Tania Menesse

The blank spaces in Indian alien Nigamanth Sridhar’s 177 page Cleveland State personnel file raises questions for Homeland Security

CLEVELAND, OH – I received 177 pages of Indian alien Nigamanth Sridhar’s work records along with a threat of a defamation lawsuit from Cleveland State University (CSU) law department employee Kelly Marie King (#76613).  The menacing state university’s employee is identified under the Supreme Court of Ohio’s website as an associate deputy counsel.  King was admitted to practice law on November 10, 2003. According to King, as a response to an official public records request from an American native, me, Sridhar has always been a legal alien and now a United States citizen since March 18, 2016.  She wrote, “At…

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Griffin and Bibb are placing themselves in the middle of a potential federal criminal investigation of the $37 million Shaker Square non-profit deal as advocates with no knowledge of violated laws

The "administration" is responsible for determining whether a police or firefighter's death was within the line of duty. There should be complete silence coming from city council about the mayor's decision to exercise administrative authority over the employees under the mayor's supervision. Council approved a collective bargaining agreement that did not include "death benefits" for cops because the matter has already been resolved by state law's Mayor Justin Bibb's administration has a duty to enforce. It's Council President Blaine Griffin's duty to ensure that his branch of government remains on its side of the aisle.

CLEVELAND, OH – The $12 million to $37 million Shaker Square cash give-away outgoing Mayor Frank Jackson and Council President Kevin Kelley’s asked council to support as a tautological emergency ordinance is exactly the type of “carryover” contract that causes problems for new mayors entering office behind a mayor whose performance they really don’t know.  Council is holding off on considering the ordinance until after January 3, 2022 and it will be Mayor-elect Justin Bibb’s “mayor’s” signature on the authorizing documents should it pass.  Blaine Griffin will sign the ordinance as council’s president. The mayor’s signature on a document affirms…

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Neighborhood Progress Inc’s Shaker Square deal is actually $37 million and not $12 million as it’s being falsely reported; and its records and meetings are not public in violation of federal and state laws

CLEVELAND, OH – When Asian Indian immigrant Tania Menesse served Mayor Frank Jackson for nearly two years as his director of community development it was her job to “monitor” the “subrecipients” of the block grant funds Cleveland receives from the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).  One of the subrecipients Menesse had a duty to “monitor” at least twice during her two years in the appointed public office was her current employer.  Neighborhood Progress Inc (NPI). Had Menesse monitored her current employer as required by federal laws Cleveland’s community development directors have not mastered and obeyed, then…

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Ex-block grant director and Indian alien Tania Menesse appears to have targeted Councilman Ken Johnson, Buckeye and the jobs of 44 American Negro men

CLEVELAND, OH – Tania Maria Menesse was born in Mumbai, India on December 8, 1973 and arrived in the United States of America sometime in 1978 when her parents moved “their family” to Shaker Heights at the age of four. 10,000 members of the 100 year old Communist Party of India rallied against the administration of Indian President Narendra Modi in July.  Communism is outlawed in the United States of America and has been since 1950. If the Asian Indian’s “family” entered our nation legally Menesse was eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship at the age of 16.  If Noel…

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