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Ward 7’s Jones pulls petitions for mayor giving voters a chance to replace the worst councilman to ever steal the job

CLEVELAND, OH – Two months after he finally relocated from South Euclid and Cleveland Heights to Cleveland, where he’s been serving illegally on city council, Basheer Jones finally moved into Ward 7 two months before he pulled petitions to seek the job of mayor.  Come November 2021, Jones will become one of the “forgotten” in the graveyard of poorly-performing elected officials.

Jones has zero chance of winning for mayor as he appears to know a return to council is an uphill battle after concerned residents decided to launch three recalls against him his first year in office.  It’s time for Ward 7 residents to say “Next.”

Jones won only by 13 votes in a smear-driven campaign against attorney and former Councilman T.J. Dow in 2017.  Instead of making friends to build a bigger base of political support for the future, the elected office stealing suburbanite added more enemies as he launched a terrorist-minded, cleansing campaign thinking he could “purge” Americans he perceived to be “enemies” out of the ward and the Hough Multipurpose Center.

Jones had cameras removed from the building after EJBNEWS busted his azz for allowing after-hours parties at the facility like it was his personal banquet hall.  A source close to the facility shared with me that he was also motivated to do so after two young women got into a fight over him in the public building.  Citizens learned the cameras were gone when a car was stolen from the lot and the owner needed video of the parking lot.

Ward 7 voters who supported former Councilman TJ Dow have had many “I told you so” moments over the past three years they’ve been represented by a suburbanite East Cleveland police arrested for mishandling a semi-automatic weapon. Dow had the money to turn the facility behind him into a community center with computers.  Sellout Jones wasted and stole as much as he could get his hands on.

Jones has no support on city council and not enough in the ward whose politics he just gave away his influence over when he pulled petitions to campaign for mayor.  Even if this political loud mouth changes his mind and decides to seek a re-election council, the resident who’s going to replace him on Cleveland’s legislative body is already gaining campaign steam.

He recently took a nasty shot at former Cleveland Mayor Michael White who brought him both credibility and money in his campaign against Dow in 2017.  Knowing White as a former special assistant he won’t take the criticism lightly.  Albert Ratner’s money and that of his AIPAC friends can’t help Jones overcome the scorn Ward 7 voters who supported him have for the way his lies and lack of performance humiliated them.

I’m hearing rumblings from residents who want to know “who’s next?” I have my ideas.  Jones’ is now in the “lame duck” status as a Cleveland councilman who has absolutely nothing to sell; and no power in the ward

A lamb in wolf’s clothing is still a lamb.  Jones has lost all respect.

Basheer Jones didn’t fight for his rights when he was arrested by East Cleveland cops in 2019 for handling a semi-automatic weapon

CLEVELAND, OH – An elected “law maker” who is too afraid to fight for his own Constitutional and legal rights is not going to fight for anyone else’s.  It’s especially true for a politician with a lot of undercover shit to hide.

Basheer Jones was arrested by East Cleveland police on April 19, 2019.  Time.  11:07.  a.m.

The citation code is a 5294.  Improperly handling firearm in a motor vehicle.  The narrative describes the Cleveland councilman as a “suspect” of something who was found to have a loaded firearm.  It defeats the purpose of having a firearm to travel with an unloaded one.

Right off the “rip” I have a problem with the “narrative.”  No probable cause.  I also know John E. Hartman and Michael Woodside were impersonating law enforcement officers as the city’s former mayor.

Their Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy credentials are fraudulent. They weren’t hired through the Civil Service process.  They have no oaths of office on file with the Clerk of Council.  If they accessed the FBI’s NCIC criminal records history database by running his plates they violated state and federal criminal laws.

As it appears Jones was not told what he was “suspected” of doing as the basis for the stop, he should have Facebooked live the entire incident for his social media page like he did his trip to Egypt.

The reviewing supervisor is “Dominique King.”  No OPOTA certifications.  No civil service test.  No oath of office filed with the Clerk of Council.

The police chief is unauthorized to even be a cop, Scott Gardner, with two felony indictments that were pleaded to misdemeanors.  Jones sabotaged the late American Negro attorney and federal prosecutor Annette Butler’s campaign for Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney to help Michael O’Malley.  He could have took the facts above to his “boy” and and looked like a hero.

More specifically, Jones has a right to bear arms pursuant to the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.  The “improperly handling firearm in a motor vehicle” is a local ordinance superseded by Section 9.68 of Ohio’s Revised Code.  The state embedded the 2nd Amendment’s unrestricted right to bear arms in R.C. 9.68.

