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A Greek animal doctor is the CEO of Pfizer as CoVid vaccine deaths in Israel are 40 times higher for the elderly and 260 times higher for the young as the corporation faces a criminal complaint in France

CLEVELAND, OH – Pfizer pharmaceutical’s CoVid vaccine is the exclusive two-shot dose being offered to Israeli citizens who are calling the deaths associated with it “the new Holocaust.”  Since December 2020 Israeli researchers are showing 1168 deaths per month among the elderly and those under 45 who have been vaccinated.  The CoVid survival rate for the unvaccinated is 99.97 percent.  Healthy people don’t need to be vaccinated to build up their immunity to the coronavirus.

Alarmed Israeli scientists, Dr. Herve Seligmann and engineer Haim Yativ, want the vaccine trials on Israeli citizens using Pfizer’s untested two-shot drug halted.  Both scientists are employed at the Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Unit, Faculty of Medicine, Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France.  Israel is the most vaccinated nation on the planet and 74 out of 100 Israelis, despite their vaccinations, are carrying or spreading the coronavirus.

Albert Bourla is an animal doctor and he’s leading a company that manufactures pharmaceuticals for humans. The public doesn’t know and didn’t elect Pfizer’s leadership team. Do these people look like they can be trusted not to put profits ahead of your life?

The two Israeli scientists working in France published their review of official reports on a website called Nakim since YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are killing off sources of information which question the reliability of vaccines that have been produced and studied for 15 months instead of 15 years.  Their conclusions are relatively straightforward.

Seligmann and Yativ appear not to trust a pharmaceutical corporation led by a Greek Jewish veterinarian, Albert Bourla, the United States Department of Justice has prosecuted for lying about four medications and kickbacks to Medicare patients.  In 2009 Pfizer paid out $2.3 billion to the United States Department of Justice after an investigation revealed how its sales representatives bribed physicians through kickbacks to prescribe Bextra, Geodon, Zyvoz and Lyrica for uses that were not approved by the Food & Drug Administration.  Bourla’s Pfizer is also the subject of a recently-filed 45-page criminal complaint in France.

Seligmann and Yativ have discovered that the risk of death from Pfizer’s two-dose concoction of ingredients its officials call a vaccine is hundreds of times greater in vaccinated young people compared to their chances of dying from the coronavirus without the vaccine; and dozens of times more in the elderly when their deaths happen within the vicinity of the vaccine dose.  What the two say is not being counted are the heart attacks and strokes that come after the Pfizer second shot.  Since the Pfizer shots weaken the immune system, the scientists don’t believe the elderly and people with already compromised immune systems should be taking it.

Pfizer paid $2.3 billion to the United States Department of Justice after being prosecuted for selling drugs to patients to treat illnesses for which they were not approved. Now they’re vaccine heroes? Bullshit.

The bottom line in Israel is a lack of trust in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu whose corruption trial is being overshadowed by a coronavirus pandemic Israeli scientists are claiming no longer exists in the form in which Pfizer’s two-shot dose vaccine is being administered.  In essence, CoVid 19 has been replaced by Covid 20 and now Covid 21 through a natural process of mutation.  The characteristics of the coronavirus has changed.  Pfizer’s CoVid 19 vaccine is useless against a mutated CoVid 2o or CoVid 21 despite the pharmaceutical corporation’s claims.

What’s causing Israeli scientists concern is that people being administered a CoVid 19 vaccine can pass on a mutated version of the virus to the unvaccinated.  They’re also concerned that Israeli scientists promoting the Pfizer vaccine are beneficiaries of Pfizer grants with conflicts of interest.  They don’t get paid for telling the truth about Pfizer’s medicinal products.

Referenced among Seligmann and Yativ’s report is a 45-page criminal complaint a French prosecutor filed against Pfizer.  In the criminal complaint prosecutors are clear to point out that Pfizer has not created a “vaccine” but “gene therapy products.”

While the “vaccines”offered by Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna involve: “Inserting viral genetic material into the cells of the person to be vaccinated (administration is essentially intramuscular, or intradermalin two of the situations). What is used is either RNA encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles, DNA inserted into a plasmid, or DNA or RNA delivered by  a genetically modified and deactivated virus.

