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Darryl Moore’s silly lawyer, Jazmyn Stover, cries discrimination because Councilor Juanita Gowdy asked her thieving client about his federal fraud convictions, garnishment and no bid contracts

CLEVELAND, OH – Attorney Jazmyn Stover had to do something to help the federally-convicted mortgage and securities fraud thief known as Darryl Moore keep the $160,000 in contracts Richmond Heights resident Brandon King, Beachwood resident Willa Taylor Hemmons and “community development director” Melran Leach followed no federal laws to the letter to deliver to him.  So Moore’s bargain basement shyster concocted a crazed letter and argued that East Cleveland Council Vice President Juanita Gowdy did not ask any other contractor the same questions as those asked of her criminally-minded, “no-bid-contract-receiving” client.

Council vice president Juanita Gowdy told EJBNEWS she wasn’t paying Darryl Moore’s attorney any attention.

Stover was fired as a Human Resources consultant by Middleburg Heights city council in November 2018 when she worked for Seeley, Savidge, Ebert and Gourash Co., LPA.   Middleburg Heights Mayor Gary Starr is a partner in the firm.  Stover lasted a year.  Starr, like King, obstructed council from obtaining receipts, contracts and other documents associated with the money his law firm was being paid.  He resigned before council voted to remove him the same month they showed Stover the door.

When Starr fired the city’s police chief, John Maddox, this dummy, Stover, described the “civil servant” as an “at will” employee.  The city paid out roughly $500,000 in settlements and about $380,000 to Maddox.  Stover left Starr’s firm and joined Fisher Phillips in March 2019.  There are a lot of “foreign names” with Stover’s new employer.

Moore, Stover ignorantly concluded in her correspondence to Hemmons without citing any supportive statute, was a victim of discrimination.  Stover completely ignored the truth that he’s the only contractor known to Gowdy and the council to be convicted of federal securities and mortgage fraud.  He’s thus far the only contractor known to council whose $2.8 million in restitution is being paid with garnished HUD funds he’s receiving in no bid contracts from King, Leach and Hemmons.

Jazmyn Stover was fired by Middleburg Heights city council in 2018.

Moore’s shyster should know she would be Rule 11’d into a suspension by arguing that the city’s “law makers” should not be concerned that Moore’s 3D Moore, in conspiracy with King, Leach and Hemmons, has been the recipient of illegal no bid HUD-funded demolition contracts.  “Thieves gotta eat … too.”  Winky Dinky Dog.   The Hollywood Shuffle.

Stover then published and disseminated maliciously defamatory information that EJBNEW’s coverage of her client’s crimes with public funds was “both false and misleading and, quite frankly, are an attempt to interfere with 3D Moore’s business relationship with the city.”  In Stover’s stupid mind, investigative journalism is “tortious interference with a contract” instead of protected by the free speech provisions of the 1st Amendment she also ignored.

Moore’s attorney, in my opinion, functions intellectually like she was educated online as her advice appears to be guiding her already-once-convicted client back to prison.  She obviously has no knowledge of Frisbie Co. v. City of East Cleveland (1918) like she didn’t know civil service police chief’s don’t sign “employment contracts.” Reading is so very fundamental.  Class Act.  Kid n’ Play.  No bid demolition contracts with federal funds is not lawful.

“Where a statute prescribes the mode of exercise of the power therein conferred upon a municipal body, the mode specified is likewise the measure of the power granted, and a contract made in disregard of the express requirements of such statute is not binding or obligatory upon the municipality.” Frisbie Co. v. City of East Cleveland (1918), 98 Ohio St. 266 [120 N.E. 309], paragraph one of the syllabus.”

While Stover may not think Moore has an “individual” duty as a “contractor” to avoid the crime of accepting no bid contracts from King, Hemmons and Leach, an Ohio case captioned Welch v. City of Lima, 89 Ohio App. 457 (1950) says otherwise.  Contracts made outside statutory mandates are invalid.  The recipient has no collection recourse as they should have known better.  They are also imbued with the duty to validate before receiving a contract that the government officials who gave it to them obeyed federal, state and local procurement laws.

“Persons dealing with municipal corporations are charged with notice of all limitations upon the authority of the municipality or its agents, and they are required, at their peril, to ascertain whether statutory requirements relating to the subject of the transaction have been complied with.”

The more Jazmyn Stover writes about Darryl Moore’s relationship with the city of East Cleveland the more she incriminates him.

In her incriminating correspondence to Hemmons, Stover focused on only one EJBNEWS assertion affecting her client that she claimed was false.  To give her falsity claim the “appearance” of credibility, Stover recklessly and maliciously disregarded the true statement I wrote and altered the exact language I’d used to describe Moore’s ineligibility to receive no-bid federal block grant contracts.  The following unedited language is what was published by EJBNEWS about Moore’s unlawful receipt of federally-funded contracts as a mortgage and securities fraud felon.

HUD’s website features a list of offenses that automatically excluded Moore from applying for or receiving the never-ending stream of no-bid contracts and “grants” King, Leach and Hemmons delivered to him between 2017 and 2021 without RFP’s, advertising or council approval.  As East Cleveland council members read the HUD procurement regulations I’ve shared, its members should view all of Hemmons’ legal opinions as her criminal misuse of a usurped public office to protect how she’s been enriching herself by obstructing and violating the civil rights of their elected public offices.  Hemmons has never discussed what she knew about Moore’s garnishment with council; and she’s never ensured King and Leach were obeying federal procurement laws.  

