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Justin Bibb’s suburban controlled transition team is going to get him in trouble early on with Cleveland voters

CLEVELAND, OH – Mayor-elect Justin Bibb’s transition team selection shows he still doesn’t have a “statutory” clue about the “official duties” of a municipal mayor under the “Federal Plan” of government found in Title 7, Chapter 705 of the Ohio Revised Code.  His head is not in the governing documents he’s going to swear to obey after he is administered an oath of office to be delivered to the Clerk of Council pursuant to Section 705.28 of the Ohio Revised Code. The governing documents referenced in the oath of office contain the statutory words that will be used against him…

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Donshon Wilson was retained to become a certified music instructor who could read, write and teach music to musically-inclined Shaw High school students

CLEVELAND, OH – Between 2003 and 2004 I served as a member of the Financial Planning & Supervision Commission the state assigned to pull the East Cleveland Municipal School District out of fiscal emergency.  The $12 million surplus former Superintendent Hayward Sims left the district had been turned into a $19 million deficit by his replacement, Elvin Jones, within 5 years. Donshon Wilson’s contract was one of those up for cancellation consideration and at the time he was not certified to teach music as a former Shaw High band drummer.  School boards and superintendents are required to ensure students are…

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Not even beggars or the homeless are going to dead-azz downtown Cleveland at night

CLEVELAND, OH – The statue of the late Cleveland Mayor Tom Johnson seated at the edge of Public Square in my feature photo overlooks the land and all its tax-dollar depleted emptiness. Governor Richard Michael DeWine led reckless elected officials like Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and the Kevin Kelly-led Cleveland city council to create this budget-draining lunacy when ex-Ohio health director Amy Stearns-Acton lied the state into a panic; and they unconstitutionally shut down the city’s economy during the common cold and flu season of 2020.  Some of these political idiots are still wearing masks. Cleveland downtown is dead.  It’s…

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