City councils can’t enact any local gun ordinances.  Police can’t enforce a local gun ordinance. R.C. 9.68 gives every Ohioan the right to wear weapons like back in the cowboy days.

Jones had the power to file a civil claim against East Cleveland for the stop.  Had he read the United States Department of Justice’s investigations and conclusions about Cleveland’s constitutionally non-complaint police, he would have read a letter informing the city that a weapon should be seen as no different than a cell phone.  This “kid” ain’t ready for prime time.  The law below is what he did not use to defend his own rights.  It’s been in effect since March 14, 2007.

9.68 Right to bear arms – challenge to law.  (A) The individual right to keep and bear arms, being a fundamental individual right that predates the United States Constitution and Ohio Constitution, and being a constitutionally protected right in every part of Ohio, the general assembly finds the need to provide uniform laws throughout the state regulating the ownership, possession, purchase, other acquisition, transport, storage, carrying, sale, other transfer, manufacture, taxation, keeping, and reporting of loss or theft of firearms, their components, and their ammunition. The general assembly also finds and declares that it is proper for law-abiding people to protect themselves, their families, and others from intruders and attackers without fear of prosecution or civil action for acting in defense of themselves or others. Except as specifically provided by the United States Constitution, Ohio Constitution, state law, or federal law, a person, without further license, permission, restriction, delay, or process, including by any ordinance, rule, regulation, resolution, practice, or other action or any threat of citation, prosecution, or other legal process, may own, possess, purchase, acquire, transport, store, carry, sell, transfer, manufacture, or keep any firearm, part of a firearm, its components, and its ammunition. Any such further license, permission, restriction, delay, or process interferes with the fundamental individual right described in this division and unduly inhibits law-abiding people from protecting themselves, their families, and others from intruders and attackers and from other legitimate uses of constitutionally protected firearms, including hunting and sporting activities, and the state by this section preempts, supersedes, and declares null and void any such further license, permission, restriction, delay, or process.

(B) A person, group, or entity adversely affected by any manner of ordinance, rule, regulation, resolution, practice, or other action enacted or enforced by a political subdivision in conflict with division (A) of this section may bring a civil action against the political subdivision seeking damages from the political subdivision, declaratory relief, injunctive relief, or a combination of those remedies. Any damages awarded shall be awarded against, and paid by, the political subdivision. In addition to any actual damages awarded against the political subdivision and other relief provided with respect to such an action, the court shall award reasonable expenses to any person, group, or entity that brings the action, to be paid by the political subdivision, if either of the following applies:

(1) The person, group, or entity prevails in a challenge to the ordinance, rule, regulation, resolution, practice, or action as being in conflict with division (A) of this section.

(2) The ordinance, rule, regulation, resolution, practice, or action or the manner of its enforcement is repealed or rescinded after the civil action was filed but prior to a final court determination of the action.

(C) As used in this section:

(1) The possession, transporting, or carrying of firearms, their components, or their ammunition include, but are not limited to, the possession, transporting, or carrying, openly or concealed on a person’s person or concealed ready at hand, of firearms, their components, or their ammunition.

(2) “Firearm” has the same meaning as in section 2923.11 of the Revised Code.

(3) “Reasonable expenses” include, but are not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, expert witness fees, and compensation for loss of income.

(D) This section does not apply to either of the following:

(1) A zoning ordinance that regulates or prohibits the commercial sale of firearms, firearm components, or ammunition for firearms in areas zoned for residential or agricultural uses;

(2) A zoning ordinance that specifies the hours of operation or the geographic areas where the commercial sale of firearms, firearm components, or ammunition for firearms may occur, provided that the zoning ordinance is consistent with zoning ordinances for other retail establishments in the same geographic area and does not result in a de facto prohibition of the commercial sale of firearms, firearm components, or ammunition for firearms in areas zoned for commercial, retail, or industrial uses.  Amended by 132nd General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 228, §1, eff. 12/28/2019.  Effective Date: 03-14-2007.

Had Jones spent more time in our two Constitutions, Federal laws, State laws and Cleveland’s ordinances instead of in India and Egypt hanging out with Communists and ex-patriates, he might have fought for his own rights instead of hiding like a coward.  The fight in East Cleveland should have been one he took to Cleveland city council to ensure that all its unconstitutional and civil rights violating gun ordinances were repealed.

