Mike DeWine

Shut up Mike. Ain’t nobody listening to your fake pandemic, veto over-ridden azz. You’re done!

Richard Michael DeWine leaves every elected office he serves in administratively worse off than it was when he arrived.

CLEVELAND, OH – The next time Governor Richard Michael DeWine or a mayor or anyone else issues an “order” during the pandemic he created out of quack Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton’s lies last March 12, 2020 that elected official will be violating Ohio laws amended and created under Senate Bill 22.  Now economically-liberated business owners and citizens caged in fear in their homes can tell these reckless politicians, especially DeWine, to go fuck themselves. The Ohio Senate voted 23 to 10 on March 24, 2021 to override “King Richard’s” veto of Senate Bill 22.  The Napolean-sized despot had refused to accept

Allan’s CoVid quarantine letter acknowledges R.C. 3707.08, but fails to advise the infected of their rights to be cared for at home

Cuyahoga County health commissioner Terry Allan is just as criminally-derelict as Merle Gordon in disobeying and not enforcing unsuspended general laws R.C. 3707.04 through R.C. 3707.50 and R.C. 3707.53.

CLEVELAND, OH – EJBNEWS obtained a copy of what Terry Allan in his capacity as Cuyahoga County’s health commissioner is sending to SARS-CoV infected residents.  He’s titled it an “Order of isolation for communicable disease patient” and lists the authority for it as Section 3707.08 of the Revised Code of Ohio.  The “patient” through Allan’s letter is ordered to isolate in their home or place of residence. What’s in Allan’s letter is a set of instructions that resemble Title 3707 and not any of Governor Richard Michael DeWine, Dr. Amy Stearns-Actons, Mayor Frank Jackson and Cleveland city council’s “orders” and

DeWine looked like he had chills when he voted and later robbed Fran’s 94 year old momma of a chance to meet 2 new great-grandchildren

CLEVELAND, OH – Governor Richard Michael DeWine looked like he had chills the day he and “First Lady Fran” voted in Cedarville, Ohio on November 4, 2020 at the Cedar Land Event Center.   The place was is owned by Sheridan Auctioneers.  The late Charles Keith Sheridan built the place.  His descendants own it now.  Sheridan and DeWine attended junior high school in Greene County.  After high school his father and grandfather hired him to work for the DeWine Feed Company.  A polling location at the banquet hall of a childhood friend who spoke emceed your political events seems like a

Cleveland Clinic’s Croatian CEO’s confession that 1000 workers are CoVid 19 sick is evidence he’s criminally violated R.C. 3707.06

CLEVELAND, OH – If Cleveland Clinic’s Croatian chief executive officer had a full comprehension of the federal, state and local laws that control public health in the United States of America and Ohio 1000 health care workers would not be sick and he wouldn’t be following Governor Richard Michael DeWine or Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s “orders” through “proclamation.”  Only a tin pot politician who believes he’s ‘a Communist dictator thinks a public official elected under constitutions and laws gets to suspend them with “orders” during a bad cold and flu season. Dr. Tomislav Mihaljevic has “criminal” trouble in the way

Camel piss drinking tourists and health care workers from the Middle East brought CoVid 19 to Ohio and every other state in the nation

CLEVELAND, OH – More than 35 percent of Ohio’s health care workers are from foreign nations.  Many are Muslim where the Q’ran references how the drinking of raw camel milk and urine led to the improved health of vanquished and starving people it strengthened to help them vanquish those who had attacked their village.  If they’re not from those nations, health care workers, politicians, lawyers,  visiting the Middle East and places like Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, India and Pakistan as tourists area appearing in videos drinking raw camel piss straight from a bottle that comes from the animal’s unwashed penis

Mass murderer DeWine’s maliciously-ignorant refusal to enforce 29 pandemic laws is the sole reason the CoVid 19 virus is spreading

Cheap shot artist Governor Richard Michael DeWine thinks the lies he told Ohioans that 117,000 of us were Covid 19 infected are justified now that President Donald Trump tested positive in the state he's misleading.

CLEVELAND, OH – When Cuyahoga County Board of Health Commissioner Terry Allan held a news conference on March 11, 2020 and announced he was letting nine out of 13 known CoVid 19 infected Ohioans “self-quarantine,” Governor Richard Michael DeWine should have had him arrested for disobeying sections 3707.04 through 3707.40 of the Revised Code of Ohio.  It’s where 29 general laws establish the instructions every Board of Health in the state’s 88 counties have duties to obey and enforce. Since Article III, Section 6 of the Constitution of Ohio instructed DeWine to enforce all laws, Chapter 18 and Section 4

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