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Kyle Rittenhouse’s white male hating alien “reporter” attackers tried to lynch an American with their divisive lies and foreign distortions of facts

CLEVELAND, OH –  MSNBC commentator Joy Reid’s father was an alien studying in our nation from the Congo in Africa and her mother was an alien from British Guyana.  Reid is the name she took from the father of her three children.  Her real birth name is Joy Ann Lomena.  She is not an American Negro.  Neither is a South African illegal alien working on the Daily Show and doing business in America under the name of Trevor Noah. Both should be investigated by Immigration and Naturalization Services.   Noah should be arrested, prosecuted, jailed, stripped of his illegal earnings and…

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Blaine Griffin and Jasmine Santana took the trip to Israel and she returned with a desire to implement its extermination-minded economic development plans in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH – When Ward 14 Councilwoman Jasmine Santana accepted the Cleveland Jewish Federation’s Logan Act and Espionage Act violating trip to Palestine, as arranged by Thomas and Joann Adler’s Civil Leadership Mission to Israel, she returned gushing over how “amazing” she found the racistly-apartheid “Jewish state.”  The Hispanic Cleveland politician found two foreign programs she learned of there to be “fascinating” and implementable in Cleveland. According to Santana, Israel’s approaches to economic and community development were “innovative.”  She must not have counted the Palestinians whose stolen homes are part of its “community development” effort among those “at risk and…

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It’s time for Nina Turner to resign the Russian Commie’s revolution and come home


CLEVELAND, OH – Russian American U.S. Senator Bernie Gitman-Sanders “Socialist Democratic” revolution is about to run into a Christian American brick wall once the primary season turns east and south.  The lone known Communist in the U.S. Senate and his supporters just haven’t realized where they’ve been living.  Socialist Democrat and Gitman-Sander’s campaign chairwoman, Nina Turner, should have looked further than Martin Luther King, Jr. to quote in her MSNBC interview of February 20th.  “Socialism is for the wealthy.  Rugged individualism is for the poor.”  This is your “EK” moment.   Nina.  If that’s your best defense of your Socialist Democratic…

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Americans don’t give a shit about the Soviets, Commies & Nazis in Ukraine to impeach Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C. – If U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff were honest about his Russian ethnic ancestry his impeachment hearing opening statement would have included it as a motivation for his relentless pursuit of impeachment charges against President Donald Trump.  Politicians with Soviet ancestry care about Soviet issues.  FOX News host Jesse Watter summed up the average American’s thoughts about the Ukraine as the impeachment hearing’s first area of inquiry with these words.   “The other thing is, no one can find Ukraine on the map. If you ask the American people anything about Ukraine, they don’t know a thing about it.” Currently…

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