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Pool is a game to be played in a pool room with better players if the only place you’ve played is at home with your family and friends

CLEVELAND, OH – This “business closing” pandemic bullshit Governor Richard Michael Dewine created when he and his quack health director, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton, lied about the number of CoVid 19 infected Ohioans screwed up my pool game, but not by much.

Thirteen Ohioans were infected on March 12, 2020.  Not the 117,000 they’d “estimated.”  Where I’d played at least three times a week, way down from five days a week, I stopped playing for most of 2020 after he and Ohio’s mayors and councils decided they had the authority to tell Americans who weren’t infected to “stay at home.”

Now I’m playing at least two days a week and my “eye” is improving.  Instead of running 15 balls or the entire rack I’m running about 12 before I miss during practice.  Yes.  That’s me at Long Green’s in the “feature” image.

When I played straight pool my best game saw me running three racks until I missed on my 48th shot in the fourth rack.  I ran 47 balls on four consecutive breaks.  For perspective the late Willie Mosconi set the world straight pool record by running 526 balls before he missed during an exhibition.  That’s 37 and one half racks over four and half hours without missing a single shot.  After 65 years Mosconi’s record held until John Schmidt in 2019 ran 626 balls.

Willie Mosconi set an unbeatable world record for running 526 balls during an exhibition without missing. Now imagine playing a man like this to a game where the first player to reach 150 wins.  Mosconi’s record was established during an exhibition in Springfield, Ohio on March 19, 1954.  It wasn’t broken until May 27, 2019 by John Schmidt in Monterey, California.

American Negro player Cicero Murphy was inducted into the Billiard Congress Hall of Fame for being “the Jackie Robinson” of pool when he broke the color barrier during Segregation.  If you weren’t ready to start a game 200 balls behind then you didn’t play Cicero.  He could consistently run 200 balls on his opponents.  The first player to reach 150 balls in a straight pool championship wins.

The pool game requires you to play a better player to improve your game.  So during Segregation Caucasian players realized when they saw Murphy’s skill that they were missing opportunities to improve their own games by not playing him and other American Negro players.  When Murphy was not allowed to play at Manhattan’s Commodore Hotel in 1964 for the Billiard Room Propriety Association of America tournament, Caucasian players picketed his exclusion. They wanted the competition.

Straight pool is also called 14-1 Continuous Rotation because you run 14 balls and then leave one ball for your “break” shot. The goal is to place the “break ball” at an angle where you leave yourself an opportunity to crack open the rack after making your break shot.  It is the game of real champions.

I was usually good for two racks before missing and leaving my opponent with either no or a tough shot with a “safe” play.  There’s a psychological advantage to starting 28 balls ahead of your opponent and keeping or expanding the distance between your scores throughout the game.

Former Cleveland Mayor the late Carl Burton Stokes took my Straight pool game for granted when we played at Sharkey’s to 75 points.  After running two racks on him and leaving him safe, he couldn’t catch me before I scored my 75th point.  He won the second game and we ended with a draw when he left.  Attorney and former Shaker Heights Municipal Court Judge Virgil Brown, Jr. has a nice game and so does author and realtor Everett Pruitt.

Imagine playing a game of “straight pool” to 150 points and Cicero Murphy’s skills were so good he could run 200 balls before missing.  Because of segregation in the United States of America, American Negro and Caucasian players didn’t compete until Murphy broke that “color barrier.

Today’s “champs” play 9-Ball or 10-Ball which are games I can but don’t play.  They’re “made for television game” because audiences producers who had no love for the game didn’t think audiences would watch a 45 minute to hour-long game.

The player shoots balls 1 through 9 to win.  If the 9 ball is positioned near a pocket where the player can hit their object ball first during a combination shot to make the 9 ball they win.  From my perspective it’s a game that requires the least skills to win.

Eight Ball is another made for television tournament game for its quickness.  I play it because it’s the game everybody knows with variations on the rules.  Shooters who haven’t read the rules make up their own.

My father taught me the techniques of the game at 14 and I improved between Eddie’s Billiards at E. 125th and Superior and Shaw Lanes during the late 60’s and early 70’s while attending Shaw High School.  It’s now Green’s Barbershop.

When I enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1972, and pool was free at base recreation centers, I could get all the practice I wanted.  For my three months of technical school training at Shephard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas I could get 8 hours of practice on weekends.

When I returned from Thailand in 1975 I was assigned to Brooks Air Force Base where during a series of tournaments I won the “Base Champ” title.  After I’d fulfilled my contract with the federal government and returned to Cleveland the players who’d beat me before couldn’t.  Depending upon where and who I play I generally hold my own.  In the bars I’ve played in I’ve beaten the best players … easily.

Judging by the way he’s positioned his body and his “bridge,” the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. looks like he had very nice pool game and may have been a formidable player. There’s a difference in pool between a pool shooter and a “pool player.”

Pool is a sport and of the sports I’ve played from baseball, basketball to track I love it the best.  The game is based on your skill level and your age doesn’t matter.  Just your sight, aim, technique and the ability not to miss.

As I’ve played throughout Northeast Ohio and other parts of the country when I’ve traveled, I’ve found that players among the Millenials and Generation X’ers who claim to be good aren’t.  Most of those I’ve encountered had pool tables in their homes and no pool hall experience; so the only people they played were relatives and friends.

If no one among their pool “shooting” contacts had pool hall experience or private lessons from an experienced player they didn’t learn the game’s basics.  They hold cues like “babies.”  Their body posture is off.  They don’t know anything about using cue English, how much or if it’s even needed to make a shot.   Watch the video of then President Barack Obama playing Governor John Hickenloop.   He could use some lessons.

They know nothing about “shape” which means leaving the cue positioned for the next shot.  They don’t even know game rules or the types of games to be played other than 8-Ball; and they don’t know the rules of the one game most know how to play.

Pool is a gentleman’s sport played in silence.  When it’s not their time to shoot younger players don’t know the etiquette of the game requires them to sit down or move away from the table so as not to distract the player who their missing gave a turn.  Players who’ve lost their turn to shoot don’t hover over the table or the shooter’s pocket.

Check out Barack Obama’s “bridge.” His forefinger and thumb aren’t connected like the “players” in the pictures above. It’s a weak bridge which shows he hasn’t mastered the game’s basic skills. He appears to have played before as he ran two balls against Governor John Hickenloop during his presidency. He seems to have a little bit of technique. But I”ve never seen a really skilled player hold a cue like he does. I’d beat him … easily. Watch Tor Lowry’s instructional video at the end of the story.  Compare his instrutions to Obama’s “game” and you’ll see the flaws in it that I see.

They also miss “learning” the shots specialized by skilled players when they play among their family and friends at home.  Cleveland player Rufus Brady practiced until he perfected a bank shot where he called “5 rails in the side pocket” on either side of the table.  I used to practice “4 rails in the corner” bank shots.

At Eddie’s I learned how to cut a ball positioned in the midde of the “rail” to either corner pocket using extreme left or right English.  I didn’t believe the shot could be made when Eddie taught it to me.

Over the last few decades I’ve watched the number of places to play the sport dwindle.  As a Cleveland East sider the number of places to play pool from the 1960’s through the 1980’s were numerous.  I started off at Grant’s on E. 105th Street and Scatter’s.

When my parents moved our family to East Cleveland my late cousin Darnell Ivory and I played at Eddie’s Billiards and Shaw Lanes.  I also played at the Hippodrome, Severance, Paul Wells‘ place on Carnegie and Sharkey’s.  But over the years as the owners of pool halls died so did their businesses.  Franchise pool halls like Jillian’s didn’t last.

Today there are not even a handful of pool halls left in Cuyahoga County let alone Cleveland.  They’re even disappearing in many of the bars. A search for place to play the game on the Billiard Congress’ website produced one result for a placed called “Miss Cue” on Reynolds Road in Toledo.

Why did Shaker Heights native and actor Paul Newman appear to be a competent pool player in “The Hustler?” Willie Mosconi taught him how to play.

I play now between Long Green’s Billiards in Cleveland, Wickliffe Lanes in, of course, Wickliffe; and Continuous Play Billiards in Parma.

Green’s is closer to home and the atmosphere for me is familiar.  It’s where I can hear the Soul music of my youth from my favorite Rhythm & Blues artists while I’m playing.  I’m a singer and a trumpet player since the age of 9.  I like the fact Carl’s got a picture of Dizzy Gillespie on his wall.  Dizzy and I once shared a couple of drinks and conversation when he performed at Jim Swingo’s in the Statler Hotel sometime between 1990 and 1992.

I joke with Long Green’s owner Carl Green that he’s running “a senior day camp” because 80 percent of the players are around my age or older.  I’m 67.  It’s in some way like a daily reunion of people who played at all the East side and downtown pool halls from the 1960’s and 70’s when we were in our teens and early 20’s.  Ain’t nobody hustling anymore because most of the players have either jobs or pensions and drive luxury cars. LOL.

I also enjoy playing at Long Green’s for the 9 foot tables that are 5 feet across.  Your game and aim has to be more precise.  Prices are $5 per player per hour.  Senior citizens 65 and over pay $4 an hour per player.  Long Green’s is located at 7420 Carnegie.  It opens daily at 3 p.m. and closes at 1 a.m.  On Saturdays Carl opens at 12 p.m.  He’s closed on Sunday’s.  216-361-9955 is the phone number.

