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Jones is so arrogant about his residency law violations, he talks to reporters and Ward 7 residents like suckers from Cleveland Heights

CLEVELAND, OH – Alleged polygamist Basheer Jones did not live in Cleveland when he campaigned for the seat in 2017 and the criminals at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections led by Inajo Chappelle Davis as the board’s chairman allowed him on the ballot from his home in South Euclid.  1670 Belvoir is where Jones resided when he defeated T.J. Dow by 14 votes with the help of over $50,000 in campaign donations from Russian Albert Ratner and his American Isreali Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) friends. How is it that so many AIPAC chairman are from Cuyahoga County?

The 14 voters who gave Jones his razor thin victory have long since, like the majority of Ward 7 voters who backed him, changed their minds.  Jones’ buddy, Ratner, is the ex-Forest City chairman who admitted his father and 7 uncles immigrated to the United States of America illegally under fake names; and with forged credentials.  Ratner in a YouTube video acknowledged how his father, Leonard, donated $25,000 along with other Russian organized criminals Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel to arm Russian terrorists Menachim Begin when he was wanted by the British and Palestinian governments in 1948.  American Negro Dr. Ralph Bunch, the man President Harry Truman assigned to build the United Nations, negotiated the peace settlement with the Russians in Israel they violated.

Jones got two illegal donations of $3000 each from former AIPAC chairman and Russian attorney Tim Wuliger; and another $3000 from AIPAC member and Russian Zionist Milton Maltz.  Maltz ended up owning WOIO after swindling it from the television station’s two American Negro founders: Hubert Payne and Val King.  Yes it’s shocking to think that WOIO was founded in 1985 and built by American Negroes.

The two $3000 donations from Wuliger and Maltz violated the $1500 cap for members of council.  But Mayor Frank Jackson has failed since he’s been in office to obey section 733.34 of the Revised Code of Ohio to “supervise the conduct of the officers of the municipal corporation.” This theft, like Jones’ residency theft, is okay.  Who cares about obstruction or impersonation?  Campaign finance laws are just mere words.  Right?

Elected officials are required to reside in the city where they are elected.  By not residing in Cleveland, Jones is a thief obstructing the official business of the municipal corporation; and he’s been impersonating one of its officers plain site of Cuyahoga county prosecuting attorney Michael O’Malley.

Jones aided O’Malley’s first election by infiltrating the late American Negro Annette Butler’s campaign and sabotaging her petition gathering effort.  He showed up to take over the collection of petitions; and then disappeared one week before they were supposed to be turned in.  Days later he showed up at an O’Malley news conference offering him his endorsement.  O’Malley owes him big time; so he conceals his crimes like he helped Bill Mason conceal the sex crimes of 496 Catholic church officials and employees here in Cuyahoga County with the help of Judge Brian Corrigan.

Jones currently resides at 3936 Orchard Road in Cleveland Heights.  He does not reside at 1384 E. 94th Street in Cleveland.  He has never resided at the Cleveland address as a married man with a family.

I have no idea why reporters in this town don’t feel stupid for giving elected officials legitimacy who are committing crimes right in their dumb azz faces during interviews.  The intellectual capacity of the town’s thought leaders implies they earned their degrees online from Target.  I can see the television commercial now.

“You too can be a journalist.  6 weeks for $199.  Call 1-800-SEE-SPOT.”

I understand how this generation of journalists think.  If no one’s saying anything about a wrong; the wrong must be right.  They don’t realize they’re being paid to say something about the wrong in the style of Thomas Paine of “Common Sense” during the American Revolution.  Oh.  That’s right.  With so many foreign journalists covering America they never heard of Thomas Paine, Common Sense or the American Revolution.  CNN’s Fareed Zakaria would know nothing of him.  Neither would CBS 60 Minutes Adam Yomaguchi.  The illegal alien from South Africa, Trevor Noah.  I can hear him now pronouncing Thomas Paine’s name with his British sissy sounding voice.

What does Basheer Jones call himself a devout Muslim and man of faith while shaming God as a liar? Jeremiah 9:3-5 “They bend their tongue like their bow; Lies and not truth prevail in the land; For they proceed from evil to evil, And they do not know Me,” declares the Lord.

