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Child killing children of immigrants didn’t get away with slaughtering an American child as media obscures their family’s immigrant backgrounds

Aiden Leos was shot to death by Marcus Eriz.

CLEVELAND, OHMarcus Anthony Eriz’s surname of “Eriz” is originally associated with two nations.  Turkey and Brazil.  Wynne Lee is the child of aliens from Taiwan.  She’s of Chinese ancestry and according to President Joseph Robinette Biden that makes her a model minority and a potential victim of anti-Asian violence.  Biden and his Indian vice president, Kamala Devi Harris, seem not to care about the violence Asians and other immigrants are bringing to American lives.

Adding two more names, faces and deeds to the immigrants the United States Congress was warned in 2010 were killing 12 natural born Americans daily, the two children of aliens are now in a California jail and headed to a tax dollar-wasting trial for their roles in the slaughter of 6-year-old American Aiden Leos.  It’s amazing how in the United States of America reporters like WKYC’s Mark Naymik, with Slovenian backgrounds, will gleefully describe American Negroes as “Black” while writing nothing about the race or ethnicity of other editorial subjects.

Marcus Anthony Eriz’s family will go through hell for the rest of their lives in the United States of America as information about his brutal killing of an American child grows. He’s kneeling on the left and clasping his best friend and younger brother’s hand.

As more aliens have entered the nation since the GAO report to Congress in 2010, the number of Americans they’re killing has grown beyond the estimated 4380 annual death toll “reading” citizens of the nation learned of during the administration of then President Barack Obama.  Biden and alien-loving “Progressives” like United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want to increase the “dead American” body count by allowing even more illegal aliens into our nation.

Eriz and Lee have been charged by California state prosecutors for each of their roles in slaughtering Leos on May 21, 2021.  Lee was driving her Volkswagen Golf SportWagon north on 55 Freeway in Orange, California when Eriz decided to shoot into the car Aiden’s American mother, Joanna Cloonan, was driving in the highway’s commuter lane.  Lee had recklessly changed lanes in front of Cloonan’s Chevrolet Sonic and the child’s mother “flipped her the bird” or the “middle finger.”

Marcus Eriz’s Facebook page is full of images of him shooting. The top middle image features a semi-automatic weapon on the roof of a pick up truck like it’s an assault vehicle.

According to California Highway Patrol investigators an outraged Eriz shot into Cloonan’s car and killed the child who was sitting in a seat built for his safety.  The little boy didn’t make it to the school where his mother was taking him to learn.  Had this nation’s immigration laws been strictly obeyed and enforced by disloyal “American” politicians and bureaucrats, Aiden and the more than 50,000 Americans aliens have killed since Congress was warned in 2010 might still be alive.

Neither of the two children of immigrants appear to have learned a saying common in American culture that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  The two appear to have seen an American woman they wanted to exterminate in anger as Eriz ignorantly shot into Cloonan’s car and snatched the life from her child.

Marcus Eriz’s father, Johnnie Joe Eriz, posted this picture on Facebook that features two co-workers at the Nuggest restaurant in Weaverville, California.

Eriz, 24, and Lee, 23, are a couple.  Instead of the child of Chinese aliens from Taiwan reporting the savage she shared a Costa Mesa home with to police or the California Highway Patrol, she kept her mouth shut and aided in concealing his sick crime.  So much for the false thought that Asians are model, law-abiding minorities.  They can’t be “model minorities” if there are more than 100,000 of these criminals entering the nation illegally every year.

Americans looking for insights about the deadly couple are not getting it from the immigrant-descended journalists and bloggers covering the story of Aiden’s death.

Johnnie Joseph Eriz’s Facebook page features an image of his youngest son and the mother of his children. Take a look at his response to the question, “Who’s the young man?” Johnny responds that “she ” is his “young son.”

Eriz’s Instagram and Facebook page features insights about himself and members of his family.  His father and mother’s names are Johnnie Joseph Eriz and Anadilia Rosalinda Eriz now Anadilia Firestein.  They lived in Weaverville, California.  She’s now in Wayside, Oregon.  Johnnie Joseph Eriz is employed at The Nugget restaurant as a cook in Weaverville.

Marcus Eriz describes his United States Army veteran brother, Johnnie, as his “best friend.” A picture their father featured of his uniformed youngest son and mother on his Facebook page describes him as a “she.” There’s also a post on Johnnie Joseph Eriz’s Facebook page that announces the date of an event in Brazil.  The name “Eriz” is found in abundance in the South American nation.

Guns and aliens don’t mix. Americans have no idea who’s among the millions of immigrants and illegal aliens in the nation. Marcus Eriz appears to have been training to kill.

Marcus Eriz was employed as an automobile body repairman at Platinum Collision Centers Dos Lagos in Corona, Riverside County, California. His social media page includes pictures and videos of him shooting handguns, semi-automatic rifles and trap shooting with his uniformed “brother.”  His aim was proficient.  One image includes a picture of his semi-automatic weapon on the roof of a pick-up truck in the style of an assault vehicle.