It is for this reason that Dr. Christian Perronne, head of infectious diseases at the Hôpital de Garches [Garches Hospital], rejects the use of the term “vaccine”and states that: “The first “vaccines” they are offering us are not vaccines. They are gene therapy products. They are going to inject nucleic acids that will cause our own cells to produce elements of the virus.

In this vein, a member of the European Parliament states: “The first thing to understand is that these Covid-19 GMO vaccines are highly experimental drugs. We know practically nothing about their mid-to long-term genetic effects.  First of all, since 2003 and the outbreak of SARS in Asia, the scientific community has still not managed to develop an anti-coronavirus vaccine. 

Then, there are several different GMO technologies used to develop various GMO Covid-19 vaccines currently undergoing evaluation. Among these GMO technologies, three of them have never received authorization for use as drugs in humans. Therefore, before the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, no gene therapy product had ever been approved for humans.

France’s Minister of Health, Dr. Olivier Veran, shared similar thoughts as those expressed in the criminal complaint when a vaccinated 83-year-old French citizen wanted to be released from sheltering in place orders.  If the vaccine worked why was he still being held captive in his home?

Veran said in his response to the citizen’s civil lawsuit – which would have freed him from his home – that the vaccines were partially effective.  He offered that “the effectiveness of the vaccines has become particularly contingent due to the appearance of new variants” of the coronavirus.

“People who have been vaccinated are also those who are most at risk of severe disease and death in the event of initial vaccine ineffectiveness or post-vaccine reinfection or variant virulence,” Veran claimed.  “The vaccine does not prevent transmission of the virus to third parties.  The impact of vaccination on the spread of the virus is not yet known.”

As Israel begins to try out “vaccine passports,” the two scientists warn that the Nuremberg Code’s prohibition on non-consensual or deceptive medical experimentation is being violated with the unapproved vaccine trials on mass populations of unsuspecting citizens.  The scientists say Israelis are being pressured into the vaccinations and that the only data about the effectiveness of the vaccines is coming from the manufacturers and not from 15-years of clinical trials.

People who have not received medical care cannot enter places of sports, leisure, recreation and commerce of prayer houses and thus their access to various places and businesses that operate under the green label is restricted. Many workers who did not take part in this experiment are threatened or fired or found sick, while harming and depriving their livelihoods. Dedicated workers who until today were an asset to employers in the economy are expelled from workplaces in disgrace for refusing to participate in the medical trial.

Seligmann and Yativ further offered that the approval of the regulatory bodies in the Ministry of Health for medical treatment under Regulation 29 of Israel’s Pharmacists (Preparations) Regulations 1986 cannot alter the facts that Pfizer’s rollout of its vaccine is a clinical trial which has not yet received final approval from the FDA.   They say political approval does not eliminate the need for Pfizer and the Israeli government to comply with the Nuremberg Code and Israel’s Patient Rights Act.   Informed consent is required to participate in a medical trial.  Coercing citizens into taking an untested vaccine is an international crime.

Of course, there’s no story about vaccine troubles that doesn’t include Facebook censorship.  Seligmann and Yativ dug into their own pockets to launch a campaign on Facebook to get the word out about their concerns regarding Pfizer’s RNA “vaccine.”  The Facebook page of their Clean Organization campaign was blocked and then deleted by Communist-minded scumbag Mark Zuckerberg’s censors.

Zuckerberg 5 years ago cut secret deals with officials of the Israeli government to identify and block critics.

Zack Reed has no more patience with Calvin Williams as Cleveland’s incompetent and adulterous chief of police

CLEVELAND, OH – Zack Reed wanted to elevate Calvin Williams from chief of police to director of public safety had he defeated Mayor Frank Jackson in November 2017.  Today Reed wants Williams to either resign on his own or be fired by Jackson.

“All he’s doing is collecting a pay check,” Reed told EJBNEWS when he called after reading the story I’d written about the $184,000 a year cop boss’ domestic disputes.    The exclusive story with pictures of Williams “cop baby mama” came after EJBNEWS revealed Williams’ wife had filed for divorce.

Reed said he’s campaigning for Cleveland mayor again and sees no improvement in the mitigation of violence in the city.  1o  homicides for the month of January 2021.  177 homicides in 2020.  Over 60 percent unsolved and far below the national average.