Dancing and singing in Egypt during the coronavirus instead of studying and improving the lives of Clevelanders on city council. Basheer Jones’ reminds me of Kwame Kilpatrick, Gary Norton, Jeffrey Johnson, Joe Jones and a whole bunch of other politicians who got caught lying and stealing.

Think about it. The effective date of R.C. 9.68 is March 14, 2007.  It was in effect 7 years before Tamir Rice was gunned down by Fred Loehman on November 22, 2014.  It was in effect 12 years later when Jones was arrested by East Cleveland police on April 19, 2019.

Here’s Jones’ reason for hestitancy in being a warrior and the reason he’s politically ineffective.  The incident report confirms “residency” crimes he’s committed against the City of Cleveland as a non-resident when he campaigned in 2017.  It also reveals issues with his Ohio Drivers License. Too much to hide on top of the campaign finance law violations I pointed out in 2018; as Sam Allard of Cleveland Scene recently confirmed he’s still violating.

Jones purchased a home at 1898 E. 66th Street in Cleveland on March 5, 2020.  The address on the Ohio motor vehicle license he supplied to East Cleveland police is 1383 E. 94th Street in Cleveland.  The Ross family or Generational Wealth Management Group LLC owns it.  The Ross’ appear to have owned the 1383 E. 94th Street home in some way or the other since January 1, 1975.

Basheer Jones’ drivers license listed 1383 E. 94th Street as his place of residence in Cleveland during his time on city council while he was living in South Euclid and Cleveland Heights with his family. No one on the street has seen Jones’ Jaguar and his wife’s Mercedes SUV parked in the driveway since he claimed to live in this ‘hood instead of his suburban ‘hoods.

Jones lived with his family at 1670 Belvoir Road in South Euclid when he campaigned for the seat on Ward 7 city council in 2017 and used the address at 1383 E. 94th Street.  He relocated to 3936 Orchard Avenue in Cleveland Heights in 2018.  Jones purchased the home on E. 66th Street in March 2020.  He did not relocate his family into it until renovations were completed in December.

He was required under the state’s motor vehicle laws to maintain a drivers license at his actual place of residence.  The address to East Cleveland police and the court is not where he received his mail or paid his utilities.  He produced a drivers license with the 1383 E. 94th Street address to officials of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections when his address was challenged in 2017 by incumbent Ward 7 Councilman TJ Dow.

Instead of leading a civil rights campaign against the corrupt East Cleveland police impersonators, and filing a complaint with his political friend, Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney Michael O’Malley, Jones allegedly begged not to be embarrassed.   He didn’t want to see the back of the jail.  Please, oh please, hide this incident report.  Well.  It ain’t hidden.

Y’all got a good one Ward 7.  The only person I know who is “really” in Jones’ corner is Mansfield Frazier.  The guy who sold Jones his house for $39,000 and some change.  He owns Neighborhood Solutions Inc.

If you got a sucker you keep him.  I understand … Mansfield.  Do your thang.

Jones is so arrogant about his residency law violations, he talks to reporters and Ward 7 residents like suckers from Cleveland Heights

CLEVELAND, OH – Alleged polygamist Basheer Jones did not live in Cleveland when he campaigned for the seat in 2017 and the criminals at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections led by Inajo Chappelle Davis as the board’s chairman allowed him on the ballot from his home in South Euclid.  1670 Belvoir is where Jones resided when he defeated T.J. Dow by 14 votes with the help of over $50,000 in campaign donations from Russian Albert Ratner and his American Isreali Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) friends. How is it that so many AIPAC chairman are from Cuyahoga County?

The 14 voters who gave Jones his razor thin victory have long since, like the majority of Ward 7 voters who backed him, changed their minds.  Jones’ buddy, Ratner, is the ex-Forest City chairman who admitted his father and 7 uncles immigrated to the United States of America illegally under fake names; and with forged credentials.  Ratner in a YouTube video acknowledged how his father, Leonard, donated $25,000 along with other Russian organized criminals Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel to arm Russian terrorists Menachim Begin when he was wanted by the British and Palestinian governments in 1948.  American Negro Dr. Ralph Bunch, the man President Harry Truman assigned to build the United Nations, negotiated the peace settlement with the Russians in Israel they violated.

Jones got two illegal donations of $3000 each from former AIPAC chairman and Russian attorney Tim Wuliger; and another $3000 from AIPAC member and Russian Zionist Milton Maltz.  Maltz ended up owning WOIO after swindling it from the television station’s two American Negro founders: Hubert Payne and Val King.  Yes it’s shocking to think that WOIO was founded in 1985 and built by American Negroes.