There are more federal laws and regulations guiding the relationship between contractors convicted of mortgage and securities fraud than those Jazmyn Stover called herself sharing. Nothing in her own published biographies identifies Stover as having competency in federal HUD laws and regulations. She handles human resources, poorly, as evidenced by her 2018 dismissal by Middleburg Heights city council. Council complained that Mayor Gary Starr’s law firm resulted in the city’s taxpayers forking over settlement money.

Either Stover did not fully read or comprehend the entirety of the paragraph above she fecklessly butchered by adding language I did not use and repeating it in writing to the private attorney impersonating the City of East Cleveland’s criminally-complicit director of law.  The remainder of her response can be read in its entirety in the images I’ve shared.  Readers will see Stover lacked the capacity to correctly repeat the first sentence I wrote before I described Hemmons violations of R.C. 733.57.  Below is her mischaracterization of the paragraph I cited above.

EJB asserts that Mr. Moore’s 2008 conviction automatically renders 3D Moore, ineligible from receiving HUD fundings.  This is false.  HUD regulations do not include any provisions rendering an individual or entity “automatically debarred.”  

Stover recklessly and maliciously inserted the words “automatically debarred” for “automatically excluded” in the correspondence she crafted to obstruct Gowdy’s investigative oversight authority as council’s vice president during the Contracts & Properties meeting she attended with Moore.  What Stover completely missed or ignored was how the focus of the EJBNEWS story was on the statutory duties King, Hemmons and Leach were failing to discharge as their criminally derelict acts leaves her client even more vulnerable to fraud charges.

Richmond Heights resident Brandon King is a thief and a liar stealing from East Cleveland.

Instead of offering her stupid discrimination claim, Stover should have advised Moore to obey Welch v. City of Lima, 89 Ohio App. 457 (1950).  Had she known anything about municipal law instead of employment and union “prevent’ tactics, Stover would have been operating within Disciplinary Rule 1.13 to advise her “organizational” client of one that Hemmons’ was not discharging the following statutory duties regarding the no-bid contracts Leach was setting him up to receive.

When an obligation or contract made on behalf of a municipal corporation, granting a right or easement or creating a public duty, is being evaded or violated, the village solicitor or city director of law shall apply for the forfeiture or the specific performance thereof as the nature of the case requires.

The “oath” and “contract-less” Hemmons admitted during the meeting how she had failed to conduct an investigation of Moore’s background as the city operates on a 90-day budget with spending levels cut by the Financial Planning & Supervision Commission to 85 percent of what King requested and council appropriated.

The mere fact that federal prosecutors had no knowledge at the time of Moore’s 2008 conviction, that he was going to create a demolition company in 2013, does not obviate Gowdy’s duty to question the convicted mortgage and securities fraud criminal now that his receipt of illegal no-bid contracts is known.  It also does not obviate Assistant United States Attorney Alex Rokakis’ duty to report and investigate the King administration for delivering Moore the no-bid HUD money even if it added to former United States Attorney Justin Herdman’s restitution collection numbers.

Private attorney Willa Hemmons has no oath or contract to represent the city of East Cleveland as the director of law.

Moore operated his pass-through company from 2013 through 2019 out of the basement of a Noble Road beauty shop with no construction equipment.  He only recently purchased an excavator and a low-boy to carry it.  Other contractors who have registered with the city, and who actually own equipment and possess licensing to demolish structures, have complained without avail that King’s awarding of no-bid contracts to his friend and campaign donor violated their rights and federal procurement laws.

One contractor called after reading EJBNEWS’ first in a series of a stories about Moore’s unlawful interactions with corrupt East Cleveland officials and asked if contractors could file a class action claim for the fraud.

“They had us register and post bonds.  Melran Leach told us we’d be emailed about bids and never received them,” the contractor said.

HUD requires bids to be advertised in newspapers of general circulation as another duty Stover should have advised her client to ensure his “inside” benefactors obeyed.  When Gowdy questioned Leach about the published advertisement for the work he wanted to deliver to Moore he produced an email to the Plain Dealer saying one had been requested.  He didn’t know if the advertisement was published.

Federal records show just a sample of Darryl Moore’s securities and mortgage fraud federal crimes.

Stover correctly referenced HUD’s Departmental Enforcement Center as the federal authority charged with the duty to place Moore and his company on HUD’s suspension, debarment and limited denials of participation.  But the way she did it now opens the door for the information council now knows exists about Moore’s no bid deals with corrupt East Cleveland officials to be shared with HUD’s DEC as well as the federal agency’s Inspector General.

The DEC’s regional office in Chicago can be contacted at 312-913-8059.  HUD’s Inspector General in the Cleveland office can be reached at 216-357-7800.  HUD’s OIG accepts calls about fraud from anonymous sources.

John Elroy Sanford and I were raised in the St. Louis, Missouri – East Saint Louis, Illinois area. Some members of my staff as East Cleveland’s mayor called me “Big Red.”