A reporter from the Orange County Register, Brian Rokos, authored a June 8, 2021 story about Lee that described her in heroic-like terms for “conquering depression” and looking for a “brighter future.”  Pushing the Asians are a “model minority” theme the Orange County newspaper featured a picture of Lee reading a book.

100,000 Chinese immigrants from Communist China or Taiwan are entering the United States of America illegally … annually. It makes the majority criminals instead of model minorities. According to President Joseph Robinette Biden they’re to be welcomed. Biden has a form of dementia from all his cancer medications. Wynne Lee’s parents claim to be from Taiwan. Her mother’s last name is “Huang.” Assumably she’s Mrs. Huang. There’s a story about these Chinese immigrants that doesn’t add up.

The Rokos surname is short for the Polish surname of Rokosz.  It’s a newspaper that typically features only mug shots of Americans who kill.  No sympathetic “puff” pieces.

An astute reader can see in the publication’s portrayal of Lee that an “angle” is emerging of her being an unfortunate soul who fell in with the wrong person because she was culturally pressured into suicidal thoughts Chinese parents who wanted her to be “model minority.”  American Negro children have been indoctrinated for generations to “be a credit to the race.”  Cultural “expectations are nothing new.

The Kaiser Health Network mentioned that Wynne Lee missed 47 days of school but neglected to inform its readers that her parents had been considered for criminal charges because of the truancy.  Here Wynne Lee is shown with her mother, Maggie Huang, and brother, Kevin.  The photo is fairly used for educational purposes and was taken by Heidi de Marco for the Kaiser Health Network.

A 2015 feature story in a publication published by the Kaiser Health Network focused on an interview of Lee saying she tried committing suicide and “cut” herself to numb the pain of her life, depression and family’s cultural expectations beginning at age 12.  She wanted to die. California is a death penalty state and “self-immolation” is associated with Buddhism in China and Taiwan; and Hinduism in India.  It gives the suicidal person a chance to be reborn into another life.

In her journal Lee quoted the words of an Iranian author, Tahereh Mafi, who calls herself an American and writes books for children that have made it to the New York Times best seller list.

“‘And even when you’re ready to let go. When you’re ready to break free. When you’re ready to be brand-new. Lonliness [sic] is an old friend standing beside you in the mirror. … Loneliness is a bitter, wretched companion.’” 

After the Government Accounting Office revealed in 2010 that immigrants were killing 12 Americans daily, the federal agency returned the next year with an assessment of how much it’s costing American taxpayers to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate them.

The amount of information about Lee’s family isn’t as abundant as Eriz’s.  Her mother’s name is Maggie Huang and she has a younger brother named Kevin.  The Kaiser Health Network story doesn’t mention her father’s name: only his being employed for a manufacturing company.  There’s no mention of their date of arrival, whether they entered the nation legally or when they applied for citizenship and under what circumstances.

California prosecutors became involved in Lee’s life when she missed 47 days of school and her “model minority” parents were questioned and threatened with jail about the truancy.

Congress “excluded” the Chinese for admission into the United States of America beginning in 1882 with the Chinese Exclusion Act.  The exclusions also included Eastern Europeans from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia, Serbia, Belarus and more.  The two non-English speaking immigrant groups were viewed as “unassimilable” by Congress for being unable to fit into the unique culture of America.

The nation’s first immigration law in 1790 identified English speaking Caucasians and “Africanists” as the people who would be welcomed for admission.  President John Quincy Adams saw America as an English language nation with Americans being the language’s most eloquent speakers.

Christian-hating Indians begging for the US’s Covid vaccine doses were warned to stop drinking & eating coronavirus infected cow pee and dung

CLEVELAND, OH – When India’s Christian-hating Hindu prime minister, Narendra Modi, encouraged Indians to drink coronavirus infected camel or cow urine to build up their body’s immunity against the virus his words were an ignorant death sentence.  Many of the Third World nation’s “western trained” physicians were trying to get them to stop the unhealthy religious practice.

Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) even encouraged Indians to bathe in and eat cow shit.  Seriously.  The mixture is called Panchgavya and is a combination of cow milk, cow shit, cow urine, butter or what they call “ghee” made from cow milk fat and curd.  It’s an Ayurvedic medicine.

The masses of this Third World Communist-loving nation with a caste system that puts Christians on the bottom and persecuted didn’t listen to the physicians Modi and his BJP labeled as “pseudo-intellectuals.” In India medical experts who say there’s no health benefits to eating and drinking cow shit and piss are called “quacks.”

Currently citizens of India are dying at a rate of 20,000 daily as they beg Americans in a majority Christian nation for our 340 million Covid doses and medical supplies.  For some reason a nation whose people have never sacrificed anything for Americans think that because an illegal Third World Indian alien was elected vice president of the United States of America we’re now “partners.”  It’s only for one term.

Had she read, and her parents obeyed the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 that was in place as a federal immigration law at the time of her birth, Kamala Harris would not be calling herself a “naturalized” citizen of the United States of America.  No one asked Harris if she’d ever digested cow shit and piss during the presidential debates.  Harris’ late mother, Shyamala Gopolan, described her family as being in the upper caste Brahman’s who dominate the nation’s elected and appointed public offices.  The Brahman’s are pushing the cow byproduct philosophy and industries under Modi’s “Hindu on top” leadership.