The two $3000 donations from Wuliger and Maltz violated the $1500 cap for members of council.  But Mayor Frank Jackson has failed since he’s been in office to obey section 733.34 of the Revised Code of Ohio to “supervise the conduct of the officers of the municipal corporation.” This theft, like Jones’ residency theft, is okay.  Who cares about obstruction or impersonation?  Campaign finance laws are just mere words.  Right?

Elected officials are required to reside in the city where they are elected.  By not residing in Cleveland, Jones is a thief obstructing the official business of the municipal corporation; and he’s been impersonating one of its officers plain site of Cuyahoga county prosecuting attorney Michael O’Malley.

Jones aided O’Malley’s first election by infiltrating the late American Negro Annette Butler’s campaign and sabotaging her petition gathering effort.  He showed up to take over the collection of petitions; and then disappeared one week before they were supposed to be turned in.  Days later he showed up at an O’Malley news conference offering him his endorsement.  O’Malley owes him big time; so he conceals his crimes like he helped Bill Mason conceal the sex crimes of 496 Catholic church officials and employees here in Cuyahoga County with the help of Judge Brian Corrigan.

Jones currently resides at 3936 Orchard Road in Cleveland Heights.  He does not reside at 1384 E. 94th Street in Cleveland.  He has never resided at the Cleveland address as a married man with a family.

I have no idea why reporters in this town don’t feel stupid for giving elected officials legitimacy who are committing crimes right in their dumb azz faces during interviews.  The intellectual capacity of the town’s thought leaders implies they earned their degrees online from Target.  I can see the television commercial now.

“You too can be a journalist.  6 weeks for $199.  Call 1-800-SEE-SPOT.”

I understand how this generation of journalists think.  If no one’s saying anything about a wrong; the wrong must be right.  They don’t realize they’re being paid to say something about the wrong in the style of Thomas Paine of “Common Sense” during the American Revolution.  Oh.  That’s right.  With so many foreign journalists covering America they never heard of Thomas Paine, Common Sense or the American Revolution.  CNN’s Fareed Zakaria would know nothing of him.  Neither would CBS 60 Minutes Adam Yomaguchi.  The illegal alien from South Africa, Trevor Noah.  I can hear him now pronouncing Thomas Paine’s name with his British sissy sounding voice.

What does Basheer Jones call himself a devout Muslim and man of faith while shaming God as a liar? Jeremiah 9:3-5 “They bend their tongue like their bow; Lies and not truth prevail in the land; For they proceed from evil to evil, And they do not know Me,” declares the Lord.

BBC stands for British Broadasting Corporation.  It’s a foreign television station and its reporters should actually be registered as foreign agents. It is regretable that foreign writers who know nothing about the nuances of the individuals they’re interacting with in the USA give credibility to any ol’ publicity- seeking politician.

The BBC reporter who interviewed Jones wouldn’t know the difference between Cleveland and Cleveland Heights and St. Louis and Jefferson Heights.  The settings on EJBNEWS are set to restrict all access from outside the continental United States of America.  I’m not seeking to attract a foreign audience from “outside” this nation.

WOIO and the town’s other media outlets know Jones is not a resident from my stories about his residency since 2018.  The same with Jeffrey Johnson and Brandon King.  My readers know because they can see stories I’ve written first the so-called mainstream media has stolen.  WOIO’s Hannah Catlett can’t stay off my website.  She got a promotion off one of my stories.  She’ll steal in a minute without attribution if it helps her career.

Go to 1384 E. 94th Street where Basheer Jones has claimed to live on official public records he’s used as criminal tools to steal money from Cleveland taxpayers. See if the street looks like this one. Then go to 3936 Orchard in Cleveland Heights and see if the street looks like the one in the picture. That’s his Jaguar. See if it’s been parked, ever, at 1384 E. 94th Street. Ask his Ward 7 neighbors if they’ve seen the Jag or him in the past nearly 4 years outside his Facebook page and infrequent appearances to the corner of E. 79th and Superior where he did live in Ward 7 in a tent. Then ask his Cleveland Heights neighbors if the Jag is parked there where he sleeps at night with his family. For Cleveland journalists. This is Journalism 101. I know most of you so-called “reporters” were raised on “social media.” It’s not real news. There is no tooth fairy. Sorry to bust your bubbles. You have to get off social media and work a story. The paperwork connected to Jones’ residency is in the files of the council office. They are public records pursuant to R.C. 149.43. Since they didn’t teach you in journalism school to know this type of information you don’t. The initials R.C. mean “Revised Code.” Every state has one. If you read laws the politicians don’t read; then you’ll know the acts they’re committing outside the laws are criminal. You have to read. There’s no social media for any of our nation’s 50 state constitutions, 50 revised codes and 50 administrative codes. There’s no social media for the United States Constitution, the United States Code or the Code of Federal Regulations.