Carl appears to own the “only” billiard hall on the East side of the “city” of Cleveland.  The municipal corporation’s anti-small business political officials have targeted too many places they have no knowledge of for closings.  I don’t know of anyone in Cleveland politics today who plays the game.  Cleveland should welcome as many billiard halls as entreprenuers are willing to open.

Wickliffe Lanes opens at 9 a.m. and closes at midnight.  They open at noon on Saturdays.  They’re closed on Sunday’s and Monday’s.  Prices for the table are $5 an hour until 5 p.m.  Afterwards prices increase to $10 an hour for the table. It’s also a place where I’ve run into some of the same “older” players I’ve seen at Green’s.  The tables there are 4.5 x 9 feet in dimensions.   Wickliffe Lanes is located at 30315 Euclid Ave.  The phone number is 440-585-3505.

Continuous Play Billiards is a private, membership only club that’s open from 5 a.m. until 1:30 a.m.  $5 to join.  From my East side residence it’s closer than Wickliffe Lanes via Interstate 480.  As a private club they have other “features” I like.  The tables at Continuous Play Billiards are 4.5 feet by 9 feet.  I’ve played there twice but each time I’ve felt welcomed as I got in a couple hours of practice.

I’ve shared an instructional video  above from Tor Lowry that very competently and thoroughly explains the techniques of playing.  He teaches beginners how to run tables like a pro and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to learn or improve their game.

Playing pool on a video game is not playing.  Joysticks operate differently than pool cues.  Novices call them “pool sticks.”  It’s another nuance of the game that tells a skilled player whether their opponent is a player or a shooter.

Entreprenuers should consider opening more pool and billiard halls in their communities with all the empty storefront space in towns throughout Cuyahoga County and Ohio.  It’s a great game and a spot with 10 busy tables can generate earnings of $100 an hour at $10 an hour.

Compare actress Vivica Fox’s “bridge” and body positioning to former President Barack Obama’s.  She’s “down” on the table like she’s supposed to be and her technique seems very good.  I saw her play a pool game in the film Booty Call. From the images I’ve seen of her playing the game, I guarantee that a man who took her skills for granted got his azz beat down and she talked some shit afterwards.

A 10-hour day puts $1000 in the owner’s pockets and the only cost of ownership after the tables are purchased and the furniture is installed is for rent and utilities.  $1000 a day for a 6 day work week is $6000 or $312,000 a year.

It takes about 10 years to wear out a slate pool table before the slate and cloth need to be replaced.  By then an enduring owner’s made over $3 million off their 10 tables.  If they add food or a liquor license, and book the place for parties and fundraisers, the money is even better. Elected officials should see the business as providing usable tax dollars for cities, counties and the state.

If you’re looking for a year-round sport to play try pool.  If you’ve only been playing at home with family and friends, and want to improve your game, try a neighborhood pool or billiard hall.  You won’t learn much about the game in bars playing on dollar a game tables.

Shut up Mike. Ain’t nobody listening to your fake pandemic, veto over-ridden azz. You’re done!

CLEVELAND, OH – The next time Governor Richard Michael DeWine or a mayor or anyone else issues an “order” during the pandemic he created out of quack Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton’s lies last March 12, 2020 that elected official will be violating Ohio laws amended and created under Senate Bill 22.  Now economically-liberated business owners and citizens caged in fear in their homes can tell these reckless politicians, especially DeWine, to go fuck themselves.

The Ohio Senate voted 23 to 10 on March 24, 2021 to override “King Richard’s” veto of Senate Bill 22.  The Napolean-sized despot had refused to accept amendments to 10 general laws and the creation of nine that he believed “curbed” his power to force Ohioans into their homes and close businesses he determined were “non-essential.”

All the crazed “Proclamations” mayors created claiming they had the authority to suspend laws can’t be found in any federal, state or local law or charter.  It’s over.  DeWine didn’t count his votes.  Senate Bill will take effect as law within 90 days.

Make sure the fascist-loving lawmakers who voted not to override Governor Richard Michael DeWine’s veto of Senate Bill 22 hear your displeasure by calling their offices; and feel your wrath at the polls.

Rep. Stephanie Kunze and Matt Dolan were the two Republicans voting with eight Democrats to keep DeWine’s fascist lunacy going. All should view DeWine’s 24 percent approval rating as a reflection of their own; and expect challengers against their future plans in politics going forward. DeWine is done as Ohio’s governor.  He should expect a challenger.

The preamble of Senate Bill 22 originally passed on March 10, 2021 by the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives kept the rudiments of Section 3707 of Ohio’s Revised Code intact.  The chapter of general state laws deals with the authority of the Ohio Director of Health along with county and city health boards across the state’s 88 counties.

The governor had one duty given to him in R.C. 3707 and it was to mitigate the effect of “adulterated” products like fentanyl from entering the state.  The Ohio Director of Health and the 88 county  health boards were given authority over “infected” Ohioans and no one else.  Healthy Ohioans who were not afflicted by a bacteria or virus were to be left alone.  Mayors, councils, school districts, county elected offices, courts, libraries and other government agencies were given no “individual” authority to do anything other than obey the unsuspended instructions of R.C. 3707.

Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton answered “yes” on her Ohio Medical Board application to be treated for a mental illness or drug addiction. She claimed to have been homeless and lived in a park with her mother in Youngstown, Ohio. DeWine’s quack state health doc’s mother called her little Amy a liar.

All that “mask wearing” and “social distancing” bullshit Stearns-Acton created came from her and DeWine’s imaginations.  So did their fake estimate that 117,000 Ohioans were infected by CoVid 19 when the facts available to every health board across the state was that the real number was 13.  Nine were Russian Jews from Cuyahoga County who’d either traveled to Israel or been around Israelis at an American Isreali Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington, D.C. from March 6 through March 9, 2020.

There would be no doubling of 100,000 infected Ohioans and the demented duo lied Ohio and the world into believing throughout 2020.  At no time did their estimate of 10,000 infected Ohioans entering the state’s hospitals per day become true.

The World Health Organization in December 2019 had warned the globe’s developed nations that a zoonotic CoVid or coronavirus transmitted from camels to humans was headed for the United States, China and other parts of the world.  The nine infected Russian Jews in Cuyahoga County out of 13 known infected Ohioans were associated with travel to Israel or around Israelis where camels are indigenous.


Indians from India were drinking camel piss as a health benefit.  With more than one-third of Ohio’s healthcare workforce consisting of immigrants from the Middle East, India and Africa, DeWine never investigated if they were transmitting the virus to Ohioans who were not traveling abroad.

Republican sources say DeWine is “mad as hell” about his over-ridden veto and is considering his legal options.  Who cares?  He’s done!

Ohio’s coronavirus cases are spreading because L’il Dick DeWine still hasn’t read the state’s 29 pandemic mitigating laws

CLEVELAND, OH – It is so obvious that Governor Richard Michael DeWine misses his gurl, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton.  Every time he opens his mouth to talk about social distancing and wearing masks during this year’s cold and flu season he turned into a pandemic; the Irish Catholic politician is confirming to the state’s 11.7 million residents that like her he still hasn’t read Title 37 of the Revised Code of Ohio which explains the 29 general laws to mitigate a pandemic.

A New Yorker magazine “puff piece” written by Paige Williams described the non-reading former state health director as seeing things in a non-bureaucratic way. That’s “stupid” for “she didn’t read Title 37 and just made up words like social distancing, wearing masks, sheltering in place and got scared when American citizens showed up at her home to remind DeWine’s loopy lunatic to obey laws and not her delusional mind.

DeWine was once a “licensed” attorney, but he didn’t keep up with his continuing legal education requirements.  That’s another area where Ohio’s criminally “derelict” governor has been negligent as a non-reader.

In addition to his fake panedmic, DeWine’s the reason 32,000 Ohio cops – all of them – are not in compliance with statewide mandated annual training of 24 pre-approved hours by the executive director of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) he led as the state’s attorney general for 8 years.  If the training is not conducted by a “certified trainer” and not “online” by December 15th of each year, then by January 1st of each year every cop in Ohio shall cease discharging the duties of law enforcement officers and wearing weapons.  DeWine didn’t read this section of a state general law he had a duty to enforce.

The continued problem today is that the police chiefs and not the mayors have been communicating with OPOTA thanks, again, to DeWine.  DeWine’s dumb fucking azz has been identifying police chiefs and not mayors and civil service commissions as the “appointing authorities” identified in the training law the General Assembly of Ohio enacted.  He sent letters to police chiefs under another title he made up called “law enforcement administrator.”

DeWine’s non-reading replacement, Attorney General David Yost, just picked up where his non-reading fellow Republican left off; and kept the dumb shit rolling right into the Mariah Crenshaw and Chasing Justice brick wall. She’s filing the criminal complaints both DeWine and Yost should have against the uncertified cop killers of John Crawford and Luke Stewart with more to come.

DeWine took $64 million the state approved for training and used it to test rape kits.  He falsely accused 62 physicians who managed pain of being drug dealers and drove them out of Ohio and the narcotic death toll up.  He lied on Asian Americans in Warren, Ohio that they were operating a human trafficking ring out of 9 municipal massage parlors the city permitted to exist.  He lied hundreds of Ohioans caring for children in their homes out of earning extra money as day care providers.  This man is a non-reading menace to Ohio who deserves the longest prison sentence for a governor … ever.  Life.  Lock his azz the fuck up.

