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Cuyahoga Democrats ignored the National Security Act to support a top Ohio Communist party official, Rick Nagin, for leadership over a Democratic ward and to work for a US Senator, a member of Congress and a member of council

CLEVELAND, OH – In 1985 I interviewed Ohio Communist Party director Rick Nagin for my Cleveland Perspective radio show on WRMR AM850.  I wanted to know how a Communist in a nation where Communism has been outlawed since 1950 could operate so openly in an American city. Nagin is ethnically Russian, raised Jewish and has spewed the full Communist Party doctrine on his Facebook page and for the People’s World Daily online and print newspaper.  He had these words to say on People’s World Daily after his Tree of Life synagogue was attacked in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Private ownership of weapons…

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Gillum’s closeted homosexual lifestyle made him a national security blackmail risk had he won for Florida governor

CLEVELAND, OH – In 1954 President Dwight D. Eisenhower removed approximately 854 federal employees from working anywhere near the nation’s national security secrets.  Eisenhower did this under “the provisions of Executive Order 10450 of Apr. 27, 1953, appear at 18 FR 2489, 3 CFR, 1949-1953 Comp., p. 936, unless otherwise noted.” Exact language. This episode in history was dubbed by the media as “The Lavendar Affairs” because among the removed were a large number of homosexual men. The fact they were hired is evidence of the lack of discimination that existed at the time.  In a modern Christian nation sexuality…

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