Eric Gordon

There are 17 empty Republican slots for Cuyahoga County common pleas judgeships 17 civil rights-minded American attorneys could have sought

CLEVELAND, OH – I was stunned when I voted for myself for Congress in the 11th Congressional District and saw that 17 Republican attorneys had not filed for one of 17 court of common pleas judgeships for this year’s primary election.  It means 17 Democrats on the other side of the ballot will have no Republican opponent in November.  The filing deadline for Independent candidacies is May 2. The salary of a court of common pleas judge is $155,000 anually.  A municipal court judge earns $146,000.  Terms are six years.  Democratic Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney Michael O’Malley, again, has no…

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Frank Jackson said the next mayor’s got to come from the streets and the streets are saying very loudly that Zachary Reed is going to be Cleveland’s next mayor

The trust that Zachary Reed has earned from Cleveland's American Negro community can be compared to the trust the Negro community had for George Forbes. The 1989 campaign between Mr. Forbes and then state senator Michael White shocked Clevelanders who didn't realize the city was majority Negro. For the first time two American Negro men of high political achievements for their respective lengths of service were competing for mayor. While both men were known in the American Negro community, Mr. Forbes was known longer, better and had demonstrated he could be trusted longer.

CLEVELAND, OH – I’ve observed Cleveland’s mayors up close as a journalist or political participant since Dennis Kucinich in 1978.  On the East Cleveland side since the late attorney Darryl Eugene Pittman in 1985.  In addition to serving in the elected office for for years, I served a year as former East Cleveland Mayor Emmanuel Weli Onunwor’s chief of staff and as a part-time Special Assistant for Cleveland Mayor Michael Reed White.  My former Director of Law in East Cleveland, the late attorney Almeta Johnson, served as Kucinich’s chief prosecuting attorney. On January 1, 2022 the mayoral candidate Cleveland voters…

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Dewine let thousands among Ohio’s 32,000 cops make arrests with expired OPOTA credentials and has told no mayor

CLEVELAND, OH – Beaver Creek, Ohio police officer Sean Williams’ Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) credentials expired on December 31, 2013. On January 1, 2014 he was  still discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and carrying a weapon in violation of an unsuspended general law of the state that ordered him to stop.  Had Beaver Creek city manager Mike Cornell discharged the duties of that office Williams should have been terminated on January 1st of that year without any rights as an employee for voluntarily-surrendering his OPOTA credentials.  Instead, Beaver Creek police chief Dennis Evers continued to…

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O’Malley is maliciously withholding exculpatory evidence of uncertified cops from criminal defendants

Michael O'Malley got mad at me when I called him the "stupidest son of a bitch" on the planet in front of Scene reporter Erick Trickey for his "Hit man for hire" piece about me in 2002. I wasn't disrespecting his mother. His curve-graded, racist ignorance disrespects all mothers whose love guided them to an education and public service. No "Christian" does this evil shit and loves the Lord. O'Malley is rightfully facing a complaint that he be removed from office. He has received evidence from Ohio's attorney general, as did his predecessors Tim McGinty and Bill Mason, that police whose charges he's presenting are impersonating law enforcement officers. When the prosecuting attorney of a county is engaged in a conspiracy under the color of law to violate the rights of every arrested citizen, he has to go. This is a Democratic run county and the criminals are the ones not obeying the Constitution of the United States of America, disregarding the Constitution of Ohio, and willfully failing to obey and enforce all the laws of the state and the United States. O'Malley and his co-conspirers operate like the Communist the U.S. Congress identified in the 1954 Communist Control Act every loyal American should read. If your elected officials can't explain how they're going to obey and enforce our Constitution when they're asking for our votes we should not be electing them. They're Communists and will refuse to obey and enforce it as they use public offices to violate all our rights.

CLEVELAND, OH – Michael O’Malley in his official capacity as Cuyahoga County’s prosecuting attorney has been copied, like his predecessors Timothy McGinty and William D. Mason, on “cease” letters the current and former Ohio Attorney Generals have forwarded to the office alerting them of felony crimes cops are committing by making arrests with expired Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) credentials. What he hasn’t done is deliver the “cease” letters to criminal defendants as “exculpatory evidence.”  Instead, O’Malley and the county’s judges are criminally-involved in a real time conspiracy to deprive thousands of American citizens in Cuyahoga County of their…

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Mayors ending the year with deficits will engage in dereliction of duty

At the end of the Civil War in 1865 the literacy rate for freed American Negroes was zero percent. By 1970 our literacy rate was 98.4 percent. Why? In segregated schools like I was educated in my four American Negro female and four American Negro male teachers maintained the academic standards that achieved the goal. An "A" was a score of 95 to 100. When the Russians on leading our 75 percent majority American Negro city's school board wanted to grade us on the "curve," my teachers met with our parents as a group. They told us and them that an "A" was a score of 95 to 100 and anything less would demean our race. I was an A student. Then we returned to Cleveland. I see y'all embraced the curve. Look at how you demean our race. I learned to read and write in "that" East Saint Louis, Illinois environment and I thank almighty God for my father's decision to raise his family there.

CLEVELAND, OH – By the end of 2020 Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson will have recklessly created a deficit in the city’s general fund and committed the criminal offense of dereliction of duty if he hasn’t already laid off city workers or been negotiating new labor agreements as a result of tax collection shortages.  The language of the “dereliction of duty” local ordinance is found in Section 615.12(d) and (e) as the subsections. Subsection (f) of Cleveland’s codified ordinances makes the offense a second degree misdemeanor.  The crime should be upgraded to a first degree misdemeanor. “(d)  No public official of…

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Six figure pensions are in Cleveland school’s $1 billion pension debt

Cleveland children without computers and internet are not being educated. The children in the schools superintendent Eric Gordon closed won't graduate. He gets $1 billion a year to educate 36,000 children; enough to make them all geniuses. Now he wants a tax increase in November when he should be resigning.

CLEVELAND, OH – The next time failing Cleveland school superintendent Eric Gordon “skins and grins” his way through the neighborhoods asking for another tax levy, voters should ask him about the $1 billion retired employee pension bill he’s accumulated.  Gordon’s budget for educating 36,000 Cleveland and some suburban school children was $921 million in 2017.  That same year Gordon’s long term debt for public employee pensions exceeded $1 billion. Gordon’s staggering $1 billion pension debt is identified in Ohio Auditor of State David Yost’s 2017 Comprehensive Annual Finance Report (CAFR).  Gordon and his financial officer, Derek Richey, explain how they set-up…

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