Stover had better learn this nation and state’s “defamation” and libel” laws before she tosses out claims that EJBNEWS published information about Moore and his 3D Moore that are false and misleading.  Discovery during defamation proceedings can be rough on a criminal with a lot to hide; and Stover’s legal background doesn’t show she has the tools to keep from incriminating him even further.  That’s my personal opinion as the city’s former mayor.

Stover’s reputation on the web appears to be self-created social media hype and glamourized pictures.  Anyone these days can make themselves look good if their names are not “tagged” in news stories that share otherwise.  She’s lucky her Lee Road Cleveland Heights “bar and restaurant” client didn’t move forward with the complaint she considered filing with the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association before Disciplinary Counsel Scott Drexel’s death. She felt sorry for a “Sister.” That would have been just another story for EJBNEWS.

As someone who successfully managed East Cleveland’s department of community development, twice, and who worked under a HUD contract for the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority as the chief of communications and a project planner in the construction division, Moore would be smart to run from another no-bid contract he’s offered by King and “Set “Em Up” Leach.   He’s already “In Too Deep.”  Omar Epps.  LL Cool J.

Ex-US Attorney Herdman needed mortgage fraud felon Darryl Moore’s $2.8 million in restitution; so the USDOJ said nothing while he stole it from East Cleveland in no bid HUD demolition contracts with King’s help

CLEVELAND, OH – When Richmond Heights resident Brandon King usurped the office of East Cleveland mayor as a non-resident of the city on January 1, 2018, his friend, Darryl Moore, had only made $3400 in restitution payments to the United States government through the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of Ohio.

Moore had been indicted on August 16, 2007 with Leon S. Heard, Steven I. Helfgott, Robert McNair, Mark C. Olds along with other defendants involved in a mortgage fraud, securities fraud, money laundering, wire fraud, interstate transportation of stolen property and conspiracy to acquire millions in dollars from investors without a securities license. They then diverted the proceeds of the dollars they’d stolen from investors to their own personal uses.  Big houses, expensive cars, swanky restaurants, tailored suits and lavish lifestyles.  The case number is 1:07 CR319.  Look it up on PACER.  Moore was “making money moves.”

The federal court docket confirms Darryl G. Moore’s conviction, sentencing and restitution amount.

Moore’s “money moves” led to him pleading guilty and being sentenced on July 11, 2008 to 53 months at the McKean Federal Corrections Institution in Bradford, Pennsylvania with three years of supervised release.  He was ordered to make restitution in the amount of $1,425,819.09 on Count 2 (Securities Fraud) and $1,388,777.31 on Count 6 (Mortgage Fraud).

The U.S. Attorneys prosecuting the organized crime gang under ex-U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman at the time were John E. Patterson, Christian H. Stickan, Richard J. French, Robert J. Patton, Alex Rokakis and Bridget M. Brennan.  Brennan is currently the acting U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio as Herdman’s replacement until President Joseph Robinette Biden’s nominee is confirmed by the United States Senate.

Moore’s conviction on all of the “fraud” offenses automatically excluded him from seeking or receiving a dime from any federal contract.  He was specifically required by federal law to leave HUD dollars alone; and it was the duty of Herdman and now Brennan in the U.S. Attorney’s office to ensure that he did as the prosecuting lawyers for the federal housing agency Biden has nominated United States Representative Marcia Louise Fudge to lead.

Assistant US Attorney Alex Rokakis was assigned by US Attorney Justin Herdman to collect on the $2.8 million in restitution Darryl G. Moore owed for his mortgage and security fraud crimes.

These same duties applied, equally, to King, Hemmons and Melran Leach in his official capacity as the mayor’s director of community development.  Leach had been a federal “witness” against Moore as one of the co-conspiring players in the organized securities and mortgage fraud crime gang.

As a “grantee” receiving HUD CDBG funds, it was the duty of King, Leach, Hemmons and finance director Charles Iyahen, including an unsuspecting city council, to enforce the “debarment and suspension” mandates found in the United States Code and the United States Code of Federal Regulations.  Moore was ineligible to receive any municipal contracts from a federally-funded city pursuant to Chapter 24 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations Section 85.35.  It is cited as 24 CFR 85.35.

Excluded Parties.  Grantees must not make any award (subgrant or contract) to any organization which is debarred or suspended or is otherwise excluded from or ineligible for participation in Federal assistance programs under Executive Order 12549, ”Debarment and Suspension.” This applies to any CDBG-assisted contract at any tier in the process.

I’m sharing a link to HUD’s procurement regulations every mayor, council member and non-profit receiving CDBG dollars have a duty to know and obey.  Citizen activists and journalists should master the regulations as well.

US Attorney Justin Herdman and Assistant US Attorney Alex Rokakis knew pursuant to 18 USC 4, Misprision of felony, that Darryl Moore was “excluded” from receiving HUD CDBG funds from the city of East Cleveland. Rokakis was one of Moore’s prosecutors.

