd generation landlord, “sexual harassment by landlords, property managers, maintenance workers, and others with power over housing often impacts society’s most vulnerable populations.”

Below are a simple of cases the Trump administration has prosecuted since 2017.

Thong Cao owned and rented properties in Wichita, Kansas.  DOJ received complaints filed with the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other reports that Cao had been sexually harassing his female tenants, including touching and groping their bodies, breasts and buttocks, making unwelcome comments about their bodies, and asking them for sex.  Some victims also reported that if they were behind on their rent, Cao would offer to reduce or excuse their late rent in exchange for sex and that he evicted tenants who refused his sexual advances.  DOJ filed a lawsuit against Cao and his wife, Mai, who owned some of the rental properties Cao managed.  The Caos settled the case in January 2020.  The settlement requires the Caos to sell their rental properties and to pay $155,000 to the tenants he harassed.

Douglas Waterbury rented properties in and near Oswego, New York. DOJ received reports that he made unwelcome sexual comments to female applicants and tenants, touched or groped female applicants and tenants, demanded that female applicants and tenants engage in sexual acts with him to rent or continue renting an apartment, offered to reduce rent or security deposits in exchange for sexual acts, refused to make repairs in units with female tenants who rejected his advances, and forced female applicants and tenants to have sexual intercourse with him. DOJ filed a lawsuit against him. He settled the case in August 2019. The settlement requires him to hire someone else to manage the rental properties, and to pay $400,000 to the tenants he harassed. A similar lawsuit requires him to pay $400,000 to eight additional women he harassed and a fair housing organization.

Robert N. Hatfield rented, sold, and financed homes in Wilkes County, North Carolina. DOJ received reports that he made unwelcome sexual comments to female applicants and tenants, groped female applicants and tenants, offered to reduce or eliminate payments in exchange for sexual acts, and took or threatened to take away housing benefits from residents who rejected his advances. DOJ filed a lawsuit on July 13, 2017 against him. He settled the case on April 12, 2019. The settlement prohibits Hatfield from renting, selling, or financing residential properties, and requires him to pay $550,000 to 17 residents and applicants he harassed.

Hezekiah Webb owned and rented properties in St. Louis, Missouri, and East St. Louis, Illinois.  DOJ received a complaint filed with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that Webb had made comments about a tenant’s body, asked her sexual questions, attempted to touch her breasts, and offered to reduce her rent in exchange for sex.  Additional victims came forward to HUD and DOJ and reported that Webb made similar unwelcome sexual comments to them, touched their bodies, exposed himself, offered to excuse late rent or reduce rent in exchange for sex, and evicted tenants who rejected his sexual advances.  DOJ filed a lawsuit against Webb and his wife, Jameseva, who co-owned properties with him.  The Webbs settled the case in March 2018.  The settlement prohibits the Webbs from serving as property managers and requires them to pay $600,000 to the tenants who were harassed.

Frank Tjoelker owns rental properties in Grand Rapids, Michigan. DOJ received reports that he made unwelcome sexual comments to female applicants and tenants. He touched their bodies without their permission. He said he would reduce rent, ignore late or unpaid rent, or stop evictions if the tenants agreed to perform sexual acts. He also threatened to evict women who did not agree to perform sexual acts. DOJ filed a lawsuit against him. He settled the case in October 2017. The settlement agreement requires him to hire someone else to manage the rental properties, and to pay $140,000 to the applicants and tenants he harassed.

The Kansas City, Kansas Housing Authority operates the city’s public housing. DOJ received complaints filed with the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other reports that Housing Authority employees were sexually harassing public housing residents and applicants. Victims reported that one employee gave housing to applicants who were appealing housing denials, and dismissed fines and fees residents owed to the housing authority, if he could show them his genitals, show them pornography, or ask them sexual questions. More victims came forward with reports that another Housing Authority employee asked tenants for sex in exchange for getting into public housing or getting a housing transfer. Victims also reported that a third employee evicted residents who rejected his sexual advances. DOJ filed a lawsuit against the employees and the Housing Authority. They settled the case in September 2017. The settlement requires the employees and the Housing Authority to pay $360,000 to the residents and applicants the employees harassed.