BBC stands for British Broadasting Corporation.  It’s a foreign television station and its reporters should actually be registered as foreign agents. It is regretable that foreign writers who know nothing about the nuances of the individuals they’re interacting with in the USA give credibility to any ol’ publicity- seeking politician.

The BBC reporter who interviewed Jones wouldn’t know the difference between Cleveland and Cleveland Heights and St. Louis and Jefferson Heights.  The settings on EJBNEWS are set to restrict all access from outside the continental United States of America.  I’m not seeking to attract a foreign audience from “outside” this nation.

WOIO and the town’s other media outlets know Jones is not a resident from my stories about his residency since 2018.  The same with Jeffrey Johnson and Brandon King.  My readers know because they can see stories I’ve written first the so-called mainstream media has stolen.  WOIO’s Hannah Catlett can’t stay off my website.  She got a promotion off one of my stories.  She’ll steal in a minute without attribution if it helps her career.

Go to 1384 E. 94th Street where Basheer Jones has claimed to live on official public records he’s used as criminal tools to steal money from Cleveland taxpayers. See if the street looks like this one. Then go to 3936 Orchard in Cleveland Heights and see if the street looks like the one in the picture. That’s his Jaguar. See if it’s been parked, ever, at 1384 E. 94th Street. Ask his Ward 7 neighbors if they’ve seen the Jag or him in the past nearly 4 years outside his Facebook page and infrequent appearances to the corner of E. 79th and Superior where he did live in Ward 7 in a tent. Then ask his Cleveland Heights neighbors if the Jag is parked there where he sleeps at night with his family. For Cleveland journalists. This is Journalism 101. I know most of you so-called “reporters” were raised on “social media.” It’s not real news. There is no tooth fairy. Sorry to bust your bubbles. You have to get off social media and work a story. The paperwork connected to Jones’ residency is in the files of the council office. They are public records pursuant to R.C. 149.43. Since they didn’t teach you in journalism school to know this type of information you don’t. The initials R.C. mean “Revised Code.” Every state has one. If you read laws the politicians don’t read; then you’ll know the acts they’re committing outside the laws are criminal. You have to read. There’s no social media for any of our nation’s 50 state constitutions, 50 revised codes and 50 administrative codes. There’s no social media for the United States Constitution, the United States Code or the Code of Federal Regulations.

Since I know Cleveland’s mainstream reporters are reading and copying my stories; they know Jones and the others don’t live where the voters elected them.  All the pictures from this story are from inside Jones home with his wife, Mecca, in Cleveland Heights.  They’re his own pictures.  I didn’t take them.  I’ve just fairly used them for “educational” purposes.

Reporters can keep making themselves look like fools when they promote politicians instead of simply reporting the truth.  Their diminished ratings show the people know the difference.  The Plain Dealer is a paper thin 4-day a week newspaper.’s going broke asking begging readers for $100 a year.

Thanks Basheer.  Since the law enforcers in this town are criminals we’ll see you at the polls.  Tell Albert to save his money and his two Ward 7 developer surrogates to find another “horse.” The one they’re riding is done. Even the people who supported you I know better than you are reaching out to me with disgust.

The trip to CoVid infected Egypt when the voters you serve are terrified over catching the disease they know came from over there think you are not rational.  They see you as selfishly immature.  Seriously.  Save Albert and his AIPAC friend’s money.  Moving now into the home Mansfield Frazier sold you is not going to work.  Start selling all the expensive shit you bought.  Save your money.  Call Gary Norton for “life after elected office” advice since you chose not to follow mine.

To the reporters in this town.  The job of a journalist is to expose the lie and the liar in search of the truth.  Jones doesn’t have to change.  The truth is setting Ward 7 free.

Thanks to the diligent sources who took the time to compile all the “inside” photos and deliver them to me.  Don’t worry. All my sources are confidential.

I’ve already looked into his relationship with Famicos and the manager of the East Side Market.  More to come.  I hear you on the “family” drama; but that’s inside his home and domestic.  Not my business.  Not my concern.  I don’t get into the personal lives of politicians who don’t get into mine.