HUD’s website features a list of offenses that automatically excluded Moore from applying for or receiving the never-ending stream of no-bid contracts and “grants” King, Leach and Hemmons delivered to him between 2017 and 2021 without RFP’s, advertising or council approval.  As East Cleveland council members read the HUD procurement regulations I’ve shared, its members should view all of Hemmons’ legal opinions as her criminal misuse of a usurped public office to protect how she’s been enriching herself by obstructing and violating the civil rights of their elected public offices.  Hemmons has never discussed what she knew about Moore’s garnishment with council; and she’s never ensured King and Leach were obeying federal procurement laws.

After his release from prison, Moore on January 30, 2012 registered 3D Moore Enterprises LLC with the Ohio Secretary of State.  His friend, King, was not yet on city council or the mayor.  King entered the office of mayor without delivering an oath of office to the Clerk of the Council on December 7, 2016 after Gary Alexander Norton, Jr. was recalled.  He repeated the same oath offense on January 1, 2018.

On October 19, 2017, Moore operating under his D Moore Enterprises LLC received his first big check for $39,500 from partners in crime King and Leach to demolish 1277 Hayden Avenue.  It was a single family home once owned by a local female pastor that could easily have been brought “up to code” with the same money and resold at cost to a large family.

Darryl G. Moore appears to have created 3 D Moore Enterprises LLC shortly after being released from prison.

Four months after King was sworn in on January 1, 2018 as East Cleveland’s mayor, after winning the November 2017 general election with the help of campaign donations Moore had given him, Rokakis, a Greek American, on April 26, 2018 entered a Notice of Appearance for the “USA.”  There was a “random reassignment” of magistrates on April 27, 2018 and an order was issued the same day assigning the case to Magistrate Judge George J. Limbert.  He retires in 2022.

On May 2, 2018, a Notice of Garnishment was sent to East Cleveland asking for the money “Darryl Moore” was owed in his “individual” name.  OPERS was also noticed as it appears to support suspicions that Moore is being falsely represented to the state pension board as an employee and not a contractor.

Gowdy told EJBNEWS she plans to investigate how many contractors and friends of King’s are being carried as employees under East Cleveland’s OPERS account.  Hemmons is not an employee but an independent contractor operating under an expired contract with no oath of office.

The federal docket does not reflect the event that “triggered” Herdman to send Alex Rokakis after East Cleveland to collect on the $2.8 million in restitution Moore owed the United States government.  It only reflects that from the time of his release from prison until May 2, 2018, he had only paid $3400 in restitution.

Darryl Moore’s fortunes changed after his $1000 donation to Brandon King’s campaign committee resulted in a check for $39000 from a no bid demolition contract.

Private attorney Hemmons, responded in a June 8, 2018 motion that the federal court should amend its record to identify “3D Moore” and not “Darryl Moore” as the garnishee.  Court documents show Rokakis validated the 3D Moore claim with Ohio’s Secretary of State and Cuyahoga County; and wrote the amendment approved by federal Judge John R. Adams.  There is no information in the federal docket that Rokakis ever shared Moore’s excluded status with Judge Adams; or that he and Herdman sought to formalize the exclusions with HUD after his “mortgage fraud” conviction.

Moore’s name would be on HUD’s exclusion list but for Herdman and Rokakis’ seeming conspiratorial negligence.  Had they alerted HUD officials that a mortgage fraud felon was submitting invoices to obtain no-bid CDBG dollars it would have prevented Herdman and Rokakis from collecting Moore’s restitution.

Alex Rokakis’ garnishment notices were also forwarded to the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS).  It was an act which strongly-implied that King was creating a pension for Moore as a “contractor” that was being paid by East Cleveland taxpayers.

If OPERS is involved its officials were delivered fraudulent documents that falsely-identified “Moore” as an employee.   Rokakis seemed unconcerned that pension contributions to contractors criminally violated Section 145.038 of the Revised Code of Ohio.

Acknowledgement of independent contractor status. (A) A public employer who on or after January 7, 2013, begins to receive personal services from an individual it classifies as an independent contractor or another classification other than public employee shall inform the individual of the classification and that no contributions will be made to the public employees retirement system for the services.

In the documents he submitted to the federal court presided over by Judge John R. Adams, assistant U.S. Attorney Alex Rokakis appears to have had no curiosity about the source of funds the city was delivering to the ex-offender who was in real time committing violations of federal HUD procurement laws.  Neither did Judge Adams.

Willa Hemmons is a contract attorney impersonating East Cleveland’s director of law.

Herdman and Rokakis also seemed unconcerned that Moore was operating a so-called demolition company with no equipment and no prior experience out of his beauty shop’s basement on Noble Road.  Moore did not even possess a Commercial Drivers License.  [NOTE:  One of Alex Rokakis’ cousins was seen in East Cleveland doing a walk-through of a home his company was given an award to demolish from the county landbank his brother, James Rokakis, once led before resigning in disgrace.]

What appears to have been Herdman’s only concern in the documents Rokakis created and presented to Judge Adams was the collection of the $2.8 million Moore owed.  It also did not appear to matter that the money Moore was collecting was being stolen from HUD.   [NOTE: Judge Adams was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation after allegations of misconduct were filed against him with the Judicial Council of the Sixth Circuit.  The mental health evaluation and charges were dropped against the federal judge on June 27, 2019.]