Gary Walden owned and rented properties in Morgantown, West Virginia. DOJ received reports that he grabbed female tenants’ bodies or tried to force them to touch him. He made unwelcome sexual comments and advances. He told them they didn’t have to pay rent if they had sex with him or one of his employees. He evicted tenants for saying no or reporting his behavior. The State of West Virginia prosecuted him for sexual abuse. He pleaded guilty in May 2015. DOJ filed a lawsuit against him. He settled the case in July 2017. The settlement requires him to pay $500,000 to tenants he harassed.

Jeffrey Wygul owned and rented homes in Henry, Tennessee. DOJ received a complaint filed with the Department of Housing and Urban Development that Wygul sexually harassed a tenant. He sent text messages to a female tenant repeatedly that demanded she send photos of herself to him. He then demanded that she pose for him in revealing clothes. Finally, he demanded that she pose nude for him. He said he would lower or waive her rent if she posed for him. When the tenant said she wouldn’t pose nude for photos, he evicted her. DOJ filed a lawsuit against him. He settled the case in December 2016. The settlement requires him to pay $15,000 to the tenant he harassed and to leave the rental business.

A Russian reporter living in England spreads disinformation about Trump’s administration

CLEVELAND, OHNative citizens of the United States of America are being manipulated daily by foreign reporters and bloggers whose content is appearing on Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News and others.  The news native U.S. citizens are reading about the United States government, our state and local governments, and especially CoVid 19, are on search engines that are often foreign-owned. News on so-called credible news sites about our political leaders and their acts are not being written by reporters and bloggers native to the U.S. and inside our nation’s borders.

Russian “British” reporter Mia Jankowicz’s Business Insider facial profile picture is obscured so that her identity is not easily detectable as she feeds Americans a steady diet of misinformation about President Donald Trump’s administration and the nation.

In 2012 major newspaper chains like Hearst and Tribune that publishes the Chicago Tribune were exposed for publishing stories written by bloggers from the Phillipines and India under fake U.S. names about local politics, crimes and events.  Imagine reading a story about a Chicago council meeting written by a writer in India who watched it on YouTube; and who knows nothing about the nation’s constitution or Illinois laws and that city’s ordinances.  The only way for them to see Chicago city hall is from Google Maps.

This is the traitorous foreign editorial filth Brian Timpone infiltrated into the U.S. with a company called “Journatic.” He now publishes over 450 “local” news sites under a company called “Locality Labs.” 

On July 31, 2020 Google News circulated a story written by Mia Jankowicz of the Business Insider about Russian American and U.S. government official Jared Kushner.  Kushner is President Donald Trump’s Director of the Office of American Innovation.  Jankowicz’s story carried the headline, “Kushner’s axed coronavirus team shied away from a national strategy, believing that the virus was hitting Democratic states hardest and that they could blame governors, report says.”

An investigation of Russian “British” writer Mia Jankewicz looks made up to “appear” Middle Eastern.

The use of the words “report says” gives the appearance the information Jankowicz used as the source of her story is “official.”  But inside Jankowicz’s story is a link to what was only a Vanity Fair “report” written by Katherine Eban.   Eban leaves off her last name of “Finkelstein” as the daughter of Yale professor Elinor Fuchs of Brooklyn and Michael O. Finkelstein of Manhattan. 

Eban is the Russian “American” writer’s middle name and her story, according to Jankowicz, is the “report.”  This name and identity-altering bullshit is bat shit crazy as hell. The majority of Russian Jews living in the U.S. can’t prove their ancestors arrived here legally from 1899 when they were excluded from entering the nation under the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1899 until restrictions were lifted on their immigration here during World War II.

