Mayor Frank Jackson

Nina Turner was running a superb globally-watched campaign until she started sounding like “Bernie Light”

CLEVELAND, OH – There’s little Americans like about United States Senator Bernard Gitman aka Sanders.  They’ve told him “hell to the fuck no” twice in national elections as he’s sought to lead our nation as president.  Sanders’ Russian family name is Gitman that came from his illegal alien father, Eliasz Gitman, lying his way into our nation.  His first real paycheck and job came once he got elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont. Voters in the 11th Congressional District just told the world they don’t even want the candidates he supports no matter how much money they have or celebrity backers. …

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The 11th Congressional District needs Shirley Smith’s “second chance” stick-to-it work ethic in Congress to work on criminal justice reform and more

CLEVELAND, OH – There are 65 chapters in Title 2 of the United States Code that exists under the heading “Congress.”  There are four chapters in Title 3 of the same United States Code existing under the heading of the “President” of whom the members of Congress must interact.  Chapter 3 was repealed.  There were previously five instead of four chapters under Title 3. There are 54 “Titles” in the United States Code each member of the 435 member Congress has the authority to study and recommend ways to improve the federal statutes found within them in order to benefit…

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Calvin’s “babies mama” outside his marriage is a Cleveland cop Mayor Frank Jackson promoted with whom he has 2 children

Retired and double-dipping Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams' extra-marital affair with a Cleveland cop he "stations and transfers" under R.C. 737.06 has him too busy worrying about his personal shit instead of solving homicides and fighting crime "constitutionally."

CLEVELAND, OH – EJBNEWS has learned that the “other” woman in Cleveland chief of police Calvin Williams divorce drama is a municipal cop he manages who gave birth to his daughter and son.  Loretta Williams divorce papers against Calvin were delivered to an address county records show is in the name of Sherrie Flores.  The suburban $263,000 home was purchased in July 2019.  Flores is a Cleveland municipal police officer. As EJBNEWS previously reported, Loretta D. Williams filed on May 11, 2020 with the Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court to divorce Williams.  She also sought and was granted a restraining…

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Cleveland police Chief Calvin Williams is battling the emotional drama of a divorce and restraining order his wife filed against him in May 2020


CLEVELAND, OH – Calvin D. Williams has done a lot of crying in public in his sworn and official capacity as Mayor Frank Jackson’s chief of police.  The man’s in over his head as he faces a divorce from his wife and continued complaints about his running the police department like a criminal enterprise from President Joe Biden’s United States Department of Justice. Biden is one of the sponsors of the 1994 Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Control Act that will have his constitutionally non-compliant policing in focus.  His soon-to-be ex-wife asked for a restraining order against him. I texted…

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Rybka let an Albanian building department worker help a Communist Albanian alien organized crime figure and his kids complete demolition documents with federal dumping laws they couldn’t read in English

CLEVELAND, OH – When I worked as Cleveland Life’s editor in chief in 2001 our offices were across the street from the Plain Dealer’s at 18th and Superior.  The power went out right before September 11, 2001 that affected us, the Plain Dealer and other businesses within a couple of blocks.  The problem was sourced to the electrical panel in the basement of the building that houses our offices.  Ukrainian alien workers who knew no English had been hired by a sub-contractor working on the Plain Dealer’s renovation of its headquarters.  They couldn’t read the electrical schematics and had “guessed”…

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Jackson’s “sanctuary city” policies got Bruno Collins murdered in Cleveland; and his identity stolen by illegal immigrants

CLEVELAND, OH – The millions of Americans who watched President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union Address in 2017 did not pay attention to the suffering of the American Negro families whose stories of being terrorized out of their neighborhoods by illegal Mexican and Guatamalen immigrants with an extermination consciousness he shared.  Throughout his four years in office Trump warned Americans that the mayors and councils promoting sanctuary cities were inviting death to their neighborhoods. On January 24, 2020, Amanda Berry hosted a “Missing” episode on FOX8 and described the events surrounding the disappearance of Bruno Collins.  He’d been…

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