Amy Stearns-Acton

There are 17 empty Republican slots for Cuyahoga County common pleas judgeships 17 civil rights-minded American attorneys could have sought

CLEVELAND, OH – I was stunned when I voted for myself for Congress in the 11th Congressional District and saw that 17 Republican attorneys had not filed for one of 17 court of common pleas judgeships for this year’s primary election.  It means 17 Democrats on the other side of the ballot will have no Republican opponent in November.  The filing deadline for Independent candidacies is May 2. The salary of a court of common pleas judge is $155,000 anually.  A municipal court judge earns $146,000.  Terms are six years.  Democratic Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney Michael O’Malley, again, has no…

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Cuyahoga county Republicans overturn endorsement of Richard DeWine to back James Renacci for Ohio governor

CLEVELAND, OH – Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton cost Governor Richard Michael DeWine the endorsement of the Cuyahoga County Republican Party.  So did his business closing orders during the Covid 19 cold and flu season.  So did his and her decision that certain Ohioans and their professions were “essential” while others were not.  DeWine can sell himself as acting responsibly to save lives during a “pandemic” but the majority of Ohioans are not buying. Cuyahoga County Republicans chose to ignore DeWine’s incumbency when Strongsville Ward Leader Shannon Burns introduced a motion to overturn a committee endorsement recommendation of the current governor.  Independence…

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Shalira Taylor boycotted the League of Women Voters rigged Ward 12 candidates forum to challenge coordinator Michelle Jackson’s “secret” demands that people with questions show proof of vaccination

CLEVELAND, OH – Ward 12 Council candidate Shalira Taylor gathered more American residents to boycott outside a League of Women Voters (LWV) debate than there were those in attendance inside and seated six feet apart inside to hear two of her opponents.  Italian American Councilman Anthony Brancatelli and an ex-Russian New York attorney named Rebecca Anne Maurer.  Taylor shared an email with EJBNEWS that she’d received from Michelle B. Jackson who was coordinating the LWV event. According to Jackson in her email to Taylor, Ward 12 event attendees who signed up in advance to ask questions were required to show…

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Vanover spreads CoVid 19 virus to Cleveland city hall workers and visitors as Jackson fails to enforce R.C. 3707.04 through R.C. 3707.40

Mayor Frank Jackson did not make sure Thomas Vanover's rights as defined in R.C. 3707.04 through 3707.50 were protected.

CLEVELAND, OH – If Mayor Frank Jackson had played the game of “follow the law” instead of “following the lunatic” in the form of Governor Richard Michael Dewine, building department supervisor Thomas Vanover might not have infected others when he knew he was sick.  Vanover would have also avoided calling Paul Cuffari to his home to bring him a job-related assignment. The “Quarantine” sign on Vanover’s home would have advised Cuffari to stay away. Cuffari would not have returned to city hall to possibly infect others. Cuffari should have been working at city hall and Vanover should have been “quarantined”…

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Facts behind impeachment articles against DeWine’s unconstitutional orders can be used to remove mayors and council members

Does anyone believe Governor Richard Michael DeWine and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson reads any of the duties of the offices they were administered an oath of office to discharge; or do you think they rely on "good people" who have not read their "official duties" either? All this "best and brightest minds" in government bullshit is bullshit. If you don't read you cannot lead.

CLEVELAND, OH – Every mayor in Ohio who issued “orders” during the pandemic did so without any legal authority under the Ohio laws that describe the duties of their elected offices. As such all are subject to removal from office by either their councils or upon complaint filed by any elector of their cities signed by four other electors and filed with the probate judge. The same removal laws applies to the council members who enacted ordinances that gave them powers beyond those authorized for their offices under Ohio laws.  State Rep. Nino Vitale is working with members of the…

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Amy Acton answered “yes” to being treated for mental illness to Ohio’s medical board

CLEVELAND, OH – Editorial click bait artists perpetrated an evil on the U.S. by operating as Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton’s press agent instead of as journalists for not investigating her background and examining the unconstitutional and unlawful strategies she deployed to mitigate Ohio’s fake pandemic.  117,000 Ohioans were not CoVid 19 infected on March 12, 2020.  There were only 13 known infected Ohioans.  Three were Russian American Jews who returned to the state from Israel.  Another six were Russian American Jewish students of Hawken Upper School who attended a conference of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee in Washington, D.C. on…

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