Reed now sees Williams as incompetent as he sees staffing in the homicide unit with only 24 police officers covering two shifts.  The late Cleveland Mayor George Voinovich ended the 3rd shift for the detective bureaus after Governor Richard Celeste made good on his commitment to let police unions negotiate wages and benefits in 1983.  Cleveland taxpayers couldn’t afford the cost of negotiated wages and benefits so the cuts in services began and never stopped.

Thanks to collective bargaining Cleveland police captains are set to earn $101,000 each before overtime in 2021.  Public employee unions in Ohio are out-of-control; and so is the widespread theft of “unwatched” public funds during the cold and flu season pandemic mayors like Jackson are using to circumvent and obstruct the enforcement of constitutions and laws.

Reed told EJBNEWS he observed Councilman Blaine Griffin’s “Zoom’d” safety committee hearing and was completely unsatisfied with Williams’ smug response to the violence police directed at protestors after George Floyd’s death.  Reed was at the protest and saw first hand how police instigated violence with tear gas and rubber bullets.

He said Williams’ was lying with claims that protestors had tried to enter the Justice Center.  He said police provoked the destruction of downtown Cleveland.

“Either they won’t let him do what he knows or he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  He’s managing the department just like McGrath [Michael].  All these specialized units are not working,” Reed said.  “No one’s being held accountable.”

Reed said Williams and Jackson have also been weak in sending the message that Timothy Loehman, Tamir Rice’s killer, is not going to work, again, as a Cleveland police officer.  He praised former Cleveland Mayor Michael White for being louder about his thoughts on cops like Loehman.

Reed placed second behind Jackson in the 2017 primary election.

Jackson can’t declare Cleveland to be in civil emergency through a damn proclamation

CLEVELAND, OH – Mayor Frank Jackson and his health director, Merle Gordon, must have “Mike and Amy” fever.  After being blasted by idiot local reporters and bloggers for not joining Governor Richard Michael DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton’s unlawful mask wearing, social distancing and stay at home orders that don’t exist anywhere in the state’s 26 pandemic mitigating laws, Jackson has caved in and joined the “orders” craziness to issue his own. 

The only purpose of his proclamations are to give the maliciously lying editorial profiteers at and the local television stations something to write or broadcast about Co-Vid 19 for advertising clicks.  Of Cleveland’s mayors since Carl Stokes, Brother Jackson knows and is from the city’s streets; and he knows that this shit ain’t sitting well with the people.  The bottom line to Jackson’s proclamations is that he wasted his time in issuing them.  They’re not authorized by law.  Where’s the “notice” to the public in a newspaper of general circulation?

Twice through “proclamation” Jackson has mimicked the orders coming from the state’s health director and declared the city to be in a “civil emergency.”  The problem is the term exists in two places in Ohio’s Revised Code; and no place in any of the city’s charter and ordinances.` The net effect of his proclamation is that Jackson is creating unnecessary opportunities for violent confrontations between poorly-trained and supervised police and the town’s residents; and the city will be sued if he tries to enforce it. His unlawful proclamation could also cause a cop or citizen’s death.

Police breaking up the house parties of people who know they have 1st Amendment rights to freely assemble isn’t supported by a law or ordinance.  Social distancing violates the 1st Amendment and is unenforceable.  Neither is it a requirement that any citizen wear a mask that forces them to breathe in their own dangerous carbon dioxide to enter a store or public building.  U.S. Attorney General William Barr has clearly affirmed the federal government’s position that the U.S. Constitution has not been suspended.  He’s expressed President Donald Trump’s administration’s willingness to join citizen lawsuits and criminal complaints against the elected officials who think they’re larger than our constitutions and laws.

Jackson also lost his Communist-motivated challenge to the state’s gun laws; so anyone who lives in Cleveland around New Year’s Eve at midnight knows the citizens of this town are heavily-armed with their dramatic display of weaponry and disposable ammunition.  Ohio’s General Assembly has clearly affirmed every citizens right to bear arms either openly without a permit or concealed with one in Section 9.68 of Ohio’s Revised Code. This is a nation of 320 million where its 340,000 local law enforcement officers are clearly outnumbered. 