Indians infected with coronavirus are dying because of their nation’s sanitation infrastructure and religious customs that brings them in close everyday proximity to the cows and camels whose urine they drink and who’s shit they eat and spread over their bodies for “purification” according to their Hindu “puranas” or “scriptures.”  Both are coronavirus carriers, naturally, and the cattle industry in the United States of America comes with veterinarians who have generations of knowledge in treating the cattle we eat and that produces our milk.  India has the largest presence of cows in the world at 35 percent.  It is common knowledge among cattle producers that adult livestock get dysentery during winter months from the coronavirus.   I have 1800’s gun-toting, horse riding cowbody ancestors.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent faithful followers of the Hindu religion on a suicide mission when he encouraged them to eat cow piss and shit products to boost their immune systems and cure the coronavirus.

As a cattle eating nation dysentery has already mutated from the cows, pigs, sheep and goats to the humans who raise, butcher, sale and consume them in the United States of America.  In humans the symptoms of dysentery are abdominal cramps or pain, nausea, vomiting, fever of 100.4°F (38°C) or higher and dehydration.

Bovine CoVid or BCV exhibits symptoms in cows such as severe watery diarrhea (sometimes with blood and mucus), decreased milk production, listlessness, depression, anorexia, weight loss from loss of fluids and eating, cough and/or nasolacrimal or nasal discharge. Cows that recover from Bovine Covid are immune from the disease for 1 to 5 years.

Carrier cows can be a source of repeated outbreaks in a herd tended by humans looking out for signs of infection in the United States of America.  In India cow herds roam wild in the nation’s cities and they’re not being examined by veterinarians with generations of training in how to keep them safe for human consumption.  Cow shit and piss is everywhere.  The cow’s waste is even used as a spiritual purifier for homes.

Pfizer’s chief executive officer, a Greek Jew named Alex Bourla, is a veterinarian.  Veterinarians see the “animal to human” viral, bacteria and cellular similarities and mutations that human-only trained physicians miss.  Each nation’s vaccine is supposed to be genetically-tailored to the environment of its intended human inhabitants.  Those epidemiological variants explains why vaccines manufactured for Americans can’t just be handed to people in India.

Cows are a holy animal in India among the anti-Christian nationalist nation’s leading Hindu religious majority.  They don’t kill or eat cow meat in India like the rest of the world.  They revere the animal as a “Mother Goddess” in their holy Puranas or ancient Hindu scriptures. Cows are saluted as deities on the streets of India where they roam freely as devoted Hindu followers wait with cups and basins to collect a generous load of bovine piss or a scoop of shit.  The panchagavya I referenced earlier is used in cosmetics for soap, shampoo, beauty creams, oils and feminine products.

The red arrows identify products sold in India and to Indians, globally, that includes or is made from cow piss and shit. Are the soaps Indian hotel and motel owners are placing in rooms purchased domestically or from India?

Before he died at 81 in 1977, the founder of India’s Krishna movement, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, had these words to say about cow shit and piss.  He also drank his own.

“Pañca-gavya, the five products received from the cow, namely milk, yogurt, ghee, cow dung and cow urine, are required in all ritualistic ceremonies performed according to the Vedic directions. Cow urine and cow dung are uncontaminated, and since even the urine and dung of a cow are important, we can just imagine how important this animal is for human civilization…”

South Korean researchers in 2020 published a report of their findings about the coronaviruses found in cow shit or “fecal specimens” during the warmer seasons in nations like their own and in India.  The report is captioned, “Detection and characterization of bovine coronaviruses in fecal specimens of adult cattle with diarrhea during the warmer seasons.

We examined 184 diarrheic fecal specimens collected from 75 herds of adult cattle from seven provinces during the spring (warm), autumn (warm), and summer (hot) seasons. Bovine coronavirus-positive reactions were detected for 107 (58.2%) diarrheic fecal samples (in 47/75 herds). Of these 107 positive samples, 90 fecal samples from 33 herds tested positive for BCoV alone and 17 fecal samples from 14 herds also tested positive for other pathogens. Biological comparisons between the 9 BCoV strains isolated in this study and the 10 previously isolated WD-BCoV strains revealed that there was no receptor-destroying enzyme (RDE) activity against mouse erythrocytes in the 9 BCoV strains but the 10 WD-BCoV strains had high RDE activity. Phylogenetic analysis of the spike (S) and hemagglutinin/esterase (HE) proteins revealed that all the Korean BCoVs clustered together regardless of season and were distinct from the other known BCoVs, suggesting a distinct evolutionary pathway for the Korean BCoVs. These and previous results revealed a high prevalence and widespread geographical distribution of BCoV, suggesting that this virus is endemic in adult cattle with diarrhea in all seasons in South Korea.

