Martin Luther King Jr

Justin Bibb’s suburban controlled transition team is going to get him in trouble early on with Cleveland voters

CLEVELAND, OH – Mayor-elect Justin Bibb’s transition team selection shows he still doesn’t have a “statutory” clue about the “official duties” of a municipal mayor under the “Federal Plan” of government found in Title 7, Chapter 705 of the Ohio Revised Code.  His head is not in the governing documents he’s going to swear to obey after he is administered an oath of office to be delivered to the Clerk of Council pursuant to Section 705.28 of the Ohio Revised Code. The governing documents referenced in the oath of office contain the statutory words that will be used against him…

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Abolitionist John Brown’s descendant is called a racist for cutting off a US Army colonel’s microphone as he spoke of him on Memorial Day in Hudson Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH – Cindy Marsh-Suchan can trace her bloodline to the very founding of the United States of America through an ancestor named Peter Brown whose arrival in North America is dated between 1565 and 1625.  One of his much later grandson’s born in 1800 was named John Brown the legendary abolitionist of Harper’s Ferry fame.   His abolitionist affiliations include Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman. Cindy Marsh-Suchan knows this information from stories she’s heard within her family.  Her mother, Martha Marsh, shared the historic lineage with a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch in 2019.  That year Hudson, Ohio’s mayor was…

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