Cleveland’s double-dipping, crocodile-tears crying, cover-up for a dirty cop police chief has no authority to enforce Mayor Frank Jackson’s “proclamation.” What section of the general laws or ordinances is it in? Have you read R.C. 737.11 yet … Calvin?  The word “obey” comes first.

Cleveland’s police manpower is roughly 1100 to cover three 8-hour shifts.  The 1100 includes several hundred office workers.  Mayors right now need to direct police to leave “the armed and pissed off people” alone.  Stop with the illegal NCIC and LEADS searches. 

This “mask bullshit” is creating an identity on the street problem and the overtime-motivated license plate searches cause interactions that violate and scare people about social distancing.  Cops come in contact with too many extremely unhealthy people and many, themselves, are immune deficient, alcoholics and drug addicts.  They were always out “sick” when I served as mayor even with their “better than the other employees” union-negotiated medical benefits. They should be responding to 911 calls … only.  This is just one of the societal problems created by politicians operating ridiculously far outside laws.

The “Civil Emergency Executive Policy Group” the mayor’s proclamation created is not authorized by any law or the city’s charter and ordinances for Jackson in his official capacity as mayor to create. Jackson has no authority to direct Chief of Police Calvin Williams or Safety Director Michael McGrath to enforce it as a “law or ordinance.”  Council didn’t approve it so the proclamation has no force of legislation.  It wasn’t discussed in a public meeting. 

Section 81 of Cleveland’s charter authorizes department directors to appoint citizens to advisory groups.  The advisors on Jackson’s advisory group are employees who advise him everyday anyway.

Where the two words “civil emergency” do exist under sections 5502.031 and 5502.40 of Ohio’s Revised Code the office of a municipal mayor is given no duties or authority to do anything.  The  first law tells city councils they have no authority to enact any law that regulates amateur radio structures.  The second one lets states enter emergency management assistance compacts with other states.  Neither law authorizes the mayor of a municipal corporation to issue proclamations that places the city in a state of civil emergency; and to create an executive policy group. 

The word “proclamation” as it would apply to the mayor of a municipal corporation exists under Title 7 as instructions about publishing the city’s notices in newspapers of general circulation and the validation of the city’s population during the U.S. Census.   As a former mayor, I gave proclamations to acknowledge births, birthdays, the couples I married and special achievements.  Most were upon the request of citizens. They’re like DeWine’s “National Ice Cream Social Day” resolutions when he served in the U.S. Senate.

I issued executive orders, internally, directing police and fire employees to punch in and out using time cards.  There is no authority in Ohio laws or Cleveland’s charter giving the mayor the authority to issue a proclamation that places the city in a “civil emergency” and authorizes him to create a policy group.

The two words “civil emergency” together don’t exist in any ordinance enacted by Cleveland city council.

The mayor’s authority relative to “laws” is pursuant to Section 71 of Cleveland’s charter; and it hasn’t changed since voters approved it on November 9, 1931.  He’s the “chief conservator of the peace” and in that capacity the mayor is supposed to ensure the U.S. Constitution, Ohio Constitution, state general laws, charter and ordinances are ruthlessly obeyed and enforced against any person, official or employee under him who violates or disobeys them. 

That’s what he was administered an oath of office to do pursuant to section 3.22 of Ohio’s Revised Code.  Mayors are the number one defenders of the rights guaranteed by the U.S and Ohio constitutions DeWine and Acton’s orders violate; and the general laws they have no authority to suspend.  Anything less than obedience to the constitutions and general laws as they are written in plain English makes the mayor a criminal co-conspirer.

The spirit of the mayor is to be the most patriotic of Americans; and the most aggressive in defense of the rights guaranteed the people by our constitutions.  Their duty is to make sure the government employees they oversee don’t get out of control as they were elected to represent “the people” and not “the party” or “the workers.”

Where Jackson does have authority is through his appointment of Gordon and the employees and members of the city’s health board and department.   But the authority to mitigate the pandemic, not civil emergency, that’s been declared by the state’s health director are the laws found in Title 37 of Ohio’s Revised Code Jackson has a duty as the “chief conservator of the peace” to ensure they obey and enforce.  He’s criminally operating far outside the duties and authority of a municipal mayor with his “civil emergency” declaration on top of the pandemic declaration of the state’s health director.  The office of mayor is not mentioned in any section of Title 37.

