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Mayor Bibb flim-flams taxpayers with a video selfie that delivered a crazed “line of duty” ruling in city employee Shane Bartek’s off work death

CLEVELAND, OH – The one municipal officer missing from Mayor Justin Bibb’s announcement of his administration’s “line of determination” ruling about the death of Shane Bartek was Director of Law Mark Griffin.  The “office” of the “director of law” was referenced as having provided an opinion.  That officer of the municipal corporation was not present to cite the specific laws which authorized Bibb to agree that Bartek’s death was “in the line of duty.”   The Bibb administration “outside the law” ruling came two days after Cleveland Police Patrolmens Association president and patrol officer Jeffrey Follmer expressed his “outrage” over a…

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An Asian refugee killer from Burma is the Collierville Kroger shooter Cleveland’s Afghanistan refugee loving media is hiding from Americans who’ll soon become their crime victims

CLEVELAND, OH – An Asian refugee from Burma – with no love of America or appreciation for the tolerance of Americans – added the residents of another “welcoming” community to the list of towns killer aliens and immigrants have turned into a national memorial for the dead and wounded.  The lastest killer alien to add to the daily body count of dead Americans at foreign hands inside our nation is Uk Thang, 29, from Burma.  Since 2010 aliens and immigrants have slaughtered over 12 Americans a day.  Thang’s first name of Uk is pronounced “uke” like the “u” in “Luke.”…

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Nina Turner’s Russian public relations partner has FBI, Manafort, Ukraine, Mueller and unregistered foreign agent problems

Russian Kirill Goncharenko is named in a federal lawsuit filed on October 7, 2021 that identifies him as a former Mercury Public Affairs principal. The claim is coming from another former principal, Fabian Nunez. He was once elected to California's General Assembly and served as its speaker. Both Nunez and Goncharenko have left Mercury Public Affairs, started new companies and are trying to take the clients of the business they built. Both are operating between offices in the USA and now London. The London location gives them the opportunity to avoid "some" U.S. Department of Justice scrutiny; or so they think. They'll be reported by the FBI to the Secret Intelligence Service aka MI6, the National Crime Agency and the Joint Intelligence Organisation. With citizenship and an office in the USA, neither Goncharenko nor Nunez will avoid their duties to report what they're doing in London to the United States Department of Justice as they made themselves even 'more" foreign conflicted by moving outside America. Goncharenko probably thought he was being smart. He's "hot." Anyone doing business with him is making themselves, or has already made themselves, part of an ongoing criminal investigation given the FBI raid on Oleg Deripaska's home. Paul Manafort was jailed from June 2018 until May 2020 when he was released for Covid. He was an unregistered foreign agent. Nina Turner may have saved herself a lot of trouble when she campaigned for Congress instead of spending her energy building AMARE Public Affairs with the investment backing she got from Kirill Goncharenko's now former Mercury Public Affairs. She's operating in a world where she doesn't have a clue about the depth of the trouble she could find herself involved in. Everything that glitters is not gold.

CLEVELAND, OH – Nina Turner may not realize how “in too deep” she is with her Russian investor’s Mercury Public Affairs company.  Maybe, however, she knows exactly what she’s doing as she appears to be “directed” into playing a role as a “similarly-named” affiliate of lobbyists and unregistered agents of foreign governments Communist-busting former Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigated. All the information I’ve shared below was available to the editorial staffs of the Russian-owned Plain Dealer and  The editorial slant of Russian media owners favor Russia as publishers, editors and controlled reporters intentionally omit information which makes the nation…

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Eaton’s “Global Cleveland” continues Logan Act, Espionage Act and FARA violations he started in the 1950’s through ex-con Joe Cimperman

CLEVELAND, OH – Joe Cimperman is Global Cleveland’s president.   He’s also a convicted thief, indicted on 26 counts, whose vote on Cleveland city council misdirected funds intended for impoverished Cleveland neighborhoods to a non-profit that employed a girlfriend who became his wife before he resigned to lead Global Cleveland in 2016.  He also hasn’t stopped. Cleveland Heights resident Basheer Jones in June 2020 sponsored legislation Councilman Brian Kazy seconded to pay Cimperman’s organization $125,000 in annual “dues.”  Of course Kevin Kelly violated the city’s charter to pass the ordinance as an “emergency” providing for the usual operation of a “municipal…

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What if undocumented aliens took over sanctuary city Dayton’s population and then took Wright-Patterson U.S. Air Force Base?

CLEVELAND, OH – What Ohioans had better hope is that Colonel Thomas Sherman has full control of Wright Patterson U.S. Air Force Base and knows who’s on it; and who’s in the civilian population “surrounding” the heavily-weaponized southern Ohio location. When we’re not at war our military hardware is stored on bases in cities across the nation.  It’s about 202 miles between downtown Cleveland, Ohio and Wright-Patterson that’s located between Montgomery and Greene counties.  Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley is a criminal like the other American-hating and national defense weakening sanctuary city mayors who racistly instruct law enforcement officers to enforce…

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Infiltrated Russians and Communist agents are embedded in Ohio’s election machinery


CLEVELAND, OH – When Russian American Bob Urosevich of Election Systems & Solutions started his big push to sell electronic voting equipment in Ohio, a friend asked me to meet him in Columbus to see if I was interested in joining the sales and consulting team.  We talked.  Urosevich’s ‘Russian ancestry bothered me as I see all Russians from my “born in 1953” perspective as Communist.  Unshakeable Cold War remnants.  I enlisted for this nation’s “proxy wars” against Russian and Chinese communism. I entered the U.S. Air Force in 1972.  It was five years after the Soviets controlling Israel killed…

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