Warren G. Harding

It’s been 54 years since the Plain Dealer shared news about Christmas being the symbolic birth date of Jesus the Christ

CLEVELAND, OH – There are adults living in the Cleveland area who have forgotten the annual Plain Dealer news stories about Jesus the Christ on and around Christmas since the newspaper’s name-changing Russian owner cancelled the Christian leader’s presence from their private and family-owned newspaper in 1968. For Plain Dealer readers born after 1967 it’s as if Christmas on December 25th never existed as the symbolic birthday of Jesus on the newspaper’s pages.  George Cornell was the newspaper’s religion writer and December 24, 1966 is the last time his byline appeared on a Plain Dealer story about Jesus.   After that…

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Justin Bibb’s suburban controlled transition team is going to get him in trouble early on with Cleveland voters

CLEVELAND, OH – Mayor-elect Justin Bibb’s transition team selection shows he still doesn’t have a “statutory” clue about the “official duties” of a municipal mayor under the “Federal Plan” of government found in Title 7, Chapter 705 of the Ohio Revised Code.  His head is not in the governing documents he’s going to swear to obey after he is administered an oath of office to be delivered to the Clerk of Council pursuant to Section 705.28 of the Ohio Revised Code. The governing documents referenced in the oath of office contain the statutory words that will be used against him…

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Kamala Harris being graded on a curve and failing the bar on the first try reflects the damage of curve grading students

CLEVELAND, OH – Had Kamala Harris not been so eager to be bussed away from American Negro students as “that little girl,” she might have learned something about the academic standards that elevated our people from zero percent literacy at the end of the Civil War in 1865 to 98.4 percent 105 years later in 1970.  In American Negro schools, during “segregation,” to achieve an “A” a student had to score between 95 and 100.  No curve.  “Anything less demeaned the race.” That’s the mantra I learned from my 8 American Negro teachers from the 1st through the 8th grade…

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It’s time for Nina Turner to resign the Russian Commie’s revolution and come home


CLEVELAND, OH – Russian American U.S. Senator Bernie Gitman-Sanders “Socialist Democratic” revolution is about to run into a Christian American brick wall once the primary season turns east and south.  The lone known Communist in the U.S. Senate and his supporters just haven’t realized where they’ve been living.  Socialist Democrat and Gitman-Sander’s campaign chairwoman, Nina Turner, should have looked further than Martin Luther King, Jr. to quote in her MSNBC interview of February 20th.  “Socialism is for the wealthy.  Rugged individualism is for the poor.”  This is your “EK” moment.   Nina.  If that’s your best defense of your Socialist Democratic…

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