Kamala Harris

I filed for the 11th Congressional District seat because Biden-Harris must be held accountable

EJBNEWS.COM is my website and I am a Republican candidate for Congress in the 11th Congressional District.

CLEVELAND, OH – What residents of the 11th Congressional District are not getting from the current Democratic representative in Congress is a detailed and knowledgeable report about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  The details and nuances of the discussion from a geographic and historical perspective are complex. The 11th Congressional District needs Brewer in Congress.  What we don’t need is another year of war and inflation fear now that President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ covid fear-mongering and divisiveness is over in time for mid-term elections. I am seeking the 11th District Congressional seat as a member of the Republican…

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Fake black leader Conwell fights to remove John Marshall’s name from CSU; but he won’t fight to enroll more American Negro law students

CLEVELAND, OH – If Glenville Councilman Kevin Conwell were an American Negro instead of a Buh-lack Democrat trying to fake being a Black Leader; he’d have seen through the distractive drama Cleveland State University (CSU) bureaucrats Harlan Sands and Lee Fisher created over the late Supreme Court of the United States Chief Justice John Marshall’s name.  An American Negro who is actually descended from enslaved Africans, like I’m doing now, would have called out Conwell, Sands and Fisher for distracting the public away from the real racism the two CSU bureaucrats are perpetrating. This is how American Negroes get sold…

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Shontel Brown supports arming Ukrainian Nazi militias who want to “ethnically cleanse” Ukraine of Russians who live next door to Russia in a nation that was once Russian-owned

CLEVELAND, OHIO – The feature image I’ve shared is of the Azov Battalion in Ukraine who the Democrat serving the 11th Congressional District in Congress, United States Representative Shontel Brown, supports arming to fight the Russian Federation.  The image of the Nazi swastika speaks for itself in America to Americans who are loyal to and love our nation. Someone must have told Brown that “the Russian invasion of the Ukraine threatens the balance of power in the region” as her justification for agreeing that “neo-Nazi” Ukrainian militias should be armed with our tax dollars.  The more than $2 billion in…

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Biden’s mind is gone when he says he was sent to Israel as a “liaison” at 25 to settle its Six Day War with Egypt

CLEVELAND, OH – Joseph Robinette Biden was born November 20, 1942.  The “Six Day War” between Egypt and the Russian terrorists who’d armed themselves in 1948 to take over Palestine with the help of Albert Ratner’s daddy’s $25,000 took place between June 5 and 10th in 1967.  The video below shows Biden saying he went to Israel during the Six Day War to act as a 24-year-old liaison to settle the dispute. “I have known every prime minister well since Golda Meir, including Golda Meir,” Biden said during a visit with guests in the East Room. “And during the Six-Day…

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The “Bimbo in Chief” vice president native of India offered her inarticulate, illiterate and limited English answer about inflation and it was a mutha fuckin’ doozy

CLEVELAND, OH – Kamaladevi Harris is no Condoleeza Rice.  She can’t be as an illegal Indian alien’s daughter born under the 1950 McCarran-Walters Act in 1964; and who is not an American Negro by any stretch of a sane person’s imagination.  Not a drop of her Jamaican slave owner’s blood is associated with the DNA of a George Washington Carver who without a degree identified 326 ways to use a peanut every other race of people only ate. Indians have 33 crore gods.  A crore in India is the word for 10 million.  33 times 10 million is 330 million…

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When soldiers refuse Biden’s “orders” to kill Americans he and Kamala Harris have Asian Indian “defense contractors” creating robots armed with weapons to do the job

CLEVELAND, OH – Democratic Joseph Robinette Biden is the first President of the United States of America to warn Americans that “it’s not about personal freedoms” and to threaten us with military attacks in our cities for defending our Constitution and freedoms.  Our defense of freedom have traditionally been through protests and voting.  The Irish Catholic child of immigrants also has no regard for Thomas Jefferson.  Read his incoherent, unintelligible and dementia crazed rant from the White House on June 23, 2021. “And I might add: The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people…

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