George Floyd

Asian assassin who plotted to kill Biden, Obama and Clinton is from a tribe of violent Hmong “child war fighting” families who aided the CIA

CLEVELAND, OH – Mainstream and social media, and search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, appear to be burying stories of Asians and other aliens or “immigrants” who have engaged in an all out individual and organized crime war on Americans as mass shooters, child killers, rapists, assailants and now would-be presidential assassins. The latest Asian “organized” criminal is Tauchuan Brillion Xiong of Merced, California.  He’s “Hmong” with origins to Laos like the Minneapolis cop who casually stood and watched Derek Chauvin choke George Floyd to death.  Tua Thao. From a cultural, economic and a political perspective, the Hmong grew…

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Zack Reed has no more patience with Calvin Williams as Cleveland’s incompetent and adulterous chief of police

CLEVELAND, OH – Zack Reed wanted to elevate Calvin Williams from chief of police to director of public safety had he defeated Mayor Frank Jackson in November 2017.  Today Reed wants Williams to either resign on his own or be fired by Jackson. “All he’s doing is collecting a pay check,” Reed told EJBNEWS when he called after reading the story I’d written about the $184,000 a year cop boss’ domestic disputes.    The exclusive story with pictures of Williams “cop baby mama” came after EJBNEWS revealed Williams’ wife had filed for divorce. Reed said he’s campaigning for Cleveland mayor…

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Trump defunded “uncertified” police in US cities 22 days after George Floyd’s killing

22 days after the slaughter of George Floyd, President Donald Trump signed an executive order instructing the U.S. Department of Justice not to send a federal dollar to an uncertified police department. He also wants a national database of dirty cops.

CLEVELAND, OH – The “dreamers” who operate popular so-called “news” websites and work in the mainstream media polluting the nation’s political thinking with their “pro themselves” agenda don’t like President Donald Trump, so the information they share ignores the very direct acts he’s made to embrace the requests of the nation’s American Negro while he ignores their’s. 22 days after George Floyd was choked to death by ex-cop Derek Chauvin, as he was aided by ex-cop J. Alexander Kueng, as ex-cops Thomas Lane and Tou Thao stood by, Trump signed an executive order on June 16, 2020 defunding “uncertified” police. …

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