Since I know Cleveland’s mainstream reporters are reading and copying my stories; they know Jones and the others don’t live where the voters elected them.  All the pictures from this story are from inside Jones home with his wife, Mecca, in Cleveland Heights.  They’re his own pictures.  I didn’t take them.  I’ve just fairly used them for “educational” purposes.

Reporters can keep making themselves look like fools when they promote politicians instead of simply reporting the truth.  Their diminished ratings show the people know the difference.  The Plain Dealer is a paper thin 4-day a week newspaper.’s going broke asking begging readers for $100 a year.

Thanks Basheer.  Since the law enforcers in this town are criminals we’ll see you at the polls.  Tell Albert to save his money and his two Ward 7 developer surrogates to find another “horse.” The one they’re riding is done. Even the people who supported you I know better than you are reaching out to me with disgust.

The trip to CoVid infected Egypt when the voters you serve are terrified over catching the disease they know came from over there think you are not rational.  They see you as selfishly immature.  Seriously.  Save Albert and his AIPAC friend’s money.  Moving now into the home Mansfield Frazier sold you is not going to work.  Start selling all the expensive shit you bought.  Save your money.  Call Gary Norton for “life after elected office” advice since you chose not to follow mine.

To the reporters in this town.  The job of a journalist is to expose the lie and the liar in search of the truth.  Jones doesn’t have to change.  The truth is setting Ward 7 free.

Thanks to the diligent sources who took the time to compile all the “inside” photos and deliver them to me.  Don’t worry. All my sources are confidential.

I’ve already looked into his relationship with Famicos and the manager of the East Side Market.  More to come.  I hear you on the “family” drama; but that’s inside his home and domestic.  Not my business.  Not my concern.  I don’t get into the personal lives of politicians who don’t get into mine.

Jones will have to work out those issues with his family.

Non-resident Jones won’t make it to the ballot as a 2021 candidate for mayor

CLEVELAND, OH – There’s a Chinese word Basheer Jones probably never heard of called “Lingchi.”  It describes the term “death by a thousand cuts.”  It also means “slow death.”  I learned the “term” at the Central Intelligence Agency “Air America” Royal Thai Air Force base I was stationed at for a year in Udorn, Thailand while serving in the U.S. Air Force 80 miles south of South Vietnam’s border. I was there when South Vietnam surrendered to Communist China-controlled North Vietnam in April 1975.  No.  I didn’t torture anyone.

The term Lingchi describes a process of killing a person by slicing off pieces of their skin until they bleed to death.  It’s painful.  It also identifies the way Jones’ political career has already gone, and will continue to go, until he’s either in jail or out of office. 

Basheer Jones doesn’t live on E. 94th Street in Ward 7; and has never lived in this home.

The Ward 7 residents who know the address Jones used to lie his way onto a Cleveland city council seat at 1394 E. 94th Street know, too, the house is empty every day and night.  They’ve never seen the pretty black Jaguar the once South Euclid and now Cleveland Heights resident bought as a “thief gift” to himself for the Ward 7 council seat he holds illegally.  A review of his council expense receipts shows lots of gas purchases for his car between the two cities. So did gas receipts connected to his campaign finance reports.

Jones defeated Cleveland attorney and former Councilman T.J. Dow, a Christian, in November 2017 with the help of two illegal $3000 donations from former American Isreali Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) chairman Tim Wuliger and Milton Maltz.  Both are Russian American Jews. 

AIPAC is considered by federal law enforcement officers to be an agent of the Isreaeli government that uses U.S. politicians and bureaucrats to acquire information in the form of this nation’s national defense secrets to the benefit of Israel.  The FBI considers Israel to be the nation’s greatest spy threat.  

1670 South Belvoir Road is where Basheer Jones lived with his wife, Mecca, and their three children when he campaigned for a seat on Cleveland city council in 2017; and he still doesn’t live in the city. He’s allegedly relocated from South Euclid to Cleveland Heights on Crest Avenue. Validation is coming.