Jones will have to work out those issues with his family.

Russian moderator Wallace’s debate role is internal Russian election interference


CLEVELAND, OH – I’ve been in candidate debates where the moderator was doing their worst to suppress my performance like Bruce Martin did in East Cleveland in 2005 when I campaigned successfully for mayor.  He even said my time was up “early” as he tried his best to cut off an answer that showed the unpreparedness of his candidate, Gladys Walcott.  

I was in the same position as President Donald Trump,as someone who’d never held elected office, competing against someone who’d been in office for a dozen years.  I thought of him and that debate when I observed Russian American moderator Chris Wallace; and agreed with Trump that the FOX News host was helping career politician Joe Biden.  Like the audience in the room during my debate: everyone saw it.  I shredded my opponents with 84 percent of the vote.

Trump made specific reference to the Logan Act and Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his receipt of a bribe from the mayor of Moscow in comparison to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and others.  New York U.S. Attorney Dana Boente said last year the Logan Act and Espionage Act were tools the U.S. Department of Justice intended to keep in its prosecutorial toolbox; and the “memories” of the violators were on full display in the city where the initial investigation of Russian interference in our elections began in 2016 during the Republican National Convention.

Wallace didn’t touch the “Moscow” reference Trump made to the bribe Biden’s son took, or his reference to the Logan Act, as his July 16, 2018 interview with the President of the Russian Federation, and delivering him a “national defense secret,” is a prime example of the law being violated.

Wallace’s mother, father and their parents are all Russian immigrants or children and grandchildren of Russian immigrants.  You know them as NBC journalist Mike Wallace or “Wallik” and NBC producer Norma Kaplan or Kaphan as the name her father, Ludvig Kaphan, used when he immigrated here at 5 in 1891. 

Their presence may or may not be legal based on the Chinese Exclusion acts and Emergency Immigration Quota Acts that were enacted between 1892 and 1929. For some reason a conversation like this is not supposed to be “politically correct” when discussing who may or may not be selling out their fellow American citizens to violent foreign interests.

Like another son of a Russian immigrant who entered the nation under a fake name, Bernie (Gitman) Sanders, Wallace travelled to “Mother Russia” to meet with President Vladmir Putin in 2018 under the guise of conducting an “interview.”  Journalists are not officials of the U.S. government authorized to meet with the officials of foreign governments or deliver them information under the Espionage Act codified as Title 18 of the United States Code under Chapter 37; sections 791 through 799 inclusively.         

Wallace can claim the interaction with Putin and deliverance of national defense secrets was connected to his “occupation” at FOX, but this is the U.S. and not Israel; and  Israel’s “Basic Laws” as a nation without a constitution that says its people can engage in any occupation anway they want does not apply here.  Being a journalist doesn’t give any citizen “extra” rights to violate laws under the 1st Amendment or any section of the Bill of Rights.

In his FOX interview with Putin in 2018 for his Australian and Communist Chinese-connected employer, Wallace possessed a copy of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller; and gave the official document of the United States government, one of its national defense secrets, to the Communist government official. 

Wallace asked him questions about the official U.S. government document and delivered his answer, as propaganda, to the citizens of the United States of America. The “communication” about the nation’s national defense secret and the Putin meeting violated the Logan Act.  The unpatriotic FOX employee also violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act by not registering as a propaganda agent of the Russian government.

Wallace, additionally, committed an act of treason by delivering Putin the secrets Mueller identified in his special report about the elections his 12 military intelligence agents in the GRU or “General Staff” tampered with when they created the Internet Research Agency.  The indictment of the 12 Russian agents, Putin’s government has not delivered for trial, accused several intelligence units of engaging “in cyber operations that involved the staged releases of documents stolen through computer intrusions.”

What’s particularly important is the identity of Wallace’s employer.  FOX is owned by Australian Rupert Murdoch; a close Putin friend.  Putin and Wendy Deng, a Communist Chinese woman, were alleged to have dated.  Deng is Murdoch’s ex-wife.  Murdoch was also in on the December 2016 $11.4 billion Rosneft sale after Trump won the presidency.  Christopher Steele shared that the late Marc Rich’s Glencore handled the transaction. I met Rich’s widow, Denise, at a party in the Hampton’s.

