Mark Naymik

Gaige Grosskreutz’s testimony is the FBI’s confirmation that Antifa terrorists are an armed organized network of traveling terror mercenaries with criminal records

CLEVELAND, OH – American Negro Jacob Blake was shot by Russian “American” Kenosha, Wisconsin cop Rusten Sheskey on August 23, 2020.  Russian “American” Antifaschistische Aktion or Antifa anarchist Gaige Grosskreutz testified during American Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial that he and a friend were offering paramedic services at Antifa riots for 75 days prior to the August 25, 2020 night his arm was “vaporized.” Grosskreutz is not a resident of Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Kenosha or any of the other riot torn cities he told the court he had visited as a crisis medic for revolting terrorists.  He lives in West Allis.  He testified…

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Justin Bibb is the latest curve graded endorsement for Plain Dealer editorial pages director Elizabeth Sullivan and team; and it’s past time for her to resign

CLEVELAND, OH – The Plain Dealer’s “King and Queen-making” publishers, editors and writers need to get out of the candidate endorsement game.  They’ve been curve graded poor at it.  Name an indicted and convicted elected official and behind them is a curve graded Plain Dealer endorsement. Not only have their endorsed candidates been criminally inclined they’ve also been incompetent and harmful in a very overall way to the area’s political elevation, growth and focus.  Behind every “Gary Norton” or “Ed Fitzgerald” or “Jane Campbell” or “James Rokakis” type endorsement is a loss.  In Norton’s case East Cleveland lost its hospital…

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Mark Naymik. A lynch mob formed to hang a Samaritan. I went for the savage carrying the rope. Friendship had nothing to do with my Ken Johnson stories.

CLEVELAND, OH – On July 30, 2021 at 10:54 p.m. WKYC employee Mark Naymik sought some vindication for a series of stories about one member of the 17-member Cleveland city council’s adopted sons, their jobs, homes and employers.  The former councilman’s name is Kenneth Johnson. The net result of Naymik’s WKYC and stories is that the media outlets are responsible for pressuring over 44 American Negro men and women out of work.  The economic stability of their own lives and the lives of their families are disrupted; and he’s cackling on Facebook while being praised by his “friends” for a…

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Instead of prosecuting Kevin Kelley for stealing Ward 13’s council seat in 2017, Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney Michael O’Malley endorses the election thief

CLEVELAND, OH – If ex-President Donald Trump wants to know how elections are stolen or obstructed he should review the campaign finance reports of Cleveland Councilman Kevin Kelley for an example.  All you need is a complicit prosecuting attorney who is a member of your ethnic and religious group; and who is willing to ignore the duties assigned to the elected office he holds in Title 35 of the Ohio Revised Code. Kelley has criminally obstructed three Cleveland elections, but these aren’t words Clevelanders will see from Mark Naymik’s reporting at WKYC or from his former work at  Naymik…

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Ex-block grant director and Indian alien Tania Menesse appears to have targeted Councilman Ken Johnson, Buckeye and the jobs of 44 American Negro men

CLEVELAND, OH – Tania Maria Menesse was born in Mumbai, India on December 8, 1973 and arrived in the United States of America sometime in 1978 when her parents moved “their family” to Shaker Heights at the age of four. 10,000 members of the 100 year old Communist Party of India rallied against the administration of Indian President Narendra Modi in July.  Communism is outlawed in the United States of America and has been since 1950. If the Asian Indian’s “family” entered our nation legally Menesse was eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship at the age of 16.  If Noel…

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Johnson appeals the Supreme Court’s decision to suspend him from council based on a legally-unsupported request from David Yost to judges who appear not to have read the law

Cleveland Ward 4 Councilman Kenneth Johnson

CLEVELAND, OH – On May 19, 2021, Ward 4 Councilman Kenneth Johnson filed a “notice of intent to appeal” the April 20, 2021 ruling of the Supreme Court of Ohio removing him from discharging the duties of the public office to which he was elected.  It’s a story that won’t be found in the Plain Dealer or because the basis of Johnson’s appeal begins to unravel facts laid out in a series of 17-stories written by former reporter Mark Naymik and repeated in part in an indictment sought by the United States Attorneys office for the Northern District of…

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