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Clevelanders have aided the Israeli Defense Forces in building an army of 160,000 “friends” in 13 U.S. states, including Ohio, as treasonous traitors quarter and conceal foreign troops on US soil

CLEVELAND, OH – What if illegal aliens and immigrants from Communist China decided to organize a 501.c3 non-profit to support the Peoples Liberation Army and called it the Friends of the Peoples Liberation Army? 

Chapters inside the United States of America would exist with Communist Chinese soldiers recruiting members secretly in uniform and raising money on our soil.  Chinese children would be taught to pledge allegiance to the flag of Communist China and be indoctrinated that their “Red army” is operating inside the United States of America and abroad to protect them and their interests from American racists.  Under the current immigrant-controlled Democratic Party a racist is an American who wants immigration laws obeyed and enforced.

Loyal. law abiding and patriotic Americans would be rightfully alarmed and concerned with a 160,000 presence of Friends of the Peoples Liberation Army operating openly inside the United States of America.  We’d expect the leaders and organizers to be arrested, prosecuted and jailed for treason by our law enforcement agencies if they weren’t infiltrated and obstructed with “sanctuary city” foolishness.

The Central Intelligence Agency has described Israel as the #1 espionage threat to the United States of America. It also seems rather insane for the United States Congress to arm Russians, Polish and Ukrainians who took over Palestine; and who have consistently attacked U.S. interests and citizens. Retired Israeli Defense Forces Major General Meir Klifi-Amir built an army of 160,000 Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces inside the United States of America in violation of espionage and foreign agents registration laws. IDF soldiers were also infiltrated into the United States of America. Among the IDF friends are elected officials, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, business owners and actors. It explains why the non-profit has not been criminally investigated.

This “friends” of a foreign military scheme is exactly what Russian, Polish and Ukrainian Jews are operating inside the United States of America under a non-profit called the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces (FIDF) headquartered in New York.  Until September 2020 the national FIDF in New York was led by a retired Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) major general named of Meir Klifi Amir who once commanded the Middle East nation’s ground forces.  This Israeli citizen’s equivalent today is Major General Yaacov Barak who sent soldiers into a Palestinian mosque and is coordinating the evictions and ethnic cleansing now taking place in Palestine’s Gaza.

Klifi-Amir’s IDF ground forces command appears to coincide with Operation Hot Winter and Operation Cast Lead in 2008. The Palestinian body count between the two “missions” was 1500 as the IDF operates like the best armed and most violent eviction bailiffs on the planet.

The heavily-armed house-to-house searchers are vital to Israel’s “innovative” economic development strategies.  Instead of building new homes the Israeli government steals them from forcibly unarmed Palestinians and then labels the displaced homeowners “terrorists” for complaining.

Under a “Jewish state” only Jews have rights and access to the courts.  According to a website called Yesh Din, 91 percent of complaints Palestinians make about IDF ideological abuses are uninvestigated by the Israeli government.  Israel sounds like Cleveland and Cuyahoga County in the Northern District of Ohio under pro-police city, state and federal prosecutors.  The semitic Palestinians are the equivalent to semitic Christian American Negroes, poor White Anglo Saxon Protestants and Catholic Puerto Ricans in Cleveland.  Christianity and Islam are semitic religions.

Ward 14 councilwoman Jasmine Santana and Ward 6’s Blaine Griffin traveled to Israel as guests of the Cleveland Jewish Federation.  Santana was so impressed she wanted to implement Israel’s “innovative” economic development strategies in Cleveland.  She’s expected to be defeated in 2021 by former Councilman Nelson Cintron.

In Cuyahoga County, Ohio and 12 other states across the United States of America, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian Jews have organized FIDF chapters with a combined membership of 160,000.  Annually each chapter has been hosting fundraisers since 1981 to raise money to fund “settlers” relocating from the United States of America to Palestine; and providing supportive services to IDF combat soldiers involved in violently evicting Palestinians to give their homes to “Jewish” settlers with Brooklyn accents.

Israel’s latest attack on the Gaza strip in Palestine and neighborhoods like Sheikh Jarrah can be attributed in part to Russian, Ukrainian and Polish New York Jewish settlers to Israel who needed a place to live.  A portion of the money raised for the FIDF is spent on encouraging Russian, Polish and Ukrainian Jews to leave the United States of America for Palestine under the government of Israel’s armed control.  The FIDF’s donors don’t appear to have the same loyalty to or interest in caring for U.S. soldiers, veterans and our families.

Klifi-Amir is an Israeli citizen and foreign government official, and there are no immigration laws giving Russian, Polish or Ukrainian Jews from Israel automatic dual citizenship.  Like every other alien seeking admission into the United States of America under a visa, Klifi-Amir was required by this nation’s immigration laws to apply through the U. S. Department of State.

The Israeli was required to be vetted for his involvement in terrorist organizations and a determination had to be made to see if his skills were useful to this nation with the U.S. Department of Labor.  The board of the non-profit FIDF, according to federal immigration laws, was required to submit an I-9 to the U.S. Department of Labor to see if the Israeli alien retired IDF general they hired was eligible to work in the United States of America.

Foreign soldiers sneaking into the United States of America to recruit “friends” and raise money violates espionage, immigration and treason laws. The idea that American citizens would raise money to support foreign soldiers and not raise money to support members and veterans of the United States armed forces seems rather traitorous.

Klifi-Amir was paid over $1 million annually to infiltrate uniformed IDF soldiers into the United States of America through the organization’s 13 “friends” chapters; and to lobby for the government of Israel which he did as an unregistered foreign agent.  Between 2014 and 2020 he led the organization to raise over $535 million from wealthy Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Syrian and Turkish Jews and friends inside the United States of America.  The agent of a foreign government even led the organization to apply for and receive a payroll protection loan to aid its efforts in supporting foreign troops.  Hollywood kicked in big time with $36 million raised at one event.

Among the FIDF’s hollywood supporters are Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Tucker, Lionel Richie, Pamela Anderson Lee and Jason Alexander.  Stallone’s mother, Jacqueline Labofish, was a Russian Jew.  Anderson’s relatives on her mother’s side of the family are Russian Jews.  Her father’s ancestors are Romani Jews.  Schwarzenegger is apologetic and supportive of Israel because his father was an Austrian Nazi.

Klifi-Amir counts among his successes the $40 billion in aid promised to Israel for 10 years by a Republican-controlled Congress under Donald Trump as president.  There is no record of either the FIDF or Klifi Amir being registered with the the United States Department of Justice pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act as agents of the Israeli government.

Israel’s military infiltrator appears to have ignored espionage as well as immigration laws during his six-years of building a 160,000 command of Jews in America who have pledged allegiance to Israel and harbored uniformed members of the foreign government’s armed forces on U.S. soil.  When Stingray cell phone tower emulators were found to have been installed near the White House by Israeli agents Trump said “no big deal.”   A settlement for Jews that bears his name is already cleared.  Trump Heights.  The FBI and U.S. Department of Justice under his command turned a blind eye to the IDF’s recruitment and fundraising on U.S. soil.

These “American” children were not pledging allegiance to the United States of America at the Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School in Beachwood, Ohio in 2015 when they were visited by IDF soldiers.

Russians, Polish and Ukrainian Jews living in America and claiming citizenship have no special privileges to ignore the nation’s espionage laws in their interactions with Israeli, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian government officials on behalf of those governments.  Sister City agreements without U.S. Department of State oversight are not lawful.   The Logan Act used to prosecute Trump’s campaign team still prevents Americans from initiating any correspondence with the officials of foreign governments.  IDF soldiers and their “IDF for life” retirees are a foreign government’s agents.

In Ohio it’s up to the two U.S. Attorneys for the northern and southern districts of the state to enforce espionage and treasons laws … locally.  During the administration of Barack Obama in his official capacity as President, the Democrat assigned attorney Steve Dettelbach to protect northern Ohioans from foreign spies and spying.  Dettelbach, a Russian American, had conflicts of interest.

Uniformed members of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are shown above in a video Karil Bialostosky-Dettelbach uploaded on October 15 2015 to her YouTube page that features the foreign soldiers interacting with children, faculty and parents at the Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School in Beachwood, Ohio.  Joseph Mandel was Josh Mandel’s grandfather and a founder of Premier Industrial.  He died on March 22, 2016. Steven Dettelbach in 2015 was serving as Obama’s U.S. Attorney when his Russian-born Mexican immigrant wife was promoting the IDF.

Karil Bialostosky was born in Mexico City to Russian immigrants Saul and the late Dinorah Bialostosky in January of 1969.  Dinorah was born on August 5, 1940 or 16 days before Leon Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico City on August 21, 1940 .  Trotsky who’s real name was Lev Bronstein fled to Mexico after being kicked out of Russia by Josef Stalin.  Stalin didn’t trust the Marxist so he made sure “the Red was dead.”

Saul or Samuel Bialostosky (Bialostozky’s) date of birth identifies him as being born in Lapy, Poland on February 6, 1937.  He’s 84 years old today.  Karil Bialostosky and Dettelbach married on September 23, 2000 in Manassas, Virginia.  She claims to have been naturalized as a U.S. citizen in 1989 at the age of 20 instead of 16.

Former US Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio Steve Dettelbach’s Mexican immigrant wife, Karil Bialostosky, worked for both the administrations of Jane Campbell and Frank Jackson. He said Campbell’s administration, with Jackson as council president, did nothing with the federal government’s first two investigations when he led the third. But instead of investigating the 600 incident reports of known cop crimes criminally, Dettelbach’s investigation was civil.  Numerous Russian, Ukrainian and Polish men and women are employed as Cleveland police in a city with an American Negro majority.

Karil was 14 when her parents brought their family (she has a sister named Lara) to the United States of America from Mexico City in 1979 for what Dinorah claimed were “business purposes.”  That’s what Dinorah told the Brownsville Herald when she worked as an interpreter for Cameron county’s courts and Saul was a partner in a gift shop.

Her job skills as a freelance interpreter in Mexico City and “business purposes” reasons for requesting a visa would not have authorized either Saul or Dinorah to be admitted into the United States of America for employment or business under immigration laws in existence in 1979.  They weren’t the “Einstein’s” American immigration laws favored and Russians, Polish and Ukrainians had been excluded with the Chinese in the Chinese Exclusion Acts of the 1890’s.

By 1973 the number of “legally admitted” Russians living in the United States of America numbered fewer than 1300 according to the New York Times.  There’s no way 6 million Russians are in the United States of America legally today with close to 40 serving in Congress.

Dettelbach’s wife worked for the mayoral administrations of Jane Campbell and Jackson while U.S. Department of Justice officials were investigating their management of unconstitutional policing.  In 2006 she joined Chinese attorney Margaret Wong’s challenge to requirements that aliens and immigrants prove their citizenship before voting.  In their losing case against Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, Wong and Bialostosky argued that natural born Americans didn’t have to prove our citizenship.

Within months after arriving in Brownsville, Texas from Mexico City, Karil Bialostosky’s Russian and Polish Jewish parents were publicly-promoting their Mexican born daughter as a co-leader of the Young Judeans.