What Jackson should and must be directing employees to enforce is section 3707.08 instructing the health department to quarantine the Co-Vid 19 infected Clevelanders and placard their homes.  His proclamation shows he has not read Chapter 23 and Section 114 of Cleveland’s charter.

“The City shall, through such officer or officers as the Council may provide by ordinance, in accordance with the provisions of Section 77 of this Charter, enforce all laws and ordinances relating to health, and such officer or officers shall perform all the duties and may exercise all the powers provided by general law, relative to the public health, to be performed and exercised in municipalities by health officers; provided that regulations affecting the public health, additional to those established by general law and for the violation of which penalties are imposed, shall be enacted by the Council and enforced as provided in this section. (Effective November 9, 1931)”

So instead of operating outside the instructions of Section 3707.08 and Cleveland’s charter, Jackson should be directing employees to obey and enforce them both.  The coronavirus is the seasonal common cold according to the University of Texas School of Medicine’s 1996 Medical Microbiology handbook. Co-Vid 19, according to the World Health Organization, is a bad flu they’ve identified as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) that’s connected to human interactions with camel and alpaca mucous and saliva.  The Middle Eastern nations where this virus originates are Israel, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and parts of Africa besides Egypt where camels are indigenous. 

This Facebook photo identifies three members of Cleveland city council who traveled to the Middle East last year when the World Health Organization identified the area as carrying the MERS virus that travelers were importing to the United States.

At least three members of Cleveland city council traveled to the Middle East and Asia last year.  Blaine Griffin and Jazmin Santana to Israel.  Basheer Jones to India.  Jackson’s health department should ensure they are tested and contact traced.  As they interacted up close with other members of council and their staffs the number of people they touched inside city hall affects and spreads to everyone.

Convicted thief and former councilman Joseph Cimperman introduced city officials to a group of Middle East travelers from Israel when Jackson and the council decided to become sister cities with the racist city officials of Be’it Shean through its indicted mayor.  Flying the Israeli flag over city hall was un-American foolish.  Americans interacting and cutting deals with the officials of foreign governments violate both the Logan Act of 1799 and the Espionage Act of 1917.  Giving away a library card to a foreign government’s officials opens the door to their accessing national security secrets. 

This is how Title 37 authorized the health director to protect first responders from being infected. No law authorized Governor Richard Michael DeWine to give first responders the names of infected Ohioans.

As Title 737.11 gives municipal police federal law enforcement authority it’s been Jackson’s duty to ensure the president’s order to restrict travelers from Europe and the Middle East from entering the nation and Cleveland have been enforced.  As someone who’s known to frequently interact with alien foreign travelers, Jackson should have ensured that Cimperman was Co-Vid 19 tested and contact traced.  If infected his former council colleague should have been quarantined to his home.  So should the city and library officials who interacted with the alien travelers.

There are no “foreign affairs” duties for mayors and council members in Title 7 of Ohio’s Revised Code or the United States Code.  Councilmen who limit their duties to only those authorized by law diminish their chances of becoming infected by alien visitors and spreading their viruses to their families and constituents.  The Swine Flu in 2009 came from a pig connection to Mexican illegals.

Without a law or ordinance giving the mayor the authority to declare a “civil emergency” through “proclamation,” Jackson’s engaged in nothing more than a meaningless media exercise.  He’s issued permits for the city’s businesses to operate that his proclamation cannot rescind.

The Bill of Rights we are guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution is not rescinded.  The Ohio Constitution and the rights guaranteed this state’s citizens have not been rescinded.  No general law has been rescinded that instructs state, county and local governments on the performance of official duties.

No citizen of the United States of America can be forced to wear a mask or socially distance from each other.  No one is required by any law to stay at home.  

Title 3707.08 of Ohio’s Revised Code requires Jackson, DeWine, Stearns-Acton, Gordon and every other official of the state to ensure that Ohioans who are known to be infected with Co-Vid 19, not the coronavirus, be quarantined at home and their homes, only, placarded.  The director of health is authorized to hire armed guards to ensure the infected, only, remain quarantined if they, only, have a penchant for disobeying the order.  Any order Stearns-Acton issued beyond the health director’s or health board’s authority in Title 37 is not lawful; and is unenforceable.