Anyone who saw the first Communist Chinese Jackie Chan film “Rush Hour,” with Chris Tucker, will remember the the Asian influence on the Australian and Negro characters in the film shot in Hong Kong.  China from Australia is the distance between New York and California.  About 800 miles from Communist-influenced and purge-minded Indonesia.  There are 26 million Australians compared to over 1 billion Communist Chinese within “fucking” range of each other like Murdoch and Deng.  About 5 percent of Australians who are “white” are mixed with Chinese blood.

Jared Kushner is Russian American. Wendy Deng is Communist Chinese and Australian Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife. Foreign friendships in one’s private life without care for the future creates relationships that in government could be detrimental for the nation’s national security as a direct pipeline to Russian President Vladmir Putin she’s supposed to be fucking.

Agriculturally, Australia’s land is so unfertile they can’t eat without Communist China’s food.  They’re also so outnumbered they’ve already been taken over by China’s purchase of millions of acres of its infrastructure.  There’s nothing the outnumbered Australians can do about it as neighbors of Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

The Logan Act of 1917 was enacted by Congress and signed by President Woodrow  Wilson with the specific intent of making it a federal crime for “anyone” but an “authorized” official of the U.S. government to communicate with another nation’s government officials for any reason.  It came during a time when Russian Bolshevik Communists were engaged in a series of violent “Red Summers” that tore up 40 U.S. cities and resulted in hundreds of U.S. deaths, assaults, vandalism and looting. Trump referenced 40 “hit” U.S. cities during the Red Summer II rerun of 2019-2020.

These Russian and Eastern European Bolshevik anarchists had plotted over 300 cowardly assassinations of politicians, industrialists and social commentators who opposed them as their plans were discovered by U.S. Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer and FBI Special Agent John Edgar Hoover.  4500 illegal Russian and Eastern European immigrant anarchists were rounded up. 

Democrats set the ground rules for how they went after President Donald Trump, his family, friends, infiltrated his campaign and impeached him using all the techniques they’ve now taught him. Joe Biden spoke to Americans as if we’re all in agreement with him that Trump is a clown, the election is over and he’s our guy. In truth he looked like he was about to break down and cry over all the shit he knows Trump knows about him and his family that’s about to be exposed. Hunter Biden must have been hitting the crack pipe hard to look more fucked up than his father.

240 were deported aboard the USS Buford in 1919 and the immigration quota acts became constant limits on the legal immigration of Russians to the nation.  The Ku Klux Klan organized large chapters in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Indiana in the same manner as the “Proud Boys” to handle the local community containment of anarchist violence.

I heard Trump say two words in reference to Biden’s defense of his son’s bribe money from the Moscow mayor.  “You’ll see.”  If Wallace or Wallik, as his father’s real Russian surname identifies him, fully understood the conversation Trump was having in a “statutory” light; he’d have seen in the acts he identified in connection with the Biden’s as a pattern of criminal behavior.

He said Biden’s son, Hunter not Bo, was kicked out of the U.S. Navy after he tested positive for cocaine.  All true.  Crack to be specific.  He looks like a fiend.  Trump said Biden’s son didn’t have a job until his father became Barack Obama’s vice president.  True again.

The Burisma claim is true.  The Moscow bribe money is true.  The baby with the stripper is true.  Biden’s kids reflect the family values of a man who stole another man’s Russian wife for himself.  Even Biden’s running mate’s husband is Russian; and her values appear to be the equivalent of his as she humiliated Willie Brown’s wife in public.

A Russian American with no prior experience in elected office did not use the U.S. Constitution or a federal law to have any discussion with candidates for president of the United States of America. He just made up a bunch of ridiculously-uninformed questions that would make any trying to answer them look as foolish as the person who asked it.

Even the selection of Cleveland, where Trump initially got in trouble over the Russian shit, was a strange choice for the debate; but for the fact it’s a shitty-run Democratic city he can use as an example of loser leaders for the rest of the campaign.  It looks like a return to the scene of an international crime against him.