Dettelbach failed to prosecute anyone in northern Ohio for violating the Logan Act, Espionage Act and Foreign Agents Registration Act during his time in office.  Law enforcement officers that included police officers, sheriffs, prosecutors and judges got off scot-free from having to worry about criminal charges for violating 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242 that Samaria Rice and other loved ones of citizens killed by police wanted.

The two federal laws were associated with the Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Control Act of 1994 and included sentencing upgrades from misdemeanors to felonies for cops, prosecutors and judges who engaged in conspiracies to violate rights under the color of law. The death penalty for conspiratorial cops, prosecutors and judges was also another upgrade to the controversial 1994 federal law.

Instead of enforcing more serious laws, particularly those related to espionage, treason and immigration, Dettelbach used former Cleveland building official Rufus Taylor to entrap American Negro contractors into a bribery scheme and pursued fake terrorists federal prosecutors and FBI agents created.  Dettelbach’s criminal prosecutions looked like those a police beat journalist would find in a local police blotter when one considers the build-up of IDF-friendly individuals like his wife calling themselves “Americans” and expressing allegiance to foreign soldiers on U.S. soil.

Right now in real time the FIDF is seeking money from inside the United States of America to support a foreign military invasion of Palestinian neighborhoods whose property owners have been targeted for evictions to make way for Jewish “settlers” with Brooklyn accents.

Children featured in the IDF movie Bialostosky-Dettelbach shared of them at ages six, seven and eight in 2015 are now a heavily-indoctrinated 12, 13 and 14 year olds.  If the pledges to the Israeli flag and IDF visits have been continual they’ve been influenced to support a foreign government and foreign troops secretly building an army of IDF potential forces on U.S. soil.  It’s a foreign armed forces whose history includes the slaughter of U.S sailors aboard the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 and repeated threats to American lives.

Terrorists Menachim Biegun, Golda Mabovitch (Meir) and Ariel Scheinnerman (Sharon) controlled the “Israeli” government and IDF U.S. armed forces at the time called “Soviets” from Russia, Poland and the Ukraine.   They were involved in a “6 Day War” with Egypt and wanted U.S. weapons support for their sneak attack on Egyptian aircraft and bases.

In another sneak attack during the 6 Day War the IDF slaughtered 34 U.S. sailors aboard the USS Liberty and wounded another 174 by jamming the ship’s radio and radar and then attacking our sailors repeatedly in gunboats with the intent to kill them all.     Their desire was to deceive President Lyndon Johnson into believing Egypt’s armed forces had committed the heinous act in an attempt to secure arms support for their further militaristic activities in the Middle East.  The lives of “goyem” are of little consequence.

The IDF blamed Egypt for their attack during the 6 Day War for closing a “strait” to their ships.  The same IDF blamed the U.S. citizens aboard the USS Liberty for not flying an American flag that was still clearly visible after their murderous sneak attack.  They claimed the 75 minute attempted massacre was a mistake.

This support for foreign soldiers on U.S. soil is wrong on so many levels. America has a separate foreign policy agenda than the Russians, Polish and Ukrainians who control the government of Israel in Palestine. Raising over $500 million to support the Israeli Defense Forces creates the false illusion that the majority of citizens of the United States of America agree when we don’t. Increasingly American foreign policy is being hijacked by self-agenda’d immigrants and their descendants.

In 1954 the IDF planted bombs in Cairo, Egypt inside buildings Americans used during what was called then The Lavon Affair.  This was less than six years after illegal Russian, Polish and Ukrainian aliens and organized crime figures like Leonard Ratner, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and Micky Cohen donated a total of $50 million to arm IDF terrorists against the Palestinian government in 1948.  President Dwight Eisenhower wasn’t giving the Soviets who’d taken over Palestine access to the weapons they wanted and the planted bombs were to, again, be blamed on Egypt. Ratner’s son, Albert Ratner, bragged in a video about how his father contributed $25,000.

The IDF as recently as May 15, 2021 bombed a building that housed an office of American citizens working for the Associated Press in the Middle East.   IDF forces claimed American journalists knew they were working in the same building as Hamas’ leadership.  Al Jeezera reporters rented space in the building as well.

According to the IDF the American journalists were given a warning to get out before the building was bombed.  The warning consists of IDF forces dropping an unexploded missile on the roof of a building before an explosion comes 10 minutes later.  Only God can help the handicapped.

Ohio FIDF organizers posed with IDF Staff Sergeant A whose face is hidden along with his concealed name. Retired Israeli Defense Forces Major General Meir Klifi Amir is the third man from the left.  Under John Edgar Hoover’s FBI, these men and women might be viewed as Soviet spies, arrested, criminally prosecuted and possibly deported.

Uniformed foreign soldiers from the IDF have no business on United States soil and their unsupervised presence here would under normal circumstances be seen as a violation of the Logan Act, Espionage Act as well as the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  Were Bialostosky not Dettelbach’s wife the Russian immigrant born in Mexico City might have been investigated for espionage or treason as a promoter of the IDF’s “movie” filmed on American soil in Beachwood, Ohio.  So would the leadership and members of the FIDF.  There is nothing “friendly” about the IDF when it comes to Americans as demonstrated by their history.

The Cleveland chapter of the FIDF takes some effort to hide the faces and conceal the names of the foreign soldiers they’re violating espionage and immigration laws to quarter on U.S. soil.  The concealment is alleged to be for the “safety” of the foreign soldiers recruiting and raising money used to discharge adjunct duties of the Israeli government in caring for its troops.  Other chapters on the FIDF website appear not to be so secretive of their interactions with the agents of a foreign government’s armed forces.

Locally, Harlan Diamond’s Landerhaven has been the host site of local FIDF annual “galas” for the IDF “heroes” who “protect us all.”  The “us” according to the FIDF’s website are Jews around the world.

The concept of a 160,000 man, woman and child armed ground forces of IDF “friends” operating openly but in secret inside the United States of America is more than implied by Klifi-Amir’s unreported, uninvestigated and unopposed presence here since 2014.

Sources say Williams is close to resigning now that Jackson’s decided not to seek a 5th term as Cleveland’s mayor and he’s got no political horse to ride for another four

CLEVELAND, OH – Reliable sources say Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams knows he has no law enforcement future with mayoral contenders like Zack Reed so he’s planning to announce, soon, that he’s leaving.  Reed in 2017 wanted to elevate Williams to director of public safety had he defeated Jackson for mayor that year.  Should voters send him to city hall in 2022 Reed wants him gone.  Williams has too much baggage associated with his management of the Cleveland Division of Police and is now presiding over a town faced with record breaking homicides and unsolved crime statistics for its 378,000 population.

The Jackson administration’s sex crime solve rate is only 20 percent and even now Williams is obstructing the public from learning about two shootings involving CMHA and DEA law enforcement officers. The Jackson administration under Williams has thus far refused to turnover footage of the CMHA shooting at King Kennedy.

Jackson appointed Williams to “station and transfer” the city’s police manpower on February 10, 2014 pursuant to Section 737.06 of the Revised Code of Ohio.  At the same time he elevated troubled ex-chief Michael McGrath to director of public safety.  Martin Flask was elevated from director of public safety to Jackson’s executive assistant in charge of all public safety programs including fire and EMS.

Zack Reed has made it clear that if elected mayor the solving of unsolved crimes of violence and unconstitutional policing will be priorities.

When Jackson elevated Flask to oversee the police department as safety director he was authenticating the disciplinary practices that had caused him to be demoted as chief of police under ex-Mayor Michael Reed White.  White replaced Flask with Captain Mary Bounds after learning he was giving written warnings and suspensions to police officers violating local, state and federal laws  Section 737.11 of the Revised Code of Ohio required them to “obey and enforce.”  The word “obey” comes first in the unsuspended state general law.  Jackson told EJBNEWS in 2017 Williams had never read it.

I was employed by White as a special assistant in 2001 and was assigned the task of guiding Flask and Henry Guzman through an interview with a Plain Dealer reporter investigating their use of discipline to obstruct the enforcement of valid criminal complaints citizens had against the city’s police.  White was beginning to understand the nuances of how police management personnel, prosecutors and the judges were obstructing his desire to punish unlawful behavior.

As civil service employees police discipline comes under the authority of the Civil Service Commission and not the criminally-obstructive departmental rules or collective bargaining agreements.  With tenacity and a guided understanding of the bureaucracy she was trying to grasp the Plain Dealer reporter might have earned a problem-solving Pulitzer.  Instead of a series of eye-opening stories she stopped.  In 42-years of competing, editorially, with the Plain Dealer and the city’s other media outlets I’ve watched journalists initiate and then fail to follow-up on stories that have discoverable solutions.

Ex-safety director Michael McGrath resigned days before federal monitors ripped his criminally-obstructive handling of police discipline in the 8th report last year.

All three of Jackson’s top leadership bosses were double-dipping retirees he had no legal authority to leave in the job for longer than 8 months and part-time.  Jackson’s three police retirees are alleged to have received payouts estimated at between $1 million and $1.5 million from their DROP pension fund contributions.  At the time of his appointment Williams had worked for the city of Cleveland since 1986.  DROP is the Deferred Retirement Option Plan that lets cops retire with a lump sum instead of monthly payments.

Between 2004 and 2014 a story published in the Plain Dealer revealed how Cleveland taxpayers paid out more than $8.4 million to settle police brutality cases tied to both the administrations of ex-mayor Jane Campbell and Jackson.  From November 2014 until 2019 the costs jumped to $13.2 million.  $6 million to the estate of Tamir Rice, alone, in 2016.

On March 14, 2013, four months after the November 29, 2012 slaughter of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams following a 100 car unlawful pursuit of them into East Cleveland, then President Barack Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, authorized the United States Department of Justice to launch a “civil investigation” of the Jackson administration’s management of the city’s violent police.  A Black president sent a Black attorney general to a predominantly Black city to tell a Black mayor and police chief they were allowing criminally racist police to terrorize their people.

Martin Flask was demote as Mayor Michael White’s chief of police and reassigned to airport security. Mayor Frank Jackson elevated him to safety director and assigned him to oversee all of the city’s safety forces.

The revelation that under Williams – as deputy chief of operations – federal authorities found 600 incident reports with confirmed accounts of unlawful license plate searches, stops, detentions, searches, arrests and prosecutions shines as a moment of infamy in American Negro history.  It was akin to learning that an American Negro was the power behind the Ku Klux Klan and Nazi’s.

In his capacity as deputy chief of operations Williams oversaw police street activity in the districts making him directly in charge of cops engaged in the unlawful criminal prosecutions as well as the brutality federal officials revealed had been covered up.  Even now police under Williams claimed William Raspberry was a law enforcement officer instead of a private citizen when he left Target’s parking lot in his personal truck on West 117th Street to pursue a carjacking suspect into East Cleveland.  The pursuit resulted in the death of 13-year-old Tamia Chapmann.

Chapmann’s death caused East Cleveland council vice president Juanita Gowdy to question Cleveland council president Kevin Kelley in writing after being sworn in in January 2020 about whether or not the two city councils had authorized cross border warrantless pursuits pursuant to Section 2935.03 of the Revised Code of Ohio.  Cops are not authorized to pursue across borders without agreements enacted by neighboring city councils.