Retired Forest City Enterprises chairman Albert Ratowczer aka Ratner, another Russian American Jew, also backed Jones with money.  So did his and the late Samuel Miller (aka Minkin’s) “good boy,” ex-Cleveland Mayor Michael White; an American Negro and Christian. White never went after the Ratners’ as mayor for the “at least” $17 million in Urban Development Action Grant money he and council loaned to Forest City Enterprises instead of providing and improving housing for Cleveland’s poor for whom it was intended. The nearly $12 billion real estate corporation threatened to default on paying back the money; and instead settled for $10.3 million after using it to renovate the Prospect Avenue post office and Tower City.

After his votes were validated, Jones failed to relocate to Cleveland from his South Belvoir Road address in South Euclid in 2017; and after the election-stealing criminals leading the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections ignored the state’s residency laws to let him and former Twinsburg resident Jeffrey Johnson on the ballot that year knowing they each were in violation.

Basheer Jones dumped Christmas toys on the dirty ground for Christian children.

Jones used money he earned from Cleveland city council to pay off a 2014 tax debt on the home he owns with wife, Mecca East, at 1670 Belvoir in 2018. That’s the year he hit “big money” pay dirt with the $87,000 a year salary he’s been stealing from Cleveland taxpayers. 

He’s now renovating a Hough home once owed by Dave and Marva Collins.  Residents on E. 94th Street who’ve never seen Jones or his family living at his “fake” address won’t see them moving out and around the corner.

By announcing his intent to campaign for Cleveland mayor in November 2021, the political novice who won by 13 votes, and who Ward 7 residents took out petitions to recall three times during his first year in office, is now walking around with a sign on his back that says, “Kick my dumb azz.”  

Several of his council colleagues are going to campaign for mayor and so are others outside council.  None have any intention of stepping aside for him. All this lying thief will be for the remainder of his term, if they don’t “do him” for lying about his residency and stealing, is a complaining Hip Hop loud mouth.

Frances Caldwell (green print) and other guests respond with a firm “no” to the Cleveland police sergeant’s instructions for them to shut down the fundraiser guests had paid $20 each to attend. The police officer had no legal authority to order the building closed at the request of the vindictive-minded Ward 7 councilman who’s earned the nickname “Sellout Jones.”

Since being administered an “oath of office” on January 1, 2018 to uphold constitutions and obey laws, Jones’ legislative track record doesn’t match his “pro the people” rhetoric. The only thing it appears he’s written after two and half years in office are hip hop lyrics. That is unless he’s a freestyler.  

The first legislation he introduced was to give a property owner historic tax credits.  All the “pipe dreams” he’s selling as a mayoral candidate didn’t appear in the form of legislation as a member of council.  He says the right things but his deeds don’t match.  Council still doesn’t let residents, property and business owners speak about the city’s business before they vote on it.  

Jones angered and deeply-offended Ward 7’s majority Christian voters by calling police on over 200 American Negro men, women and children at the African American History Museum during his first year in office.  The retaliatory Scorpio with only two planets in the sign (I have four) thought he’d get even with director Francis Caldwell; and called the police like a little “Becky” bitch to create a confrontation that would close the event.

The anti-Christian Muslim wanted the presentation they were hearing from SuccessNet founder George Fraser (the late Ayisha Fraser’s uncle) and Dr. Umar Johnson shut down.  According to Jones, the building wasn’t cleared for occupancy though it had been by the building department. 

Basheer Jones called police to remove over 200 Negro men, women and children who had paid an admission to hear speakers at the African American History Museum.

Mayor Frank Jackson stepped in after I texted him about the evil drama this sellout was causing; and ordered police out through Chief Calvin Williams.  This hater of his own people was administered an oath of office to perform only the duties of a municipal legislator whose job is inside city hall and not in the streets. 

The “racism resolution” council voted on after citizens were gassed and shot with rubber bullets at the Justice Center wasn’t worth the paper it’s written on.  Council and Jones should have voted to strip Cleveland cops of all military equipment; including the rubber bullets and tear gas.

Under Ohio’s campaign laws found in Title 35, a specific section references “infiltration.” Basheer Jones infiltrated the late Annette Butler’s campaign for Cuyahoga County prosecuting attorney to sabotage it for Michael O’Malley.

Jones is also the “sellout” who sold out the late American Negro attorney Annette Butler for Cuyahoga County prosecuting attorney when he infiltrated her campaign to destroy it to help Irish Catholic Michael O’Malley.  Jones, who Butler did not know previously, showed up at her home with promises of collecting the signatures she needed to get on the ballot. 

