Cleveland State University delays delivering immigration, work authorization and citizenship records of its new Asian Indian interim provost

CLEVELAND, OH – On April 26, 2022 Cleveland State University’s (CSU) board released information to the media announcing the replacement of its chief executive officer, Harlan Sands, with provost Laura Bloomberg.  EJBNEWS had editorialized for Sands’ and law school dean Lee Fisher’s termination in February 2022. The CSU board appointed Asian Indian alien Nigamanth Sridhar to the position Bloomberg left as “interim” provost during its administrative shakeup.  He had been on leave of absence with the National Science Foundation since 2020. The provost is CSU’s senior academic administrator.  It places Sridhar in the role of senior vice president over managing…

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Weave bumps, traction alopecia, cancer, e coli, pseudomonas and more are all associated with wearing somebody else’s hair

CLEVELAND, OH – When a person purchases a single donor remy hair piece they’re buying a bacteria filled foreign product that was grown from inside another human’s body – whose health history is unknown – to place on their heads. When a non-remy hair piece is chosen the DNA of dozens or even hundreds of donors is mixed up in the individual strands.  It’s a product that will be close to their skin, open pores and given access to their bloodstream. What’s going on with the $13 billion beauty industry is that our women and men are buying the hair…

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The Asian Indian putting Communist sounding words in Biden’s mouth, Cholleti Vinay Reddy, is a member of a caste-loving family of Communists and terrorists who think they’re better than others

Whenever you watch Joe Biden reading words from a piece of paper, and he sounds like a disloyal, un-American Communist, remember that the words he's reading are written by an Asian Indian named Vinay Reddy from Dayton, Ohio whose mother and father immigrated here from a Communist nation.

CLEVELAND, OH – If Irish Catholic President Joseph Robinette Biden sounds like an evil, Third World Bollywood version of a two-bit Communist, wannabe dictator he has himself to blame for appointing an Asian Indian alien with DNA ancestry to a dirt poor Communist village to write his speeches.  Vinay Cholleti Reddy or Cholleti Vinay Reddy.  The translation from Sanskrit to English makes his surname “Reddi” and not “Reddy.”  In Sanskrit his name is spelled विनय रेद्द्य चोल्लेति.  The village Biden’s speechwriter’s family is from has a 42 percent literacy rate. Biden’s got dementia and he’s under Communist “immigrant” control.  He’s…

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Kamala Harris laughing when asked about Afghanistan proves the Indian alien is not ready to lead the United States of America

CLEVELAND, OH – Vice President and Willie Brown’s cum queen Kamala Devi Harris comes across as silly.  The “cum queen” description comes from Judge Joe Brown.  Twice, recently, the Vice President of the United States of America laughed when confronted by reporters about serious matters of public concern involving the southern border crisis President Joseph Robinette Biden created and the same with his self-created Afghanistan debacle. Harris can’t explain the laughter because it would make her appear more unlike Americans than she already does as a daughter of Indian and Jamaican illegal immigrants born in 1964 and labeled a “Caucasian”…

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Christian-hating Indians begging for the US’s Covid vaccine doses were warned to stop drinking & eating coronavirus infected cow pee and dung

CLEVELAND, OH – When India’s Christian-hating Hindu prime minister, Narendra Modi, encouraged Indians to drink coronavirus infected camel or cow urine to build up their body’s immunity against the virus his words were an ignorant death sentence.  Many of the Third World nation’s “western trained” physicians were trying to get them to stop the unhealthy religious practice. Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) even encouraged Indians to bathe in and eat cow shit.  Seriously.  The mixture is called Panchgavya and is a combination of cow milk, cow shit, cow urine, butter or what they call “ghee” made from cow…

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The U.S. Department of Justice and FBI opened an investigation of Kamala Harris’ alien Indian mother for unauthorized work and marriage fraud in 1967

CLEVELAND, OH – Fourteen years after she requested a January 6, 1972 dissolution from her “on paper” July 5, 1963 marriage to Jamaican alien Donald Jasper Harris, Indian alien Shyamala Gopolan lied on federal immigration forms she submitted through Immigration & Naturalization Services (INS) to the United States Department of Justice. On February 3, 1986 she claimed they were still married.  Donald Jasper Harris did not appear to have been involved with his lying ex-wife’s “still married” scam. 21 years earlier, on December 7, 1967, Shyamala Gopolan had been scheduled for “deportation.” Kamaladevi Harris had already relocated back to the…

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