Vijay Prikash served as the BJP’s secretary of health and encouraged Indians in a poor province in 2008 to farm and eat rats.  The penalties for killing a cow is 10 years.  Selling the meat gets you another five years. Prakash said rat eating is popular in France and Thailand; and said the meat comes with almost no bones and is rich in nutrition.

From the beginning of the 2020 Covid panic the World Health Organization in 2019 had identified a zoonotically transmitted virus from the Middle East associated with coronavirus.  The animals spreading the coronavirus to humans were the camel, alpaca and cow.  A 2014 report published on the National Center for Biological Information website warned the “reading” world that the transmission was fatal to some.   The report was titled, “Evidence for camel to human transmission of MERS coronavirus” and was cited over 395 times.

We describe the isolation and sequencing of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) obtained from a dromedary camel and from a patient who died of laboratory-confirmed MERS-CoV infection after close contact with camels that had rhinorrhea. Nasal swabs collected from the patient and from one of his nine camels were positive for MERS-CoV RNA. In addition, MERS-CoV was isolated from the patient and the camel. The full genome sequences of the two isolates were identical. Serologic data indicated that MERS-CoV was circulating in the camels but not in the patient before the human infection occurred. These data suggest that this fatal case of human MERS-CoV infection was transmitted through close contact with an infected camel.

Bottled cow piss is an example of the cow byproducts Indian Hindu politicians would like to see the world using as a health drinl; and as a way to boost their economy. Indian officials believe they’ve found in gold in cow piss.

On September 9, 2020, South Dakota State University professor Russ Daly, drew the coronavirus connection to the cattle industry in the United States of America confirming in part what both NCBI and the World Health Organization had already been reporting.  Cattle farmers and the veterinarians treating livestock know the coronavirus naturally occurs in cows.  Daly, as a veterinarian and South Dakota’s State Public Health Veterinarian, offered his thoughts.

“In investigating where COVID-19 cases began, authorities have pointed the finger at a “wet market” in one Chinese city. Wet markets are fascinating places where people can buy supplies, food, and live animals. The variety and number of live animals for sale can be astounding: chickens, pigeons, bats, rodents, snakes, and more. Throw in thousands of human shoppers and you have a unique opportunity for viruses to “try out” infecting species besides their normal host. Sometimes – apparently in this case – it works.

There’s some historical precedence to fall back on here. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) took the world by storm in the early 2000’s. With its likely origin in a bat, it looks like that coronavirus slowly circulated among people in wet markets before it became efficient at infecting people. MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) emerged quite similarly more recently – with origins in bats and camels.

In 2019, Modi’s BJP ruling political party created the “Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog” to organize animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines; and to take steps for preserving and improving breeds, and prohibiting the slaughter, of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle.”  India was colonized by the British so they still have an inferiority complex over their culture and religious habits being “dissed by the white man” and the rest of the non-Hindu world.  Encouraging the human consumption of cow piss and shit for medicinal purposes is considered “quackery.”

Modi’s BJP is encouraging Indians to reject everything but Hindu beliefs; and to incorporate the structure of the views offered in their holy Puranas into the economy.  Modi’s BJP considers people who ridicule their Hindu beliefs to be pseudo-intellectuals.

The video below features a presentation from the chairman of Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog, Vallabhbhai Kathiria, expressing his thoughts about pangchagavya as an economy booster.   Mr Kathiria last March 2020 announced that 800 Indians had volunteered for clinical trials using pangchagvya to cure their medical conditions.  In January 2021 he announced that all 800 volunteers had been cured.  Critics quickly discredited Kathiria’s bragging when the physician of a woman who had claimed to be cured of breast cancer said he’d operated on her twice.

Part of the BJP’s economic pursuits have been to secure patents on products made from cow shit and piss with the U.S. Patent Office.  Below is language from the Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog website explaining the thought behind the Indian government’s authorization for its creation.  The author of the information below identified a report that found “gold” in cow urine.  Of course the “pseudo-intellectuals” disbelieved the Indian government’s findings.  Rational scientists, according to the author, say the claim should be scientifically verified  instead of discredited.

India has never treated Cow as animal. Our Rishis announced – गावो विश्वस्य मातरः or Cow is the mother of World. From ancient ages, all the religious texts in India had underlined the importance of Cows and Cow Products. During armed revolt of 1857 due to presence of Cow fat in Cartridges, the British governors and strategist realized that they have to make Indians believe that Cow is just another animal. They started propagating Cow related ancient beliefs as untrue and blind faith. They opened many abattoirs too.

There are two types of people prevalent in Society today. One who believes on anything told to them with a message that it is written in any ancient scripture or religious book. Intellectuals used to call them having blind faith or “अंध विश्वासी ” .