No more than 73 Eastern Europeans and Asian Indians, total, not just Russians, were allowed admittance into the U.S. per year between 1899 and the ratification of those numbers in 1929 under the Emergency Immigration Quota Act.  It’s impossible under those legal restrictions for more than 6 million Russians to be legal citizens of the U.S.  The idea that 33 now serve in the U.S. Congress seems odd in a nation that where President Woodrow Wilson once deported Russians as violent anarchists in 1919 after they slaughtered American Negroes in cities like East Saint Louis, Illinois and others in 1917.

Russian “American” writer Katherine Eban lives in New York and spreads disinformation about the administration of President Donald Trump under a fake name. Eban is not her last name it’s her middle name. Finklestein is her Russian surname.

The last name of Jankowicz is Russian or Israeli even if it’s associated with people who say they’re from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and other nations Russia once controlled and admitted into the Soviet Union.  Between Jankowicz’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages she appears to be the child of Russian immigrants or an Israeli “dual citizen” living in London; and traveling back and forth to the Middle East.  Jankowicz’s Facebook page shows her promoting a restaurant in downtown Cairo, Egypt by the name of EISH + Mahl.   She’s also spreading lies about the Middle East.

Eban’s “Russian Jewish” background was identified in the New York Times announcement of her marriage to  B. Kenneth Levenson II, the son of Bruce Levenson of Truro, Mass., and the late Arline A. Levenson.   The NYT reported that Rabbi Sarah Reines officiated at the Angel Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts in Manhattan in 2002.

Eban-Finklestein’s in her story claimed she obtained information from a “report.”  The Russian “American” reporter did not identify the report she claims to have obtained by title or by U.S. government originating agency.  The only official information Eban-Finkelstein claimed the report contained was the following:

“Current challenges that need to be resolved include uneven testing capacity and supplies throughout the US, both between and within regions, significant delays in reporting results (4-11 days), and national supply chain constraints, such as PPE, swabs, and certain testing reagents.”

Russian writer Mia Jankewicz’s Business Insider story smears the administration of President Donald Trump from London as MSN fails to limit news about America to that which is generated from America by real Americans.

I copied the sentences above from Eban-Finklestein’s story and searched the internet for the report that included them. The quotation marks around the words she cited was supposed to indicate that she was quoting exactly from the report she claimed was her source. The only results were links to the story she’d written that had been published on other sites.  

Eban-Finklestein cited a report of the Rockefeller  Foundation which ridiculously advised the U.S. government to create a Covid Community Health Care Corps to help “trace” people with coronavirus.  She failed to cite or identify a single report, however, which would confirm her claims about Kushner’s coronavirus team; and what each individual member discussed and thought.  The Rockefeller Foundation’s report wasn’t “it.”

What Eban-Finklestein did not make the focus of her unsubstantiated story was the information in Jankowicz’s headline that somehow Kushner and his team believed the coronavirus would only affect “Democratic” states.  Read this stupid shit.

“Most troubling of all, perhaps, was a sentiment the expert said a member of Kushner’s team expressed: that because the virus had hit blue states hardest, a national plan was unnecessary and would not make sense politically. “The political folks believed that because it was going to be relegated to Democratic states, that they could blame those governors, and that would be an effective political strategy,” said the expert.”  That logic may have swayed Kushner. “It was very clear that Jared was ultimately the decision maker as to what [plan] was going to come out,” the expert said.”

There isn’t a single sentence Eban-Finklestein wrote that makes any sense or proves she has a real source. There’s nothing verifiable in it that would give a real journalist a reason to use and then disseminate information Eban-Finklestein gathered as a credible source for the so-called facts she presented.  Who in the U.S. believes that people living in states whose politicians routinely change along party lines would blame one party’s politicians or the other’s for pandemic deaths across all party lines?

Kevin P Ryan founded Business Insider in 2015 and now it’s owned by Axel Springer of Germany with a “front” office in New York to give it an American presence and appearance. Ryan appears to be the American “front” for Axel Springer.
It’s an investment firm whose principal calls himself a German zionist. I’m not making up any of this conspiratorial bullshit. It’s just being exposed in real time.