Kelley failed to respond directly to Gowdy and instead dismissively turned her request to him into a request for public records.  City officials could identify no agreements between East Cleveland and Cleveland city councils that authorized police on either side to pursue without warrants across each’s borders.  Cops operating outside their municipal borders without legislative authority are impersonating law enforcement officers and should be arrested.

Mayoral wannabe Kevin Kelly has already signalled a “Jane Campbell” like consciousness regarding police violence when he led a lynch-mob-type news conference threatening citizens that he’ll authorize police to pursue anywhere with no regard for the innocent lives lost and property damage. With him is Ward 2 councilman Kevin Bishop. Kelly was also joined by Blaine Griffin, Kerry McCormack and Charles Slife.

The agreements detail how pursuits are to be coordinated between law enforcement agencies as well as who’s responsible for the damages to property and life when they occur.  Williams like his precedessors unlawfully entered agreements between police chiefs outside the mayor and council’s knowledge and authority.

Police chiefs have no contract signing authority pursuant to any Ohio law, but Williams was authorizing police working for Cleveland Clinic, RTA, CMHA and others to make arrests off their property and on Cleveland streets in violation of R.C. 2935.03. Gowdy has since worked with East Cleveland’s council majority to enact the Tamia Chapmann Act in February 2021.  Under the new ordinance East Cleveland police have no pursuit authority outside East Cleveland and should be arresting police officers from surrounding suburbs who enter the city’s borders.

Gowdy affirmed that East Cleveland city council has authorized no agreements pursuant to R.C. 2935.03 with any other city council.  The Tamia Chapmann Act provides a tool for criminal defense and civil rights attorneys to validate that law enforcement officers were authorized by law to engage in arrests and pursuits.  One of the authorizing documents for a warrantless pursuit across borders are agreements enacted by city councils pursuant to R.C. 2935.03.  Williams, at our first and only face-to-face encounter in the basement of city hall, told me he had no knowledge of R.C. 2935.03.

Cleveland detective Daniel Lentz was arrested and charged with felonious assault on June 24, 2018. Pursuant to Section 2929.43 of the Revised Code of Ohio, peace officers indicted on felonies who plead to misdemeanors as Lentz did must surrender their Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy certification. The law reads beginning at 2929.43(b)(1) as follows and the question of why he’s still allowed to work in the Jackson administration begs to be answered: (B)(1) Prior to accepting a plea of guilty to an indictment, information, or complaint charging a felony, the court shall determine whether the defendant is a peace officer. If the court determines that the defendant is a peace officer, it shall address the defendant personally and provide the following advisement to the defendant that shall be entered in the record of the court. “You are hereby advised that conviction of the felony offense to which you are pleading guilty will result in the termination of your employment as a peace officer and in your decertification as a peace officer pursuant to the laws of Ohio.” Upon the request of the defendant, the court shall allow the defendant additional time to consider the appropriateness of the plea of guilty in light of the advisement described in division (B)(1) of this section. The court shall not accept a plea of guilty of a defendant who is a peace officer unless, in addition to any other procedures required under the Rules of Criminal Procedure, the court determines that the defendant voluntarily and intelligently enters that plea after being given the advisement described in division (B)(1) of this section. (2) After accepting under division (B)(1) of this section a plea of guilty to an indictment, information, or complaint charging a felony, the court shall provide to the clerk of the court of common pleas a written notice of the plea of guilty of the defendant peace officer, the name and address of the peace officer, the law enforcement agency or other governmental entity that employs the peace officer and its address, the date of the plea, the nature of the felony offense, and certified copies of court entries in the action. Upon receiving the written notice required by division (B)(2) of this section, the clerk of the court of common pleas shall transmit to the employer of the peace officer and to the Ohio peace officer training council a report that includes the information contained in the written notice and the certified copies of the court entries in the action.

Williams has further, like his predecessors, signed LEADS/NCIC participation agreements that should have been signed by Jackson with council approval to allow police officers to access the FBI’s criminal records history databases while on the streets.  The FBI’s NCIC 2000 Manual clearly instructs police officers across the nation that “an NCIC hit alone is not probable cause to arrest.”

The language exists under the heading Data and Probable Cause.  The authorized uses of the database and a clear process for citizen complaints involving misuse is required by Congress.  Local police departments are required to also provide citizens with the information that’s stored on them in the databases.  Despite these very clear federal instructions, Cleveland police under the Jackson administration and others have used the information gained from unlawful license plate searches to establish “probable cause.”

The Government Accounting Office (GAO) has repeatedly warned Congress the information in the NCIC database is inaccurate on half the individuals whose names are found in it.  Council, under Kelly’s oversight as the legislative authority’s president, has never held the type of public hearings that would generate legislation from council which dealt with the chronic problem of training and unconstitutional policing.  The city’s unused civil rights ordinance was enacted in 1974.

Former US Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio Steve Dettelbach’s Russian-Mexican immigrant wife, Karil Bialostosky, worked for both the administrations of Jane Campbell and Frank Jackson. Dettelbach, a Russian American, said Campbell’s administration, with Jackson as council president, did nothing with the federal government’s first two investigations when he led the third. But instead of investigating the 600 incident reports of known cop crimes criminally, Dettelbach’s investigation was civil.  Karil Bialostosky is the daughter of illegal Russian aliens Saul and the late Dinorah Bialostosky who immigrated to Brownsville, Texas from Mexico city for “business” purposes in 1979.  That’s what Dinorah told Brownsville’s daily newspaper.  Saul was a partner in a gift shop and Dinorah an interpreter for Cameron County courts.  The Bialostosky’s reasons for immigrating to the US made them inadmissible.

With no political horse to ride into the next administration Williams appears to be out of options to stay on past Jackson.   The 8th and 9th reports of the Cleveland Police Monitoring Team were critical of the administration’s criminally-obstructive handling of discipline as well as Williams ordering police to gas and shoot rubber bullets at American citizens protesting at the Justice Center last year.

Clevelanders are not Palestinians.  The late James Skernivitz had no legal authority to snatch the late Scott Dingess off Cleveland streets to use as an informant in a drug buy that got them both killed.

Despite the mayor and council’s agreement to allow Israel’s flag to be flown over city hall, Cleveland is not Israel.  Williams violated the Logan Act and Espionage Act when he communicated with the Ambassador of Israel about finding the killer of an Israeli citizen on the city’s east side.  He should have referred the foreign government official to the United States Department of State.

Cleveland’s longest serving police chief stayed too long after his retirement and now he leaves office in disgrace.

Williams is also involved in a public divorce thanks to the diligent reporting of EJBNEWS.  Not Cleveland Scene’s editorial thief, Mark Puente.  We exposed the other woman in Williams’ life and their two children in Berea.  She’s a cop he “stations and transfers” under Ohio law named Sherrie Flores.

Williams’ wife, Loretta, like the rest of Cleveland seems to have had enough.


The FBI warned Ohio’s governor, mayors and sheriffs in 2006 that white supremacists were infiltrating law enforcement agencies

CLEVELAND, OH – In November 2006 I reviewed an FBI bulletin released October 17, 2006 which sought to alert elected officials that white supremacists were infiltrating law enforcement offices.  At the time I was serving my 10th month as East Cleveland’s mayor and director of public safety.  The late Patricia Lane was the civil service chief of police I had inherited.   The late Almeta Johnson, Cleveland’s first female chief prosecuting attorney, served as my director of law and chief prosecutor.

The original version of the FBI’s bulletin was heavily-redacted as it portrayed how white supremacist law enforcement officers had access to “intelligence gathering” tools such as its National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database or Ohio’s Law Enforcement Automated Data Systems (LEADS) to acquire information about their “elected official” targets or people who were “protected” as sources.

The Congress of the United States of America’s Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties last September 2020 released the unredacted version of the 2006 FBI Bulletin during a hearing.  U.S. Rep. Ayonna Pressley in the video I’ve shared above is shown accepting testimony from witnesses about the continued problem with white supremacists who have now become embedded within law enforcement since the FBI Bulletin’s release 15 years ago.  The concept of law enforcement officers who were white supremacists working as police, dispatchers, jailers, prosecutors, probation officers, baliffs and judges was alarming when I read the redacted FBI Bulletin in 2006.

I had worked as a reporter for the Call & Post newspaper and had read stories in its “morgue” that covered jail hangings occurring in Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs with all Caucasian criminal justice workers.  The FBI’s warning gave them a new perspective.

So have the warrantless pursuits that are commonly mislabled “high speed police chases.”  So did prosecutors going through great lengths to avoid cops being charged for crimes; or police chiefs and safety directors calling crimes and civil rights abuses violations of “administrative offenses.”

The infiltration effort was organized, according to the FBI’s 2006 bulletin.  The infiltrators were described as “ghost skins” who could “avoid displays of their beliefs to blend into society and covertly advance white supremacist causes.”

The October 17, 2006 FBI bulletin used the example of an internet posting that promoted the infiltration as a form of “role playing.”

“You must get inside the mind of the person you are trying to duplicate,” the FBI bulletin explained.

It further went on to explain how white supremacists could infiltrate law enforcement and have access to tools and access to prosecutors, other federal and state law enforcement officers to learn of investigations that were targeting white supremacists or skinheads. The states identified in the report where white supremacists were infiltrating police departments were Ohio, Illinois and Texas.

After I terminated Lane and appointed Ralph Spotts to replace her as police chief, I chose to get involved in the interviewing process for new police hires.  After recommendations were made by Spotts the applicants met with me.

I asked Caucasian applicants from small police departments in cities with no or few American Negro residents why they sought employment in a city with a 96 percent American Negro population.  I got answers from some that they wanted the “action” or “experience” which from my perspective was a disqualifier.  It was not my intent to hire inexperienced action junkies from any ethnic group to patrol a city where I had relatives and friends; and voters who had elected me to discharge the duties of a “chief law enforcement officer.”

I knew Section 737.11 of Ohio’s Revised Code required law enforcement officers to “obey and enforce” all the criminal laws of the United States and the State of Ohio.  I knew upholding the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of Ohio was language included in the oaths of office I would administer to new hires.

After administering the oaths of office I asked each newly-appointed law enforcement officer if they’d read the two constitutions and all the federal and state criminal laws they had duties to uphold and obey.  They hadn’t.

They were informed that at some point in the future they’d see the oath of office they’d signed during a disciplinary hearing.  At that time they’d be reading criminal charges that were going to be filed against them for violating the constitutions and laws they hadn’t read but had promised to uphold and obey.

They were also reminded that the oath of office did not include obeying the collective bargaing agreement that my administration negotiated with the Fraternal Order of Police and that I knew better than them.  I wrote my own responses to their grievances.  Civil Service laws trumps collective bargaining agreements.

Clevelanders will remember that on July 21, 1999, former Mayor Michael R. White held a news conference to share how racist graffiti that included Nazi swatiskas was found written on the walls inside the police districts.  Anthony Ruffin held the office of president of the Black Shield.  Martin Flask served as White’s chief of police.  Henry Guzman held the office of director of public safety.  Bob Beck held the office of president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association.  Mike asked me to join his administration a year later as a special assistant.  Barry Withers was Mike’s “EA” or executive assistant over public safety.

Ted Almay served as the late then Republican Governor George Voinovich’s superintendent of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. He explained how the number 311 referenced the Ku Klux Klan.  The “3” represented the three K’s in Ku Klux Klan.  “K” is the 11th letter in the alphabet.  Mike’s claim was no bullshit.