Ayurveda is full of praise for Panchgavya, i.e. Cow viz Milk, Curd, Ghee, Cow Dung & Cow Urine. Use of Cow Urine and Cow dung on medical treatment usually is out-rightly rejected by Pseudo Intellectuals. They reject them without Research or Test on them. The team of Scientists headed by Dr. BA Golakia, Head of Biotechnology Department in jau (Junagadh Agricultural University) used Gas Chromatography Mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method to analyze Cow Urine and successfully identified more than 752 compounds found in Cow urine having immense medicinal value. A single source of such pharmacy is still not found anywhere else. In 2016 some finding of this research was leaked and got published in Times of India informing presence of 3 to 10 mg of gold in ionic form which is gold salts soluble in water, in 1 litre Cow Urine of Gir Cows. Nowadays when any person says that Milk of Indigenous breeds of Cow has Gold then as usual Pseudo Intellectuals laugh on them without trying to even research it scientifically. Thankfully Rational scientists still treat it as a claim that needs to be scientifically verified. Not to accept or even reject before that. At least in Cow Urine gold too was found in Research done in JAU. We all should wait for their Research to get completed and result to be published. Purpose of Research there, was not to find Gold in Cow Urine but to find everything present in Cow urine so that its medical usefulness can be proven for once and all through replicable scientific ways.

It appears from a search of U.S medical journals that the only “legitimate” medical research conducted on pangchagavya has been its use as a fertilizer like cow shit is used in the United States of America.  Indian medical and scientific researchers working for hospitals and medical schools in the United States of America have been unsuccessful in obtaining support for a sanctioned study that would legitimize the use of cow shit and urine as a cure for anything associated with humans.

Americans learning more about India and the nation’s culture as more Indians are elevated into visibly prominent roles in U.S. elections and offices are getting a better understanding of why they were identified by Congress as unacceptable for naturalization at the time Kamala Harris was born in 1964.   There’s a huge cultural disconnect in language, religion, customs and politics in this Communist-loving Third World nation Great Britain once ruled as a colony.

Indian alien Kamala Harris’ life was threatened by a Haitian “dreamer” and not an American Negro for calling herself “Black” in an alien on alien crime

CLEVELAND, OH – Indian Kamala Harris’ illegal alien mother, the late Shyamala Gopolan, assigned her first child the ethnicity of a “Caucasian” on her state of California birth certificate.  For some reason known only to her Harris decided to label herself “Black” to enroll at Howard University after attending elementary and high school in Canada.

The Vice President of the United States of America’s father, Jamaican alien Donald Jasper Harris, reminded his daughter in a published description of his family’s ancestry that on his side of the family she’s the descendant of an Irish man who owned enslaved Africans on the Island.  In 1968, four years after Harris’ birth, her Indian alien mother’s visa application was flagged for “worker fraud” and placed on the deportation control docket.  Neither of her Marxist-loving parents applied for or were admitted as citizens of the United States of America.

Kamala Harris’ birth certificate mislabels her as a Caucasian instead of an Indian.  Not even her own mother called her “Black” as she has done.

The nation’s American Negro majority showed its displeasure with Harris’ fraudulent mislabeling by refusing to support her candidacy for President of the United States of America and accepted the fact that she could call herself whatever she wanted whether the label was believed or not.  The daughter of “Black” Haitian aliens, Neviane Petit Phelps, 39, went far beyond the more restrained and lawful conduct of the nation’s American Negro majority and expressed a desire to assassinate the Indian politician.

The former nurse and mother of three children, according to published reports, was angry that Harris dared to call herself “Black.”  She also believed Harris placed a purse instead of a second Bible over a larger Bible.  Pictures of Harris’ swearing-in show her holding two Bibles.

Neviane Petit Phelps’ mother, Haitian alien Herodita Petit, in the video below, says her daughter is “sick” and didn’t mean to do what federal authorities are claiming she did in this attempted “alien on alien” or “immigrant on immigrant” crime.

The evidence in the possession of the Secret Service contradicts the Haitian alien mother’s perspective that her daughter didn’t mean to target the Indian alien for assassination.  Federal authorities say Petit-Phelps created five videos in February 2021 that she sent to her imprisoned husband, Joseph J. Phelps.  Joseph Phelps has been jailed since 1996 for the pre-meditated murder and robbery of a grocery store owner.

On February 13, 2021, the Secret Service claims she sent a video to her husband making the following statement.  “Kamala Harris, you are going to die. Your days are numbered already. Someone paid me $53,000 just to fuck you up and I’m gonna take the, I’m gonna do the job, okay?

On February 14, 2021, she said in a video sent to her husband, “If I see you in the street, I’m gonna kill your ass, Kamala Harris.” In another video recorded that day, she said, “I’m going to the gun range, just for your ass, until you fuck’n’ leave the chair.

Illegal Indian alien Shymala Gopolan was the subject of a “Deportation Docket Control Action Slip or Notice” for worker fraud.

On February 18, 2021, Petit-Phelps said in a video sent to her husband, “And fuck’n’ Kamala Harris, I swear to God, today is your day. You’re gonna die 50 days from today. Mark this down, stupid bitch. Kamala fuck’n’ Harris vice president, you gonna fuck’n’ die 50 days from today. I swear to fuck’n’ God! Your day is…

On February 20, 2021, Petit-Phelps took a photo of herself holding a pistol next to a target containing bullet holes and another photo of her son holding a pistol and a target. She sent the photos to her husband.