Because neither journalist is from or either culturally “American,” they emphasized a perspective an American writer would not.  We’d know that Democrat James Carville was Bill Clinton’s political consultant when his Republican wife was consulting for George Bush.  Political families in the U.S. are in both parties.

The only “American” reference on Jankowicz’s LinkedIn page is to a two-year claimed employment for the American University in Cairo directing its visual arts major. The university is led in Egypt by Francis J. Riccardione, Jr.  He was appointed by former President Barack Obama and was interviewed by the foreign-owned Los Angeles Time in 2016 prior to Trump’s swearing in. Prior to leading the university Riccardione was a U.S. Ambassador friendly with Hosni Mbarak and his administration.  That’s the  information about him in a January 2017 feature published in The Los Angeles Times.

The LA Times is owned by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, a billionaire child of Communist China raised in South Africa who immigrated to the U.S. and now calls himself an “American.” The Chinese South African’s Los Angeles newspaper reported Riccardione didn’t like the Trump administration’s pro-American thinking.  He called it “nativist” and continued the belief that Americans should let foreign students rob them of 1.1 million college and university slots a year. 370,000 a year to Communist Chinese students.

Jankowicz also holds a master of fine arts degree in visual cultures from Goldsmith College in London.  The British university was founded to train blacksmiths, goldsmiths and jewelers.  Not journalists.  According to Jankowicz’s Business Insider biography she’s “award winning,” but none of it explains how she’s an expert on U.S. politics with inside connections to Kushner and his team’s “thinking.”  Read for yourself.

“Mia Jankowicz is a News Reporter at Insider’s London office.  She previously covered Brexit for The New European and has contributed stories to The Guardian, The New Statesman, and, as well as several local newspapers.  A long-time culture writer, she has published reviews, opinion and features to a wide range of art publications, with a focus on art from both the UK and the Middle East. She won the Frieze Writers’ Prize in 2007.”

The Frieze Writer’s Prize is for “aspiring” art critics.  Possessing it still doesn’t explain why Jankowicz has so much knowledge about the president’s son-in-law’s coronavirus strategies and inside discussions.

Kevin P. Ryan appears to be Business Insider’s American “front” chief executive officer, but the money and the partners behind DoubleClick and MongoDB’s so-called “American” founder are German and Russian. 

Business Insider’s current headquarters is in Germany after being “founded” in New York.  The German investment firm of Axel Springer owns it.  Mathias Dopfner is the Russian German who calls himself a non-Jew Zionist leading Axel Springer.

Mathias Dopfner’s Business Insider website along with others whose owners are foreign should be required to register with the U.S. Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act for the propaganda they’re spreading to citizens of the U.S. in their English-language publications. Dopfner calls himself a “Zionist” in Adolf Hitler’s Germany. Un-fucking-believable. “American” Kevin P Ryan appears to be Dopfner’s American front.

Jankowicz is not an American citizen and does not appear to have ever even visited the nation.  Nor does she appear to have any connections that would let Business Insider’s senior editor know what President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and the coronavirus team he led was “thinking.”

What’s noticeable about her writing style is it fits the paradigm of Eastern European bloggers and “reporters” who write from the “line in the sand” perspective that’s kept people in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Germany and now Israel warring with and exterminating each other along ethnic and religious lines for generations.  America is a “blended” society and it’s a cultural nuance of Russian writers to segregate people along “identity” lines. 

“Identity politics” is not culturally connected to the U.S.  It along with words like “diversity” are foreign to U.S. thinking and are more associated with writers whose ethnic and national roots are to Communist and Fascist thinking nations.  In the U.S. all its “blended” and “mixed blood” citizens are American irrespective of their races, religions, sexual orientations, ages and national origins. Foreign writers don’t understand the thinking or culture of people whose bloodlines have co-mingled for over 400 years.

