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The Netflix MtF tranny trying to dump on Dave Chappelle’s free speech rights is playing a very weak hand with her overly-tolerant and patient employer

CLEVELAND, OH – A transgendered friend of comedian Dave Chappelle committed suicide in 2019 six days after she was viciously attacked on social media by by militant members of the GLTBQ community for defending him against them on October 11, 2019 as a fellow comic.  Chappelle had given Daphne Dorman the opportunity to open a “Sticks and Stones” show in San Francisco; so she knew him in a different way than his critics.  Nothing sexual.  Respect. Chappelle discussed Dorman in his “Closer” comedy show appearing on Netflix.  He was angry about a death he attributed to the hateful treatment she…

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Cleveland Clinic made employees agents of Communist China when they hired Wang


CLEVELAND, OH – The Cleveland Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Shaker Heights arrest of a Chinese Communist government official Cleveland Clinic recruited here in 1997 as a physician and researcher is the latest example of the level of international espionage the hospital’s reckless top officials have attracted because of their federally-unauthorized and unsupervised foreign relations in violation of the nation’s espionage laws. Cleveland Clinic officials claim their $400,000 and up human resources vice presidents didn’t know Dr. Qing Wang of China was the dean of the Communist Chinese government’s Huazhong University of Science & Technology in the Co-Vid 19 infected…

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