Jianping Zhu

Moreno’s Congressional term limit scheme puts 30-year federal bureaucrats who create rules to circumvent laws in control of our government

CLEVELAND, OH – What stands out on the US Term Limits website is the reason its out-of-state promoters want Ohioans to support term limits for members of Congress as a constitutional amendment. Elitist-minded political opportunists who see themselves as the “best and brightest” minds are not winning against incumbents; and the losses are limiting their personal career goals.  To win the jobs of a member of Congress for themselves they want an advantage.  The selfishly-motivated, elitist words below were cut and pasted from the out-of-state US Term Limits website as written. “The best and brightest minds in our states, currently…

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Cleveland State University officials lied about closing its Communist Chinese controlled Confucius Institute in September 2021

CLEVELAND, OH – On March 10, 2020 Cleveland State University (CSU) was one of 74 American colleges, universities and public school districts Republican United States Senator Charles Grassley forwarded a letter to with a warning about the Confucius Institute the Communist Peoples Republic of China was funding on its campus with foreign-sourced grant dollars.  The concern from Grassley and other members of Congress has been that officials at universities like CSU have been operating under secret agreements that direct them to obey Communist China’s laws while ignoring our own. Grassley warned of the unregistered foreign agents who were aiding Communist…

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The blank spaces in Indian alien Nigamanth Sridhar’s 177 page Cleveland State personnel file raises questions for Homeland Security

CLEVELAND, OH – I received 177 pages of Indian alien Nigamanth Sridhar’s work records along with a threat of a defamation lawsuit from Cleveland State University (CSU) law department employee Kelly Marie King (#76613).  The menacing state university’s employee is identified under the Supreme Court of Ohio’s website as an associate deputy counsel.  King was admitted to practice law on November 10, 2003. According to King, as a response to an official public records request from an American native, me, Sridhar has always been a legal alien and now a United States citizen since March 18, 2016.  She wrote, “At…

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