When soldiers refuse Biden’s “orders” to kill Americans he and Kamala Harris have Asian Indian “defense contractors” creating robots armed with weapons to do the job

CLEVELAND, OH – Democratic Joseph Robinette Biden is the first President of the United States of America to warn Americans that “it’s not about personal freedoms” and to threaten us with military attacks in our cities for defending our Constitution and freedoms.  Our defense of freedom have traditionally been through protests and voting.  The Irish Catholic child of immigrants also has no regard for Thomas Jefferson.  Read his incoherent, unintelligible and dementia crazed rant from the White House on June 23, 2021.

“And I might add: The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own. You couldn’t buy a cannon.   Those who say the blood of lib- — “the blood of patriots,” you know, and all the stuff about how we’re going to have to move against the government. Well, the tree of liberty is not watered with the blood of patriots. What’s happened is that there have never been — if you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

The world got its first chance between October 11 – 13, 2021 to see the maniacal potential future of robotic warfare and local policing Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have planned for Americans during the Association of the United States Army conference in Washington, D.C.  Companies owned by Asian Indians from Communist India and Russian Jews have created robotic “dogs” that are being converted to carry “super” human killing sniper weapons.   The 10 round guns use 6.5mm Creedmoor bullets that hit targets three-fourths of a mile away.

The robotic dogs are currently on patrol at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida.  New York’s police department have started using them without the guns … for now.  There’s absolutely no legislation from either Congress or any state general assembly giving the armed forces or local police the authority to purchase or even deploy them.  Soldiers and cops are buying and using this evil with our tax dollars on their own.  There are no laws instructing them how to use the technologies they’re using; which is leaving interpretations on how they’re used against Americans to the judges and not our lawmakers.

Just as Americans are attempting to de-militarize policing Biden and Harris are directing them to militarize themselves in an even worse and more deadly direction.  I’ve shared a video clip of the robot dogs patrolling a park and announcing that humans must socially distance.

Imagine police sending robotic dogs to Cleveland sidewalks that are stored with images and information they’ve uploaded from the FBI’s National Crime Information Center criminal records history database and state drivers license bureaus.  The Government Accounting Office warned Congress in 2015 that the information stored on half the Americans in the NCIC database is wrong.  Drivers license information is privacy protected.

FBI Director John Edgar Hoover in 1946 was warned in writing by Attorney General Francis Biddle to stop using his National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database to establish probable cause; and to obtain a warrant to search it.  An NCIC search without a warrant violates the 4th Amendment Biddle warned Hoover.  He ignored him.

A robotic dog operated by Cleveland or East Cleveland cops uses the FBI’s inaccurate data without a warrant to establish probable cause.  The person flees knowing they’ve done nothing wrong or just because they can.  The robot dog gives chase and then guns them down.

The faces of mass murderers creating robots to slaughter humans.

The FBI’s NCIC 2000 Manual under the heading “Data and Probable Cause” instructs law enforcement officers not to use the information found on it to establish probable cause with very clear language.  “An NCIC hit alone is not probable cause to arrest.”  Walking on sidewalks is not probable cause and neither is walking or driving on a city street.

Imagine a robot dog like this under East Cleveland police chief Scott Gardner and Commander Larry McDonald’s control?  How about Timothy Loehmann, Michael Brelo, Daniel Lentz, Calvin Williams, Martin Flask and Michael McGrath?  Prosecuting Attorney Michael O’Malley doesn’t prosecute cops for gunning down humans.  Now imagine humans being gunned down by robots and the shootings being ruled justified.  East Cleveland has no liability insurance to pay for its over $100 million damages already.

The companies manufacturing this “Black Mirror” evil are Boston Dynamics owned by Russian Jew Marc Raibert.  Asian Indian Jiren Parikh owns Ghost Robotics.  Russian Jew Steve Reinhartz owns Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. and a 7-foot security robot he calls “ROAMEO.”  He wants to bring IRobot – the film starring Will Smith – to life. S.W.O.R.D. International designed the gun and is owned by ex-Army Ranger and American Jeremy Elrod.  His company has seven employees and generates about $1 million annually in sales.

Elrod’s weapon on the back of Raibert and Parikh’s robot as a unit is called a Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle (SPUR).  The other name is Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS).  On websites it’s been joked that ROAMEO and the SPUR will patrol together.