Barbara Snyder, as Case Western Reserve University’s outgoing president, welcomed the audience.  The university’s foreign enrollment this year is a despicable 56 percent.  The Soviet-controlled and influenced Cleveland Clinic hired a Croatian immigrant, Tomislav Mihaljevic, to serve as its chief executive officer. 

The Egyptians accused that hospital’s staff of medically assassinating its former vice president and spy boss, Omar Suleiman, in June 2012 while he was in the nation for tests for amyliodosis.  It makes me wonder if part of Trump’s presence here was to gather intelligence.

There’s Russian inteference in the U.S. elections both abroad and internally.  There’s Chinese interference in the U.S. elections both aboard and internally.  The secure election is one where voters go to the polls and neighbors can challenge who’s one of them and who’s not. 

It’s one where “poll watchers” watch the pollworkers in Russian-controlled and influenced “local” precincts and elections boards across the nation; and where anarchists infiltrated inside the Democratic party’s poll working and precinct apparatus have the final say in some states whether the ballots are counted or tossed.

I know every criminal at the elections board here in Cuyahoga by unprosecuted deed.  I know  Basheer Jones doesn’t live in Cleveland, received $6000 in donations between Russian Americans Milton Maltz and Tim Wuliger; and none were prosecuted for the election law violation.  Local “Russian” interference in an election comes in all ways beyond what’s in existence at the national level.  It all starts at home.

Wallace was not only a lousy choice for a moderator: he was a conflicted choice as an Espionage and Logan Act violator for his interview with Putin.

Wallace opened the debate in Cleveland by saying he’d prepared the questions, without help, and none were shared with the candidates or their campaigns in advance.   That didn’t happen with his Putin interview.

The thought he sought but failed to convey was the questions from his research were so pointedly -specific that the answers to them were not going to be leaked to give one side or the other an advantage.

President Donald Trump attended Rev. Darrell Scotts’ church in Cleveland Heights with Michael Cohen and General Michael Flynn. His friends and supporters were then indicted under pressure from the Democrats for having conversations and business dealings with foreign government officials in violation of the Logan and Espionage Acts; as well as money laundering. What about Hunter Biden?

What Wallace delivered in his “top secret” questions to Trump and Biden is nothing.   Greenhouse gases?  Paris accord?  Race relations in the broadest sense, and Biden’s answer was anti-semitism is wrong, and I was like “oh give me a break.  What’s up with all this we love Russians so much shit in the United States of America?”  Oh.  Joe’s wife’s Russian. I forgot. Of course she talked to him before the debate.  Kamala Harris’ husband is also Russian and with an office in Moscow.  Russian influence, internally, is a domestic problem.

The duties of the president’s job are found in the U.S. Constitution, United States Code and U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.  All free and available online. The federal government is funded by tax dollars and comes with a budget.  Annually the different agencies of the U.S. government are audited and reports are shared with Congress.

Trump in his official capacity as president, has a White House website full of his executive orders, speeches; and a PACER search will reveal the litigation his administration has filed or defended since his term in office.  Biden’s records are in the National Archives.

Wallace’s questions appear to have come from FOX News headlines and his own personal interests.  It might have been his gift to Putin as a “thank you” for the 2018 interview.  Why anyone thinks it’s a good idea to let moderators who have never held an elected or appointed public office interview candidates for elected offices with duties defined by laws they haven’t read is a mystery.  But here was Wallace debating with Trump instead of shutting up and letting him and Biden go at it during the first chance Americans got to see the two together in Cleveland.

As someone who has campaigned for and won an elected office, I’ve done the debate thing like Trump and Biden with “journalists” whose questions, like Wallace’s, have nothing to do with the job.  I don’t remember the questions Rick Walker asked me on behalf of the City Club during my campaign for Cleveland mayor in 2017.  I guarantee he did not study Cleveland’s charter, ordinances, Title 7 of the Revised Code of Ohio or read the city’s budget, state audits and state auditor’s management letters as his guide. 

I have no expectation that the next debate’s moderators will prepare themselves better than Wallace did; and actually spend some time studying the job.  I think all will have an “agenda” that is not designed to encourage patriotism and confidence in this nation’s elections.

