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James Hemphill is the convicted ex-Chicago/Iowa crack cocaine dealer running for Congress and lying about me to 11th District Republicans

CLEVELAND, OH – When I was entering East Cleveland’s mayor’s office to enforce federal, state and local laws in 2006 as the city’s chief law enforcement officer, my Chicago born and raised opponent for Congress in the 11th Congressional District, James Terrelle Hemphill, was headed to federal prison for 70 months.  Hemphill had been caught with a new batch of the crack cocaine he’d been selling between Chicago and Cedar Rapids, Iowa as a member of the narcotic drug underworld since the 1990’s.  Hemphill told the Cleveland Jewish News he also made trips to Cleveland in the 1990’s when he…

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The 1989 White – Forbes race for Cleveland mayor showed the Caucasian political power structure that American Negro voters controlled the city

CLEVELAND, OH – For some odd reason political thinkers have attempted to compare Cleveland’s 2021 campaigns for mayor to the 1989 campaign that featured veteran Council President George Lawrence Forbes against his protege, State Senator Michael Reed White, in the general election.  That year two American Negroes prevailed in the mayoral primary election for the first time in the city’s history.  From my perspective it was a campaign which clearly affirmed that American Negroes living in Cleveland no longer had to call themselves “minorities” as the city’s largest ethnic demographic. The Forbes-White matchup was the first dramatic display of the…

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