Christopher Wray

Shontel Brown supports arming Ukrainian Nazi militias who want to “ethnically cleanse” Ukraine of Russians who live next door to Russia in a nation that was once Russian-owned

CLEVELAND, OHIO – The feature image I’ve shared is of the Azov Battalion in Ukraine who the Democrat serving the 11th Congressional District in Congress, United States Representative Shontel Brown, supports arming to fight the Russian Federation.  The image of the Nazi swastika speaks for itself in America to Americans who are loyal to and love our nation. Someone must have told Brown that “the Russian invasion of the Ukraine threatens the balance of power in the region” as her justification for agreeing that “neo-Nazi” Ukrainian militias should be armed with our tax dollars.  The more than $2 billion in…

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Gaige Grosskreutz’s testimony is the FBI’s confirmation that Antifa terrorists are an armed organized network of traveling terror mercenaries with criminal records

CLEVELAND, OH – American Negro Jacob Blake was shot by Russian “American” Kenosha, Wisconsin cop Rusten Sheskey on August 23, 2020.  Russian “American” Antifaschistische Aktion or Antifa anarchist Gaige Grosskreutz testified during American Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial that he and a friend were offering paramedic services at Antifa riots for 75 days prior to the August 25, 2020 night his arm was “vaporized.” Grosskreutz is not a resident of Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Kenosha or any of the other riot torn cities he told the court he had visited as a crisis medic for revolting terrorists.  He lives in West Allis.  He testified…

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Nina Turner’s Mercury Public Affairs investors lobbied to have sanctions lifted off the price-rigging, aluminum hoarding Russian oligarch whose homes FBI agents raided


CLEVELAND, OH – A Russian billionaire client of former 11th Congressional District candidate Nina Turner’s Amare Public Affairs investors has expectedly found his home raided by law enforcement agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  In January 2021, EJBNEWS reported how Mercury Public Affairs had “FBI, Manafort, Ukraine, Mueller and unregistered foreign agent problems.”  The January 2021 EJBNEWS report drew the connection below to the relationship between RUSAL Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Oleg Deripaska and Turner’s Mercury Public Affairs partners. “Turner, like the unregistered foreign agents the FBI is investigating, sought to portray that Americans, particularly Ohioans, were not interested…

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A sex video of Hunter Biden smoking crack or meth was available before the election, but Twitter & Facebook’s owners censored it to help Joe

Crackhead "First Son" Hunter Biden was on the payroll of a Nazi-loving Ukrainian billionaire, Ihor Valeriyhovych Kolomosykyy's, through his Burisma Bank. Did he play a role in convincing President Barack Obama to arm Ukrainian Nazi's while snorting coke with and banging the Commander in Chief's daughter?

CLEVELAND, OH – People are selling and having sex all over Facebook and Twitter.  A video of Hunter Biden smoking crack, meth or weed and having his schlong foot massaged by a young woman was kept from American eyes during the 2020 presidential election by un-American censors Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. The new First Son is, indeed, a criminal who worked as an unregistered agent of the governments of Communist China and the once Nazi Ukraine.  So is his father.  Zuckerberg and Dorsey should be jailed.  Their corporation’s … disbanded.  We’re Americans.  No one censors us. With all the…

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Mina Chang proves U.S. government infiltration and fooling reporters is easy


DALLAS, TX – Anyone with half a brain can look at Mina Chang’s bio and Linking the World website and figure out her background is manufactured.  It might explain why White House officials with less than half a brain hired Chang for a job in the U.S. Department of State. The same with reporters who helped her build a media presence that backed the alleged South Korean alien’s scam to pass herself off as a foreign policy expert and Asian pop star.  Is Chang even a U.S. citizen?  From all appearances Chang is an unregistered foreign agent of an unknown…

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