As East Cleveland’s former mayor I discussed how to mitigate the Swine Flu in 2009 with the county’s health officials and read Title 37 of Ohio’s Revised Code.  The Plain Dealer published an article Michael McIntyre wrote about my orders instructing sick employees to stay at home and infected people not to enter public buildings.  The common areas of all public buildings were sanitized daily. 

People interacting with camels from the Middle East where Basheer Jones and other members of council have traveled have been confirmed as Co-Vid 19 carriers by the World Health Organization. Camels spread it to human who think it’s cool to feed these nasty mutha fuckas while exposing themselves to the animal’s Co-Vid infected mucus and saliva. The same hands and fingers rubbing all over this animal’s face and mouth now goes into their own. The closeness to the animal causes them to breathe in its moist particle-filled oxygen. They return to Cleveland after fucking with these nasty-azzed animals to breathe around and touch members of their family.

McIntyre took a bullshit shot at my doing then what the Russian-owned media outlet is now praising fellow Soviet Stearns-Acton for instructing city officials to do now.  But I didn’t stray outside the limits of Title 37.  The Plain Dealer also took a shot at Vice President Joe Biden then for saying he and his family were staying out of confined public spaces. Now the newspaper’s editorial writers are blasting citizens for wanting what they editorially-promoted before.  Elizabeth Sullivan must have editorial dementia.

Jackson should have told DeWine and Stearns-Acton he had no legal authority to shut down Cleveland and that he was going to direct the city’s health department to obey and enforce section 3707.08 as it’s written in plain English.  If either DeWine or Stearns-Acton operated outside Title 37, Jackson’s duty was to make sure section 3707.08 was obeyed.  Not go along with the law breaking as the city’s chief conservator of the peace and start issuing unlawful proclamations that contain the lie they’re supported by law and the city’s charter and ordinances.  The laws that gave him the authority to declare the civil emergency should have been cited in his proclamation so the citizens of Cleveland could confirm.

Politicians only use the sections of laws that fits the limits of their intellects and ambitions when they’re supposed to know, obey and enforce them all.  In Jackson’s case he just made up some shit to appease reporters who just used him to line their click bait pockets.

If you do not read you cannot lead.  Jackson’s proclamation is not leadership.  He should withdraw it and eliminate the confusion as well as the city’s liability.

Ohio’s 1953 laws ordered lawbreaking Acton to place signs on homes of CoVid infected

CLEVELAND, OH – The General Assembly of Ohio enacted 26 laws in 1953 that instructed the state’s director of health and local health boards how to handle epidemics and pandemics.   A keyword search of the Ohio Revised Code for Dr. Amy Acton’s “social distancing” and “shelter in place” terms show no results.  The two terms are made up and exist outside any of the epidemic and pandemic-mitigating instructions lawmakers authorized health directors and health boards to take to save lives.

Title 37 of Ohio’s revised code is where the state’s health and pandemic laws are found and from her actions it’s obvious neither Acton nor Governor Richard Michael DeWine has read them.  If they did the state’s general laws were ignored by the two oath-adminstered elected and appointed public officials.

First responders would know if an Ohioan was infected with CoV if Governor Richard Michael DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton placed placards on their homes as required by law. Giving the names of infected Ohioans to first responders is not an act authorized anywhere in Title 37. It’s just some more shit DeWine and Acton are criminally making up to obstruct the state’s existing laws.

Specifically, Title 3707.08 instructed Acton to quarantine infected Ohioans away from the healthy in dealing with the current pandemic.  The section exists under the heading, “Isolation of persons exposed to communicable disease – placarding of premises.”  It’s also written in plain and unambigous English that needed no interpretation.

“When a person known to have been exposed to a communicable disease declared quarantinable by the board of health of a city or general health district or the department of health is reported within its jurisdiction, the board shall at once restrict such person to his place of residence or other suitable place, prohibit entrance to or exit from such place without the board’s written permission in such manner as to prevent effective contact with individuals not so exposed, and enforce such restrictive measures as are prescribed by the department.