Annually U.S. Attorneys are required to give “Annual Statistical Reports” that identify action on restitution collections.  Herdman appeared to be interested only in building up his numbers as Trump was considering the Jones Day partner to lead the U.S. Attorneys office in Washington, D.C.  His nomination never made it out of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

Jones Day recently closed its Moscow office and relocated the Russian who led it, Vladmir Lechtman, to Washington, D.C.  The firm has represented the Russian Federation as unregistered foreign agents Herdman did not investigate for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Alex Rokakis’ documented mission focused only on getting a plan worked out with East Cleveland to deliver the “garnished” portion of the federal goverment’s HUD CDBG dollars the excluded felon was obtaining in violation of federal laws from King, Hemmons, Leach and Iyahen in no bid contracts.

U.S. District Court Judge John R. Adams has enough problems without being dragged into an East Cleveland organized crime drama by Assistant U.S. Attorney Alex Rokakis and former U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman.

The workout plan included King and private attorney Willa Hemmons, who has no contract, no oath of office nor the residency qualifications under Ohio laws to discharge the duties of a municipal director of law, agreeing to send the proceeds of Moore’s “no bid” HUD-funded demolition contracts to the U.S. District Court.  Hemmons is a resident of Shaker Heights.

Herdman and Alex Rokakis’ completely ignored their “Misprision of felony” duties pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4 to prevent the theft of HUD CDBG funds from “excluded” individuals and contractors as the Secretary of HUD’s prosecutors. Each ignored, as well, Disciplinary Rule 1.13 in the Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers in Ohio instead of misleading the USDOJ’s employees into a conspiracy to aid Moore in the commission of his crimes against HUD just to collect restitution payments.  Neither appear to have cared where the money came from as long as they got it.

An order from the Judicial Council of the Sixth Circuit ended the misconduct investigation of Judge John R. Adams. He should feel “used” by Alex Rokakis for dragging him into an organized crime drama with an excluded felon receiving HUD funded demolition awards that violated Congress’ procurement laws. Adams should review Frisbie Company v. The City or East Cleveland, 98 Ohio St. 266 (1918).  Contracts awarded in violation of public bidding laws are voided. Contractors have a duty not to accept a contract awarded in violation of laws.  Ward 2 Councilwoman Juanita Gowdy was right not to listen to the crap Darryl Moore’s attorney spewed during her contracts and property committee meeting.

Herdman, Rokakis and Hemmons all appear to have violated DR 1.13(a) and (b).

(a) A lawyer employed or retained by an organization represents the organization acting through its constituents. A lawyer employed or retained by an organization owes allegiance to the organization and not to any constituent or other person connected with the organization. The constituents of an organization include its owners and its duly authorized officers, directors, trustees, and employees.

(b) If a lawyer for an organization knows or reasonably should know that its constituent’s action, intended action, or refusal to act (1) violates a legal obligation to the organization, or (2) is a violation of law that reasonably might be imputed to the organization and that is likely to result in substantial injury to the organization, then the lawyer shall proceed as is necessary in the best interest of the organization. When it is necessary to enable the organization to address the matter in a timely and appropriate manner, the lawyer shall refer the matter to higher authority, including, if warranted by the circumstances, the highest authority that can act on behalf of the organization under applicable law.

Council vice president Juanita Gowdy started asking the hard questions about contracts, police warrantless pursuits the media calls high speed chases and Brandon King’s spending as soon as she joined council on January 1, 2020.

Rokakis is the younger brother of former Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization creator James Rokakis who aided George Michael Riley and Christine Beynon in creating the pile-up of 1000 demolished landbank properties at 1740 Noble Road behind residential homes in East Cleveland.   James Rokakis has long been suspected of being protected by his assistant U.S. Attorney brother.

Alex Rokakis appears to have a conflicted relationship with his East Cleveland involvement since the agency his brother led aided Riley in committing environmental crimes against the city’s residents that weakened immune systems, caused cancer and may have resulted in several deaths.  Barbara Garner, a non-smoker, died of lung cancer in 2016.  Her son believes the 5-story pile of death behind their Noble Road home was the cause.

No one has been criminally-prosecuted for the illegal, deadly and immune weakening “construction and demolition debris landfill” James Rokakis supported between Collinwood High School and Apex Charter School near the Helen S. Brown senior citizen high-rise and Crystal Towers. What Alex Rokakis wanted was a workout plan and a garnishment.

City council warned private attorney Willa Hemmons to stop impersonating the city’s director of law in any and every court.

After Ward 2 residents elected Juanita Gowdy to the city council in November 2018, and she was administered an oath of office on January 1, 2020, she immediately began asking for and was obstructed by King, Hemmons and attorney Heather McCollough from receiving all the information she requested about Moore’s contracts and Hemmons’ oath and contract.   McCollough notarized recall petitions against Gowdy that identified Kelly Bright as the circulator that she claimed were delivered to her by Che Gadison.  Gowdy defeated Gadison in 2019.

Gowdy, and citizen activists, who were asking the USDOJ under Herdman for help, had no idea federal prosecutors were aiding Moore in his theft of federal funds by ignoring their duties to keep him “excluded” and HUD protected.  Gowdy confirmed during her first year in office that U.S. District Court Judge James Gwin’s revelations that Hemmons was not representing the city were also confirmed.