Governor Richard Michael DeWine is a liar. Period.

Here’s what every Ohioan needs to understand about their non-reading, “not a lawyer” governor’s “pandemic” hysteria.  Dude wasted a law school grant.  He reminds me of Alabama Attorney General Troy King losing a traffic case.

13 flu infected Ohioans did not create a pandemic.  At all times, and even now, DeWine is recklessly operating on the March 12, 2020 delusional lie Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton told that 117,000 Ohioans would infect other Ohioans at a rate that would double every six days. He can’t let that stupid thought go.

Stearns-Acton’s crazed math was used to cancel the federal primary election and “close” the state’s economy on March 16th. What it also did is create the false “global” illusion that Ohioans were as CoVid 19 infected as the 134,000 humans known in the world to be infected among the real number of 13 who were actually infected in our state.  From the world’s perspective DeWine made us look like the nastiest, disease carrying scum on the planet.

Stearns-Acton “criminal misuse” of the authority of the state director of health to “guess” resonated around the world and caused surrounding governors to panic.  Travel restrictions were placed on Ohioans from entering another state’s borders.  Travellers from other states were encouraged not to enter ours.

State after state closed following DeWine’s lead as governors were encouraged by media reports that he “was doing a good job” to prevent 117,000 CoVid 19 infected residents of his state from spreading it to others at a rate that would “double every six days.” This all began on March 12th; so let’s use he curve-graded math of these criminally-derelict lunatics to understand why DeWine’s still lost without Amy today.  Dude might have dementia at his age.  Stearns-Acton’s medical board application showed her as having loose screws.  He’s got more than a few.

By March 18th an “infatuated with Amy” DeWine had fully bought into her giggly “117,000 CoVid 19-infected” lie and was believing that 234,000 Ohioans were infected and doubling every six days.  Stearns-Acton looked stupid to the humans who actually think in the world when she admitted on March 13th, the day after she offered the 117,000 estimate, that she was only guessing.  DeWine chose not to hear her alarming confession.  The larger number fit this diminuitive dimwit’s “grandiose delusion” that he, alone, was ordained by the Lord to save lives.  The “doubling every six day” estimate based on Stearns-Acton’s quack math justified this loser’s sense of urgency.  Anyone watching this nitwit’s daily television appearances could see he was on a Mighty Mouse “here I come to save the day” trip.

The truth never added up to Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton’s “guess” that 117,000 Ohioans were CoVid 19-infected; so she guessed they were staying at home instead of flooding hospitals at a rate of 8000 to 10,000 patients a day that never materialized. Of course in her mind it was because she and the nut-in-chief did great job.

By March 24th there should have been 438,000 CoVid 19 infected Ohioans as DeWine and Stearns-Acton were predicting 8000 to 10,000 flu carriers filling up the state’s hospitals every single.  This was the basis for their decisions to cut vital medical services to Ohioans with terminal illnesses; and to have them treated “off site” and over the telephone instead of in person.  They were literally creating their own “death toll” to prove their fake math.

By March 30th the number of CoVid 19 infected Ohioans should have been 976,000 and at that point we were supposed to be fucked.  Doubling every six days meant that by April 6th close to 2 million Ohioans should have been CoVid 19 infected.

By April 12th we should have been hit with 4 million CoVid 19 infected Ohioans.  By April 18th the number should have been 8 million CoVid infected Ohioans based on DeWine and Stearns-Acton’s “doubling every six day” delusion.  By April 24th every single citizen of Ohio should have been CoVid 19 infected and spreading it to 4.3 million others.  We don’t have a population of 16 million Ohioans.

Six days later on April 30th there should have been 32 million infected Americans and  still “doubling every six days.”  64 million infected Americans by May 6th and 128 million by May 12th.  By May 18th, according to DeWine’s math, 256 million Americans should have been CoVid 19 infected and spreading it beyond our borders the next by May 24th to 512 million humans.

The only thing DeWine and Stearns-Acton got right is that 13 CoVid 19 infected Ohioans did double around every six days according to their own reporting of the “known” number of 13 flu infected Ohioans. By the end of the season there were roughly 839 known flu infected Ohioans.  Deaths doctors were reporting as coronavirus among the elderly was indeed the flu; and a bad one.  Flu in people with weakened immune systems can turn into pneumonia; and it’s deadly if untreated.

My Mother died of complications due to pneumonia in 2018 after being treated twice for breast cancer and two heart bypasses. She also had three spinal surgeries.  My Father, a nurse with Cardio Pulmonary Disorder, once described pneumonia as an “old man’s best friend.”  Seven years of my life was spent working between U.S. and military hospitals.  One year as an administrative assistant to the Commander of the School of Aerospace Medicine, Col. Richard Hanson, MD, at Brooks AFB.  I also worked in the epidemiology department.  I spent a year in oncology; and another in an emergency room and intensive care.  A year was spent in Thailand providing administrative support for a U.S Air Force hospital made out of trailers during the Vietnam War

Ohioans should know their “non-reading” governor appointed a Russian American director of health who it took four years to complete a 12-month medical residency as an intern; and who answered “yes” on her application to the Ohio Medical Board to being treated for a mental illness.  She also never practiced medicine. Stearns-Acton taught and managed grants. What her medical board application application shows is she really just wanted to be a part-time working mother; and the only people she’d really led were her three children. Another mother gave birth to her husband’s three children.

According to Stearns-Acton’s mother her daughter is trouble-making a liar.  The family was never homeless and did not move 18 times.  She also did not live in a Mahoning County park with her brother during the winter as published reports attributed to her.

DeWine would have learned Stearns-Acton’s mental medical history if he’d asked his Ohio Medical Board appointees for her application and read it.  He could have also asked to meet her parents.  He might have directed the Superintendent of Ohio’s Highway Patrol to investigate his appointees to verify their backgrounds.   Treatment for drug addiction is also a question to which Stearns-Acton answered “yes.”  Reading is so very fundamental to serving “well” and “lawfully in elected office.  So is diligence.

After fabricating a non-existent troubled family life, and hiding whatever mental illness afflicted her, Stearns-Acton fabricated an estimate that 117,000 Ohioans were CoVid-19 infected when she knew the truth was only 13.  That actual number is all Title 37 authorized her to report, but she did not know this duty she failed to read.  Nine of the infected were her fellow Russian Americans from Cuyahoga County who had either traveled to Israel or interacted with Israelis during an AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C. between March 6 and 9, 2020.

None of the state’s 26 pandemic mitigating laws contains words like social distancing, masks, essential and non-essential businesses.  They are all terms DeWine made up out of thin air with his quack ex-state health director, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton.   The Ohio Department of Health’s duty to “healthy Ohioans” was to “quarantine the infected.” DeWine’s duty was to ensure the Ohio Department of Health’s officials read the 26 pandemic mitigating instructions in Title 37 of the Revised Code of Ohio as the state’s chief law enforcement officer.  Non-reading, curve graded-azzed politicians are evil.

Elected officials who lived through the Spanish Flu of 1918 codified and left behind 26 instructions for future generations to read and follow.  Only Congress under the “Commerce Clause” found in Article 1, Section 8 and Clause 3 of the Constitution of the United States of America this Communist thought he had the authority to suspend regulates the economy he fucked up.

One single state general law gave the governor authority during a pandemic; and it was to prevent “adulterated” products from entering our borders.  Had he read it DeWine might have prevented the Russian CEO of Johnson & Johnson, Alex Gorsky, from dosing the state with fentanyl.  50 million doses in Cuyahoga County, alone, for a population of 1.1 million.

Had both DeWine and Stearns-Acton actually read reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) each cited, they would have reported that in December 2019 the health organization had identified a camel to human flu “Middle East Respiratory Syndrom” (MERS) that was being transmitted to the U.S., China and other parts of the world.  The MERS came from Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.  This is where more than 35 percent of the nation’s health care workers are from and travel back and forth.

This is what a curve-graded governor and health director lying about 117,000 Ohioans being CoVid 19 infected looks like on the internet when people around the world think they’re dumb.

Had this “non-reading dumb duo” read the report they would have “understood” President Donald Trump’s decision to ban travel from the 7 MERS-infected nations the WHO had identified in 2016 as spreading a CoVid globally.   He’s too pro-Israel and Saudia Arabia to have added them, but those were all “MERS infected” nations according to the WHO.  He played the right move but the president let politics and friendship limit the decision.

What he did do was correctly restrict immigrant health care workers from spreading the MERS to natural born Americans who would normally not ever have exposure to a camel or anyone who lived near them. What Trump got was “drowned out” and censored by all the social media lies that a national security interest was racist.  A national security interest was indeed at stake.  American lives.

The restricted immigrants from the Cleveland area did not like being forced to stay or locked out; and over 1735 mainly foreign health care workers and students between Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University signed a letter that violated the terms of their visas by expressing an interest in this nation’s politics.  Neither DeWine nor Stearns-Acton saw this as putting patients who agreed with Trump’s decision in their health care crosshairs.

Immigrants here on green cards have no right to obstruct the president’s enforcement of federal laws that affects them. The green card is a contract that comes with deportation when it’s violated.  Ex-Cleveland Clinic physician Lara Kollab, a child of Lebanese immigrants, tweeted how she would give the “Yahood” – a term for Russian Jews – the wrong medications.

