Kamala Harris

Cuyahoga County’s Nazi-inspired Catholic judges enacted a permanent and forced CoVid 19 vaccine mandate for employees that is an offense against democracy

CLEVELAND, OH – The feature image I’ve shared from the FreeThoughtProject perfectly characterizes the un-American climate being created by Irish Catholic President Joseph Robinette Biden, Democrats and local anarchists holding elected offices.  This “forced vaccine” shit will never “get off” in the United States of America. The Catholic judges controlling Cuyahoga County’s courts have issued two forced CoVid 19 vaccination orders based on what they’re claiming as “obligations” instead of “statutory duties” and “constitutional authority.”  Irish Catholic County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley has followed suit.  They’ve decided without any legal authority to implement a new condition for employment in the courts

Dementia sickened and ignorantly un-American Joe Biden must get no “help” from the 11th Congressional District in turning Americans against each other

CLEVELAND, OH – Bets are that the nation’s second Irish Catholic president like the first one won’t make it through a four year term of office.  Months after President John Fitzgerald Kennedy sold arms to Israel in violation of the Tripartite Agreement President Harry Truman signed and President David Dwight Eisenhower enforced he was assassinated.  President Joseph Robinette Biden’s so mentally impaired he should have already been impeached for his selection of a running mate who’s an illegal Indian alien.  The man’s mind is gone and the world knows it. We’re in the CoVid 21 season headed for CoVid 22

Feeble-minded Biden’s incoherent handling of Afghanistan reminds me of living as a US soldier in Thailand during the fall and evacuations of Vietnam’s Saigon and Cambodia in 1975

CLEVELAND, OH – From August of 1974 until August of 1975 I was serving my nation at the 432nd United States / Royal Thai Air Force Base in Udorn, Thailand.  Sawadee.  The military base served as the main staging site for the Central Intelligence Agency’s “Air America” operation. I was assigned to the 432nd USAF Hospital as a Medical Administration Specialist to Outpatient Clinics as a 21-year-old sergeant.  My alternate job was as a Security Police Augmentee.  That was for personal safety.   Check my military records.  I graduated #1 in my Basic Military Training Class at Lackland Air Force Base in

Kamala Harris laughing when asked about Afghanistan proves the Indian alien is not ready to lead the United States of America

CLEVELAND, OH – Vice President and Willie Brown’s cum queen Kamala Devi Harris comes across as silly.  The “cum queen” description comes from Judge Joe Brown.  Twice, recently, the Vice President of the United States of America laughed when confronted by reporters about serious matters of public concern involving the southern border crisis President Joseph Robinette Biden created and the same with his self-created Afghanistan debacle. Harris can’t explain the laughter because it would make her appear more unlike Americans than she already does as a daughter of Indian and Jamaican illegal immigrants born in 1964 and labeled a “Caucasian”

Child killing children of immigrants didn’t get away with slaughtering an American child as media obscures their family’s immigrant backgrounds

CLEVELAND, OH – Marcus Anthony Eriz’s surname of “Eriz” is originally associated with two nations.  Turkey and Brazil.  Wynne Lee is the child of aliens from Taiwan.  She’s of Chinese ancestry and according to President Joseph Robinette Biden that makes her a model minority and a potential victim of anti-Asian violence.  Biden and his Indian vice president, Kamala Devi Harris, seem not to care about the violence Asians and other immigrants are bringing to American lives. Adding two more names, faces and deeds to the immigrants the United States Congress was warned in 2010 were killing 12 natural born Americans daily,

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