The best question was one Wallace asked that got an answer from Trump I thought as an ex-mayor he should have further explored had he understood it.

The discussion of the California fires brought a Trump insight that the solution was in “forestry management.”  All I could think of was Forest Hill Park in East Cleveland that John D. Rockefeller owned and lived in as he became the world’s first billionaire.  I walked every inch of it and his answer about the amount of dead trees all over California’s parks was something I’d never heard a president ever say; but I knew he was right and his answer was brilliantly insightful.

When I took office on January 1, 2006, Rockefeller’s old 288 acre estate had not been maintained in years.  The grass during the spring months had hit over 7 feet tall.  Deer roamed the park and so did foxes, wild turkeys and other animals that were not normal to the area. 

This was the view of John D. Rockefeller’s old estate from my 19th floor apartment as East Cleveland’s mayor. I understood President Donald Trump’s point, exactly, as he discussed “forestry management” as a way to deal with California’s annual wild fires.

We’d relocated to the city in 1969, so I’d seen the park when it was pristine and then subsequently ravaged.   An ex-mayor from Nigeria used it to dump dead trees the city removed from the streets.  Independence Excavating dumped  construction debris the DeGeronimo’s moved from University Circle construction sites in the early 2000’s.

The rotting trees and tall grass would catch on fire.  The animals that weren’t natural to an area so densely-urban started killing off animals that were.  The extra vegetation created extra ragweed that for some made the air, especially for asthmatics, difficult to breathe.

What it appears Trump was trying to explain to Wallace – in terms so clear he did could not understand them – was that even the greenhouse gas problem, like the California forest fire problem or East Cleveland’s park problem, could be corrected by “forestry management.” 

It’s why Trump  could ask Biden, as the ex-vice president spoke of problems that had existed  during his time with Barack Obama and in the U.S. Congress, 47 years in all, “why didn’t you do something about it?” The fires in California occurred during all 47 years of Biden’s presence in Congress; and his answers to questions weren’t answers but a memorized stump speech.

Had Wallace not been operating on an agenda, he might have used his contacts with former presidents to ask them questions about the job that are so specific that only a person who has held it or been close to it would know.  The “forestry management” answer could have come from any of the past presidents if they’ve been paying attention.

Australian Rupert Murdoch owns FOX NEWS and the Wall Street Journal; and he and Putin are “boys.” Chris Wallace works for Murdoch. The rumor is Putin’s been fucking Murdoch’s ex-wife, Wendy Deng, and all is good in the world between them.

Questions like that would have generated a higher level of discussion between two experienced men both in business and government.  Such questions would have elevated those of us who were forced to suffer the ridiculous ones born from Wallace’s over-inflated sense of knowledge he doesn’t possess about the job of President of the United States of America.

I’ve seen debates since President John F. Kennedy debated President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s vice president, Richard Nixon in 1960.  I’ve never seen a moderator so uninformed and poorly-prepared.   

Americans were robbed.  All I saw was an idiot journalist who’d never even been elected to the job of a precinct committeeman looking stupid as he tried to argue with the President of the United States of America.  I wouldn’t expect anything less than from a grandchild of Russian immigrants whose ancestral nation’s rulers are interfering “internally” in U.S. elections so that they’re in the position to take ours over from “within.” 

Five Russian Americans just campaigned for U.S. President.  33 serve in the U.S. Congress.  12 in the U.S. Senate and 21 in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Trump can forget me taking a vaccine created by the Russian leading Johnson & Johnson.  He also leads the manufacture of fentanyl that’s been killing Americans all over the nation.  They’re 1.6 percent of the U.S. population and not all legally.

Yes.  There is “internal” Russian influence inside the U.S. that is intefering not only with this nation’s elections, but in every other area of American life.  This is the “Communist agenda” the President of the United States of America “appears” to be fighting.  Wallace’s presence appears to be disruptively-intentional and undermining.