Should this nation’s majority Christian citizens be concerned that religious wars and retribution are being carried out in its hospitals and emergency rooms by American and Christian-hating immigrant doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, lab technicians and others from Communist nations who make up 35 percent of a national health care system that was once 99 percent natural born American?

Most people seemed to figure out what was going in Ohio was a little “off.”I defy Little Dick to compare each of what he described as an “official act” assigned to the authority of the governor to the specific section of the Revised Code of Ohio that authorized it.  He can’t identify “one” as his conduct shows he’s read “none” but a section of a law that relates to the director of health that he’s stretched into a justification to conceal the truth that everyone now knows he’s been lying.

CoVid 19 is simply pop terminology for the fact that all flus are “severe acute respiratory syndrom” or SARS.  The term “CoVid” is shortened for “coronavirus.”  The number “19” denotes the year this season’s “strain” was “discovered.”  The University of Texas’ 1996 medical book of microbiology describes coronavirus as the “seasonal common cold.”  That tip came from my reading Son.

To make this year’s cold and flu season sound “sensational” those who earn money creating hysteria with “click bait” titles on the internet shortened the term to CoVid 19; and started scaring the shit out of people who don’t read medical terminology and medical textbooks to know shit like this is really normal. The more folk clicked on to learn basic medical terminology the more it drove the algorithms from the cookies inserted in each person’s “search’ from sites that select news that meets each person’s interests.  The more you clicked the more you scared yourselves.  Your search engines were given you the fear you were seeking.

I spoke to a friend who does medical billing about Trump’s claim that physicians are claiming patients are dying of CoVid 19 for extra cash.  He’s right. There’s a 20 percent “add on” for Medicare.  Keep in mind, again, that 35 percent of the nation’s healthcare workers aren’t from the nation and don’t give a shit.

Stop feeding your own fear and listening to Dewine.  He’s crazy.  Dude was born in 1947.  He doesn’t understand the internet.  He can barely use a cell phone and he doesn’t think for himself.  If he did L’il Dick would have “been done read” the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution of Ohio, the United States Code, the Revised Code of Ohio and the Trump administration’s being filing against other governors so he would know the elements of the crimes he’s committing that will eventually lead him to prison.

[The feature photo of Governor Richard Michael DeWine is fairly used for educational purposes.  The education is the way he’s wearing his mask.]

Facts behind impeachment articles against DeWine’s unconstitutional orders can be used to remove mayors and council members

CLEVELAND, OH – Every mayor in Ohio who issued “orders” during the pandemic did so without any legal authority under the Ohio laws that describe the duties of their elected offices. As such all are subject to removal from office by either their councils or upon complaint filed by any elector of their cities signed by four other electors and filed with the probate judge. The same removal laws applies to the council members who enacted ordinances that gave them powers beyond those authorized for their offices under Ohio laws.  State Rep. Nino Vitale is working with members of the General Assembly of Ohio to remove Governor Richard Michael Dewine from office through impeachment.

American Italian citizens are a different breed of immigrants. There’s something about their connection to Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci that causes them to forget Italy and love America … exclusively. State Senator Nino Vitale got us our “fear of life” affirmative defense; and is now on a righteous war against the Communist leading Ohio as governor. Watch his video and see the masked student’s oxygen level drop on camera. Masks are dangerous and immune weakening. DeWine’s ex-health director is a fucking lawless medical quack who checked “yes” that she’d been treated for a mental illness on her Ohio Medical Board application.

This power of “the people” to remove municipal mayors and council members is found under Section 733.72 of the Revised Code of Ohio.  Everything in Title 7 of the code explains how municipal corporations are organized, the type of officers employees they can have, and duties each officer and employee is authorized by law to discharge.  If the duties aren’t identified in the revised code they can’t make them up.  Laws must be obeyed as written in plain English.

R.C. 733.72 Charges against municipal officers filed with probate judge – proceedings.  When a complaint under oath is filed with the probate judge of the county in which a municipal corporation or the larger part thereof is situated, by any elector of the municipal corporation, signed and approved by four other electors thereof, the judge shall forthwith issue a citation to any person charged in the complaint for his appearance before the judge within ten days from the filing thereof, and shall also furnish the accused and the village solicitor or city director of law with a copy thereof. The complaint shall charge any of the following: {A) That a member of the legislative authority of the municipal corporation has received, directly or indirectly, compensation for his services as a member thereof, as a committeeman, or otherwise, contrary to law;  (B) That a member of the legislative authority or an officer of the municipal corporation is or has been interested, directly or indirectly, in the profits of a contract, job, work, or service, or is or has been acting as a commissioner, architect, superintendent, or engineer in work undertaken or prosecuted by the municipal corporation, contrary to law;  (C) That a member of the legislative authority or an officer of the municipal corporation has been guilty of misfeasance or malfeasance in office.  Before acting upon such complaint, the judge shall require the party complaining to furnish sufficient security for costs.  Effective Date: 11-01-1977.

None of the state’s 26 pandemic mitigating laws gave “any” authority to a local mayor or city council to deal with a pandemic other than to appoint health board members and be directed by them.  All authority was delivered to the director of health and the health boards.

The governor’s “sole” authority during a pandemic was to prevent “adulterated products” like the fentanyl the Russian CEO of Johnson & Johnson pharmaceuticals, Alex Gorsky, makes who sent 50 million doses of that shit to Cuyahoga County … alone.  By adopting mask and social distancing orders, and issuing “orders” that violated constitutional rights and sought to suspend laws, every elected official who signed off on this lunacy is guilty of “misdemeanors” in office.  This is the basis of the impeachment resolution aimed at DeWine’s “misdemeanor” misconduct in office.

The word “misdemeanor” did not have the same meaning in 1801 as it is used today.  When examining constitutional language the reviewing official has to look to the “intent” of a constitutional provision or law by its original authors.  The General Assembly’s resolution spelled out that the word “misdemeanor” in 1801 was not neccessarily a crime.

WHEREAS, At the time of the writing of the Ohio Constitution, “misdemeanor” was not necessarily a crime and was defined in Webster’s 1828 dictionary as: MISDEME’ANOR, noun: Ill behavior; evil conduct; fault; mismanagement. 1. In law, an offense of a less atrocious nature than a crime. Crimes and misdemeanors are mere synonymous terms; but in common usage, the word crime is made to denote offenses of a deeper and more atrocious dye, while small faults and omissions of less consequence are comprised under the gentler name of misdemeanors.”; and  WHEREAS, United States Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story (1812-1845) stated: “The offences to which the power of impeachment has been and is ordinarily applied as a remedy are of a political character. Not but that crimes of a strictly legal character fall within the scope of the [impeachment] power…; but that it has a more enlarged operation, and reaches what are aptly termed political offences, growing out of personal misconduct or gross neglect, or usurpation, or habitual disregard of the public interests, in the discharge of the duties of political office.”; and  WHEREAS, Ohio history and precedents verify that no actual crime needs to be alleged for the purposes of impeachment and removal from office, e.g., Judges William Irvin and Robert Slaughter for being absent without leave, Judges Calvin Pease and George Tod for holding statutes unconstitutional and unenforceable, Judge John Thompson for judicial arrogance, Judge James Ferguson for judicial arrogance and incompetence, and Judges George Brown and William Smith for judicial incompetence; and WHEREAS, Impeachment of a state officer is not subject to executive veto or judicial review.

Members of the General Assembly of Ohio led by Rep. Nino Vitale, a Republican, filed a “resolution” to “exhibit articles of impeachment against Governor Richard Michael DeWine in support of impeachment of him for misdemeanors in office.” The resolution identifies numerous well-documented DeWine violations of his oath of office, the U.S. Constitution, the Ohio Constitution, federal and state laws.

Line and verse the resolution solidly convicts DeWine through language that clearly describes unlawful acts the public witnessed him and his quack ex-health director, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton, engaging in during the 2020 cold and flu season.  She answered “yes” on her Ohio Medical Board application to a question about whether or not she’d been treated for a mental illness.  She never practiced medicine.

DeWine continues to pile evidence against himself as he won’t shut up about masks and social distancing that don’t exist as words in any of the state’s 26 pandemic mitigating laws.  He should have followed the laws instead of his quack ex-director of health’s fake science. The terms “stay at home” and “non-essential workers” don’t exist in any of this state or nation’s laws.

If the state senators Ohioans elected to the General Assembly actually “read” the resolution and apply the constitutional and general law references to DeWine’s individual acts he’s done.  The Revised Code of Ohio’s 26 pandemic-mitigating laws are written in plain English with mandatory duties imposed by the word “shall” for the director of health, not the governor, to discharge as it pertained to only Ohioans who were “infected.”

R.C. 3707.08 required the infected to be “quarantined” in their homes.  The infected, as the impeachment resolution affirms, are the only citizens over whom the “director of health” and not the governor had authority.  DeWine is an attorney but he’s not licensed.  Stearns-Acton had no medical practice experience.  She’s worked as an associate professor of medicine and a grant manager for the Columbus Foundation.  Most of her career has been as mother.

What DeWine has done is to veto resolutions that seek to hold him accountable, which is again his exercising authority no law gave him.  This idiot should have kept his law license and read some laws instead of using it to make voters think he had a level of knowledge and expertise he did not possess.  His law license had better have been “active” when he served as the state’s attorney general.

So the language in the impeachment articles is clear that the authority to determine his fate rests “exclusively” under this state’s constititution and laws with “the people” ‘through their elected “legislative” representives.  DeWine’s veto has no weight and his use of it is further evidence of his crimes in office.  The resolution made this clear to the lying, ex-attorney lunatic in the following language.

