Chimene Onyeri

Councilman Kevin Conwell wants legal answers about the secret forced CoVid 19 vaccine mandates coming from Cleveland’s Communist-inspired municipal court judges practicing medicine without licenses

Cleveland Councilman Kevin Conwell simply introduced an illegal emergency resolution because he thought he was helping the disruptive students.  He did no homework.  Scheduled no hearings.  I'm willing to bet Conwell failed to discuss his illegal emergency resolution with the councilman whose ward is home to John Marshall High School.  Brian Kazy.  Conwell's lack of studiousness has been my greatest disappointment in him as a supporter of his first two campaigns for the job.  He doesn't even know the section of Ohio's general laws that explain why his "emergency resolution" is unlawful and reviewable by a court.

CLEVELAND, OH – It’s well established under Ohio law that the legislative authority of a municipal corporation determines the wages and classifications of all officers and workers but for the judges.  The judicial officer’s wages are established by the General Assembly of Ohio; but it’s the members of city council whose vote determines the size, scope of work and rate of pay and benefits of the municipal court’s workforce. Annually, the 13 elected judges of Cleveland’s municipal court must ask council to approve their budget, requests for workers and pay increases.  All these acts occur under duties found in constitutions…

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