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Indictment shows Mayor Brandon King hid the Al Zubair brothers $10 million foreign investor swindle from city council and the public

CLEVELAND, OH – To understand why East Cleveland Mayor Brandon Lee King turned his back on the law enforcement duties of his elected office, to involve himself in the $10 million con game two born and raised in East Cleveland half  brothers were running on Chinese and Saudi investors, his family history, personal associations and state-of-mind are important.  King has testified to living for the past 23 years with family members who court and other records show have sold drugs, compelled prostitution and engaged in felony voting fraud. Two of the King’s in Brandon’s household at 1735 Elsinore Street, his…

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Simone Biles’ brother was acquitted of killing two men so stop with the “if Rittenhouse was Black” bullshit

CLEVELAND, OH – If Americans were to believe the thoughts of racing car driver Bubba Wallace, FOX NEWS analyst Juan Williams and a host of other celebrities offering baseless legal opinions about the successful outcome of Kyle Rittenhouse’s “murder” trial he’d be under the jail if he were “Black.”  That’s the story line they’re pushing.  That Rittenhouse would be in jail if he were “Black.” Wallace was more specific.  He claimed that Rittenhouse would have been killed before the “bullshit” trial. Fox News’ Juan Williams: If Kyle Rittenhouse Was a Black Teen, ‘The Laws Might Have Treated Him a Little…

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Cuyahoga Democrats ignored the National Security Act to support a top Ohio Communist party official, Rick Nagin, for leadership over a Democratic ward and to work for a US Senator, a member of Congress and a member of council

CLEVELAND, OH – In 1985 I interviewed Ohio Communist Party director Rick Nagin for my Cleveland Perspective radio show on WRMR AM850.  I wanted to know how a Communist in a nation where Communism has been outlawed since 1950 could operate so openly in an American city. Nagin is ethnically Russian, raised Jewish and has spewed the full Communist Party doctrine on his Facebook page and for the People’s World Daily online and print newspaper.  He had these words to say on People’s World Daily after his Tree of Life synagogue was attacked in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Private ownership of weapons…

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The Asian Indian putting Communist sounding words in Biden’s mouth, Cholleti Vinay Reddy, is a member of a caste-loving family of Communists and terrorists who think they’re better than others

Whenever you watch Joe Biden reading words from a piece of paper, and he sounds like a disloyal, un-American Communist, remember that the words he's reading are written by an Asian Indian named Vinay Reddy from Dayton, Ohio whose mother and father immigrated here from a Communist nation.

CLEVELAND, OH – If Irish Catholic President Joseph Robinette Biden sounds like an evil, Third World Bollywood version of a two-bit Communist, wannabe dictator he has himself to blame for appointing an Asian Indian alien with DNA ancestry to a dirt poor Communist village to write his speeches.  Vinay Cholleti Reddy or Cholleti Vinay Reddy.  The translation from Sanskrit to English makes his surname “Reddi” and not “Reddy.”  In Sanskrit his name is spelled विनय रेद्द्य चोल्लेति.  The village Biden’s speechwriter’s family is from has a 42 percent literacy rate. Biden’s got dementia and he’s under Communist “immigrant” control.  He’s…

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Shalira Taylor boycotted the League of Women Voters rigged Ward 12 candidates forum to challenge coordinator Michelle Jackson’s “secret” demands that people with questions show proof of vaccination

CLEVELAND, OH – Ward 12 Council candidate Shalira Taylor gathered more American residents to boycott outside a League of Women Voters (LWV) debate than there were those in attendance inside and seated six feet apart inside to hear two of her opponents.  Italian American Councilman Anthony Brancatelli and an ex-Russian New York attorney named Rebecca Anne Maurer.  Taylor shared an email with EJBNEWS that she’d received from Michelle B. Jackson who was coordinating the LWV event. According to Jackson in her email to Taylor, Ward 12 event attendees who signed up in advance to ask questions were required to show…

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Beachwood TGirl Josh Mandel’s got secrets real “God, guns and country” loving conservative Ohioans won’t appreciate in the U.S. Senate

CLEVELAND, OH – The picture in this story’s featured image is from Beachwood High School’s 1996 yearbook.  Josh Mandel is the transgendered woman on the right with dark hair.   Ms. Mandel and her transgender friend appear to be exercising.   Before Mandel decided to become GI Joe in the United States Marines he appears to have been readying for a role on RuPaul’s Drag Races.  “Work it girl.” I was searching for some affirming information that supports a story I heard in 2018 from a well-connected Republican source about the “real” reason Mandel dropped out of a long-planned return matchup with…

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