WHEREAS, No single person or governor shall be permitted to assume dictatorial powers over the people …

The language citizens can use to remove mayors and council members in an R.C. 733.72 complaint to a probate court judge is in the “whereas” that relates to the “separation of powers” or “authority” between elected and appointed offices.  A governor can’t discharge the state health director’s duties.  A mayor can’t discharge that official’s duties.  Neither can a legislative authority or city council.

Each elected office has specific duties written for it that are a “civil right” of the “office.”  That’s the separation.  A governor can’t be a health director.  Neither can a mayor or member of council.  Just because they want to discharge duties beyond those written for the offices they hold they can’t.  Only the general assembly gets to identify the offices and duties of each office.  The job of mayor is to “enforce all laws and ordinances.”  The duties of every elected and appointed official in Ohio are found free and online at this link.

When Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson followed DeWine’s orders with his own prders he joined the criminally-derelict governor in exceeding the authority of the laws the General Assembly of Ohio specifically wrote for the office of mayor.  Like DeWine, Jackson’s an unlicensed attorney. The title “attorney” for them doesn’t mean anything as neither practices or obeys laws.  They can’t even be suspended from practicing law because they’re both unlicensed.

The bottom line to the resolution and the federal cases being filed against governors across the nation is that no citizen has to obey any of the “orders.” They’re not “laws” and are unenforceable.  DeWine and Jackson are risking the lives of law enforcement officers they’re placing in jeopardy of confronting rightfully armed citizens who know the constitution and laws better than they; and whose life’s they’ll threaten by trying to enforce “orders” instead of discharging only the duties of police officers pursuant to R.C. 737.11.

737.11 General duties of police and fire departments. The police force of a municipal corporation shall preserve the peace, protect persons and property, and obey and enforce all ordinances of the legislative authority of the municipal corporation, all criminal laws of the state and the United States, all court orders issued and consent agreements approved pursuant to sections 2919.26 and 3113.31 of the Revised Code, all protection orders issued pursuant to section 2903.213 or 2903.214 of the Revised Code, and protection orders issued by courts of another state, as defined in section 2919.27 of the Revised Code. The fire department shall protect the lives and property of the people in case of fire. Both the police and fire departments shall perform any other duties that are provided by ordinance. The police and fire departments in every city shall be maintained under the civil service system.  A chief or officer of a police force of a municipal corporation may participate, as the director of an organized crime task force established under section 177.02 of the Revised Code or as a member of the investigatory staff of such a task force, in an investigation of organized criminal activity in any county or counties in this state under sections 177.01 to 177.03 of the Revised Code.  Effective Date: 07-29-1998 .

Citizens of this state were given the same “fear of life” affirmative defense as law enforcement officers when they’re engaged in lawful conduct where they have constitutional rights no other person can prevent them from exercising.  This is the problem with police training across the nation.  DeWine’s 8-years as the state’s attorney general has resulted in thousands of law enforcement officers across the state operating without Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy credentials.  Over 250 in Cuyahoga County alone.

By sending armed undercover police into businesses with armed patrons to enforce their orders, DeWine and mayors like Jackson are placing their lives at risk.  No one can be forced to wear a mask or socially distance.  No occupancy laws have been amended.  People can attend their churches without restrictions; and the same with any other social gathering.

As the only “orders” police are authorized to enforce are issued by the court, or a protection order, a mayor’s order and that of a governor’s is unforceable as neither have the authority to suspend any law with an order.  A law enforcement officer trying to enforce an “order” is exceeding the authority of their public employment “under the color of law” and that’s a federal crime.  They risk being gunned down when they engage in acts law-abiding citizens who are in fear of their lives know are criminal.

26 pandemic-mitigating laws exist in Title 37 of Ohio’s Revised Code. The mask ordinances being enacted by Ohio councils is evidence no councilmember has read them.

Vitale’s resolution is impressively well-researched, well-explained and well cited by law.  The duties of the governor are identified by law.  The same with the director of health.  The duties of each office are contrasted with the acts DeWine engaged in outside the scope of the public office he holds.  The acts line up with the elements of the criminal offenses the resolution identifies.

It’s 9-pages are so thorough that even if a member of the General Assembly, who didn’t know DeWine was violating laws and agreed with his conduct at first, they’d have to impeach him because of that conduct once they examined it in relation to the laws they enacted and did not suspend.  An Ohio state senator who votes against the impeachment is one who that district’s voters should remove from office.  All power of government rests with “the people.”

Communists are an Ohio problem.  So is Communist thinking.  Anyone who’s read the U.S. Congress’ “Communist Control Act” of 1954 can see the Communist behavior in DeWine and Jackson’s “orders.”  When I attended Jackson’s state of the city address in 2019 I left thinking he was a Communist.  The man flew a Soviet Isreali flag over Cleveland city hall.  The Soviet’s slaughtered 34 U.S. sailors and wounded 171 aboard the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 … intentionally.

I joined the USAF five years later and volunteered for duty in Thailand to join this nation’s battle against the spread of Communism during the end of the Vietnam War.  I served during the fall of Saigon, about 300 miles south of Saigon, in April 1975.  I was there for Operation Eagle Pull, Mayaguez and Cambodia.  This Communist shit is real and it’s insane to see evidence of it in Ohio and Cleveland among “infiltrated” elected and appointed officials.

Ohio doesn’t need new mask and social distancing laws. We need local health departments to obey and enforce the existing ones.

There’s nothing “Democratic” or “Constitutional” about DeWine, Jackson and any other Ohio mayor’s orders.  Every mayor and member of council who issued orders or enacted ordinances relative to any aspect of the pandemic did so in violation of the state of the Revised Code of Ohio’s 26 pandemic-mitigating laws. The 26 laws are found in Title 37 two unlicensed attorney officials of this state, a mayor and a governor, did not read or obey.

Any person elected or appointed to a public office is required by “oath” laws to obey the U.S. Constitution, Ohio Constitution, federal laws, state laws, local laws and discharge only the duties of the office, and I’ll add “as they are written in plain English.”

All this goes right back to reading.  Anyone who’s read the state’s 26-pandemic mitigating laws knows they exist to know the number is 26.  To know Vitale is correct that the only authority the “director of health” had was over the infected is to have read R.C. 3707.08.

To know DeWine is a Communist liar is to know that on March 12, 2020 there were only 13 Ohioans who had been reported as being infected with the CoVid 19 flu.  Nine of the 13 were from Cuyahoga County. Three had returned to the county from a trip to Soviet Israel.  Six had interacted with Soviet Israeli’s during an American Israeli Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington, D.C. between March 6 – 9 , 2020.

Ohio health officials are still not placarding the homes of coronavirus infected Ohioans and ordering them to mandatorily quarantine as they are required to do by Title 37.

Every single one of the 13 CoVid 19 flu infected Ohioans, nine Russian Americans from Cuyahoga County, who interacted with Soviet or Russian Middle Easterners should have been quarantined to their home and not allowed to “voluntarily” do so as they were given this special consideration from Cuyahoga county’s health director, along with DeWine’s in the form of Stearns-Acton.  Instead of obeying laws as written they suspended the state’s and replaced them with “policies” and orders” that followed no laws; and in secret and without the knowledge and consent of “the people.”

If the 13 CoVid 19 infected Ohioans did not remain in their homes after being ordered to do so by the director of health, R.C. 3707.09 authorized that official to employ “quarantine guards” to keep them in it.

3707.09 Board may employ quarantine guards.  The board of health of a city or general health district may employ as many persons as are necessary to execute its orders and properly guard any house or place containing any person affected with or exposed to a communicable disease declared quarantinable by the board or the department of health. The persons employed shall be sworn in as quarantine guards, shall have police powers, and may use all necessary means to enforce sections 3707.01 to 3707.53, inclusive, of the Revised Code, for the prevention of contagious or infectious disease, or the orders of any board made in pursuance thereof.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953.

This is the effect of Communist thinking in a Democratic society; and now Ohioans better know how to identify a Communist elected official.  Consider the October 1, 1953 effective date of this state’s 26 pandemic-mitigating laws and reflect on them when you consider that Ohio’s congressional delegation voted on August 24, 1954 in support of the Communist Control Act.

“”It constitutes an authoritarian dictatorship within a republic, demanding for itself the rights and privileges accorded to political parties, but denying to all others the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.”

I served in our nation’s armed forces.  DeWine didn’t.  He’s a fucking Commie and not because he didn’t serve.  But because he’s a Communist.  This is the shit I saw in Communist nations.  I spent two weeks in the Phillipines during when Ferdinand Marcos imposed martial law.  Off the streets at midnight.  If you’re caught you’re under arrest.  No questions.

Fuck this commie bullshit.  DeWine’s got to be removed from office; and the Commie mayors and council members need to go with him.

Fed judge Trump appointed declared PA governor’s state closing unconstitutional

CLEVELAND, OH – Read American U.S. District Court Judge William Shaw Stickman IV’s 77-page ruling that the business closing and sheltering in place orders of Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Wolf and his quack health director, Russian American Dr. Rachel Levine, were unconstitutional.  They’re the Pennsylvania equivalent of the two lying lunatics who fucked over Ohio. Irish Catholic Governor Richard “Little Dick” Michael DeWine and his ex-quack director of health, Russian American Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton.

