Martin Luther King

Cuyahoga Democrats ignored the National Security Act to support a top Ohio Communist party official, Rick Nagin, for leadership over a Democratic ward and to work for a US Senator, a member of Congress and a member of council

CLEVELAND, OH – In 1985 I interviewed Ohio Communist Party director Rick Nagin for my Cleveland Perspective radio show on WRMR AM850.  I wanted to know how a Communist in a nation where Communism has been outlawed since 1950 could operate so openly in an American city. Nagin is ethnically Russian, raised Jewish and has spewed the full Communist Party doctrine on his Facebook page and for the People’s World Daily online and print newspaper.  He had these words to say on People’s World Daily after his Tree of Life synagogue was attacked in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Private ownership of weapons…

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Basheer Jones tells podcaster Cleveland is like a jungle where he speaks the language of the apes and village

CLEVELAND, OH – For the nearly four years he’s served on Cleveland city council Basheer Jones has lived between South Euclid and Cleveland Heights.  The $87,000 a year Cleveland taxpayers pay part-time councilmembers is good enough for Jones and his family; but not the taxpayers paying him.  When asked by the host of Follow Suit if he was exposing his children the neighborhoods where he was raised, a fidgety Jones had these “slang” words to say about Cleveland and Clevelanders. “If I have too much fear I won’t be in the jungle.  I’ve got to be Tarzan.  You’ve got to…

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Pool is a game to be played in a pool room with better players if the only place you’ve played is at home with your family and friends

CLEVELAND, OH – This “business closing” pandemic bullshit Governor Richard Michael Dewine created when he and his quack health director, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton, lied about the number of CoVid 19 infected Ohioans screwed up my pool game, but not by much. Thirteen Ohioans were infected on March 12, 2020.  Not the 117,000 they’d “estimated.”  Where I’d played at least three times a week, way down from five days a week, I stopped playing for most of 2020 after he and Ohio’s mayors and councils decided they had the authority to tell Americans who weren’t infected to “stay at home.” Now…

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Cleveland’s BLM co-founder says the chapter got $5000 out of the $100 million Patrisse Cullors raised before she bought $3.2 million in homes

CLEVELAND, OH – The only people who appear to be benefitting from Communists Patrisse Cullors and Janaya Khan’s capitalizing off the misery of the families who have lost loved ones to police violence is the two founders of the Black Lives Matter Global Network.   They raised over $100 million in 2020.  Cleveland BLM co-founder Kareem Abdul Nafi says the local chapter received $5000 in 2015 and no more. “They got an exhorbitant amount of money from people who are under the assumption that they’re distributing it to the people on the ground doing the work,” Nafi told EJBNEWS.  “When she…

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It’s time for Nina Turner to resign the Russian Commie’s revolution and come home


CLEVELAND, OH – Russian American U.S. Senator Bernie Gitman-Sanders “Socialist Democratic” revolution is about to run into a Christian American brick wall once the primary season turns east and south.  The lone known Communist in the U.S. Senate and his supporters just haven’t realized where they’ve been living.  Socialist Democrat and Gitman-Sander’s campaign chairwoman, Nina Turner, should have looked further than Martin Luther King, Jr. to quote in her MSNBC interview of February 20th.  “Socialism is for the wealthy.  Rugged individualism is for the poor.”  This is your “EK” moment.   Nina.  If that’s your best defense of your Socialist Democratic…

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