Before the former Cleveland mayor held his news conference he should have dispatched a team of photographers to each district to photograph the racist filth written all over bathroom stalls and in other areas of the public buildings.  I had worked as a police reporter for the Cleveland Press in 1981 and knew he was right from what I’d seen written on the bathroom walls in the Justice Center.  It was the same when I published the Crime Reporter in 1988 and visited the Justice Center daily to look up police reports.  The first cell phones with cameras in America were released in November 2002.  You couldn’t hide a 35mm.

After Mayor White’s news conference the walls in the districts and downtown at the Justice Center were scrubbed and the proof of his claim erased.  Beck could then run his mouth with reporters and claim he’d never seen it.  The CPPA’s vice president, John Kincaid, made a predictable denial that there were not any racists or white supremacists working as Cleveland police officers.

White asked United States Attorney Emily Margaret Sweeney to investigate.  He also asked Cleveland State University associate professor Ronnie Dunn to investigate.

Dunn examined 186,000 citations and learned that 85 percent were written to “dark skinned” American Negro males.  The remaining 15 percent went in the following order to dark-skinned American Negro females; dark skinned Hispanic males; dark skinned Hispanic females; light-skinned American Negro males; light-skinned American Negroes; light-skinned Hispanic males; light-skinned Hispanic females and then Caucasian males and females.

Dunn confirmed a similar set of facts with citations issued by Shaker Heights police.  The evidence proved racial bias was embedded within police thinking.

Former Cleveland Mayor Michael Reed White saw and acted on the white supremacist consciousness he saw emerging in the Cleveland police department in 1999; but his request for an investigation appears to have been misdirected by the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.

Instead of investigating the racism United States Attorney Sweeney investigated police use of deadly force.  She did so as a civil instead of criminal investigation.  Sweeney may come from a “law enforcement family” and have a pro-police or “protect my relatives” bias.

White had been replaced by Jane Campbell as Cleveland’s mayor in 2002 when the deadly force report was released; and in 2003 when the violation of constitutional rights in the city’s jail was released.  White retired in 2001 after 12 years in office.

Subodh Chandra served as Campbell’s director of law but he had worked for Sweeney in the United States attorney’s on health care fraud.  Former Russian Jewish Assistant United States Attorney Steve Dettelbach’s wife, Karil Bialotosky-Dettelbach, a Mexican immigrant, worked for both the Campbell and Jackson administrations at the time Justice Department officials were investigating their inability to manage police within constitutional and lawful boundaries.

Chandra, an Asian Indian, asked the USDOJ to end the use of deadly force investigation of his boss, Campbell, early. Former Mayor White’s 1999 request for an investigation of white supremacy in the Cleveland Division of Police was thwarted by what could be perceived as white supremacist sympathizers controlling the office of the United States Attorney and FBI in the Northern District of Ohio.

I can recall no case where federal prosecutors operating out of the United States Attorneys Office for the Northern District of Ohio have used Section 241 and 242 of Title 18 of the United States Code as Congress intended when it upgraded the two federal laws from misdemeanors to felonies during passage of the Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Control Act of 1994.

Dettelbach proved a conspiracy existed to violate rights under the color of law with his investigation of 600 police incident reports that identified the “conspiracies” Cleveland police engaged in to conceal their crimes.  There are penalties of up to 10 years in prison or the death penalty for 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242 violations he chose not to use to give justice to the families of Timothy Russell, Malissa Williams, Tamir Rice and other police crime victims.

Something other than laws are motivating prosecutors not to criminally charge cops for known crimes. Something other than the federal and state criminal laws municipal law enforcement officers have duties to obey before they attempt to enforce them is guiding their warrantless pursuits and violent interactions with American citizens.

Jackson and Kelly give demolition contracts to 6 family-run companies led by an Albanian organized crime figure the FBI busted in $170 million credit union scam

CLEVELAND, OH – Mayor Frank Jackson, Council President Kevin Kelly and their “sanctuary city” lawlessness is now allowing an Albanian alien organized criminal, one who fled his financially-ruined “Ponzi scheme-run” nation in 1997 during a civil war, to bid on and receive demolition contracts under at least six company names through his children.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2014 busted Sata Satka and others for paying over $1 million in bribes to Anthony Raguz of the St. Paul Croatian Federal Credit Union (SCPEFCU) to steal $3.7 million with inside help to build a downtown Cleveland parking lot, property and business empire. Altogether the immigrant theft ring cost the nation $170 million.  One of his business associates was Louis Frangos, the brother of James Rokakis’ law and business partner Gus Frangos.

Raguz told federal officials he made loans to Satka and others with no collateral, few or no assets, no employment history and fake names.  This is who Jackson and Kelley are giving access to the treasury of the City of Cleveland and federal funds.

Some of the companies organized under the names of Sata Satka’s daughters Florenca Xhosa, Brunilda, Ardita, Gertie and and son, Firdeo Satka, are as follows:  Firdeus Enterprises, Inc.  Den Demolition, LLC.  High End Demo, Inc.  Arberia, LLC.  Progressive Demolition, LLC.  Metro Demo.  Demo Trax.  Companies have agents listed to 10371 Notabene in Parma Heights, Ohio.  Some of the “family” businesses were once registered at 13405 Lake Avenue in Lakewood, Ohio.

Satka and his “enterprises” are well-known to then U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio Steve Dettelbach.  He indicted the Albanian alien on March 5, 2014 for stealing $3.7 million from the St. Paul Croatian Federal Credit Union (SPECFCU) with “inside” help.

The question is why Dettelbach did not call for his deportation. Another is why Jackson and Kelley are giving aliens with unverified immigration statuses unrestricted access to city “set-aside” contracts possibly associated with federal funds after his “federal” conviction?  Read the background information from the U.S. DOJ’s website that sent Satka to prison for two years.

Satka conspired with others, including Anthony Raguz, the former Chief Operating Officer of the St. Paul Croatian Federal Credit Union (SPCFCU), to defraud the credit union. Satka paid bribes and kickbacks to Raguz for using his position at the credit union to approve numerous loans to Satka, and the entities he controlled and associates, according to the indictment.

From 1999 through 2004, Satka, his family members and businesses he controlled received more than $4.4 million in loan proceeds from SPCFCU, but little or no legitimate monthly payments were made to the credit union. As a result, the loans were in default, but in order to avoid detection from the credit union board, Raguz ordered “resets” to make it appear the loans were not in default, according to the indictment.

Satka controlled several enterprises, including F&S Satka Enterprises LLC, Sako Satka Parking West 3, Satka Parking Summer, Satka Parking Bolivar, Satka Parking Prospect and Titanic II, according to the indictment.

In October 2003, he purchased a commercial real estate property at 1350 West 3rd Street, Cleveland, for $460,000, according to the indictment.

Satka purchased the former CEOGC building for $460,000. The agency is spending $17 million on a lease with the Plain Dealer at its former offices at 18th and Superior. Obviously the CEOGC board could have purchased the building for less the Plain Dealer lease; and bought it instead of paying rent. This is the type of playing around with property shit politicians have been doing to pad each other’s pockets with public funds for years. No one seems to get caught: especially the Rokakis’ and Frangos’. Sources say Sakta got raped, no grease, by Louis Frangos and thrown to the wolves. Just another dumb immigrant sucker with a lot of money who thought he was gonna play with the big boys in America. Has anyone heard the name Jimmy Kassouf in awhile? Not since he crossed Sam Miller.

J.P. is a person known to the Grand Jury but not charged herein. He purportedly controlled several non-operating entities, including: Metropolitan Restaurant Systems, Buckeye Cartage, Play Magazine, Celebrity Limousine, Victor/John Model & Talent, Jay Kay Records, and others, according to the indictment.

Around November 2004, Satka recruited J.P. to apply for multiple fraudulent loans from SPCFCU. On Nov. 5, 2004, approximately 13 months after Satka purchased the West 3rd Street property for $460,000, he sold it to J.P.’s company, Metropolitan Restaurant Systems, for $3 million, according to the indictment.

To induce Raguz to approve J.P.’s loan in November 2004, Satka handed Raguz a brown paper bag filled with $90,000 in cash and stated the money was for the approval of J.P.’s loan so that those proceeds could be used to settle Satka’s loan obligations to SPCFCU, according to the indictment.

The multiple demolition companies registered with the City of Cleveland and other government agencies under the names of Albanian alien Sata Satka’s children are said to be under his control by his daughters. Consider that there are roughly 892 federal trucking laws in one section of the United States Code. Containers the family has hauled to Minerva have been rejected because of their failure to obey Resource Conservation Recovery Act laws that require containers carrying asbestos from construction debris to be lined. That federal law was enacted in 1974. So were many others that American contractors born in this nation, multiple generations deep, know as part of their passed down culture. On one project their asbestos law violations resulted in containers being emptied onto the group and redone because the immigrants with English language and cultural deficiencies were told by the hauler he wasn’t violating any laws.

Raguz proceeded to issue approximately $3.7 million in loans to 10 entities controlled by J.P., of which approximately $3.6 million was used to pay off loan balances on accounts held by Satka, his relatives or businesses he controlled. J.P. made no legitimate attempts to repay any of the loans and SPCFCU incurred a loss of $3.7 million, according to the indictment.

SPCFCU, located in Eastlake, was placed into conservatorship by the National Credit Union Administration on April 23, 2010. One week later, the NCUA liquidated SPFCFU and discontinued its operations after determining the credit union was insolvent. At that time, SPCFCU served about 5,400 members and was believed to have assets of approximated $239 million.

About two dozen people, including Raguz, have been convicted of crimes for conduct that led to the credit union’s collapse.

A significant portion of government funds for contracted services, our tax dollars, are supposed to be “set-aside” for American Negro and other natural born American business owners whose descendants suffered the “historic” effects of this nation’s uneven property ownership, voting and access to capital laws.

The beneficiaries of these laws are supposed to be the actual descendants of the men and women, Americans living in this nation at the time, whose ancestors’ freedoms were restricted by laws that gave rights to only “free white male property owners over the age of 21.”  The vast majority of the nation’s 280 million natural born citizens with pre-Civil War ancestry are for whom these laws were intended.

Aliens relocating to the United States of America after these laws have long been stricken down have no right of privilege to the benefits of “minority set-aside laws” created for the descendants of the “actual sufferers.”  They don’t apply to “the Dreamers” who are lawfully-restricted from receiving any access to these benefits.

Collecting pictures of politicians makes an illegal alien look legitimate. Who knows if Sata Satka is a legal alien? U.S. Rep. Nancy Kaptur didn’t bother to check before she took this picture with him before the FBI finished an investigation that sent the Albanian organized criminal to prison. Mayor Frank Jackson and Cleveland council president Kevin Kelley have failed to ensure funds intended for natural born and legal citizens of the nation are actually reaching their businesses.

Sato Satka and the women in his family can claim that as Albanian immigrants they are “minorities” and their businesses are “women owned.”  So what?  That claim and the original intent of the “set aside” laws in a 1993 state “predicate study” still does not include them.  They arrived in the United States of America long after “equal rights amendments” were enacted; and no one in Satka’s family was here to experience the discrimination of these not to ancient laws “when” they existed.

