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Fake black leader Conwell fights to remove John Marshall’s name from CSU; but he won’t fight to enroll more American Negro law students

CLEVELAND, OH – If Glenville Councilman Kevin Conwell were an American Negro instead of a Buh-lack Democrat trying to fake being a Black Leader; he’d have seen through the distractive drama Cleveland State University (CSU) bureaucrats Harlan Sands and Lee Fisher created over the late Supreme Court of the United States Chief Justice John Marshall’s name.  An American Negro who is actually descended from enslaved Africans, like I’m doing now, would have called out Conwell, Sands and Fisher for distracting the public away from the real racism the two CSU bureaucrats are perpetrating. This is how American Negroes get sold…

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Federal prosecutors and the FBI must add O’Malley’s failure to enforce and prosecute federal and state “color of law” election law violations between the elections board and prosecutor’s office

CLEVELAND, OH – Justin Bibb’s September 14, 2021 pre-primary election campaign finance report was required pursuant to Section 3517.10 of the Ohio Revised Code to be delivered “not later than 4 p.m.” on the 12th day before the election.  September 2, 2021 was the due date and Bibb’s campaign treasurer, Scott Hruby, delivered it on October 8, 2021. Failing to file on time violates Section 3517.13 of the Ohio Revised Code.  The heading is “failure to file.”  Because they violated Section 3517.10 and 3517.13 of the Ohio Revised Code, Bibb and Hruby should have two separate 1st degree misdemeanor charges…

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American Negro Cleveland voters disgraced the ancestors and the race with their 7% to 14% turnout in the 11th Congressional District

CLEVELAND, OH – Everything thoughtful American Negro citizens of Cleveland worked and fought for is gone.  The banks.  Savings and loans. Gas stations. Pharmacies.  Theatres.  Supermarkets.  Dry cleaners.  Physicians offices.  Dental offices.  Law offices.  Civic institutions.  Political institutions.  Gone.  That includes the consciousness that in all we do American Negroes should never disgrace our race. What we’re left with is degraded American Negroes who call themselves “Niggaz” and see ignorance, greed and depravity as their culture.  It’s not mine.  Some of us aggressively refuse being called the “N” word by anybody. Our ancestors wanted that word outlawed like they did…

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Obama needs to go sit his “do nothing for Tamir Rice” tranny bathroom azz down

CLEVELAND, OH – A so-called “First black” president sent a black U.S. Attorney General to a predominantly American Negro city led by a black mayor, black police chief, majority black council with majority black judges to tell them their cops “had” violated the constitutional rights of “their” people; but they didn’t prosecute a single one after finding evidence of 600 crimes.  It was the so-called “first black president’s” Abraham Lincoln moment.  With all that black power and Cleveland being led by black Democrats, they had the combined power to free the American Negroes whose enslaved ancestors built the nation from…

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