George Michael Riley

Now a convicted felon, Gary Norton joins the Cleveland Hall of Fame of dirty ex-politicians endorsed by the Plain Dealer

Every duty Gary Norton failed to perform after his mismanagement of East Cleveland's finances caused the city to be placed in fiscal caution, fiscal watch and then fiscal emergency was documented in the state auditor's report as evidence the state attorney general can use to petition for its dissolution.

CLEVELAND, OH – The Plain Dealer and’s editorial board has done a horrible job of endorsing candidates for elected office.  When the newspaper’s endorsed candidates commit crimes in office or demonstrate incompetence its publishers, editors and writers just act like it didn’t happen.  Ignore their ongoing offenses until law enforcement authorities step in. Gary Alexander Norton, Jr. is the latest Plain Dealer endorsed political candidate to be convicted of crimes he didn’t get caught committing until he was out of elected office.  Norton showed up at East Cleveland city hall after voters recalled him in 2016 and offered to

Ex-US Attorney Herdman needed mortgage fraud felon Darryl Moore’s $2.8 million in restitution; so the USDOJ said nothing while he stole it from East Cleveland in no bid HUD demolition contracts with King’s help

CLEVELAND, OH – When Richmond Heights resident Brandon King usurped the office of East Cleveland mayor as a non-resident of the city on January 1, 2018, his friend, Darryl Moore, had only made $3400 in restitution payments to the United States government through the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of Ohio. Moore had been indicted on August 16, 2007 with Leon S. Heard, Steven I. Helfgott, Robert McNair, Mark C. Olds along with other defendants involved in a mortgage fraud, securities fraud, money laundering, wire fraud, interstate transportation of stolen property and conspiracy to acquire millions in dollars

Budish says East Cleveland is only one of 28 jail sites county officials are reviewing as a place for 500 jobs

CLEVELAND, OH – Noble Road resident Harry Drummond called to tell me he did not want Cuyahoga County officials placing a jail at the site of the General Electric’s former lighting division manufacturing plant behind their homes.  It’s the same location where county landbank officials once led by James Rokakis and Gus Frangos sent over 1000 demolished homes. Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish called in a response to a text I sent him expressing Drummonds’ concerns.  He said 1740 Noble Road was one of 28 locations being recommended.  It was not “the” only recommendation. “I spoke up for East Cleveland

Smedley’s “caught on tape” story is that Cleveland Heights ex-Mayor Cheryl Stephens was the hookup to “Mike Riley” and the illegal Noble Road death-spewing dump

CLEVELAND, OH – The late Gerald Strothers told me he believed Cuyahoga county council member and child of Carribbean immigrants Cheryl  Stephens was the reason 5-stories of deadly construction and demolition debris death existed in East Cleveland on Noble Road.  The regularly-burning demolition debris was part of the stockpile of 140,000 homes 2 self-enriching state laws written by Greek organized racketeers and lawyers James Rokakis and Gus Frangos, and backed by the Russian-owned Plain Dealer, used the office of the Cuyahoga County treasurer to steal.  Stephens, Strothers believed, was the “hookup” to East Cleveland officials and an environmental terrorist and

Endorsed by the Plain Dealer, Gary Norton and his police chief’s secretary got too power and money hungry with East Cleveland cash

The 2014 audit of the city of East Cleveland's finances reveals how Rick Case used car salesman Gary Norton and the police chief's ex-secretary, Vanessa Veals, mishandled payroll records for police whose time could not be verified as to the times they started or ended; or whether the overtime they were paid was authenticated.

CLEVELAND, OH – The benefit to being a Plain Dealer endorsed candidate for elected office is that the newspaper’s publisher and editors assign reporters to keep the politician’s image looking like the one their endorsement created and concealing their crimes.  Its editors don’t want the people to know they don’t know a damn thing about government and their endorsements should have been ignored. As many stories as this town’s reporters have “stolen” and continue to steal from my publications without attribution, they didn’t “steal” any of those I wrote clearly demonstrating that Gary Alexander Norton, Jr. is a criminal.  It’s

Gordon’s angering CoVid infected Cleveland workers who are catching the virus from other workers she should have quarantined, protected and helped heal at home

Merle Gordon doesn't know the pandemic laws in the Revised Code of Ohio. She also doesn't know the contract the city has with the Ohio EPA to enforce air, water and soil pollution laws. What Gordon knows is relationships. She has a friendship with the mayor who hired her incompetent and non-law knowing azz as the city's health director to enforce federal, state and local laws she doesn't know. Think about the lunacy of inspecting an illegal dump 26 times instead of closing it on the first visit.

CLEVELAND, OH – Several angry workers from the various departments of Cleveland city hall and off-site have been anonymously reaching out to EJBNEWS with complaints about the way Mayor Frank Jackson and health director Merle Gordon have derelictly discharged the duties of their public offices to keep them and their families safe during a pandemic. The employees contacted EJBNEWS after the publication identified the Ohio Revised Code sections of Title 37 that Jackson, Gordon and the city’s health board were disobeying in how they handled knowing building commissioner Thomas Vanover was CoVid infected.  The same with Governor Richard Michael DeWine

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