Instead of accepting applications from Satka’s six family-run demolition companies under his control, Jackson administration officials should have done the investigation I’ve done and reported them to Homeland Security pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4, “Misprision of felony.”

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Every municipal worker who knows a “felony” crime is being committed by government officials and vendors will find themselves facing “Misprision of felony” charges when the federal agents who raided city hall twice ask them about the details they’ve learned of regarding the way they did not discharge the duties of the public jobs they hold in the documents they obtained and are reviewing.  If I’m on the outside of city hall and know all this shit; every city hall worker should know the FBI and the other federal law enforcement agencies investigating the city knows more.

If you’re concealing more information like this from federal agents you had better call 216-522-1400 and report what you know to Special Agent Sean Roth in the public corruption unit.  I’ve been watching the FBI arrest bureaucrats, contractors and immigrant gangsters all my “natural born American” life.

I’ve read hundreds of indictments and transcripts.  I’ve testified in three federal trials.  I saw the Jackson administration negligence surrounding the dump in East Cleveland.  I delivered the information I acquired to federal agents in 2017 when I pressured former Ohio EPA director Craig Butler into closing it in 6 weeks.  Armond Budish made the decision to get it cleaned up in 6 months.  Jackson and Kelley presided over a city government that inspected an illegal construction demolition and debris dump 26 times and the only thing inspectors saw was “fugitive dust.”  According to George Michael Riley the cash made everybody blind.

Satka was aided by an Albanian immigrant Jackson hired to work under Ed Rybka in the building department; and who he elevated from a clerk to handling payroll.  Liljana Vajusi.  They had language difficulties and she spoke it. In Vajusi’s official capacity as an “American” public official discharging the duties of the mayor as one of his 6000 employee “surrogates,” she should have reported them to ICE instead of conspiring with them to acquire government funds.

How did Walter Vajusi arrive ine USA from Albania and get a job as a Cleveland building department inspector on a green card? That’s not how it goes. How did his wife, Liljana, arrive her and get a job at city hall on a green card?

Vajusi’s Albanian alien husband is a building inspector who sources say flew to Albania and brought her to the United States of America.  Both uninvestigated aliens are now working around national security secrets for a municipal government.  A “fresh off the boat” alien on a visa got a city hall job Jackson and Kelley let her take from an unemployed natural born Cleveland resident to work in payroll.  The same with her alien husband.

Jackson never considered how giving a foreigner access to the social security numbers and other personally-identifiable information of city workers could contribute to identity theft.  There are several more “Vajusi’s” in Cleveland who didn’t exist here until after his arrival.  How?

Jackson and his “sanctuary city” administration with Irish Catholic Kelley are violating federal immigration laws with their univestigated foreign hires of alien families.  Foreigners are not given green cards to work for a municipal government by the U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization.  Jackson’s given 85 percent or more of Cleveland’s jobs to suburbanites and aliens.

Damian Borkowski knew Satka stole over $40,000 in dump tickets from an American Negro senior citizen named Obie Martin, 86 president of Obon, Inc; and authorized him to be paid instead of prosecuted.  Jackson and the American Negro do-nothing assed cowards on city council have done nothing to protect the city’s residents from being economically exterminated by aliens. 

Satka assaulted  Martin, after his felony crime was reported to the Russian Borkowski by the American Negro citizen. The arrogant alien on some ignorant white supremacist and racist bullyint shit knocked a 5’2″ tall American Negro man’s hat off during a meeting after Martin exposed him in room 514 city hall. Borkowski did not protect him by calling police and ICE for the thieving alien immigrant’s violent attack. His failure to report Satka’s felony crime against an American citizen violated 18 U.S.C. 4.

A source who’s done business with the Satka family told me his daughters tell them he’s firmly in control of all but one of the companies.  Vlora.  That one Satka started it with his son-in-law, John Neubert, before he went to federal prison.  Sources say they’re at odds with each other since Neubert allegedly “took” the company from him.  Neubert operates a wrecking yard at E. 147th and Miles Avenue.

Vlora owner Neubert, according to a source, is one of the contractors FBI agents know gave money to Cleveland building inspector Rufus Taylor before any of the other contractors who have been indicted for allegedly giving him bribes.  A source questioned why he has not been charged.  Politics could be the answer.

Satka and Gus Frangos’ brother, Lou Frangos, had business interactions connected to the Albanian alien’s parking lot and property acquisitions.  Satka was also represented by one of Jackson’s regular $5000 donors; Russian attorney Robert Klein.  According to RealNEO website, Frangos arranged for Sakta to end up with landbank properties that built a real estate portfolio which aided him in stealing $3.7 million from the credit union.  Gus Frangos served on Cleveland city council with Jackson.  So did James Rokakis.

Sata Satka fled to Cleveland with his family from Albania in 1997 during a civil war after government scam artists “ponzied” and “pyramided” the nation into financial ruin. Since arriving in Cleveland from Albania, Satka’s greed has thus far cost the nation $170 million with the closing of a credit union. That doesn’t include the cost of litigation. He was supposed to pay restitution; and the credit union was supposed to recapture the 29-room Lakewood mansion at 13405 Lake Avenue to cover the cost of his defaulted loan. What did Satka do in Albania that caused him and his “entire” family to leave: and how are they all here legally … together? Is Sata Satka even his real name; or the one his family used in Albania?

A source close to Satka and Frangos at the time said Lou “worked” about $5 million off Satka before he went to prison.  The two were involved in the Ameritrust property at 9th and Euclid, according to the source.  Satka, according to the source, once owned Captain Frank’s II.  He and Louis Frangos were also involved in the scam at 1020 Bolivar where they were paid to remove asbestos from a building that did not contain it.  Satka’s role in the Jimmy Dimora – Frank Russo county corruption “scandal” was at that site with DAS’s Brian Pumper.

Individuals I’ve spoken to who worked on projects with Sato Satka source his arrival from Albania to around the late 1990’s.   From January 16, 1997 through August 11, 1997, Albania was involved in a civil war.  More than 2000 dead.  Organized criminals in the government had literally ran a “ponzi scheme” with the nation’s treasury and fled with the cash they could keep.

It’s around that time that hundreds of Albanian families just started showing up in sanctuary city Cleveland.  Aided by their local immigrant ethnic associations and the Margaret Wong type law firms that exist in the city, and operate in obstruction to the nation’s immigration laws, thousands of aliens end up in Cleveland under fake names who have committed crimes in other nation’s they’re fleeing.

One of Satka’s company names is Vlora.  The name is of a city in Albania taken over by armed rebels.  I’ve shared a video above from the armed confrontations taking place in that nation at the time.  Readers are encouraged to learn more.  The last name of “Satka” is also a town in Russia.

With the brother of the partner of the Cuyahoga County landbank working Sata Satka for a large “piece” of his $3.7 million to more than $5 million, the Albanian alien had access to all the stolen properties James Rokakis and Gus Frangos acquired through their third party tax lien sales to offer him as a real estate portfolio to get more money.

It requires a certain level of intellectual sophistication, cash and connections to own the property he’s owned around the city; and to find his way into the lives and business affairs of the Frangos brothers.  An immigrant with no connections doesn’t acquire an attorney like Klein who makes $5000 donations to the mayor.  There’s no apparent financial contributions to either Jackson or Kelley’s campaigns from Satka or his family.  The Frangos’ are his “in.”

Satka appears to have moved around in the United States of America the same way he may have “operated” in Albania.  Like a “player.” The businesses.  The big homes in Lakewood.  The “money moves” Satka’s been making appear to be purposeful; as if he’s done it before but quicker and with a “crew” of other connected Albanians.

What Satka should not be is anywhere near funds associated with the United States government as someone who’s been convicted of running the same type of multi-company scam he’s running with the city of Cleveland’s building department; and right under the noses of the mayor and a completely corrupt council president who doesn’t understand the words “congressional-like investigative authority.”

There is an Albanian mafia in the United States of America.  The Rudaj Organisation, the Balaj Organisation, the Albanian Boys.  Mostly in New York.  But Cleveland was in the middle of the other immigrant mafias this nation’s government spent billions fighting to eliminate.

The Cleveland Foundation in 2005 acknowledged that businesses owned by American Negroes were doing better because of pressure from an American Negro mayor named Michael R. White who actually cared about his people.

INTERPOL has issued Red Notices for 7449 individuals wanted for various crimes.  Many are members of various international organized crime gangs, terrorists participating in revolts; and bankers and government officials fleeing the aftermath of their ponzy scheme created economy’s crash ahead of a lynch mob and prosecutors in Albania.  Cleveland and Cuyahoga county, particularly the more Catholic or Soviet run cities, have been particularly-welcoming to people from one side or the other of mass graves and death camps.

FBI agents enforcing federal laws know the nuances of the set-aside laws and so should Jackson as an American Negro whose ancestors experienced the “legal” effects of slavery.  We’re both Descendants of Enslaved Africans whose ancestors built and bled to create the United States of America; and we’re both veterans of the United States armed forces oath sworn to protect the nation from enemies foreign and domestic.  I volunteered for duty in 1972 and volunteered to serve in Thailand in our battle against Communist encroachment during the fall of Saigon in 1974 and 1975.

As veterans of the United States armed forces both Jackson and I are by federal laws entitled to contract opportunities with every government as a “veteran’s set aside.”  A veteran-owned demolition company, or one a veteran owns, under this nation’s laws has a preference over any and every company the alien organized criminals own.  The Satka women get no benefits if they’re undocumented and using fake names and credentials off the backs of alien father who bribed his wealth.

Sata Satka moves like a player. What’s he been setting up in the United States of America since he fled Albania in 1997? Is he funding propaganda as a sponsor from inside the USA?

Every veteran living in Cleveland should be offended that Jackson, Kelly and council are giving our money to organized Albanian alien criminals running multiple demolition companies between three homes in Parma, Parma Heights and Lakewood instead of deported.  They have no rights to organize a “set-aside” business and receive government funds.  This town’s 60 percent and unemployed American Negro majority should be “infuriated” with this evil.

So right now in Cleveland, its mayor and council president, along with oath sworn public employees in the building department, are aiding and conspiring with an alien organized crime family they have chosen to award public contracts associated with a variety of federal, state and local funding sources with restrictive laws on how the funds are to be used.

Federal law enforcement officers are investigating.  The evidence I see now convinces me that Mayor Frank Jackson, Kelley and few other city hall players in this “Democratic run sanctuary city” – as they misapply federal funds – are poster children for a huge full federal criminal investigation.

City hall has been raided … twice. The U.S. Department has even confirmed the police department is managed by organized criminals.  There are unreported “misprision of felony” problems at the schools, CMHA, RTA, the hospitals and universities.  This town is heavily-infiltrated with unregistered foreign agents.

2021’s not going to be what Jackson thinks.

[All photos fairly used for educational purposes].

Herdman took a city worker without Mayor Jackson’s knowledge and used him to entrap Christian American Negro contractors

CLEVELAND, OH – Sometime before the November general election in 2017, I met with Mayor Frank Jackson and asked if he knew U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman had been using a supervisor in the building department to entrap unsuspecting American Negro contractors.  My recollection is our meeting occurred right after the 2017 primary campaign for mayor I decided to challenge him in.  He described my residency take down of Jeffrey Johnson as “cold” as he ripped him as unworthy of holding public office.  I agreed.