Ohioans didn’t have to suffer like their Pennsylvania neighbors did with seeing Dr. Rachel Levine’s face all over the news everyday while they sheltered in place under their Communist governor’s unconstitutional “orders.”  

Levine and Stearns-Acton have ancestral roots to Communist Russia.  DeWine’s Irish Catholic roots are to a nation that aligned with Adolf Hitler’s Nazis against Irish Protestants during World War II.  Criticism of the Communist and Nazi-inspired acts each governor took in their malicious attacks on American civil liberties is historically accurate. 

Stickman was appointed by President Donald Trump last June and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in July 2019.  Stickman’s ruling as a federal judge subtly encompassed his boss’ thoughts about the Communist-like closings governors like Wolf and Dewine engaged in by using language from the 1954 Communist Control Act in his denouncement of how Wolf arrived at his unconstitutional decisions.   Here’s how.

The state of Pennsylvania’s legislature, like Ohio and every other state, enacted “general laws” giving governors, health directors and other officials specific duties to use their offices to discharge in mitigating pandemics.  Ohio has 26 laws in its revised code that instructed DeWine, Acton and the state’s county and municipal health boards in the 88 counties on the same.   

Pennsylvania has a state constitution just like Ohio.  Under Article 12 of Pennsylvania’s constitution it reads,Power of suspending laws.  No power of suspending laws shall be exercised unless by the Legislature or by its authority.”  Similar language is in Article 1.18 of Ohio’s constitution. “No power of suspending laws shall ever be exercised, except by the general assembly.”

Under the Anglo-Saxon form of government the United States functions uniformly and discharges its duties through the proceedings of its governing bodies in public.  It’s why we elect representatives to serve us on city councils, state legislatures and in Congress.  There is no “one man rule” in this nation.  Stickman’s ruling made that point clear for all the idiot Communist-mayors and council members following DeWine’s “Nazi” azz.

“While respecting the immediate role of the political branches to address emergent situations, the judiciary cannot be overly deferential to their decisions.  To do so risks subordinating the guarantees of the Constitution, guarantees which are the patrimony of every citizen, to the immediate need for an expedient solution.  This is especially the case where, as here, measures directly impacting citizens are taking outside the normal legislative or administrative process by Defendants alone.  There is no question that our founders obhorred the concept of one-person rule.  They decried government by fiat.  Absent a robust system of checks and balances, the guarantees of liberty set forth in the Constitution are just ink on parchment.  There is no question that a global pandemic poses serious challenges for governments and for all Americans.  But the response to a pandemic (or any emergency) cannot be permitted to undermine our system of constitutional liberties or the system of checks and balances protecting those liberties.  Here, Defendants are permitted to act with little, if any, meaningful input from the legislature.  For the judiciary to apply an overly deferential standard would remove the only meaningful check on the exercise of power.”

All meetings of local, state and the federal governments in this nation are public unless they’re held behind closed doors for national security purposes,  investigations or to discuss pending litigation and trade secrets. The records of governments in this nation are public. 

The public, citizens, have a right to offer input about the matters of public concern elected and appointed officials are discussing; and to review the records associated with how officials arrived at their conclusions.  Even on the final vote of a legislative body the citizens have the final say through “referendums” if they choose.

There is a section in Title 50, Chapter 841 of the United States Code identified under the heading, “Findings and declarations of fact” regarding the outlawed Communist Party that has re-imaged itself as “Progressives” inside the Democratic National Committee. Congress clearly outlawed the Communist Party but its followers are “subversive” and “infiltrating” in nature.

What readers should see within the text of the “Findings and declarations of facts” that describes the “nature” of the Communist Party are “specific acts” Congress saw as associated with the “characteristics” of Communism that Communist-friendly politicians have infiltrated their way into local, state and national elected offices.

The Congress finds and declares that the Communist Party of the United States, although purportedly a political party, is in fact an instrumentality of a conspiracy to overthrow the Government of the United States. It constitutes an authoritarian dictatorship within a republic, demanding for itself the rights and privileges accorded to political parties, but denying to all others the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. Unlike political parties, which evolve their policies and programs through public means, by the reconciliation of a wide variety of individual views, and submit those policies and programs to the electorate at large for approval or disapproval, the policies and programs of the Communist Party are secretly prescribed for it by the foreign leaders of the world Communist movement. Its members have no part in determining its goals, and are not permitted to voice dissent to party objectives. Unlike members of political parties, members of the Communist Party are recruited for indoctrination with respect to its objectives and methods, and are organized, instructed, and disciplined to carry into action slavishly the assignments given them by their hierarchical chieftains. Unlike political parties, the Communist Party acknowledges no constitutional or statutory limitations upon its conduct or upon that of its members. The Communist Party is relatively small numerically, and gives scant indication of capacity ever to attain its ends by lawful political means. The peril inherent in its operation arises not from its numbers, but from its failure to acknowledge any limitation as to the nature of its activities, and its dedication to the proposition that the present constitutional Government of the United States ultimately must be brought to ruin by any available means, including resort to force and violence. Holding that doctrine, its role as the agency of a hostile foreign power renders its existence a clear present and continuing danger to the security of the United States. It is the means whereby individuals are seduced into the service of the world Communist movement, trained to do its bidding, and directed and controlled in the conspiratorial performance of their revolutionary services. Therefore, the Communist Party should be outlawed.

In reading Stickman’s opinion, the influence of the Communist Control Act appears to be of concern to him in the time he spent establishing the facts behind how Wolf’s orders were envisioned, who envisioned them and how Pennsylvania’s governor participated in the discharging of his official duties from a “work ethic” perspective.  Stickman made note that Wolf’s secret team of advisors met outside the view of the public hundreds perhaps thousands of times to come up with “orders” and “policies” that circumvented the U.S. Constitution and the state’s laws to implement them.

Does anyone believe Governor Richard Michael DeWine and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson reads any of the duties of the offices they were administered an oath of office to discharge; or do you think they rely on “good people” who have not read their “official duties” either? All this “best and brightest minds” in government bullshit is bullshit. If you don’t read you cannot lead. Neither one will read Judge William Shaw Stickman IV’s opinion. You’ll be able to tell from their future conduct along with the apologies and resignations that will never come. The excuses will be, “We thought we were doing the right thing” when the “offices” they hold instructed them to do what’s lawful. To know what’s lawful you have to read and know the laws connected to the job the people elected you to hold. If no candidate for mayor or governor can dissect this shit like I can as a former mayor, and explain it to you as I do in their own writing like I do; then you’re fucked. One of my newspapers got Frank elected. I used to accept DeWine’s editorials for another. I’d have to be “Rollo” to “follow” these guys.

The point was clearly made that Wolf did not attend the meetings or read anything his  expert advisors created.  He relied, like DeWine and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, on “calls” or “reports” from them on “key” issues.   

None of the acts Wolf and his state director of public health were taking, like in Ohio, complied with the laws enacted by the general assemblies of either state.  They didn’t even follow the official pandemic-mitigating guidelines offered by the Centers for Disease Control. 

When questioned to define how they arrived at which businesses were essential and which were not, Wolf’s secret advisors told the court they relied on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Standard Industry Codes (NAIC SIC).  The problem Judge Stickman quickly identified was that the businesses weren’t described by the terms “essential” and “non-essential” in the NAIC SIC.  It was evidence they’d just made up some “arbitrary” bullshit to justify unlawful acts. 

Communists have always been trying to infiltrate their way into the South as they’ve done the northern states in the USA. The path in the north, as they’ve tried in the south, is through “unsuspecting” American Negroes who think these “liberals” and “progressives” are looking out for them. Martin Luther King, Jr’s assassination had everything to do with his effort to infiltrate the American Federation of Labor’s communist agenda into a southern workforce where states across the south have outlawed governments from even negotiating with “labor unions.” Ohio did the same until 1984 after Communist-thinking Democrats infiltrated our state’s general assembly. King was too young and uninformed about the history of American Negroes up north to know the American Federation of Labor’s founder’s secret motto was “Never let a nigger touch a tool.” He should have studied Russian immigrant Samuel Gomperz history. Watch Antifa. Watch BLM. Be careful. They’ll soon be on the FBI’s domestic terrorist watchlist.

None of Wolf’s advisors were medical or pandemic experts. Levine, the top health doc, like Stearns-Acton is a pediatrician.

Quarantines have been used throughout history to slow the spread of infectious diseases by isolating the infected and others exposed to the disease.  Statutes enabling quarantine in times of disease date to colonial times.  Pennsylvania did  it in the time of William Penn – mainly directed at passengers and cargo from incoming ships.  Those powers are set forth in the Pennsylvania Diease Prevention and Control Law of 1955.

The Plain language of Pennsylvania’s health laws [like Ohio’s is language I’m adding] makes clear that the lockdown effectuated by the state at home orders is not a quarantine.

The state tried to argue that bars, saloons, vaudeville shows and other cabarets and businesses were closed.  But an examintion of the history of he mitigation efforts in response to the Spanish Flu – by far the deadliest pandemic in American history – reveals that nothing remotely approximating lockdowns were imposed.

The fact is that lockdowns imposed across the United States in early 2020 response to the Covid-19 pandemic are unprecedented in the history of our Commonwealth and our country.  They have never been used in response to any disease in our history. They were not recommendations made by the CDC. They were unheard of by the people this nation until this year.”

