Amy Acton

Pool is a game to be played in a pool room with better players if the only place you’ve played is at home with your family and friends

CLEVELAND, OH – This “business closing” pandemic bullshit Governor Richard Michael Dewine created when he and his quack health director, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton, lied about the number of CoVid 19 infected Ohioans screwed up my pool game, but not by much. Thirteen Ohioans were infected on March 12, 2020.  Not the 117,000 they’d “estimated.”  Where I’d played at least three times a week, way down from five days a week, I stopped playing for most of 2020 after he and Ohio’s mayors and councils decided they had the authority to tell Americans who weren’t infected to “stay at home.” Now

Shut up Mike. Ain’t nobody listening to your fake pandemic, veto over-ridden azz. You’re done!

Richard Michael DeWine leaves every elected office he serves in administratively worse off than it was when he arrived.

CLEVELAND, OH – The next time Governor Richard Michael DeWine or a mayor or anyone else issues an “order” during the pandemic he created out of quack Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton’s lies last March 12, 2020 that elected official will be violating Ohio laws amended and created under Senate Bill 22.  Now economically-liberated business owners and citizens caged in fear in their homes can tell these reckless politicians, especially DeWine, to go fuck themselves. The Ohio Senate voted 23 to 10 on March 24, 2021 to override “King Richard’s” veto of Senate Bill 22.  The Napolean-sized despot had refused to accept

Ohio’s coronavirus cases are spreading because L’il Dick DeWine still hasn’t read the state’s 29 pandemic mitigating laws

Half-azzed mask wearing Little Dick thinks he's got special privileges while he violates our constitutional rights.

CLEVELAND, OH – It is so obvious that Governor Richard Michael DeWine misses his gurl, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton.  Every time he opens his mouth to talk about social distancing and wearing masks during this year’s cold and flu season he turned into a pandemic; the Irish Catholic politician is confirming to the state’s 11.7 million residents that like her he still hasn’t read Title 37 of the Revised Code of Ohio which explains the 29 general laws to mitigate a pandemic. A New Yorker magazine “puff piece” written by Paige Williams described the non-reading former state health director as seeing

Facts behind impeachment articles against DeWine’s unconstitutional orders can be used to remove mayors and council members

Does anyone believe Governor Richard Michael DeWine and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson reads any of the duties of the offices they were administered an oath of office to discharge; or do you think they rely on "good people" who have not read their "official duties" either? All this "best and brightest minds" in government bullshit is bullshit. If you don't read you cannot lead.

CLEVELAND, OH – Every mayor in Ohio who issued “orders” during the pandemic did so without any legal authority under the Ohio laws that describe the duties of their elected offices. As such all are subject to removal from office by either their councils or upon complaint filed by any elector of their cities signed by four other electors and filed with the probate judge. The same removal laws applies to the council members who enacted ordinances that gave them powers beyond those authorized for their offices under Ohio laws.  State Rep. Nino Vitale is working with members of the

Fed judge Trump appointed declared PA governor’s state closing unconstitutional

CLEVELAND, OH – Read American U.S. District Court Judge William Shaw Stickman IV’s 77-page ruling that the business closing and sheltering in place orders of Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Wolf and his quack health director, Russian American Dr. Rachel Levine, were unconstitutional.  They’re the Pennsylvania equivalent of the two lying lunatics who fucked over Ohio. Irish Catholic Governor Richard “Little Dick” Michael DeWine and his ex-quack director of health, Russian American Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton. Levine and Stearns-Acton have ancestral roots to Communist Russia.  DeWine’s Irish Catholic roots are to a nation that aligned with Adolf Hitler’s Nazis against Irish Protestants during

Dr. Duwve’s resume shows she wasn’t going to let herself be used by lyin-azzed DeWine

CLEVELAND, OH – Dr. Joan Marie Duwve has real world medical experience compared to none for ex-Ohio director of health Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton.  11 years in family practice.  She’s an educator.  Grant manager.  Not a big one.  $58,848.  She’s helped write policies and a law in the state of Indiana while Vice President Michael Pence served as the state’s governor. Duwve joined South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster’s administration on April 17, 2020 and was announced as Governor Richard Michael DeWine’s health director on September 10, 2020 until she withdrew.  “Personal reasons.” The April 17 job was not the “director’s job

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