I had shared with Frank that at a campaign stop on Lorain Avenue how Ronald O’Leary expressed knowledge of some lower employee level “cooperation” with FBI agents.  The investigations appear to have been initiated by ex-President Barack Obama’s administration on or around the year 2013.  Scumbag James Comey was the FBI’s director.

Obama appointed a Russian American, Steve Dettelbach, to prosecute majority Protestant Christian and Catholics in the office Herdman now holds in the U.S. Attorneys office for the Northern District of Ohio.  Comey basically did the same shit through Dettelbach to Jackson that he did to the Trump campaign; and in the same city where all the Russian collusion began in 2016 during the Republican National Convention.

Jackson transferred Rufus Taylor from his job as a building department supervisor shortly after I shared the criminal misconduct that was obstructing his administration behind his back as the city’s chief law enforcement officer.  Taylor should have taken his interactions with the FBI directly to the city’s chief law enforcement officer.

What it appears Comey and Dettelbach initiated was what the FBI’s Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DIOG) describes as a “full criminal investigation” that targeted Taylor and majority American Negro Christian or Muslim demolition contractors and employees. The indictments “loosely” claim the demolition and board-up funds were all federal; but as a former mayor who has managed and supervised departments of community development, building and housing under federal, state and local laws and ordinances I know it’s not true.  I also served as one of former Mayor Michael Reed White’s special assistants and know the laws that guide Cleveland’s building department.

I have recently reviewed the DIOG’s the USDOJ has issued since 2008.  I’ve known as a journalist since 1981 that the conduct of FBI agents is guided by manuals.  The “guides” or manuals function for FBI agents in the same manner as the rules and regulations of police departments, but differently.  Every federal government agency guides employees through well-explained and statutorily-cited manuals any lawyer defending a client who hasn’t read them can’t defend their client … competently.

Every mandated instruction to FBI agents and U.S. Attorneys is connected to a federal law citation that makes a violation of a “procedure” a federal crime for the FBI agent or U.S. Attorney who violated it.  The rules of the Superintendent of Ohio Highway Patrol are closer in substance to the FBI’s DOIG.  Police department regulations across the board are not as none I’ve read supports a law enforcement act with a statute.

The DIOG affords each American citizen Herdman has investigated the opportunity to meet with federal prosecutors and FBI agents in recorded discussions to validate that the full investigation was authorized by law; and that the “federal law required” steps to protect their constitutional rights are authenticated in the documents Congress instructed investigating FBI agents to create and maintain.  Race and religion are supposed to be factors in the full investigations Dettelbach initiated and Herdman’s been conducting of mostly American Negro and Christian contractors the Jackson administration attracted, and council authorized, to interact with the administrative employees FBI agents appear to have been obstructing to entrap.

The DIOG prohibits federal prosecutors and FBI agents from ever coercing or threatening a citizen with prosecution to gain compliance; and it’s language in the manuals that provide an “affirmative defense” for every threatened American citizen.  So when criminal defense attorneys are offering a threat of conviction the federal prosecutors can’t, as their non-reading and lazy azzes are trying to get some quick cash for a plea deal their client could have got from a public defender, they’re doing the job for the prosecutor instead of asserting their client’s right.

There’s a section in the DIOG that deals with the required documentation of “tripwire” and “liaison” interactions with American citizens who don’t know they’re being investigated when FBI agents speak to them. The tripwire contacts are direct.  The liaison interactions are those that involve people like the plants James Comey directed inside the campaign of President Donald Trump.  Both are required to be recorded and documented.

The attorneys of every “losing” criminal defendant appears not to have first confirmed that the agents who engaged in a “full investigation” and obstruction of the unsuspecting Jackson administration were “authorized by federal laws” to conduct it.  Section 7.4 of the DIOG instructed both Dettelbach and Herdman, along with Anthony, that they had limited authority to investigate employees and contractors so low on the totem pole they are absolutely no threat to the nation’s national security.

The bigger national security threats are the lawyers Herdman left as a partner at Jones Day. He pocketed over $1.3 million to tide him over as they conduct deals with Vladmir Putin’s administration from their Moscow office as unregistered agents of the foreign government. Why Jackson doesn’t use Cleveland police to enforce federal espionage laws R.C. 737.11 gives them the authority to enforce is a mystery.  Especially at Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University.  Immigration laws … too.  Me and Squire, Patton & Boggs global managing partner Fred Nance would have a different relationship.

As all defending American citizens appear to have accepted plea deals negotiated between federal prosecutors and FBI agents they have never met as their accusers, none have been able to learn it Dettelbach, Herdman and the FBI’s “full investigation” of them was authorized by law.

Prior to his encounter with FBI agents and federal prosecutors conspiring behind Jackson’s back “under the color of law,” Taylor in 2013 had earned enough credibility to be promoted by the mayor to supervise other building inspectors.  I spoke to the pastor of his Protestant Christian church who called the American Negro “elder” a “good man.”

His personnel records show Taylor had a problem the Jackson administration was trying to resolve with his credentials; and those of the other building inspectors the city had learned of in 110 pages of complaints from the Ohio Building Authority.  Taylor could not validate the credentials from his municipal government employment in Mississippi. 5 other inspectors had cited property owners without credentials that had voided their citations.  No housing court had the legal authority to act on the complaint of an uncertified “law enforcement officer.”  Judges don’t confirm that prosecutors have oaths of office and law enforcement officers are credentialed before presiding over their charges.

City personnel records and email show the American Negro contractors Herdman appears to have “targeted” had been complaining to Ed Rybka, Damien Borowski, Thomas Vanover, O’Leary and Ayonna Donald about Taylor not showing up for inspections and asking for money to discharge the duties of his public employment.   Pursuant to Ord. No. 615.11 he was “soliciting.” A first degree misdemeanor.  A conviction comes with termination and a prohibition from working for the city for 7 years.   Their complaints coincide with the period of time when it appears from 2013 through 2017 that Taylor was being directed away from discharging official duties by federal agents.

Jackson had implemented a requirement that building department employees complete annual financial disclosure statements to identify any gifts; or if they had been offered or received money from contractors.  Taylor had turned in no statements and was being actively disciplined for his supervision dereliction.  No trial means he was never asked if federal agents instructed him not to deliver the records.

Jackson aide Valarie McCall had taken a hard line on employees accepting “any” gifts, including food, from vendors.  Personnel records show the Jackson administration building an administrative case against a civil service protected worker that would prevail during an appeal as Taylor’s FBI supervised misconduct was heading him towards termination.

Since Taylor and the majority of the  American Negro vendors who have already been convicted were terrorized into plea bargaining, neither Dettelbach nor Herdman has had to validate their “authority” to launch a full criminal investigation of a municipal employee they were corrupting into obstructing the city’s official business under the color of law.  No criminal defense attorney has thus far obtained records as undelivered by Herdman as exculpatory evidence to validate what I know to be easily-discredited false information in indictments.

In Taylor’s indictment he’s accused of giving one winning bidder information that would let them underbid the lowest bidder; and being paid $5000 in exchange for that vendor being the top bidder.  Had his attorney validated the FBI agent’s facts and required DIOG investigatory records, he would have seen that the information in the indictment is wrong when compared to the city’s records.  The winning bidder declined the city’s award.  The Jackson administration then chose the next bidder.  Taylor had nothing to do with the winning bidder’s decision.

The second lowest bidder was the vendor from whom Taylor got the $5000; who also had nothing to do with the winning bidder’s decision to decline.  An indictment of the second bidder for winning an award that came from circumstances beyond their “luck of the draw” control would be a malicious prosecution as even the source of funds for the demolition was not federal.  I would argue that any federal prosecutor or FBI agent who knows Herdman has been orchestrating “color of law” violations of rights against American citizens is themselves engaged in the 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242 conspiracy; and has a duty to report pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4 “misprision of felony.”  One of the FBI agents has clearly articulated to a defendant that he does not think Herdman has the authority to go forward and has expressed an interest in testifying to that fact.

Ohio mayors who appoint safety directors and police chiefs have the authority to enforce federal criminal laws pursuant to R.C. 737.11. It’s a “state’s right” feature in the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America that gives  “states” the authority to determine “who” enforces federal laws “inside municipal corporations.”  Section 7.4 of the DIOG required Dettelbach and Herdman to have Jackson’s request for assistance in writing.

The police force of a municipal corporation shall preserve the peace, protect persons and property, and obey and enforce all ordinances of the legislative authority of the municipal corporation, all criminal laws of the state and the United States, all court orders issued and consent agreements approved pursuant to sections 2919.26 and 3113.31 of the Revised Code, all protection orders issued pursuant to section 2903.213 or 2903.214 of the Revised Code, and protection orders issued by courts of another state, as defined in section 2919.27 of the Revised Code. 

Enforcing “all” of the “criminal laws of the United States” gives “municipal police” the legal authority to enforce immigration, espionage, racketeering and public corruption laws.  It also gives municipal police “concurrent” authority over federal investigations as it makes them, and not the Ohio Highway Patrol or county sheriff, the highest law enforcement authority “inside” the municipal corporation.  No other category of law enforcement officer under any Ohio law has “federal criminal law” enforcement authority but municipal police.

Had Jackson’s administration determined that a crime had been committed in Cleveland with the munincipal corporation’s funds, he had every right of his office as the city’s chief law enforcement to officer to discharge the duty of ensuring they were prosecuted under municipal ordinances. Then their fates would have been decided by a jury made up of the “actual” citizens of Cleveland where they reside or do business.  It is pure racist and anti-Protestant Christian evil for Herdman to obstruct the mayor and the city’s majority Protestant Christian American Negro controlled municipal court from using its own laws to prosecute offenders they choose not to ruin lives with felony federal convictions.

Herdman’s USDOJ news release summarizes the acts Taylor engaged in while his lawyer said he was under the FBI’s supervision; and that his personnel records show Jackson was actively and disappointingly trying to correct during the same period in time.  In the mayor’s mind I know he was thinking that he’d given a “brother” an opportunity;  and the man was failing. The truth is it may not have been his fault.

The USDOJ’s news release announcing Taylor’s indictment included a series of convolutions about a home rule municipal government’s statutory operation that could have been explained had either Dettelbach or Herdman scheduled a meeting with Jackson instead of corrupting his “Democratic run city” behind his back.  Read from the USDOJ’s news release.

Taylor was employed by the City of Cleveland as Chief of its Demolition Bureau. He was responsible for assigning “board-up” of vacant properties to contractors, emergency demolition jobs, and conducting inspections, which had to take place before a contractor could be paid, among other duties.

Taylor and a person identified in the charges as Contractor 1 met in November 2013 to discuss a demolition job on Parkwood Drive. The two agreed that Contractor 1 would pay Taylor $8,000 in cash in return for Taylor putting Contractor 1 on the bid listContractor 1 was awarded the bid. Contractor 1 gave Taylor approximately $3,000 in cash on Dec. 4, 2013. Contractor 1 paid Taylor the additional $5,000 by November 2015.