None of the search engines delivering information to U.S. citizens like Google limits the source to that which is written only by authenticated citizens of the nation about the nation or by real journalists.  This truth makes it vitally important for U.S. citizens to investigate the identities, ethnic origins, national origins, religions, backgrounds, politics and sources of information writers are sharing before accepting news that comes with sensational headlines on even the most so-called “respected” news websites as true and factual.

“Trump” created an obstruction case while Mueller worked to clear “the president”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Donald Trump, personally, was always innocent of colluding with the Russian and Soviet foreign agents and influencers who’d infiltrated his 2016 campaign for President of the United States of America.  He didn’t know all the people who were volunteering or sent to join his team or their motivations. 

Had Trump left Special Counsel Robert Mueller alone to do the job he’d been assigned by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and kept his mouth shut, the results of the investigation show he would have eventually been cleared of “Russian collusion.”  Mueller would have delivered his conclusions to Rosenstein and reported on the less-than-secure way U.S. elections are conducted.  He would have concluded as he did that the Russian military interfered in our elections without Trump’s collusion.  That would have been it. 

Trump could have then, and only at the end, uttered his two famous words.  “No collusion.”  He could have kept it moving.  Boo Boo the Fool could see the conclusions based on the information coming from Mueller’s indictments and charges.  Trump couldn’t see anything other than the “president” was being set up.

Put in mob boss terms that Donald Trump can understand, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was the president’s “hit man.” Trump didn’t know Mueller was looking out for him.

By running his mouth and sharing his self-protecting and obstructive thoughts all over Twitter, Trump kept Mueller’s investigation, himself, in the forefront of the nation’s thoughts and in the wrong way.  Instead of focusing on the “job” or “office” of president Mueller’s report shows he was protecting, Trump attacked and sought to “obstruct” the one person who was on his side.   He didn’t understand the “process.” 

At all times throughout the investigation Trump even acknowledged that Mueller was “his” special prosecutor to hire and fire.  Trump’s short-sightedness could not let him see that Mueller was objectively identifying for Trump the names and deeds of the individuals who’d used him for their own nefarious purposes.  In mob boss language Trump might understand Mueller was the ultimate “confidante” and “presidential hit man.”

Mueller put “hits” on 34 of Trump’s deceivers.  He laid out for him in plain English how Putin tried to infiltrate and use the Russian “military” to influence the 2016 election and not necessarily his campaign in particular.

He dramatically exposed his own attorney, Michael Cohen.  The FBI raid on Cohen’s office in the Manhattan space he was given by Squire, Patton & Boggs should have seen by Trump as a “gift” since it revealed his trusted attorney should not have been trusted since he’d been recording him for years.  

The law firm Mueller delivered to Trump that attorney Frederick Nance led as global managing partner was at the center of numerous “unregistered agent” deals for Putin from its Moscow office.  Trump took Mueller’s gift without gratitude.  He still, mistakenly, thought the “presidential clean-up man” was out to get him. He couldn’t see the other fruits Mueller has handing him to exploit.

Mueller was even protecting “the president” by laying out how Trump shouldn’t trust his “clueless” son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who was being worked back channel by Putin through Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman.  He thought Mueller and the FBI were out to get his daughter’s “baby daddy” and father of three grandchildren.  It’s the type of conflict other presidents avoided by keeping their family out of the White House.

The special counsel played the faithful “presidential servant” as he sought to deliver Trump the most personal information in the least unsettling manner as possible; and he was obstructed all along the way.  Trump thought he was going in another direction.  He thought “he” was being investigated because he allowed news reports to dominate his thinking instead of the “internal reports” he received from the White House staff.  He let Putin “play” him with their “secret” conversations.

Of course the news and ongoing media analysis was fake.  The public already knew.  Mueller did, too.  It’s why he kept quiet.  Trump should have been quiet, too. 