On February 22, 2021, Petit-Phelps applied for a concealed weapons permit.

On March 3, 2021, the Haitian alien let two U.S. Secret Service agents and Miami-Dade Police Department detectives inside her house in Miami Gardens and told them she did not have a gun but was planning to get one. She refused to speak with them after one of the agents read her Miranda rights.

Neviane Petit Phelps is married to convicted murderer Joseph Phelps.

On April 15, 2021, a federal magistrate ordered Petit-Phelps to be jailed at the Federal Detention Center in Miami as the Haitian alien was charged with making threats against the vice president.  She is represented by Scott Saul and had been employed at the Jackson Memorial Medical Center since 2001.  Had she carried out her assassination, Petit-Phelps would not have been the first alien or immigrant to kill a politician of the United States of America.

On June 5, 1968, Sirhan Sirhan assassinated United States Senator Robert Kennedy while he was campaigning for President of the United States of America.  The assassin was from Palestine and angry about Kennedy’s support for the Russian, Polish and Ukrainian Jews now controlling Israel.

Palestinian alien Sirhan Sirhan assassinated presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy in 1968.

A year earlier on June 8, 1967, the Russians, Polish and Ukrainians leading the Israel Defense Forces had slaughtered 34 U.S. sailors aboard the USS Liberty and wounded another 171.  At 77 Sirhan is serving a life sentence with California Department of Corrections.

In 1919, Russian Jew Emma Goldman was deported along with 239 other Russians aboard the USS Buford back to Russia by President Woodrow Wilson.  Goldman and her Bolshevik, Communist comrades intended to assassinate over 300 politicians, industrialists and journalists in the United States of America during that year’s “Red Summer.”

Russian Jewish anarchist Leon Czolgosz was living in Cleveland when he assassinated President William McKinley in 1901. Two years later Congress enacted the Anarchist Exclusion Act of 1903 to keep Russian Jewish Bolsheviks out of the USA.

On September 6, 1901, President William McKinley was shot in the abdomen by a Russian (Polish) illegal alien named Leon Czolgosz of Cleveland, Ohio.  Czolgosz had met with Goldman during a visit to Cleveland before his assassination attempt.  He had embraced “anarchism” as a political philosophy.

President McKinley of Niles, Ohio between Youngstown and Warren died 8 days later on September 14, 1901 due to complications from gangrene.  The child of Eastern European immigrants was executed on October 29, 1901 after a quick and fair trial where he stated on the record that he was not sorry.

Actor John Wilkes Booth was born to British aliens as President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin.

President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was the child of British aliens who relocated from England to the United States of America in 1821.  He was born in 1838.  Booth assassinated Lincoln on April 14, 1865.  The president’s assassin died on April 26, 1865 after being shot in the neck by one of the soldiers who’d burned down a barn to force him out.

According to a 2010 report from the Government Accounting Office, aliens or immigrants at that time were killing 12 Americans a day.

Indian alien Harris ignores the aliens involved in Biden’s Texas border scandal for cake in Chicago

CLEVELAND, OH – The illegal alien from India who has usurped the office of the Vice President of the United States of America hasn’t yet made it to the Texas border to handle the problem with illegal alien criminals crossing into our nation in violation of immigration laws.  During her losing campaign for President of the United States of America Harris told reporters she didn’t see criminals when she saw illegal aliens.  Harris’ views from her family’s perspective is understood.  She also compared Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to the Ku Klux Klan.

Illegal aliens who love their children and want to be reunited with them know exactly where they are being held. All they have to do is notify authorities who they are, who their children are; and pick them up on their way back across the border as a family.

Harris’ illegal Indian mother, Shyamala Gopolan, was scheduled for deportation and flagged by Immigration and Naturalization Services for “worker” and “marriage” fraud.  She was still claiming to be married to Donald Jasper Harris 14 years after she divorced him in 1972 and sought re-entry into the United States of America from Canada in 1986.  She was also claiming to be returning to study a cure for cancer as a nutritionist educated to be a homemaker in India. Gopolan died in 2009 after failing to cure cancer and become a legal resident of the United States of America.

So instead of heading for Texas the alien of India headed to Chicago to Brown Sugar’s for cake and to California and Connecticut for whatever.  Fuck President Joseph Robinette Biden’s border handling assignment.  In her foreign mind he’ll be dead or incapacitated soon enough and she’ll take over as president of a nation of Americans who did not see her fit for leadership as a candidate; and who thoroughly rejected her at the polls.

Harris’ aversion to the duty Biden assigned her earned the alien from India a letter of disgust from Texas Governor Greg Abbott on April 9, 2021.  Abbott’s got an immigration problem inside San Antonio’s Freeman Coliseum where federal officials have warehoused illegal alien children Biden’s administration separated from their parents.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrote about his complete disgust with the way Indian alien Kamala Harris is handling her assignment from President Joseph Robinette Biden to deal with the the border his ridiculous executive orders created.