Judge Stickman based his ruling on the evidence that none of the officials whose oath sworn mandates were to obey constitutions and laws, and discharge the duties of the elected and appointed public offices they held, followed them as written.   He made note of the “policies” Wolf’s team of advisors whose meetings were not public created in place of the state’s unsuspended general laws that sought to indefinitely restrict the civil liberties of the Pennsylvania’s American citizens.

What were initially billed as temporary measures necessary to “flatten the curve” and protect hospital capacity have become open-ended and ongoing restrictions aimed at a very different end – stopping the spread of an infectious disease and preventing new cases from arising – which requires ongoing and open-ended efforts.  Further, while the harshest measures have been “suspended,” defendants admit that they remain in place and can be reinstated sua pointe as and when Defendants see fit.  In other words, while not currently being enforced, Pennsylvania citizens remain subject to the re-imposition of the most severe provision at any time.

Further, testimony and evidence presented by the Defendants does not establish any specified exit gate or end date to the emergency interventions.  Rather, the record shows that Defendants view the presence of disease mitigation restrictions upon the citizens of Pennsylvania as a “new normal” and they have no plan to retur to a state where all restrictiosn are lifted.

Even when the existing restrictions are replaced, it appears to be the intent of the Defendants to impose and / or keep in place some ongonig restrictions.

Courts are generally willing to give temporary deference to temprary measure aimed at remedying a fleeing crisis.  Wiley & Vladeck, supra pl. 16 at 1893.  Examples include natural diasters, civil unrest or other man-made emergencies.  There is no question, as Justice Alito reasoned in Calvary Chapel, that courts may provide state and local official greater deference when making time-sensitive decisions in the maelstrom of an emergemcy.  But that deference cannot go on forever.  It is no longer March. It is now September and the record makes it clear that Defendants have no anticipated end-date to their emergency interventions.

Stickman damned this fucking Communist, Wolf, for acting without any input from the legislative branch of government.  The constitution-defending federal judge expectedly wrote that Commie Wolf’s arbitrary orders restricting social gatherings violated the 1st Amendment. 

Judge William Shaw Stickman IV ruled that this Communist-inspired business-closing filth politicians like Governor Richard Michael DeWine and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson engaged in along with Akron Mayor Daniel Horrigan and others was unconstitutional. Don’t listen to them again.

Wolf’s restrictions, he wrote, placed substantially more burdens on gatherings than were needed to achieve “their own stated purpose.” It was clear in Stickman’s ruling that the concept of determining whose work was essential and whose was not offended liberty as well as the 14th Amendment.

“It requires no argument to show that the right to work for a living in the common occupations of the community is of the very essence of the personal freedom and opportunity that it was the purpose of the Amendment to secure.”  Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 129 U.S. 114 (1886); James W. Ely, Jr., “To Pursue Any Lawful Trade or Avocation”: The Evolution of Unenumerated Economic Rights in the Nineteenth Century, 8 U. Pa. J. Const. L. 917 (2006).

Wolf, DeWine and the other governor’s “statewide” approaches to mitigating the pandemic went well beyond the authority of the public offices they hold.  The lockdowns the two Commie governors promoted weren’t seen by Judge Stickman as a “quarantine” under any definition of that state’s laws; and I know it’s the same for Ohio’s 26.  The statewide lockdowns were not “narrowly tailored” to address the specific problem and the government’s over reach was arbitrary.

Quarantines have been used throughout history to slow the spread of infectious diseases by isolating the infected and others exposed to the disease.  Statutes enabling quarantine in times of disease date to colonial times.  Pennsvlania did  it in the time of William Penn – mainly directed at passengers and cargo from incoming ships.  Those powers are set forth in the Pennsylvania Disease Prevention and Control Law of 1955. 

… The fact is that lockdowns imposed across the United States in early 2020 response to the Covid-19 pandemic are unprecedented in the history of our Commonwealth and our country.  They have never been used in response to any disease in our history. They were not recommendations made by the CDC. They were unheard of by the people this nation until just this year.

…The stay at home orders far exceeded any reasonable claim to be narrowly-tailored.  Defendants orders subjected every Pennsylvania to a lock down where he or she was involuntarily committred to stay at home unles h or she was involuntarily icommitted to staty at home unless he or she was going about an activity approved as an exception by the orders.  The default position of the “suspension” of the orders instead of their full rescinsion is they can be done at any time.

Broad population-wide lockdowns are such a dramatic inversion of the concept of liberty in a free society as to be nearly presumptively unconstitutional unless the government can truly demonstrate that they burden no more liberty than is reasonably necessary to achieve an important end.

The plain language of PA’s health laws, like Ohio’s, made it clear that the lockdown effectuated by the stay at home orders is not a quarantine.

President Donald Trump’s U.S. Attorney General, William Barr, called the state shutdowns the greatest threat to civil liberties since slavery.

Judge Stickman did not buy “the state’s” weak argument that bars, saloons, vaudeville shows and other cabarets and businesses were closed during the Spanish Flu of 1918. 

“… an examintion of the history ot he mitigation efforts in response to the Spanish Flu – by far the deadliest pandemic in American history – reveals that nothing remotely approximating lockdowns were imposed,” Judge Stickman wrote as he described the lockdowns as “unknown” in any previous pandemic or epidemic.

What his ruling also took aim at was the way U.S. politicians adopted the “lockdown” policies that China did in response to the outbreak in its Wuhan Province.  It underscores quack Stearns-Acton’s ridiculous comparison of the outbreak in Ohio to Europe’s pollution-infested Italy.  It underscores Trump’s concern about the large presence of nearly 400,000 Chinese Communists “studying” in the nation. That’s a Communist army.

It appears as though the imposition of lockdowns in Wuhan and other areas of China – a nation unconstrained by concern for civil liberties and constitutional norms – started a domino effect where one county, and state after another imposed draconian and hitherto untried measures on their citizens.  The lockdowns are, therefore, truly unprecedented from a legal perspective.

Judge Stickman saw Wolf’s decisions – all of them – as arbitrary.  Small businesses selling the same products as Home Depot were shut down though they were in the same “essential” category.  The bureaucrats on his “advisory team” claimed their orders weren’t being enforced, but that they were mere “recommendations.”  Nothing in Judge Stickman’s opinion suggested he bought any of the Commie governor’s bullshit.

“The orders do not impose traditional disease control measure, such as quarantine or isolation, but rather involuntarily, and without due process, confine the entire population of the Commonwealth to their homes absent a specifically-approved purpose,” Judge Stickman wrote.

What’s in your face is in your face. Look at it.

“They violated rights to intrastate travel and freedom of movement.  The lockdowns were overbroad and far-exceeded legitimate government need and authority.”

Judge Stickman went on to write in the wisdom of previous federal rulings that, “The police power of a state must be held to embrace, at least, such reasonable regulations established directly be legislative enactments as will protect the public health and the public safety.”

What Judge Stickman’s ruling confirms is that Wolfe, Levine and the other elected and appointed officials aiding his Communist-like disruption of the U.S. Constitutional rights of Pennsylvania’s American citizens is a “color of law” violation of Title 42 and Section 1983 of the United States Code.   This is the news lawyers filing claims against DeWine and his ex-quack’s election-cancelling orders can use in  the more than three dozen complaints against him.

“Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer’s judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable. For the purposes of this section, any Act of Congress applicable exclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia.”

DeWine’s acts violated federal laws in obstructing the March 17, 2020 primary election.  A federal claim using similar arguments as those Judge Stickman decided can be used in both a civil and criminal action against DeWine.  Judge Stickman has identified elected and appointed officials who committed felony crimes against the American citizens of the state of Pennsylvania, so the next sequential step pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4 is for him to address the felonies in the manner spelled out by the law.

32 U.S. states have enacted laws that make it unlawful for natural born U.S. citizens to receive contracts awarded from their tax dollars if they do not pledge not to boycott the Soviet Government of Israel. Ohio is among them. They’re also all the “closing” states whose governors are now violating constitutional rights they think they have the power to suspend. There is no “one man rule” in the United States of America. This nation will never go “Red” and you mutha fuckas better understand that shit with a quickness. You’re pissing the Americans loyal to this nation “only” off.

“Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

In previous federal “civil” cases where I know felony crimes were identified in the proceedings the judges forwarded evidence to the U.S. Department of Justice.  In one case I know an FBI agent was assigned to observe the trial and take notes.

What stands out in the “information” in Judge Stickman’s 77-page ruling are his subtle references to other possible crimes that may link to espionage.  His reference to Wolf’s response being similar to “China’s” – and the large presence of Communist Chinese, Hindu Indian physicians from Communist India and Soviets in U.S. hospitals and public health administration – points to the attention the judge paid to the “secret advisors” guiding Wolf and the fact he never revealed their identities.  There are nuances to his report that appear to be “guiding” federal agents to felonious offenses that may have concerned him.

The United States of America has enemies, Communist infiltrators, inside the nation who are trying to destroy our culture and way of life. This poster is how we’re seen by them. Every constitution violating, law breaking, civil rights violating “official” holding an elected or appointed public office is a fucking Communist. Read the Communist Control Act of 1954. They take everything for themselves. They violate our rights by taking our homes and property to cover the cost of their theft and incompetence with our tax dollars. Their cops kidnap American citizens off the streets to push into a flawed and now expensively corrupt criminal justice system that feeds their wages, benefits and pensions. Communism is outlawed in the U.S.A. so they’ve snuck in as “Progressives” inside the Democratic National Committee. They’ve infiltrated the Republican Party with individuals whose old nations had Nazi ties like Governor Richard Michael DeWine. The un-Americans are leading. Americans need to “watch” our enemies and keep them out of our elected offices this year and forever.