Section 705.28 of the Revised Code of Ohio required every employee and officer of the municipal corporation to be administered an oath of office before they began discharging the duties of the public offices to which they were appointed.  The oaths were required to be filed with the Clerk of Council. Gowdy confirmed that none of the city’s official’s oaths were filed with the council clerk.

CDBG director Melran Leach had a duty to keep excluded vendors like his friend Darryl Moore away from federal dollars.

Hemmons supplied an “affidavit” instead of an oath though it was her duty pursuant to Section 733.57 of the Revised Code of Ohio and her contract to ensure the city’s officers and contractors were discharging their official duties.

When an obligation or contract made on behalf of a municipal corporationgranting a right or easement or creating a public duty, is being evaded or violated, the village solicitor or city director of law shall apply for the forfeiture or the specific performance thereof as the nature of the case requires.

Since he’s been freed from prison, Moore’s 3D Moore has had almost exclusive access to demolition awards coming from the community development department under King’s oversight and his former partner Leach’s management.  King and Leach are now trying to give him an $80,000 contract to “patch” a parking lot at city hall.

Like the other awards of federal funds to the mayor’s friends, Leach can’t prove to council that he obeyed HUD’s procurement laws as he seeks to have contracts given to Moore totaling $160,000.  When recently asked if the bids were advertised, Leach supplied an email claiming that he asked the Plain Dealer to place the bid notice without producing an actual copy of to prove that it had been published.

Richmond Heights resident Brandon King is a thief and a liar stealing from East Cleveland.

Once the documents I’ve shared in this story reaches council’s hands, King, Hemmons, Leach and Charles Iyahen are going to have some additional explaining to do.  So should Herdman and Rokakis to the appropriate federal oversight authorities for their unreported complicitness in Moore’s theft of CDBG funds HUD sent to direct entitlement East Cleveland.

Rybka let an Albanian building department worker help a Communist Albanian alien organized crime figure and his kids complete demolition documents with federal dumping laws they couldn’t read in English

CLEVELAND, OH – When I worked as Cleveland Life’s editor in chief in 2001 our offices were across the street from the Plain Dealer’s at 18th and Superior.  The power went out right before September 11, 2001 that affected us, the Plain Dealer and other businesses within a couple of blocks.  The problem was sourced to the electrical panel in the basement of the building that houses our offices. 

Ukrainian alien workers who knew no English had been hired by a sub-contractor working on the Plain Dealer’s renovation of its headquarters.  They couldn’t read the electrical schematics and had “guessed” wrong.  Such are the costly screw-ups in a city with law enforcement officials who ignore immigration laws that protect the jobs of the working natural born and legal citizens of the United States of America.

What I have been hearing in off-the-record conversations from individuals interacting with directors, managers, supervisors, workers and law enforcement staff in the city of Cleveland’s building department under Edward Rybka, and an Albanian alien payroll clerk named Liljiana Vajusi, is extremely disturbing.   

I’m seeing city hall crimes like actor Haley Osmet saw Bruce Willis’ dead azz in “The 6th Sense.” I see criminals and I’m not alone.  So do the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States Treasury Department, the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).  So does the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OPEA).  Don’t forget.  City hall has been raided twice in the past three years.  I fully understand why federal authorities have been aggressive.  The corruption inside city hall is “in your face” and “out of control.”

Think about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) built by an American Negro named John Edgar Hoover born in 1895 in between my grandparents. Think of him being raised under the spirt of American Negro scientist Dr. George Washington Carver. Dr. Carver figured out 326 ways to use a peanut every other nationality was just eating as a peanut. He figured out how to make whipped cream, turpentine, fake veal, chicken and beef out of it. So Brother Hoover is the top law enforcement agent and he’s got the task of building a bureaucracy that remembers how the first criminal the agency captured was caught; and keeping details about ever caught criminal until today on file so agents could be trained over and over again from 1917 until now on how to catch those 123 years into the future. You do realize that every caught thief has to cooperate and tell how they stole. It’s the depth of thinking American Negroes embodied who lived in the spirit of Dr. Carver’s superior brilliance. So the ongoing training federal law enforcement agents get throughout the year comes from 123 years of lessons a brilliant American Negro federal law enforcement officer left for future federal law enforcement agents to study. During my youth Director Hoover’s newscasts showed us exactly what FBI agents were doing to catch spies, bank robbers, crooked politicians and every other ilk of criminal in existence. Americans were taught to report aliens and employ them or help them steal public funds. We trusted the G-Men.

There are a lot of “agents” with initials and badges on their business cards quietly and behind-the-scenes issuing subpoenas for cell phone records, listening to conversations, observing criminals in action and coordinating a strategy to bust them all.   Federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents are working in an office out of the Mayor Carl Burton Stokes Federal Building next to the Mayor Harold Hitz Burton Memorial Bridge. They’re looking at boards on walls and Powerpoint presentations that contain a lot of pictures of faces and lines drawn between them connecting the dots between the names and titles. 