Trump fed his own self-created drama for the last two years and killed any praise he should now be enjoying for his administration’s real achievements.  Imagine two years of silence about Mueller’s investigation instead of two years of daily and distracting headlines fueled by Trump’s own 240 character tweets.

Instead of accepting Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s warnings that his clueless son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was exposing himself, Ivana and the family along with the nation to external security threats, Trump didn’t let “his” special prosecutor protect him. Trump failed to comprehend that Mueller’s investigation and perspective was to protect the “office” of the president by investigating those who were out to harm it.

The same is true for the entire Russian investigation.  Trump should have simply told “the American people” he knew or met Putin and wanted to do business with him.  Once he started lying and going back and forth about what federal law enforcement agents “knew” was a relationship between them, Trump created the need for his own special investigation. 

He may have thought his political statements about Russia created a “welcome mat” one way.  What his statements did create was a welcome mat to his campaign doorsteps for the nation’s unregistered foreign agents and the special counsel investigator who would ultimately track them down.

Trump’s own lifestyle created federal law enforcement concern that he was compromised because of his sexual interests with known prostitutes like Stormy Daniels.   His sexual tastes by his own “grab ’em by the pussy” admission were bizarre and beyond the norm of the average man.  He created the reality when he told Billy Bush about an attempt to turn a man’s wife into a whore with an offer to buy her furniture for sex.

Special counsel Robert Mueller led the FBI to raid the Manhattan offices of Squire, Patton Boggs overseen by global managing partner Frederick Nance after the law firm cut a deal with Trumps “personal attorney.” The raid gave Trump his most prized deceiver, but he didn’t understand how Robert Mueller was helping him.

It was inevitable that FBI and U.S. Department of State officials who have duties to monitor the telephone conversations and internet communications of foreign agents operating on our soil would intercept those involving Trump’s campaign while it was being infiltrated without his knowledge.   Their ears would have been privy to the conversations agents of foreign governments were having about what their agents knew of Trump’s sexual deviance.

The FBI under J. Edgar Hoover used the sexual interests of his investigative subjects against President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert, with actress Marilyn Monroe. The same with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr and claims that he was bi-sexual. 

Comey as the FBI’s director would understand the mindset of Putin as the former KGB’s director.  Nothing is more valuable than an “asset” who is a compromised high level government official.  A Russian or Soviet-compromised “POTUS” is the espionage crown jewel.

Whether he knew or didn’t know his campaign was being infiltrated, federal officials from both agencies had duties to protect the nation’s security interests from foreign agents and from Trump if he was an “asset” of the Russian Federation and Putin.  Mueller cleared Trump and the president of committing treason.  It saved his life.

Former FBI Director James Comey understood just like J. Edgar Hoover that agents could exploit the sexual deviance of espionage targets. U.S. intelligence officials had to know the information agents from foreign governments had stockpiled about Donald Trump; and known he was vulnerable to being exploited by it. He created a war with the very intelligence operatives whose job was to protect “the presidency” and thereby the “individual” performing the duties of the “office.”

It was Mueller’s job as Trump’s special prosecutor to also protect the president.  He did.  Trump didn’t understand.  It’s why Mueller had to go public and explain that “Trump” did misuse the “office” of “the president” to obstruct the “special counsel’s president protecting” investigation.  He tried to take out his “hit man.”

Mueller explained to “the American people” in his message to Trump, U.S. Attorney General William Barr and Congress that at all times he had “the president’s back” until “Donald Trump” tried to stop him. 

Mueller told Americans how it was never his thinking that a sitting president could be indicted; just the others around him doing wrong.  It was the job of the wrongdoers around “Trump” to advise the individual holding the “office” of the “president” to do right.   Mueller convincingly exposed to Trump how they were not.

Because he took a job that required Trump to swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Code and federal regulations he never took the time to master, he couldn’t see Mueller in his “official capacity” as “special counsel” in the right light of being the “office” of the president’s saviour.   

When Trump is impeached Mueller’s words should remind him he’s his own worst enemy. 



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