Taylor notified Contractor 1 about an emergency demolition job on East 123rd Street and Coltman Road around October 2015. Taylor asked Contractor 1 for $12,000 in exchange for notifying Contractor 1 about the job.  Contractor 1 was awarded abatement work for the premises but never paid Taylor the $12,000.

Taylor provided bid numbers to Contractor 2 for a pending demolition job on Cedar Avenue around Aug. 20, 2015. Contractor 2 paid Taylor approximately $5,000 in cash in exchange for this information around Oct. 26, 2015.  On May 7, 2016, Taylor provided Contractor 2 the names of companies bidding on a demolition job on East 130th Street. On May 10, 2016 – the last day of the bid – Taylor called Contractor 2 and informed Contractor 2 of the then-current lowest bid on the project.  Contractor 2 gave Taylor approximately $500 in cash on May 25, 2016. Taylor contacted Contractor 2 on July 21, 2016 and said he needed some “stacks.” Contractor 2 gave Taylor approximately $300.

As reporters covering the USDOJ and local governments operate under the same lack of understanding of municipal government as federal prosecutors and FBI agents, Herdman gets away with offering a statement like the following without close examination.  “Public contracts should go to the most qualified bidder, not the best connected. We will remain vigilant and public employees who take bribes will be brought to justice.”

Is this a suggestion that other city workers are being entrapped into committing corrupt acts with vendors in full investigations that are equally unsupported by probable cause?  What makes his statement even more ridiculous is that every demolition vendor has been “qualified” by the city through its own administrative processes under ordinances enacted by council and unsuspended general laws of the state his full investigation obstructed.

During American Negro and Christian Carl Stokes’ terms as mayor Cleveland’s building and housing ordinances were “civil.”  Property owners paid fines.  No jail.  Croatian American and Catholic Dennis Kucinich asked the other Eastern European and Catholics on council to “criminalize” the city’s housing ordinances at the same time American Negro Christian home ownership was growing around 1978.

I was working for the Call & Post under Mr. William Otis Walker in his production department typesetting and laying out pages in 1978; and as a photographer.  The newspaper at the time consisted of 110 American Negro workers gathering news, producing and printing newspapers in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Youngstown, Akron and Dayton.  City council consisted of 33 part-time members who served two-year terms and earned $15,000 a year.  George Forbes earned $25,000 as council president.

The demolition and board-up unit’s sources of funds are varied.  Taylor’s wages would have been paid from the general fund.  Because the city has so many property fires a considerable amount of emergency demolitions and board-ups are covered with insurance funds from private owners.  Frank has asked council for general funds to cover demolitions.  Grants from Cleveland Clinic have covered demolition.

A block grant funded demolition has special requirements Jackson does not have to comply with for the others.  HUD will approve a drawdown of block grant funds for a demolition project under federal laws if the property is inspected for asbestos and the state confirms it has no historic value.  Public bidding is a requirement.

HUD expects “direct entitlement” cities like Cleveland and East Cleveland to obey federal laws as well as state and local ones with every annual agreement.  Some HUD expenditures require a review of the “permissible uses” of federal funds in circulars released by the U.S. Office of Management & Budget. Each HUD-funded contract must come with the documents that show authorization from council in the form of a resolution, to the newspaper advertisements for the bids all the way to those records created to prove the site was inspected and the contractor dumped in the appropriate EPA-certified landfill.

There’s also one more federal regulation an OMB circular requires the city to use as an administrative tool that would determine if Taylor’s wages or duties were connected to any federal funds.  A “time allocation sheet.”  If Taylor was working on any federally-funded project the portion of his wages paid with federal funds would have to be proved in a time allocation sheet that documented the hour he started and ended working on a federally-supported activity.

If any step is missed HUD orders the city to reimburse it for the demolition and board-up drawdown from the general fund.  FBI agents would not know if a step was missed until after the federally-funded demolitions were reviewed by HUD and audited.

HUD would have no legal authority to review demolitions where federal dollars were not used because federal laws require block grant funds to be “segregated.”  No co-mingling.

Cleveland is audited, annually, by the Ohio Auditor of State under that official’s duties identified in Title 119 of the Revised Code of Ohio.  An audit of federally-funded activitiues is required in a Consolidated Annual Financial Report or CAFR as any mayor who understands municipal finance knows.  Frank also has an “internal auditor” who reviews activities funded below the $5 million threshold.

Had the state auditor issued any “findings for recovery” against the mayor’s administration for misspending federal dollars, Ohio law requires the findings to be forwarded to the county prosecuting attorney within 90 days. The only statutory “red flags” came from the disciplinary steps Jackson’s administration was taking to correct Taylor’s obstruction of official business while he was being directed away from discharging the duties of his public employment by malicious federal agents.

I’m using very specific terminology I know is contained in the documents I’m describing because Herdman’s investigation would have required this level of “confirming” specificity to prove if anything Taylor did was connected to federal dollars before he asked for the indictments. Anything less would be negligence since he said HUD’s inspector general was involved and knows the laws and regulations I’ve referenced.

What’s compelling is that under the Obama administration Jackson’s administration was “made” to look corrupt by FBI agents Comey initially directed until Trump fired his azz.  These are the same two pieces of shit who joined with Eric Holder to create the largest internet child porn website in the world to entrap pedophiles.

Frank should review the DIOG and ask Herdman for all the records his office and the FBI created in connection with the Taylor and contractor investigation.  Council should take the records and hold a public hearing with subpoeanas.  Just like Congress.  Bring in Comey, Dettelhach, Herdman and Anthony for questioning.  Question the contractors.  Question the city workers.  All in public.

The contractors should demand access to the information the USDOJ and FBI created under their names in the “system of records” associated with the investigation.  It’s a right pursuant to the 1974 Privacy Act codified as 5 USC 552a.  Their are rights within the 1974 Privacy Act that authorizes every citizen to have access to the information the federal government stores on them in a system of records; and to review, challenge and demand corrections.

Congress was warned as recently as 2015 by the Government Accounting Office about the inaccuracy in the FBI’s criminal records databases that affects over 50 percent of the citizens whose information is stored in it.  It’s why 8 million mostly American Negroes are denied employment annually.

After obtaining and reviewing the USDOJ and FBI’s records, the contractors should request a meeting with U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge to discuss their findings.   Comey’s filthy law enforcement ethics infected Northeast Ohio. The stench of it has to be identified and dealt with in a complaint to the FBI’s Inspector General; and a federal “color of law” criminal investigation if evidence of violations in the DIOG are connected to evidence of violated constitutional rights.

Infiltrated Russians and Communist agents are embedded in Ohio’s election machinery


CLEVELAND, OH – When Russian American Bob Urosevich of Election Systems & Solutions started his big push to sell electronic voting equipment in Ohio, a friend asked me to meet him in Columbus to see if I was interested in joining the sales and consulting team.  We talked.  Urosevich’s ‘Russian ancestry bothered me as I see all Russians from my “born in 1953” perspective as Communist.  Unshakeable Cold War remnants.  I enlisted for this nation’s “proxy wars” against Russian and Chinese communism.

Robert Urosevich, the man I met, is speaking.

I entered the U.S. Air Force in 1972.  It was five years after the Soviets controlling Israel killed 34 U.S. sailors aboard the USS Liberty in June 1967.  The Isreali Defense Forces, backed by a Mossod our Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) describes as this nation’s greatest espionage threat, intentionally slaughtered Christian U.S. sailors, goyim to them, to deceive President Lyndon Johnson into attacking African Egyptians during its 6-Day War.  171 U.S. sailors were wounded. 

This was three months after a Russian alien, Solomon Isadore Neuhaus, purchased the Plain Dealer.   After a year in Thailand 80 miles south of the South Vietnamese border in Udorn at the CIA’s “Air America” base in 1974-75, as Communist China-backed North Vietnam overran South Vietnam to turn the entire nation Communist, I fully understood why we didn’t want that shit here while serving during “Operation Eagle Pull.”  I served during Mayaguez Incident at the end of Cambodia’s civil war.  My girlfriend was a Cambodian Communist living in Udorn.

Some of the older Americans I served with, who enlisted or were drafted into this nation’s armed forces in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s, had been born from 1910 and up.  Those on the civilian side earlier.  Some had served through World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam.  My military commanders fought Communists, Fascists and Nazis.

Their relationship to what to some seems like an ancient anti-Communist past was close to them and me in our conversations.  Their thinking co-mingled with mine as I looked to them for U.S. Department of Defense guidance on foreign policy.  They thought the Soviets in Israel should have been wiped off the planet for their 2nd treacherous attack on “Christian” U.S. citizens aboard the USS Liberty in 1967. That “greatest ally” shit is nothing more than propaganda.

I’d also been born in Cleveland, but my father relocated us to the St. Louis – East Saint Louis (Missouri/Illinois) area when I was two.  I turned 16 a few months after he relocated us back to Cleveland.  I was raised and educated in a completely different environmental consciousness than the one that existed, as an example, under the editorial influence of the Call & Post, Plain Dealer and Cleveland Press than in Cleveland and Ohio.

Russians where I was raised had joined with Eastern European Catholics to burn up over 100 homes and slaughter more than 300 American Negro men, women and children as they fled from them in 1917.  My father drove an ambulance for the Nash family whose members lived through that violent bloodshed.  It’s a town where every American Negro raised in it comes out with a “never again” consciousness.

So here I was sitting in a car with a Russian who’d created a company that would make “voting in America” easier while he, of course, made a profit.  What I saw was an “infiltration” in my discussion with Urosevich; but I didn’t know how.  I declined.  I also saw an “eventual” FBI investigation.  By the time agents visited my friend years later he wasn’t in the physical or mental condition to discuss anything with them.

The “team” I have knowledge of included former Ohio Secretary of State and Attorney General Anthony Celebreeze, Jr., former Governor John Sununu, Call & Post editor John Lenear and others.  Arnold Pinkney was on another team with a different vendor as a lobbyist; as he sought to get the “project managers” contract with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Robert Bennett led.  They’re all dead. So is my friend.  The Plain Dealer published a picture of me and Robert C. Townsend, II sitting behind Tony and then Cleveland Mayor Michael White when he campaigned against George Voinovich for governor.  I was on Anthony’s local campaign team.

I know Sununu pitched South Carolina.  I know who sold Chicago and Ohio.  I know from later conversations that Walden O’Dell was taking trips to Moscow on a regular basis during all this; and that no one connected the potential espionage dots as he led the company to consume 70 percent of the electronic voting equipment market.  In real time it was not possible. 

There’s a Russian former Diebold employee in Calgary, Canada named Dmitry Papushin who email show in the early 2000’s was “fixing” technical difficulties in U.S. elections connected to final vote counts.   I know why Trumbull County’s Michael Sciorintino – when he worked for the elections board as its deputy director – pushed to have the bid he was encouraging the board to support then encouraged them to toss it after I called him.

My friend called before he died and shared some of his insights on what I’d been writing about Diebold based on his faded recollections.  He had served in the Navy during the USS Liberty massacre and was not happy about the “Russian” thing around our elections.  “Eric.  I know for a fact they can tamper with the machines.”

I provided the information I have along with a cache of Diebold’s internal email to U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge when she chaired Congress’ house committee on elections.  Rutgers University had uploaded the Diebold email.  I downloaded the documents before Jones Day filed an action to have the site removed.  Marcia told me Homeland Security got involved when I encouraged her to send subpoeanas to the chairman of the electronic voting equipment companies.

