Gaige Grosskreutz’s testimony is the FBI’s confirmation that Antifa terrorists are an armed organized network of traveling terror mercenaries with criminal records

CLEVELAND, OH – American Negro Jacob Blake was shot by Russian “American” Kenosha, Wisconsin cop Rusten Sheskey on August 23, 2020.  Russian “American” Antifaschistische Aktion or Antifa anarchist Gaige Grosskreutz testified during American Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial that he and a friend were offering paramedic services at Antifa riots for 75 days prior to the August 25, 2020 night his arm was “vaporized.” Grosskreutz is not a resident of Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Kenosha or any of the other riot torn cities he told the court he had visited as a crisis medic for revolting terrorists.  He lives in West Allis.  He testified…

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Cells from aborted babies, green monkey pus and formaldehyde are in the CoVid vaccines says the CDC

Aborted fetal tissue is among the ingredients in CoVid vaccines.

CLEVELAND, OH – With two-thirds of abortion clinics existing in American Negro neighborhoods, women and men who want to know where Planned Parenthood has been disposing of their dead children should know they’re being used to create CoVid vaccines.  Never has the slaughter of innocents been more profitable for the ghouls who lead pharmaceutical companies as some are expecting profits in excess of $15 billon off a rushed and untested vaccine.  American Negroes make up 14 percent of the United States population and 32 percent of aborted children since 1973. For people letting medical professionals inject the cells of dead…

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