Non-resident Jones won’t make it to the ballot as a 2021 candidate for mayor

CLEVELAND, OH – There’s a Chinese word Basheer Jones probably never heard of called “Lingchi.”  It describes the term “death by a thousand cuts.”  It also means “slow death.”  I learned the “term” at the Central Intelligence Agency “Air America” Royal Thai Air Force base I was stationed at for a year in Udorn, Thailand while serving in the U.S. Air Force 80 miles south of South Vietnam’s border. I was there when South Vietnam surrendered to Communist China-controlled North Vietnam in April 1975.  No.  I didn’t torture anyone.

The term Lingchi describes a process of killing a person by slicing off pieces of their skin until they bleed to death.  It’s painful.  It also identifies the way Jones’ political career has already gone, and will continue to go, until he’s either in jail or out of office. 

Basheer Jones doesn’t live on E. 94th Street in Ward 7; and has never lived in this home.

The Ward 7 residents who know the address Jones used to lie his way onto a Cleveland city council seat at 1394 E. 94th Street know, too, the house is empty every day and night.  They’ve never seen the pretty black Jaguar the once South Euclid and now Cleveland Heights resident bought as a “thief gift” to himself for the Ward 7 council seat he holds illegally.  A review of his council expense receipts shows lots of gas purchases for his car between the two cities. So did gas receipts connected to his campaign finance reports.

Jones defeated Cleveland attorney and former Councilman T.J. Dow, a Christian, in November 2017 with the help of two illegal $3000 donations from former American Isreali Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) chairman Tim Wuliger and Milton Maltz.  Both are Russian American Jews. 

AIPAC is considered by federal law enforcement officers to be an agent of the Isreaeli government that uses U.S. politicians and bureaucrats to acquire information in the form of this nation’s national defense secrets to the benefit of Israel.  The FBI considers Israel to be the nation’s greatest spy threat.  

1670 South Belvoir Road is where Basheer Jones lived with his wife, Mecca, and their three children when he campaigned for a seat on Cleveland city council in 2017; and he still doesn’t live in the city. He’s allegedly relocated from South Euclid to Cleveland Heights on Crest Avenue. Validation is coming.

Retired Forest City Enterprises chairman Albert Ratowczer aka Ratner, another Russian American Jew, also backed Jones with money.  So did his and the late Samuel Miller (aka Minkin’s) “good boy,” ex-Cleveland Mayor Michael White; an American Negro and Christian. White never went after the Ratners’ as mayor for the “at least” $17 million in Urban Development Action Grant money he and council loaned to Forest City Enterprises instead of providing and improving housing for Cleveland’s poor for whom it was intended. The nearly $12 billion real estate corporation threatened to default on paying back the money; and instead settled for $10.3 million after using it to renovate the Prospect Avenue post office and Tower City.

After his votes were validated, Jones failed to relocate to Cleveland from his South Belvoir Road address in South Euclid in 2017; and after the election-stealing criminals leading the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections ignored the state’s residency laws to let him and former Twinsburg resident Jeffrey Johnson on the ballot that year knowing they each were in violation.

Basheer Jones dumped Christmas toys on the dirty ground for Christian children.

Jones used money he earned from Cleveland city council to pay off a 2014 tax debt on the home he owns with wife, Mecca East, at 1670 Belvoir in 2018. That’s the year he hit “big money” pay dirt with the $87,000 a year salary he’s been stealing from Cleveland taxpayers. 

He’s now renovating a Hough home once owed by Dave and Marva Collins.  Residents on E. 94th Street who’ve never seen Jones or his family living at his “fake” address won’t see them moving out and around the corner.

By announcing his intent to campaign for Cleveland mayor in November 2021, the political novice who won by 13 votes, and who Ward 7 residents took out petitions to recall three times during his first year in office, is now walking around with a sign on his back that says, “Kick my dumb azz.”  

Several of his council colleagues are going to campaign for mayor and so are others outside council.  None have any intention of stepping aside for him. All this lying thief will be for the remainder of his term, if they don’t “do him” for lying about his residency and stealing, is a complaining Hip Hop loud mouth.

Frances Caldwell (green print) and other guests respond with a firm “no” to the Cleveland police sergeant’s instructions for them to shut down the fundraiser guests had paid $20 each to attend. The police officer had no legal authority to order the building closed at the request of the vindictive-minded Ward 7 councilman who’s earned the nickname “Sellout Jones.”