The view of the Chinese by this nation’s “national defense” agencies is that they’re Communist and infiltrating.  U.S. Attorney General William Barr has an ongoing series of criminal investigations of Chinese government officials working inside the U.S. healthcare system; and in academia.  Part of the investigations include federal agents looking into block buying groups of Chinese students and “investors” who made large medical purchases of supplies here that were shipped to China. 

Both Levine and Stearns-Acton, are ancestrally “Russian” and Communist in their disregard of this nation’s constitution and their state’s laws.  The largest groups of the 1.1 million foreign students occupying 5.5 percent of this nation’s highest academic slots are approximately 400,000 Chinese and 200,000 Indians whose nations are both Communist or Communist-loving.   

33 Russians serve in the U.S. Congress.  12 in the U.S. Senate.  21 in the U.S. House of Representatives.  12 percent of the U.S. Congress for 1.6 percent of the U.S. population. Russian “American” Bernie Gitman-Sanders led and is still leading a Bolshevik Revolution.  Red Summer II of 1919.  Portland, Oregon is Tulsa and East Saint Louis, Illinois.  Amy Klobuchar said her Russian ancestors arrived here illegally.  So did Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler’s.

Judge Stickman’s ruling appeared, from my perspective as someone who interacted privately with the late U.S. District Court Judge Robert Krupansky, would be a signal to federal agents that Wolf and his “advisors” are operating under a “foreign” agenda.  It would be wise for Ohio’s “patriotic” lawmakers and citizens to do the same with Nazi DeWine.

Mayor Frank Jackson flew an Israeli flag over Cleveland city hall.  Governor John Kasich got the general assembly to enact a law making it unlawful to criticize the Soviet Government of Israel as corporations like Timken, Diebold, Parker Hannefin, TRW, Jones Day, Squire Patton & Boggs and others here operate only out of Moscow within 15 minutes walking distance of the KGB.  Even Cleveland’s newspaper, the Plain Dealer, is Russian or Soviet-owned in this Soviet-led county.

Sometimes what’s in your face is really in your face.  Thank you Judge William Shaw Stickman IV for making it “plain.”  To the president, who else you got for judge?  Bring them on!  I’m loving this American.

Dr. Duwve’s resume shows she wasn’t going to let herself be used by lyin-azzed DeWine

CLEVELAND, OH – Dr. Joan Marie Duwve has real world medical experience compared to none for ex-Ohio director of health Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton.  11 years in family practice.  She’s an educator.  Grant manager.  Not a big one.  $58,848.  She’s helped write policies and a law in the state of Indiana while Vice President Michael Pence served as the state’s governor.

Duwve joined South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster’s administration on April 17, 2020 and was announced as Governor Richard Michael DeWine’s health director on September 10, 2020 until she withdrew.  “Personal reasons.”

The April 17 job was not the “director’s job for the South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control organized under that state’s laws.  Duwve worked from April until June under Rick Toomey.   She was the director of “public health.”  He was the board-appointed and South Carolina senate-confirmed South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHC).  When Toomey resigned, W. Marshall Taylor became Duwve’s interim boss.  His name is the one saying they wish Duwve well in Ohio; and now “what the fuck?”


PI Dept. Sponsor Type Title Award Total
Duwve, Joan Marie FAIRBANKS SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH INDIANA STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Service/Other Indiana State Department of Health Medical Director Services $55848

South Carolina’s Code of Laws is the equivalent to the Revised Code of Ohio and that state’s health laws are found in Title 44.  The difference in volume is profound.  The word “pandemic” is mentioned in only four times South Carolina health statutes compared to Ohio’s 26.

What South Carolina’s legislature did in Section 44-4-540, one law, is identify 27 specific and restrictive instructions for state officials to follow.   The mask and social distancing bullshit isn’t in its state laws like the words don’t exist in Ohio’s.  South Carolina officials got caught up in the Amy Acton Ohio has 117,000 CoVid 19 infected scare just like every other sucker in the world who didn’t know the real number was 13.

Nine of the 13 known infected were Russian American Jews from Cuyahoga County, according to Cuyahoga County health director Terry Allan.  He obtained his information from the Cleveland Jewish Federation operated by the area’s Russian American community.

Three of the Russian Americans from Cuyahoga County had traveled from Soviet Israel where they’d visited their Russian or Soviet “dual” countrymen.  Six attended the Russian-controlled American Israeli Public Affairs Committee conference in March 2020 where they were physically around Russian Israelis who had been exposed to camels.

The World Health Organization identified this year’s zoonotic virus as a Middle East Respiratory Syndrome gift from camels in December as being imported into the U.S. to the states of New York, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, California and Oregon. The virus was also transmitted, according to the WHO, to the Wuhan Province in China.

The sources of the virus are Israel, India, Egypt, Pakistan and parts of Africa where camels exist; and where at least 40 percent of this nation’s health care workers are from as the nation’s universities are educating 1.1 million aliens instead of natural born U.S. citizens annually in those professions.  Foreign health care workers were quite literally infecting the Americans who’d never traveled to those nations with their viruses.

The differences in authority and instructions to each state’s health directors during a pandemic are also profound.  Where Ohio instructed its health directors to quarantine the infected, placard their homes, financially maintain the quarantined in their homes, and to post a guard to keep the disobedient at home; no such specific instructions exist in South Carolina’s code.

The difference in Duwve’s involvement in South Carolina’s pandemic response and the authority she had under a board’s oversight the governor influenced but did not control is night and day.  She was not McMaster’s “Amy Acton.”  She also didn’t go off on that “The Force” bullshit Acton named a team of researchers in honor of her being a Star Wars fan.  McMaster’s also didn’t close his state’s economy.

The concern for Ohioans, which should have been one Duwve considered, has been that DeWine and his last health director did not discharge only the duties of the elected and appointed public offices they held; and recklessly failed to obey any of the state’s 26 pandemic laws in the manner spelled out by law.

Any image-conscious person jumping into a highly-visible statewide job would conduct an extensive keyword search to see how the media treated their predecessor.  Duwve probably, and correctly sensed she’d be walking into a reputation-killing political war.

Clermont County area State Rep. John Becker is on point with his push to file articles of impeachment against lying-azzed Governor Richard Michael DeWine.

Members of DeWine’s Republican party, led by State Rep. John Becker, have been his most correctly-vocal critics.   I’ve read where more than three dozen civil claims have been filed against DeWine.   The owners of the Kalahari theme park identify him as “the enemy of the people.”  The U.S. Department of Justice has joined with at least two lawmakers filing charges that governors in Illinois and Hawaii exceeded the authority of the elected offices they held.

Criminal charges such as dereliction of duty pursuant to R.C. 2921.44 (E) are being considered by some Ohio citizens to be filed against DeWine.  His reckless dereliction went further as his unconstitutional violation of the U.S. Constitution’s commerce clause in Article 1, Section 8 that affected businesses only Congress had the authority to regulate. Doing so has most assuredly created state budget deficits in every category of Ohio’s operating budget and wiped out reserves.  That violates Section 2921.44(D) of the state’s dereliction of duty law.

Governor Richard Michael DeWine is a liar. Period.

There are 88 health directors operating under this state’s laws, and who were already administered oaths of office to discharge the duties identified in Title 37 during the current pandemic. They’re familiar or should be with all the orders the state’s health directors have issued.  They know the discussion “this state’s” been having about the nuances of how the pandemic, here, was handled by the current governor’s administration.  They know the mood of Ohioans as current residents of the state.

This is where DeWine’s decision to go outside the state’s current knowledge pool of already qualified health officials shows his curve-graded lack of mental capacity to discharge the duties of the office of governor instead of his own whims.  Stearns-Acton answered “yes” to a question on her Ohio Medical Board application that she’d been treated for a mental illness or disorder.  She was weak and usable. 

Maybe Governor Richard Michael DeWine and Amy Stearns-Acton lies finally caught up with him.

No health director, under this state’s laws, is under a maliciously-manipulative governor’s control.  A health director once administered an oath to discharge the office’s duties should be able to disregard a governor’s political desires so that only the duties of the office are discharged in the manner written into a state’s laws.

Nearly 12 million lives have been disrupted because of DeWine’s personal ignorance.  Yes.  Ignorance.  He doesn’t think or write for himself.  He’s a lawyer who let his license lapse.  His only career has been in winning campaigns for elected office.  His service once elected has been historically horrible. 

The General Assembly of Ohio should put all partisan and personal differences aside to hold this jackass criminally and civily liable for his reckless, duty-exceeding lie that 100,000 Ohioans were CoVid 19 infected when he knew the truth was only 9.  They should also strip the governor of the authority of appointing the director of health and look to South Carolina’s code, as well as others that are similar, for guidance.

Duwve won’t have a problem finding another job.  From a pure career-saving perspective avoiding DeWine’s wreck of an administration is a good decision.

[FOOTNOTE:  My Catawba, South Carolina-born Grandmother Helen Pride-Brewer’s brother, Dr. Hemphill Pride, Sr., was South Carolina’s first American Negro dentist.  His namesake son served in the South Carolina Senate.]

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