The promotional literature the company owners are using to sell their products all detail how useful the tools are to saving soldier and law enforcement lives.  The devices may be deployed as mobile cell towers to intercept phone calls like the Stingray; or to disarm explosives and detect chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear materials. There’s also video surveillance and mapping.  They always leave out the evil.

The 325th Security Forces Squadron at Tyndall Air Force Base is using Parikh’s Ghost Robotics robot dogs to patrol the perimeter.  There are marsh areas around the base that are difficult for humans and vehicles.

Will Smith said it best in his dialogue with actor Bruce Greenwood playing USR’s CEO.  Shitting all over the little guy.  Reinhartz sees himself as getting wealthy while putting Americans and humans in other nations out of work.  His messaging is that his robots can spread more services humans need to control humans at a lower cost.  Instead of competing with illegal aliens Americans will have to compete with machines.

Governors.  Mayors.  Federal, state and municipal legislators can stop this evil by simply banning the use of the technologies in our 50 states; and sending representatives to Congress who’ll do more than “help Joe Biden.”

Skynet is on its way.  The first “Terminator” is modeled after a dog who’s supposed to be man’s best friend instead of his worst nightmare.  Fuck Joe Biden.

Eric Jonathan Brewer

Cleveland's most influential journalist and East Cleveland's most successful mayor is an East Saint Louis, Illinois native whose father led the city's petition drive in 1969 to elect the first black mayor in 1971. Eric is an old-school investigative reporter whose 40-year body of editorial work has been demonstrably effective. No local journalist is feared or respected more.

Trained in newspaper publishing by the legendary Call & Post Publisher William Otis Walker in 1978 when it was the nation's 5th largest Black-owned publication, Eric has published and edited 13 local, regional and statewide publications across Ohio. Adding to his publishing and reporting resume is Eric's career in government. Eric served as the city's highest paid part-time Special Assistant to ex-Cleveland Mayor Michael R. White. He served as Chief of Staff to ex-East Cleveland Mayor Emmanuel Onunwor; and Chief of Communications to the late George James in his capacity as the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority's first Black executive director. Eric was appointed to serve as a member of the state's Financial Planning & Supervision Commission to guide the East Cleveland school district out of fiscal emergency and $20 million deficit. Former U.S. HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson told Eric in his D.C. office he was the only mayor in the nation simultaneously-managing a municipal block grant program. Eric wrote the city's $2.2 million Neighborhood Stabilization Program grant application. A HUD Inspector General audit of his management of the block grant program resulted in "zero" audit findings.

As a newspaper publisher, Eric has used his insider's detailed knowledge of government and his publications to lead the FBI and state prosecutors to investigations that resulted in criminal prosecutions of well-known elected officials in Ohio; and have helped realign Cleveland's political landscape with the defeat of candidates and issues he's exposed. Eric's stories led to the indictments of the late Governor George Voinovich's brother, Paul Voinovich of the V Group, and four associates. He asked the FBI to investigate the mayor he'd served as chief of staff for public corruption; and testified in three federal trials for the prosecution. He forced former Cuyahoga County Coroner Dr. Elizabeth Balraj to admit her investigations of police killings were fraudulent; and to issue notices to local police that her investigators would control police killing investigations. Eric's current work has resulted in Cuyahoga County Judge John Russo accepting the criminal complaint he guided an activist to file against 24 civil rights-violating police officers in the city he once led for operating without valid peace officer credentials. USA Today reporters picked up on Eric's police credentials reporting from his social media page and made it national.

Eric is the author of of his first book, "Fight Police License Plate Spying," which examines the FBI and local police misuse of the National Crime Information Center criminal records history database. An accomplished trumpet player and singer whose friendship with Duke Fakir of the Four Tops resulted in his singing the show's closing song, "Can't Help Myself": Curtis Sliwa of New York's Guardian Angels counts Eric among his founding chapter leaders from the early 1980's role as an Ohio organizer of over 300 volunteer crime fighters in Cleveland, Columbus and Youngstown, Ohio. For his work as a young man Eric was recognized by Cleveland's Urban League as it's 1983 Young Man of the Year.

Known in Cleveland for his encyclopedic knowledge of government and history, and intimately-connected with the region's players, every local major media outlet in Cleveland has picked up on one of Eric's stories since 1979. There is no mainstream newspaper, television or radio outlet in Cleveland that does not include an interview with Eric Jonathan Brewer in its archives over the past 40 years.