He baled and never returned her call a week before petitions were due; and didn’t deliver a single sheet. The next week he was at an NAACP news conference backing O’Malley.

This “traitor” angered residents more when he took over the Thurgood Marshall Multi-Purpose Center and started bullying long-time tenants out.  Jones and his boys were later caught hosting late night parties at the city facility in violation of all local ordinances that placed the mayor, and not the councilman, in charge of the building. 

Shaking down Dave’s supermarket for free food so he can make himself look good is not a duty of a member of council. Basheer Jones has not personally-written any “pro the people” legislation. He’s just good at running his mouth.

This past Christmas Jones stopped by E. 79th and Superior where he dumped a few cheap-azzed toys on the dirty sidewalk for Christian children.  In the age of coronavirus the idea of little children putting their hands in their mouths or touching themselves after playing with toys they picked up off a filthy sidewalk seems like pure evil.

From now until next year, every “other” candidate for Cleveland mayor, those who actually reside in the city, is going to take a slice out of his political azz.  Jones will be politically dead way before the November 2021 election because of the slices that have already been taken out of his azz since “before” his 13 vote, recounted, victory. Lingchi.

Since he’s been dogging the veteran councilmen who’ve let his residency issue slide, and is making an early enemy of the Cleveland Police Patrolmens Association and Fraternal Order of Police, the Hip Hopping councilman from South Euclid can expect plenty of help towards his “bleeding to death” career’s unclimatic end.

Now that this sellout’s announced he’s campaigning for mayor, expect someone to announce soon they’re campaigning to replace him Ward 7. By the time 2021 rolls around he won’t even have the opportunities he “thinks” he has in Atlanta. 

Hood rat Cleveland councilman called police on 200 black men, women and children

No malicious call to police on black people across the nation has been worse than the one made by Cleveland city councilman Basheer Jones. 

Jones called police on over 200 black men, women and children who’d peacefully and legally-assembled at the African American History Museum where they paid $20 to hear Dr. Umar Johnson and motivational expert George Fraser speak at a fundraiser on May 18th. 

The 3rd District police sergeant who showed up to shut down the event told the museum’s

Controversial psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson was shocked to learn that a black Cleveland councilman had called police to disrupt the Cleveland African American History Museum’s fundraiser.

director, Francis Caldwell, that the councilman claimed the building was unsafe but had no evidence to support the claim.  Mayor Frank Jackson’s top aide, Valarie McCall, told EJB the city had no problem with the event and that building and fire officials had cleared it earlier in the week to operate.  Jackson quickly assigned Chief of Police Calvin Williams to instruct cops to stand down from obeying any order from Jones they were seeking to enforce against the museum and the more than 200 black men, women and children inside. 

Under no Ohio law does a member of the legislative branch of government have the authority to instruct cops to do anything.  The cop sent to shut down the event had already been told “no” by Caldwell. He had returned to order reinforcements before learning through Williams that he had to stop.

The safety of these more than 200 black children, women and men was threatened when Ward 7 Councilman Basheer Jones called Cleveland police to force them out of a building they’d paid $20 each to enter. Jones lied to Cleveland police that the building was unsafe. Mayor Frank Jackson’s top aide, Valarie McCall, said Jones’ claim was untrue. The building had been cleared for occupancy by city officials after an earlier in the week inspection. Jones told confidantes he made the call that placed the safety of black people at risk of violence from police because he thought the director, Frances Caldwell, was a political enemy.

“There is no issue with the city,” McCall told EJBThe only city official with an issue was Jones.

Jones’ calling police on over 200 black men, women and children outraged black Cleveland once it was reported by EJB.  Retired political activist Carl Chaney wrote on EJB’s Facebook page that his phone “blew up” after news of Jones’ call to police became public.  

This was a very bad look and it made all of us in Cleveland look really bad,” Chaney wrote. 

Brandee Varner wrote about the contradiction of a Morehouse graduate being opposed to the black museum.

“He went to Morehouse but doesn’t support an African-American museum? He goes to India, instead of reassuring residents on Wade Park and Hough [streets] that the recent violence has stopped.  He needs to go over his priorities as council person; and if he can’t perform [the] job, give it to someone who will.” 

Meisha McDowell ripped into Jones’ supporters. 

“And what simple-ass fool wants to come to his defense now?  That’s wrong from any possible aspect.”

