Sata Satka

Rybka let an Albanian building department worker help a Communist Albanian alien organized crime figure and his kids complete demolition documents with federal dumping laws they couldn’t read in English

CLEVELAND, OH – When I worked as Cleveland Life’s editor in chief in 2001 our offices were across the street from the Plain Dealer’s at 18th and Superior.  The power went out right before September 11, 2001 that affected us, the Plain Dealer and other businesses within a couple of blocks.  The problem was sourced to the electrical panel in the basement of the building that houses our offices.  Ukrainian alien workers who knew no English had been hired by a sub-contractor working on the Plain Dealer’s renovation of its headquarters.  They couldn’t read the electrical schematics and had “guessed”

Jackson and Kelly give demolition contracts to 6 family-run companies led by an Albanian organized crime figure the FBI busted in $170 million credit union scam

CLEVELAND, OH – Mayor Frank Jackson, Council President Kevin Kelly and their “sanctuary city” lawlessness is now allowing an Albanian alien organized criminal, one who fled his financially-ruined “Ponzi scheme-run” nation in 1997 during a civil war, to bid on and receive demolition contracts under at least six company names through his children. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2014 busted Sata Satka and others for paying over $1 million in bribes to Anthony Raguz of the St. Paul Croatian Federal Credit Union (SCPEFCU) to steal $3.7 million with inside help to build a downtown Cleveland parking lot, property

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