When a person has, or is suspected of having, a communicable disease for which isolation is required by the board or the department, the board shall at once cause such person to be separated from susceptible persons in such places and under such circumstances as will prevent the conveyance of the infectious agents to susceptible persons, prohibit entrance to or exit from such places without the board’s written permission, and enforce such restrictive measures as are prescribed by the department.

When persons have, or are exposed to, a communicable disease for which placarding of premises is required by the board or the department the board shall at once place in a conspicuous position on the premises where such a person is isolated or quarantined a placard having printed on it, in large letters, the name of the disease. No person shall remove, mar, deface, or destroy such placard, which shall remain in place until after the persons restricted have been released from isolation or quarantine.

Physicians attending a person affected with a communicable disease shall use such precautionary measures to prevent its spread as are required by the board or the department.

No person isolated or quarantined by a board shall leave the premises to which he has been restricted without the written permission of such board until released from isolation or quarantine by it in accordance with the rules and regulations of the department.”

Had DeWine instructed Acton to obey R.C. 3707.08 he would have directed her to the other sections of Title 37 which instructed her how to maintain the quarantine medically in their homes and to financially-compensate them for their “individual” losses.  That’s even if their homes had to be demolished to ensure non-transmission. 

There is no law in Title 37 that authorized Acton to cancel an election and close businesses.  Social distancing is a made up term connected to socially distant homeless people.  Acton’s early years with her brother as a child in Mahoning County was with her chronically homeless, mentally ill and abusive mother.  The Columbus Dispatch reported how they once lived in a tent in a Mahoning county park during the winter.  Schizophrenia and delusional thinking are byproducts of a child raised homeless according to reports published on the National Center for Biological Information’s database.

The men who enacted Ohio’s pandemic laws were adults in 1918 when the Spanish Flu killed more than 200,000 inhabitants of the United States of America.  Those like former Cleveland mayor and Ohio Governor Frank Lausche were born in 1888.  Title 3707.08 was signed into law by him in 1953 and it hasn’t changed. 

Neither Acton nor DeWine are authorized in Article 1.18 of Ohio’s constitution to “suspend” the state’s general laws.  Failing to enforce or ignoring them is a “duty-exceeding” criminal act of suspension and identified as “dereliction of duty” pursuant to Section 2921.44(D) of Ohio’s revised code.

As Ohio’s former Attorney General, twice, DeWine even as a currently unlicensed attorney should have instructed Acton to read and master all of Title 37 before she criminally ignored it to order the state’s residents to shelter in place and socially distance.  Ohio laws required DeWine to ensure that Acton quarantined CoV-infected Ohioans to their homes.  Not create a panic to shut down businesses in cities throughout the state that has now killed Ohio’s economy.

What DeWine and Acton appear to be doing is protecting the privacy of a few sick Ohioans with Middle East connections they should have prevented from spreading a virus to others that the World Health Organization (WHO) reported last December as being imported to the U.S. from the Middle East.  It was also imported to China where Central China’s most populated city of Wuhan has been hit hard.

Cuyahoga County’s first infected residents were three Russian Jews who traveled to the Middle East.  The county’s health officials also identified six Russian Jewish Hawken Upper School students of Gates Mills who had traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend a conference of the international American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference on March 1 -3, 2020. There they co-mingled with MERS -nfected Israelis.  There are no federal laws giving any citizen “dual citizenship” with the U.S.

According to the WHO the current coronavirus was transmitted to humans from camels that are indigenous to nations like Israel, Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan and the Middle Eastern countries in Africa like Egypt.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia has confirmed the camel to human connection to MERS or the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome that’s now being spread to Americans who stay within the nation’s borders and never travel outside them. 

People interacting with camels during their foreign travels are transmitting that animal’s viruses to Americans who don’t.  Acton and DeWine’s job was to identify them to Ohioans who were not infected; and to place placards on their homes that came with a warning.  These infected individuals , alone, were required by law to be restricted to their places of residences.

What Acton and county health officials like Cuyahoga’s Terry Allan authorized them to do was “self-quarantine.”  The term “self-quarantine” is another duty-exceeding suspension of the state’s “quarantine” laws as a search shows that it, like social distancing and shelter-in-place, are non-existent and unauthorized by law.

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