Since being administered an “oath of office” on January 1, 2018 to uphold constitutions and obey laws, Jones’ legislative track record doesn’t match his “pro the people” rhetoric. The only thing it appears he’s written after two and half years in office are hip hop lyrics. That is unless he’s a freestyler.  

The first legislation he introduced was to give a property owner historic tax credits.  All the “pipe dreams” he’s selling as a mayoral candidate didn’t appear in the form of legislation as a member of council.  He says the right things but his deeds don’t match.  Council still doesn’t let residents, property and business owners speak about the city’s business before they vote on it.  

Jones angered and deeply-offended Ward 7’s majority Christian voters by calling police on over 200 American Negro men, women and children at the African American History Museum during his first year in office.  The retaliatory Scorpio with only two planets in the sign (I have four) thought he’d get even with director Francis Caldwell; and called the police like a little “Becky” bitch to create a confrontation that would close the event.

The anti-Christian Muslim wanted the presentation they were hearing from SuccessNet founder George Fraser (the late Ayisha Fraser’s uncle) and Dr. Umar Johnson shut down.  According to Jones, the building wasn’t cleared for occupancy though it had been by the building department. 

Basheer Jones called police to remove over 200 Negro men, women and children who had paid an admission to hear speakers at the African American History Museum.

Mayor Frank Jackson stepped in after I texted him about the evil drama this sellout was causing; and ordered police out through Chief Calvin Williams.  This hater of his own people was administered an oath of office to perform only the duties of a municipal legislator whose job is inside city hall and not in the streets. 

The “racism resolution” council voted on after citizens were gassed and shot with rubber bullets at the Justice Center wasn’t worth the paper it’s written on.  Council and Jones should have voted to strip Cleveland cops of all military equipment; including the rubber bullets and tear gas.

Under Ohio’s campaign laws found in Title 35, a specific section references “infiltration.” Basheer Jones infiltrated the late Annette Butler’s campaign for Cuyahoga County prosecuting attorney to sabotage it for Michael O’Malley.

Jones is also the “sellout” who sold out the late American Negro attorney Annette Butler for Cuyahoga County prosecuting attorney when he infiltrated her campaign to destroy it to help Irish Catholic Michael O’Malley.  Jones, who Butler did not know previously, showed up at her home with promises of collecting the signatures she needed to get on the ballot. 

He baled and never returned her call a week before petitions were due; and didn’t deliver a single sheet. The next week he was at an NAACP news conference backing O’Malley.

This “traitor” angered residents more when he took over the Thurgood Marshall Multi-Purpose Center and started bullying long-time tenants out.  Jones and his boys were later caught hosting late night parties at the city facility in violation of all local ordinances that placed the mayor, and not the councilman, in charge of the building. 

Shaking down Dave’s supermarket for free food so he can make himself look good is not a duty of a member of council. Basheer Jones has not personally-written any “pro the people” legislation. He’s just good at running his mouth.

This past Christmas Jones stopped by E. 79th and Superior where he dumped a few cheap-azzed toys on the dirty sidewalk for Christian children.  In the age of coronavirus the idea of little children putting their hands in their mouths or touching themselves after playing with toys they picked up off a filthy sidewalk seems like pure evil.

From now until next year, every “other” candidate for Cleveland mayor, those who actually reside in the city, is going to take a slice out of his political azz.  Jones will be politically dead way before the November 2021 election because of the slices that have already been taken out of his azz since “before” his 13 vote, recounted, victory. Lingchi.

Since he’s been dogging the veteran councilmen who’ve let his residency issue slide, and is making an early enemy of the Cleveland Police Patrolmens Association and Fraternal Order of Police, the Hip Hopping councilman from South Euclid can expect plenty of help towards his “bleeding to death” career’s unclimatic end.

Now that this sellout’s announced he’s campaigning for mayor, expect someone to announce soon they’re campaigning to replace him Ward 7. By the time 2021 rolls around he won’t even have the opportunities he “thinks” he has in Atlanta. 

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