“Earlier this week, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services received complaints alleging child buse and neglect inside the unaccompanied minor facility at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio,” Abbott wrote to Harris.  “The complaints include allegations of sexual assault, a shortage of staff to properly supervise the children inside the facility, and that the children in the facility are not eating throughout the day.  The complaints also allege that children who have CoVid 19 are exposed to other children.”

Abbott’s letter to Harris demanded that the Biden administration close the facility and relocate the illegal alien children to federally-run facilities with the space, personnel and resources to ensure their safety.

“Our repeated warnings and questions have gone unanswered by President Biden, yourself, and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas,” Abbott angrily wrote.

Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas’ father was a Turkish and Polish Jew.  His mother was a Romanian Jew.  Both left Eastern Europe for Cuba; and then fled from Cuba to the United States of America in 1960 when Fidel Castro’s Communist government took over the nation and his father’s steel company.  Neither Harris nor Mayorkas appear to be loyal to true American immigration interests or observant of our nation’s laws against illegal aliens as beneficiaries of the criminal acts of their parents.

Abbott’s letter went on to assign the border problem to Biden’s refusal to secure the nation’s southern border and its failure to plan for the fallout of “open border policies” that contradict “closed border laws.”  Biden and Harris were administered oaths of office like Mayorkas to uphold the nation’s constitution and laws an “executive order” cannot suspend.

Abbott warned Harris that in her absence the State of Texas was taking action.  The Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Rangers have been assigned to investigate the sex abuse, disease and food deprivation allegations.  But Abbott noted that the actions Texas is taking doesn’t relieve the Biden administration of its duties to secure the border and protect the health and safety of “your fellow Americans” instead of illegal aliens.

President Joseph Robinette Biden’s administration is full of aliens whose parents immigrated to the United States of America in violation of immigration laws. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who was born in Cuba to two Eastern European Jews from Turkey, Poland and Romania, is among them.  Vice President and citizen of India Kamala Harris once compared Homeland Security and ICE to the Ku Klux Klan.

“The Biden administration’s disastrous open border policies and its failure to plan for the influx of unaccompanied minors have created this humanitarian crisis,” Abbott continued.

Abbott’s letter to Harris included an April 8, 2021 letter to his chief of staff, Luis Saenz, from associate commissioners Stephen Black and Jean Shaw.  The two state officials reported on what the State of Texas has learned about the crisis in San Antonio.

In it Saenz was informed that bathrooms were not supervised during showers and that homosexual alien children were being bullied.  They also wrote that a staffing problem existed which created challenges for supervising the illegal alien children who were not eating enough food.

Shaw and Black ended by writing that Texas has referred the matters to the federal office of refugee resettlement.

DeWine and Long look-alike and both targeted Asian massage parlors for closing; but Ohio’s governor wasn’t accused of anti-Asian racism

CLEVELAND, OH – Atlanta massage parlor shooter Robert Aaron Long and Governor Richard Michael Dewine resemble each other so much they could be related.  Their reasoning for targeting Asian massage parlors for closing were also similar.  Long was dealing with his own sexual addition.  DeWine called himself dealing with everyone else’s.  Neither claimed “anti-Asian” racism as being the motivating factor behind their decisions.

Both men are “white” and “Christian.”  The two traits together qualifies them as being “racist” or “white supremacist” domestic terrorists now that President Joseph Biden’s staffing the White House with non-white immigrants.  Christian Americans who want immigration laws are enforced are the new domestic terrorists, according to Biden’s new “We love Asians” executive order.

As Ohio’s attorney general Richard Michael DeWine misdirected BCI employees to place surveillance cameras outside this Warren, Ohio massage parlor to watch record customers going in and out; and to initiate investigations of them without warrants.  Asian activists were silent.

DeWine was serving as Ohio’s Attorney General on May 30, 2012 when he led 60 Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) agents to serve search warrants on 8 out of 10 Asian massage parlors operating in the city of Warren.  Eight were closed.  Two remained open.  The Plain Dealer’s massage parlor advertising money in its sports section was wiped out.

DeWine was responding to a request from then police chief Timothy Bowers who was reacting to complaints from an “activist” group called the Mahoning Valley Organizing Collaborative funded by the Raymond Wean Foundation. The group operated out of a storefront next door to my restaurant in downtow Warrenb.

The “good” towns people of Warren decided in 2011 that they didn’t want South Korean whores giving their fathers, husbands and sons “happy endings” after a nude body massage. DeWine assigned BCI agents to conduct warrantless searches of the license plates of each business’ patrons through the NCIC / LEADS databases and then harassed them at their homes, J. Edgar Hoover-style, to cooperate.

Bergen County, New Jersey’s prosecuting attorney charged 12 Asian spa workers in 2016 with prostitution. No Asian activists spoke up.

Attorney Gary Rich represented one of the Korean spa owners and he declared DeWine had no probable cause that the massage parlor operators were engaged in “human trafficking” or committing any crimes.  None of the Asian massage workers accepted the “social agency” help DeWine claimed they were offered after his raids.  So much for DeWine’s bogus claim that the barely-English speaking women were human trafficking victims.