The faces of federal agents investigating employees and vendors are being “remembered” at the restaurants, on job sites pretending to be individuals wanting properties demolished, seen with OEPA inspectors and ultimately identified as federal agents when the citizens and non-citizens they had placed under investigation later learned their crimes and confessions were “caught on tape.”  Employees of the municipal government Cleveland and its vendors are the “subjects” of a full, federal, multi-agency criminal investigation and have been so every day since at least 2013.

Vajusi appears to have been assigned by Rybka to help the family of a Communist-raised, Albanian alien organized crime figure the FBI has already busted for stealing $3.7 million from a Parma credit union.  It was his cut of a $170 million con he and others were running under fake names. 

A smart American would have run from the assignment as “outside the law” and seen it as a “set-up.”  Vajusi doesn’t know if Rybka’s been forced to cooperate with the Homeland Security in a very elaborate entrapment scheme to bust Satka and his relatives like they did Taylor.  Former director Ronald O’Leary told me he was cooperating with federal officials.  Jackson told me O’Leary had not shared that information with him.

When federal investigators examine the paperwork she helped them complete, and questions are asked of the “indicted” and “arrested” Satkas’ that could come with the appointment of President-elect Joe Biden’s U.S. Attorney, they’re going to tell federal agents threatening them with deportation Vajusi’s the one who either filled out the documents for them or told them what to do.  They didn’t know English.  Information like this is in thousands of past federal indictments going back 123 years for those of us Americans with the 13th generation and beyond roots who have been paying attention.  This is “our” history.

Sata Satka moves like a player. What’s he been setting up in the United States of America since he fled Albania in 1997?

What Vajusi appears to have done is helped barely-English speaking former Albanian Communists complete official government records that allows six companies in different family member names to bid on demolition contracts under “set aside” laws to which they were not legally entitled.   The federal criminal offenses embedded within her acts are numerous.  For both the city and the Satka’s I see Vajusi as the “fall girl.”  Satka’s federal felony indictment for stealing from the federal government disqualified him from being involved anything involving the federal government; and that includes a “federally funded” municipal corporation’s demolition contracts. 

R.C. 705.28 required Jackson to administer Vajusi an oath of office to discharge the duties of a payroll clerk.  I already know when questioned he’ll say he did not tell Rbyka to assign his after work assistant to help Albanian organized criminals set up 6 demolition companies. 

While it’s the mayor’s job to receive bids, Jackson will say the demolition work was done without public bidding by Rybka, Ayonna Donald, Damian Borkowski, Thomas Vanover, Paul Cuffari outside his knowledge.  He’s already told me he had no knowledge of what Taylor was doing. Rybka and Donald have neglected to keep the financial disclosure forms Jackson had created for employees to complete, annually, current.  This shit’s on them.  Not him.  He’ll say he hired attorney-educated employees who should know how to read and apply federal, state and local laws and they’ve obviously been derelict.

What has further been alleged by various individuals interacting with building department workers is that the Communist-raised Albanian alien, Satka, also “physically assaulted” an 86-year-old American Negro man named Obie Martin in front of an ex-Soviet city hall building employee name Damian Borkowski.  Borkowski, an attorney with an inactive license, allegedly witnessed the alien assault on an American citizen, a felony; and failed to report his crime to either the city’s police, the FBI or Homeland Security pursuant to 18 U.S.C., “Misprision of felony.” 

Borkowski further acted, allegedly in conspiracy with David Cooper,  to conceal Satka’s theft of Martin’s dump tickets and alleged receipt of $40,000 in payment for work his Vlora company did not perform.  Vanover is the city hall worker I identified as spreading CoVid to Cuffari.  There exists affirming public records.  Martin was allegedly offered more work instead of his $40,000 by Borkowski if he did not report the alien Satka’s felony theft and assault crimes.  This information is 100 percent confirmed.

I was told Martin’s been silent because he doesn’t like attention.  Understood.  Especially since Jackson put Borkowski in place to ensure the mayor’s law enforcement duties were carried out as his surrogates and he didn’t.

From my perspective as a former mayor, Jackson should have long ago directed Calvin Williams to meet with FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen D. Anthony and the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio for a discussion about the racketeering and organized crime they’ve been investigating in the department Rybka oversees.  

Just based on the FBI’s investigation of Satka’s role in the Parma credit union scam should have disqualified him from doing any business with the city.  This is especially since the federal indictment reveals he used multiple names to steal like he’s running multiple demolition companies through his children my sources have shared with me.   The only place I’ve seen the name he identifies under show up in a global search over the “dark web” is here in the Cleveland area.  Did Rybka assign Vajusi to even investigate the authenticity of his name with a birth certificate, drivers license and a green card; or did she just accept whatever name he offered?

What’s disturbing in the conversations I’ve heard from natural born American citizens I view as credible is the apartheid-like system Jackson and Kevin Kelley have allowed their Soviet komrad, Rybka, to criminally put in place in circumvention of federal, state and local laws that award contracts earmarked for citizens of America.  This trio of un-American traitors threatening our national security has been giving them to non-English speaking immigrants who can’t prove their presence here is legal; or that they have “minority set aside” or “female business enterprise” rights as recent arrivals none of this nation’s past laws affected. 

