George James

The 1989 White – Forbes race for Cleveland mayor showed the Caucasian political power structure that American Negro voters controlled the city

CLEVELAND, OH – For some odd reason political thinkers have attempted to compare Cleveland’s 2021 campaigns for mayor to the 1989 campaign that featured veteran Council President George Lawrence Forbes against his protege, State Senator Michael Reed White, in the general election.  That year two American Negroes prevailed in the mayoral primary election for the first time in the city’s history.  From my perspective it was a campaign which clearly affirmed that American Negroes living in Cleveland no longer had to call themselves “minorities” as the city’s largest ethnic demographic. The Forbes-White matchup was the first dramatic display of the…

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In 1978 Kucinich was exposed as a racist who secretly used police to investigate his enemies and Cleveland voters who signed recall petitions to remove him as mayor after only 8 months in office

If he had real job skills Dennis Kucinich might have been something other than a candidate and an occasional guest on Russia Today. He should have a federal pension. Maybe he wants to add a state pension as mayor so he can afford to buy back the rest of his PERS time.

CLEVELAND, OH – Anyone who’s read the Dennis Kucinich Wikipedia page is informed about his one, two-year term as mayor that the Cleveland mafia put a death contract on him because he wanted to save Cleveland’s Municipal Light and Power plant.  The Wiki-story never says if the mafia who wanted him dead were the Russians, Irish, Italians, Serbians or his fellow Croatians. The death contract was pulled after the city entered default.  Dennis – the Progressive boy mayor – saved Muny Light.  That’s been the truncated version of Kucinich’s story about his two years of heroics as Cleveland mayor and…

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The INTERCEPT’s attack on HUD secretary nominee Marcia Fudge with a fake writer named Vanessa A. Bee, who doesn’t exist anywhere as a Harvard grad or lawyer, is insidious

CLEVELAND, OH – None of Vanessa A. Bee’s background and “American” story adds up as writer for the INTERCEPT edited by Betsy Reed; and neither does her completely uninformed opinion of United States Representative Marcia Fudge. In her first article for the “INTERCEPT” website Reed oversees as editor-in-chief, Bee bashed Fudge as a “token” nominee of Joe Biden to lead the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).  She initially and wrongly claimed that Marcia was the first American Negro woman to serve in the job; but later corrected her flawed opinion piece to include Patricia Harris. Digging…

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