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DeWine and Long look-alike and both targeted Asian massage parlors for closing; but Ohio’s governor wasn’t accused of anti-Asian racism

CLEVELAND, OH – Atlanta massage parlor shooter Robert Aaron Long and Governor Richard Michael Dewine resemble each other so much they could be related.  Their reasoning for targeting Asian massage parlors for closing were also similar.  Long was dealing with his own sexual addition.  DeWine called himself dealing with everyone else’s.  Neither claimed “anti-Asian” racism as being the motivating factor behind their decisions. Both men are “white” and “Christian.”  The two traits together qualifies them as being “racist” or “white supremacist” domestic terrorists now that President Joseph Biden’s staffing the White House with non-white immigrants.  Christian Americans who want immigration

Biden should buy Boeing’s Lift-A-Lot so he doesn’t have to trip up 25 steps to board Air Force One

CLEVELAND, OH – Boeing manufactures a handicapped “Wide Body Disabled Passenger Lift” that requires only one operator to raise a person from ground level to the entrance of Air Force One.  It’s called “Lift-A-Lot.” Taxpayer dollars can be used to buy it so the “Groper of Little Girls in Chief” President Joe Biden doesn’t have to embarass the nation even more by tripping three times up 25 stairs and hurting himself just to board an airplane. Boeing describes its product for the handicapped in the following way. “The Lift-A-Loft WBDPL provides an efficient and safe means of boarding and de-boarding

Full text of the Biden impeachment resolution introduced by U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green

CLEVELAND, OH – President Joseph Robinette Biden is going to be impeached before his term in office is up.  It’s inevitable. The man’s dirty and newly-elected United States Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s January 21, 2021 resolution and articles of impeachment, the day after Biden was administered an oath of office to protect, defend and uphold our Constitution and laws, offers already proven evidence of how he and his Communist China-loving family violated espionage laws. Biden’s sexually-depraved and drug addicted son is a paid and unregistered agent of Communist foreign governments.  The so-called “former” law firm of Vice President Kamala Harris’

HBCU’s targeted by unregistered Communist Chinese government agent Julia Wilson with help from Morgan State University’s president

CLEVELAND, OH – College and university presidents along with local school district superintendents and boards have been targeted for infiltration by the Communist Peoples Republic of China.  100 colleges and universities, and 42 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), appear to be targets of this covert espionage through diplomacy. Ohio United States Senator and Republican Rob Portman, in his capacity at the time as the Chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), released a 196-page bipartisan report in February 2019 detailing how the Communist Chinese government was combining “covert operations with diplomacy” at more than 1000 American colleges, universities and

A sex video of Hunter Biden smoking crack or meth was available before the election, but Twitter & Facebook’s owners censored it to help Joe


CLEVELAND, OH – People are selling and having sex all over Facebook and Twitter.  A video of Hunter Biden smoking crack, meth or weed and having his schlong foot massaged by a young woman was kept from American eyes during the 2020 presidential election by un-American censors Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. The new First Son is, indeed, a criminal who worked as an unregistered agent of the governments of Communist China and the once Nazi Ukraine.  So is his father.  Zuckerberg and Dorsey should be jailed.  Their corporation’s … disbanded.  We’re Americans.  No one censor’s us. With all the

The INTERCEPT’s attack on HUD secretary nominee Marcia Fudge with a fake writer named Vanessa A. Bee, who doesn’t exist anywhere as a Harvard grad or lawyer, is insidious

CLEVELAND, OH – None of Vanessa A. Bee’s background and “American” story adds up as writer for the INTERCEPT edited by Betsy Reed; and neither does her completely uninformed opinion of United States Representative Marcia Fudge. In her first article for the “INTERCEPT” website Reed oversees as editor-in-chief, Bee bashed Fudge as a “token” nominee of Joe Biden to lead the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).  She initially and wrongly claimed that Marcia was the first American Negro woman to serve in the job; but later corrected her flawed opinion piece to include Patricia Harris. Digging

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