Bill Ritter

Shalira Taylor is running for council in Cleveland Ward 12 and is asking how Kelley got them a raise and suppressed the vote to reduce council during a federal election

CLEVELAND, OH – Fresh off a campaign to represent the 11th Congressional District in the United States Congress, Shalira Taylor has set her sights on acquiring a seat on Cleveland city council in Ward 12 in 2021.  Slavic Village is not majority Slavic anymore.  It is majority American Negro.  Like Murray Hill and North Collinwood, the Eastern European immigrants from Russia, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Hungary who populated Ward 12 or Slavic Village violently resisted the word “integration.” Today they have no choice but to live in an integrated ward. Before he died in 1980, Call & Post Publisher

George’s puppet says he missed deadline to withdraw petitions for personal reasons


CLEVELAND, OH – The 70 day statutory deadline Bill Ritter missed on January 7th to withdraw the Cleveland city council reduction petitions he suckered 22,000 Cleveland registered voters into signing as a high pressure scheme he concocted with Tony George to intimidate city council was for good “personal reasons.”  Ritter’s “personal reasons” weren’t identified in a story Cleveland Scene’s Sam Allard wrote after interviewing him to learn why the petitions were being pulled.    What Westlake George’s Cleveland puppet admitted to Allard is that his lawyers have acknowledged the flaw in the timing of his petition withdrawal and are seeking

Dumb azzed petition scheming idiots should have withdrawn petitions before January 7th

CLEVELAND, OH – The “authorized by law” procedure to withdraw the council reduction petition the committee that Westlake resident Tony George financed, and Garfield Heights resident Aaron Phillips met with Bill Ritter to end, is identified in section 3519.08(A) of Ohio’s Revised Code.  It’s in plain English and reads as follow under the heading, “Withdrawal of petition – ballot procedure.” “Notwithstanding division (I)(2) of section 3501.38 of the Revised Code, at any time prior to the seventieth day before the day of an election at which an initiative or referendum is scheduled to appear on the ballot, a majority of the

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