What DeWine learned from his investigation was that many of the Korean sex workers were in the nation unlawfully without visas that permitted them to work.  He could easily have pushed for the business owners to have been prosecuted for allowing undocumented workers access to work without I-9 certification from the United States Department of State. He could have caused the women to be prosecuted and deported for being in the nation without permission.

Two years after his 2012 raid no Asian spa owner or worker was charged with committing any federal, state or local crime. No charges for immigration law violations. Warren still has 6 closed spas that once generated building permit and tax revenue; and customers coming in and out of the city buying gas and feeling hungry after sex.

Warren city council amended its ordinances to allow two of the facilities to remain open a year after DeWine’s raid.  $103,000 in cash was “confiscated” and split up between Warren police, BCI and Trumbull County’s prosecuting after none of the owners claimed it.

Liping Yu, 37, and Tian Wang, 33, were charged with prostitution in Houston, Texas in 201. No Asian activists claimed their arrests targeted Asians.

Assistant prosecuting attorney Christopher Becker told a local media outlet that the lack of arrests or prosecutions didn’t mean the law enforcement action wasn’t successful.  “The primary purpose was to get those things out of the city,” he said.

By getting “those things” out of the city Becker in a very tongue-in-cheek way was describing Asian whores.  Try finding a Chinese restaurant “inside” the city of Warren.  Does it mean the people of Warren are racist or they don’t care for Asian cooking?  Either way the presence of Asians in Warren is razor “thin.”

A year after DeWine’s raid on 8 Asian-operated massage parlors three cities in Vermont wanted them closed.  The same reasons.  Suspected human trafficking.  Prostitution.  The Chinese and Korean Asian immigrant women, of course, did  not cooperate.

When DeWine shut down the 8 Asian businesses in Warren on May 30, 2012 the words “racist white man” were not associated with him.  His motivation for the legally-unsupported violation of the 4th Amendment rights of each business owner’s customers wasn’t questioned.  Neither was his decision to let BCI agents accept a portion of the $103,000 in cash they’d stolen.  He wasn’t accused of “Asian profiling” even though the Korean massage parlor workers, owners and their customers were clearly “profiled.”

Randy Park says his sex worker mother taught him and his brother to lie about her occupation. Instead of calling herself a prostitute Hyn Jung Grant called herself a make-up artist. She worked and died at the Gold Spa. Robert Aaron Long said his next targets were adult bookstores and theaters in Florida. Had he not been caught in Georgia the killings would have looked less Asian.

DeWine “look-alike” Robert Aaron Long in his three massage parlor Atlanta crime spree has stated for the record that he bore no ill will towards Asian immigrants whether legal or not.  8 people were killed.  Six were Asians.  Two of the victims were a couple out on a date. The Caucasian woman was killed.  Her Mexican husband was wounded.  Another Mexican man was wounded.  Paul Andre Michels, a Caucasian Christian man, was killed.  Is anti-Mexican and white male anti-Christian racism the reason Asian activists are excluding them among Long’s homicide and shooting victims?

Asians have finally found a friend in the Biden administration but he’s not a real one.  His son, Hunter Biden, is a now known agent of the Chinese Communist government and the president’s using his political juice to help him with executive orders that “Asians are now good” after Donald Trump made the “illegals” public enemy number one.

The problem with Biden’s “Asians are good” executive order is that it’s not a law in a nation where laws excluded the Chinese and other Asians from being admitted into the nation with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.  Russians were also excluded.  So were Indians from India and Pakistan.

Asians buying into Biden’s rhetoric should not feel the support they’re getting from the foreigners running American media outlets and bandwagon jumping politicians pandering for votes as a reflection of this nation’s majority who want immigration laws enforced.   Americans still don’t appreciate illegal alien criminals operating whore houses in their neighborhoods no matter who owns them.  Asians are only one president and Congress away from being “excluded” again.

Robert Aaron Long was at the end of his sexual addiction rope when he decided not to kill himself; but instead decided to kill the sex workers who fed his addiction. There’s nothing about his troubles or life that screams “white supremacy.”

While it’s understood that the women who work in massage parlors are daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers, they’re still organized criminals especially if they’re illegal aliens.  The immigration laws of the United States of America, as they continue to exist today, still do not welcome aliens who arrive here illegally or those who engage in organized crime to survive.

Americans can’t help but see foreign speaking Asians as unwelcomed by our  laws after 139 years; and Biden’s only going to serve one term if the mentally-impaired and sick old man trying to save his Communist China-loving son lives through his presidency.

Should he not complete his single-term in office, Biden’s illegal Indian alien vice president is going to remind Americans all over again about our Asian and Indian exclusion laws when Kamala Devi Harris tries to assume an office she had no legal authority to pursue.  Her mother would have been deported for work and marriage fraud had Shyamala Gopolan not been hidden in a sanctuary city.

DeWine and Long appear to have but one goal when the two look-alikes targeted Asian-owned and operated massage parlor whore houses they wanted closed.  They hated whore houses.  It doesn’t appear as if they hated Asian s who seem to think they have special rights to operate whore houses where ever they choose to locate them.

May God have mercy on the souls of all the departed.

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