Electronic voting has created a chilling reality where Diebold of Canton, Ohio can be investigated for bribing Russian government officials to put its ATM’s in the Russian Federation’s banks at the same O’Dell was leading a team of “sales consultants” to sell electronic voting equipment to U.S. Secretaries of State.   

Over 800 U.S. corporations have offices and do business in Moscow.  They all meet with Putin in St. Petersburg … annually.  Dozens from Ohio.  TRW, Parker Hannefin, Parker Aerospace, Jones Day, Squire, Patton & Boggs, Diebold. 

Timken of Canton has three offices in Russia.  Its bearings carry the Russian Federation’s railroad cars that transport its all-terrain attack vehicles. The chairwoman of the Ohio Republican Party is the wife of Timken’s very Russian-aligned chairman.

Former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, Steve Dettelbach, a Russian American, investigated Diebold for the Securities & Exchange Commission for the bribery.  What he did not do was learn if O’Dell gave Vladmir Putin’s officials access to Diebold’s electronic voting technology. This is an issue I shared with Marcia.  I see Dettelbach’s failure to connect the two as intentional.

Russia’s constitution comes down hard on foreign bribery.  There’s no “published” evidence in Russia and its own-language publications of the Russian Federation prosecuting O’Dell for bribing its government officials.  The same with the other two nations Diebold officials bribed. Not a peep inside a Russia with an KGB spy boss leading it who would see and exploit the advantage.

I know Jones Day and Squire Patton & Boggs represent Diebold as well as the Russian Federation from their offices in Moscow a 15 minute walk from the KGB.  I know neither firm has registered as a foreign agent of the Russian government with the U.S. Department of Justice, ever, pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act. 

I know Jones Day sued a prosecutor in California to keep him from discussing his concerns about electronic voting security flaws.  I know Russian laws for attorneys are not the same as they are here; and that those not involved in “advocacy” proceedings can have their offices visited and files removed especially since they’re “foreign.”

Russians own the Plain Dealer in Cleveland Ohio.  The same law firm of Squire Patton & Boggs that represents the Russian Federation also represents WKYC and the Cuyahoga County Mayors & City Managers Association.  Cuyahoga County’s executive, Armond Budish, is Russian “American.” 

Mayor Frank Jackson recently flew a Soviet Israeli flag over Cleveland city hall.  Convicted offender Joe Cimperman connects Soviet and other foreign government officials to local government officials all in violation of the 1917 Espionage Act in plain sight of U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman. 

Once here unchecked funds from foreign “investors” end up as campaign donations to local and national candidates without the statutory and mandatory look at donors by the organized crime gang violating Title 35 at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections and the county prosecutor’s office.

I know for a fact the board never investigated money from Nigerian “investors” connected to the late Nigerian ex-President Olusegon Abusanjo that made its way to Emmanuel Onunwor during our 2001 competition for mayor of East Cleveland.  I know Emmanuel met with Nigerian president Sani Abacha and Abusanjo after he replaced him in violation of the Espionage Act. All this was shared the FBI agents I met with, and Dettelbach and Benita Pearson as assistant U.S. Attorneys, when I testified in their three trials with Nate Gray.

The indicted Russian Ukrainian who owned 55 Public Square and other local properties donated to Trump.  I have every confidence he donated, locally; but the Title 35 duty to investigate will never be performed by Brent Lawler as he violates election laws to create fake campaign committees he sends to the Ohio Elections Commission.

Criminal election bureaucrats like Lawler in Cuyahoga County can attack democracy with  “policies” that replace and suspend “general laws” as he did by not referring Judge John P. O’Donnell to the county prosecutor after he violated R.C. 3517.10 and 3517.11(D) three times; and entered office without turning in campaign finance reports.  This type of election theft occurred with 62 candidates under Lawler and former director Jane Platten.  Frank Jackson’s among the election thieves and so is Ed Fitzgerald.  

The network of checks and balances that once existed in U.S. elections, when voting was for one day, are “now” being obstructed with automatic voter registration that comes with drivers licenses, early voting for 30 days prior to an election and mail-in voting.   The residency and citizenship challenges that were customary at the polls – before all the “convenience” laws were enacted under the guise of  increasing turnout – have made U.S. elections less secure and turnout worse. 

Illegal aliens are in the U.S.acting as if they have “rights” when they don’t; and they want to vote in our elections when they have no legal right to exist in the nation.  In New York state the general assembly has enacted a law that will let its illegals vote against the president who wants to enforce the federal laws that removes them. Governor Mario Cuomo also wants the federal dollars that comes with the “illusion” that his illegal voters are citizens.  He also wants to keep one of two Congressional seats that in the last census should have gone to Ohio.

25 percent of New York’s residents and workers are either immigrants or undocumented thanks to the “sanctuary” policies oath sworn elected officials implemented to suspend their duty to enforce immigration laws. They’ve got all-immigrant unions in New York with no natural born Americans as members negotiating “wages and benefits” with local governments.  Scott Stringer, New York’s Russian “American” comptroller, recently paid $2 million in federal tax funds to undocumented workers he said were owed unpaid “prevailing wages.”  That shit is insane.

Robert Mueller’s report of Russian interference with the U.S. elections was supposed to be the “impeachment tool” Congress used to evaluate Trump through the lens that he received foreign election help.  Russian Americans U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff and U.S. Senator Jerald Nadler diverted the nation’s impeachment thoughts to Trump delaying the sending of arms to the first Russian Jew to lead the Ukraine in a nation with a growing Nazi presence. 

33 Russians serve in the U.S. Congress.  12 in the Senate and 21 in the House of Representatives.  For me Schiff and Nadler’s “diversion” was an intentional ploy not to discuss election security. The Democratic Party from my perspective is too “foreign infiltrated” to be trusted.

From my perspective the “Russian interference” in U.S. elections is an “internal” national security matter as the majority of Russians in Congress and the nation cannot confirm their ancestors’ presence here is legal as an immigrant group Congress once lawfully “excluded” with the Chinese.   

Consider that Forest City Enterprises ex-chairman Albert Ratner’s father and 7 uncles aren’t the only illegal Russians who entered the nation with fake names, forged credentials and false cover stories. Ratner brags about his illegal alien father’s violation of the Espionage Act and Logan Act as he secretly conspired with officials of the Government of Israel in 1948 to donate $25,000 that aided them in purchasing arms to take over Palestine.  Russian Golda Meir or Mabovitch was also in the nation violating espionage laws to raise money from other Russian illegals.

Six years later, the power the Soviets in Israel gained from the illegal Ratner seed money was used in the 1954 Lavon Affair’s plot to kill Americans in Egypt. This was the first deception of the U.S. government the Soviets engaged in to convince this nation its citizens were under attack by African Egyptians. The surviving families of the dead and wounded USS Liberty soldiers should see in the Ratners the horrible effects of an illegal alien presence of conspiracy-minded people. 

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar admits “now” her Russian ancestors were illegal immigrants.  Five Russians joined by Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Klobuchar and Soviet Pete Buttigeig just campaigned for president of the U.S.  There’s no evidence that Sanders’ name-changing father, Eliasz Gitman, immigrated here legally.   

The methodology for achieving secure Ohio’s elections is written into the state’s revised code as found in Title 35.  In it are the “civil rights” of Ohio citizens to challenge the residency and citizenship of the people who actually live and vote in the precincts that mail-in voting obstructs.  Citizens at polling locations voting in-person are in the most efficient position to know who’s a resident of the precinct or not; and are in the best position to investigate and confirm. 

I’ve used these Ohio and local laws mail-in voting will obstruct to challenge the residency of then Twinsburg resident Jeffrey Johnson as he campaigned  for mayor of Cleveland served illegally on city council in 2017.  The board accepted his lie of the intent to return to Ward 8 while he was married and living with his family in Twinsburg.  He returned to Cleveland to Ward 4 in near Shaker Square. The elections board Inajo Chappelle Davis led did not obey the law. 

Consider that as an Ulmer & Berne attorney, Davis doesn’t know Woody Woods Estates being sold “as is” by the firm’s CMHA client violated Title 37 of the Housing Act; or that the officials of the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) are mandated to always obey its Consolidated Annual Contributions Contract with HUD. If incompetence is demonstrated in an appointed official’s professional life, giving that person authority on a governing board with a duty to know the laws that secure elections is why 62 candidates who violated R.C. 3517.10 were allowed to violate R.C. 3517.11(d).

I’ve consistently exposed non-Cleveland resident Basheer Jones and non-East Cleveland resident Brandon King for holding offices as a councilman and a mayor in cities that are not where they live. Despite being sent this information there’s been no voluntary investigation by election officials who can’t possibly claim ignorance.  If these laws are at least “supposed” to work to hold natural born Americans accountable, they must not be diminished to benefit illegal aliens. Election laws must be more widely-known by all voters so they can know when the election officials they trust should not be trusted; and when voters claiming to be neighbors are not.

Mail-in voting obstructs every “accountability tool” each state with laws that call for enforcement at the polling locations has enacted in state laws and local “home rule” ordinances.  It obstructs the “civil rights” of the citizens of a community whose precinct is used, legitimately, to determine census and funding allocations.  Illegal aliens voting by mail from empty houses no  one will verify violates a legitimate resident of the precinct’s civil rights; and it violates the constitution by allowing them to vote.

The idea of “sanctuary cities” should be seen in their most offensive light by natural born Americans who get no sanctuary from the abuses of their government’s elected and appointed officials.  They get “sanctuary” from police chases while natural born Americans are chased to death.  Is it now a suggestion from these sanctuary politicians that illegal aliens and even legal immigrants have sanctuary from our challenging their right to vote like we do other citizens?  Insane.

Mail-in voting obstructs state “challenge” laws.  So does registering a person to vote just because they apply for a drivers license. The only citizens who should be heard during this year’s discussions about the nation’s immigration laws are its natural born citizens and legal residents.  No one else. 

The only voters who should be choosing local, state and national elected officials to serve in public offices are its natural born citizens and legal residents.  No one else.  The only way to protect America is for the constitutions and laws that give citizens rights to be used by the citizens whose right it is to use them; and no one else. 

From my perspective, any elected or appointed official who is advocating for illegal immigrants and undocumented workers is violating their oaths of office, engaged in obstruction and theft.  They should be criminally prosecuted under state “color of law” laws and more;  and the “advocacy” words they’ve publicly-expressed used as evidence of the public duties they’ve avoided in their criminal trials.

As I’ve explained my military experiences,  my perspective of President Trump is that he’s the nation’s “commander and chief.”  I visit the White House website to learn his unfiltered thoughts and read his executive orders.   My sources of information are more forensic than CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC and all that “controlled” and unsourced nonsense.

Trevor Noah, a South African colored of half-Russian and Xhosa “all Communist descent,” is not any person I want delivering information in the U.S.   He can take his non-funny, fake news, immigrant-azz back to South Africa.  This infiltration, at even its macro level, is insane.  Personally, I’d like to see him prosecuted for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  

Voting rights belong to natural born Americans and legal citizens … only.  No mail-in voting.  Return to paper ballots.  One day voting worked beautifully and we had higher turnouts.

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