The Cleveland police sergeant in the picture showed up twice and told African American History Museum officials they had to close because Ward 7’s councilman called his commander twice claiming the building was unsafe. The sergeant wasn’t enforcing a court order under Ohio law and had no authority to even approach the event’s officials to enforce building ordinances.

While Jones’ call to police drew immediate criticism from the accountability-minded citizens of the city’s black community, Cleveland politicians were silent in condemning their colleague’s malicious act against his constituents.  These were the same politicians who rallied around their own colleague, Ward 9 Councilman Kevin Conwell, after Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) police were called on him for speaking to a white female student on a public sidewalk two months earlier in March 2018.  Conwell was detained and forced to produce identification for what amounted to a stop without any hint of probable cause in a city under a federal court to stop police from doing this shit.

Conwell publicly blasted CWRU leadership and police for the “walking while black” call.  The same Conwell was visibly silent about Jones calling police on over 200 black men, women and children although the two are not friendly towards each other.  So were the other vocal council members who thought the white woman’s call to police and their reaction was despicable.

Frances Caldwell (red print) and other guests respond with a firm “no” to the Cleveland police sergeant’s instructions for them to shut down the fundraiser guests had paid $20 each to attend. The police officer had no legal authority to order the building closed at the request of the vindictive-minded Ward 7 councilman who’s earned the nickname “Sellout Jones.”

Jones’ council president, Kevin Kelly, an Irish Catholic politician, said what happened to Conwell was “unjust.”  Kelly’s reaction to criticism of Jones from the public was to ask council to support a charter change that extended the time it took the public to recall a member of council from six months to one year.   Kelly is the same council president who obstructed the clerk of council from accepting 22,000 signatures from majority black citizens to prevent $88 million in public funds from being used to renovate the Quickens Loan Arena for Dan Gilbert.

Council’s silence about Jones’ calling police on constituents was expected.  Every member of Cleveland city council has misused police and building officials to target people they perceive to be political enemies.  Federal U.S. Housing & Urban Development (HUD) officials are currently investigating Cleveland community housing development organizations that have been getting block grant funds councilmembers have given themselves illegal authority to control.

African American History Museum director Frances Caldwell works for Fasernet CEO George Fraser and invited him along with Dr. Umar Johnson to speak to guests as a fundraising draw. Faser and Johnson both said they weren’t leaving the event. Fraser expressed shock that his supporting the success of black people would draw such an angry reaction from a black councilman.

It’s ironic that black Cleveland voters elected Carl Stokes as the first black mayor of a major American city in 1967.  Stokes saw his mission as fighting “for” black people.  Now voters are electing black politicians who fight against black people and treat them worse than the racists Stokes fought to protect them from 51 years ago. 

Jones’ harshest critics have observed that he attended the Asian festival right after he called police on over 200 black men, women and children.  He also bragged on his Facebook page that he was attending an international conference in India that had nothing to do with his duties as a member of an Ohio city council.

Basheer Jones’ attacks on black Ward 7 residents includes the granddaughter of the woman known as the “Mother of Hough,” Fannie Lewis. Lewis was the ward’s longest serving and most effective post-riot councilmember.

Jones has other issues besides his calling police on 200 black people.  He campaigned for a seat on Cleveland city council while living in South Euclid with the mother of his three children.  Over $40,000 was invested in this Muslim candidate’s campaign.  Among his donors were the former chairman of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Tim Wuliger; and the founder of the Maltz Museum of Jewish History. 

No black incumbent candidate raised money anywhere near the level of money as Jones; a fact that made him look like the brother Jews were paying to take out another brother.  Jones beat incumbent council T.J. Dow by only 13 votes.  Dow had battled Cleveland Clinic officials and Forest City Enterprises developers who wanted to displace as many black Hough residents near the hospital as possible.  Dow pledged that there’d be a “Hough with us in it.”

Pissed off Ward 7 residents tested the recall waters when they pulled and started circulating petitions to remove him from office.  Jones retaliated with a call to the office of 211 and asked the director to fire Fannie Lewis’ granddaughter, Allison Black.

Jones supporters think he “beat” a recall when circulators let the date expire without turning in what they collected. What Jones and his backers seemed not to understand was that every day recall circulators walked the ward they were carving away at his political base by sharing stories about how he was treating residents.  

“No one can understand a black man calling police on over 200 black men, women and children who were exercising their 1st Amendment rights to assemble and listen to two respected national speakers,” said former Councilman Dow.


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