I know first-hand that American Negro contractors bidding on city work have as many as 30 trucks and multiple excavators to handle the same and larger projects as Satka and Bauman’s.  They have “yards” with their own front end loaders and clean fill dirt.  Some are abundantly certified.  They don’t get to demolish the school buildings or properties like the Victoreen Building that existed at 10101 Woodland Avenue. William Bauman’s company violated demolition laws he didn’t correct until I took pictures and reported him.

I’ve been told Satka’s been relying on the equipment and workers of others as Rybka, Borkowski, Vanover and now Paul Cuffari appear to have interpreted their “outside the law” biases into “you can’t bid on this project” anti-American Negro policies in favor of immigrant contractors like the Satkas’, Bauman’s and others.

The distribution of contracts culture within the building department Jackson has allowed Rybka to create, as Kelley intentionally fails to discharge council’s duties to investigate the administration’s violation’s of laws, has cultivated a bidding environment where Satka and the Bauman’s nine demolition companies are competing against each other and those owned by a single family.   Each of their companies has been awarded no-bid demolition contracts in their various names.   I intend to validate allegations that bidders are losing by $50 and $100 as it smells of inside city hall help.   

Mayors are delegated bid opening authority.  I did as East Cleveland’s mayor.   The FBI’s current investigation of Cleveland’s building department includes allegations of employees delivering information on bids that points to someone else in addition to the now-convicted Taylor.

The Satka’s, I’ve been told, have been relying on Americans they’re paying to navigate them through the environmental crimes their committing “undetected by city inspectors” at job sites.  Their English language deficiencies appears to make them unfit to take the tests American contractors have taken to demonstrate their knowledge of federal and state laws demolition, trucking, landfill, asbestos and worker safety standards all are required to know.  How is the Jackson administration handling the “prevailing wage” requirements for federal projects if the Satka family is led by a convicted alien thief the FBI’s already busted for violating federal savings and loans laws?

Aliens appear to be given jobs by the “sanctuary minded” Jackson administration that are reserved for citizens of the United States of America.  Certification from the United States Department of State is required when aliens arrive here from work that the skill they possess is one the nation does not have citizens to fill.  That’s not the case with the Albanian alien Jackson hired to discharge the “statutory duties” of a payroll clerk.  

Here’s what I mean by describing the the public duties Liljiana Vajusi discharges from a statutory perspective as a payroll clerk.

Pursuant to R.C. 731.08 Cleveland city council has the “power of legislative authority as to salaries and bonds” as does every other council in the state of Ohio.

Except as otherwise provided in Title VII [7] of the Revised Code, the legislative authority of a city, by ordinance or resolution, shall determine the number of officers, clerks, and employees in each department of the city government, and shall fix, by ordinance or resolution, their respective salaries and compensation, and the amount of bond to be given for each officer, clerk, or employee in each department of the government, if any is required. Such bond shall be made by such officer, clerk, or employee, with surety subject to the approval of the mayor.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .

The way the law above has worked in practice from my perspective is that city councils approve all described in R.C. 731.08 in a job description during a regular and public meeting.   The chief of staff’s job was created and funded by East Cleveland city council for me sometime in 1998.  Job description, rate of pay and all.   It hasn’t been funded or authorized by law since 1998; but this is how the council controls who’s working and what they do. 

Vajusi replaced the late Rose Ginyon as a payroll clerk in the department Rybka oversees.  Ginyon died at her desk at city hall.  She was an American Negro whose ancestors like the nation’s 280 million natural born American majority were educated over the last 400 years here to speak English; and that’s thanks to President John Quincy Adams as he “envisioned” the Constitution of the United States of America.

There are no foreign-language interpretation duties embedded within the job description of a “municipal” employee authorizing Vajusi to do anything on city time other than discharge a payroll clerk’s duties.  Interpreting Albanian is not in Cleveland’s charter or any Ohio law for municipal workers.  There are, however, federal immigration laws Vajusi, Satka and his family must obey in order to have been “admissible” to the United States of America and remain in that status. Government officials in Ohio have “validation” duties to discharge to ensure benefits reach the citizens for whom dollars are “legislated” to serve.

There’s also the city’s collective bargaining agreements with the various administrative public employee unions.  Grievances are filed by employees who work out of their job classifications.  There’s no job motivation for Vajusi to assist her fellow fleeing Communist countrymen but for some special benefit.  Especially because of the risk she faces for being known by federal agents to have aided them in the completion of the paperwork they filed with the city.  Is she also an off-work employee or consultant to the Satka family?

Let’s take a look at Title 8 of the United States Code, Chapter 1182.  It deals with “labor certifications.” for aliens seeking admission into the United States of America looking for work.

(i)In general, any alien who seeks to enter the United States for the purpose of performing skilled or unskilled labor is inadmissible, unless the Secretary of Labor has determined and certified to the Secretary of State and the Attorney General that— (I)there are not sufficient workers who are able, willing, qualified (or equally qualified in the case of an alien described in clause (ii)) and available at the time of application for a visa and admission to the United States and at the place where the alien is to perform such skilled or unskilled labor, and  (II) the employment of such alien will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of workers in the United States similarly employed.

It doesn’t matter that the Vajusi’s married and she arrived her as his wife.   Liljiana Vajusi is Walter’s financial burden and not the taxpayers of the city of Cleveland.  If its true that he married her in Albania and left there to return to the United States of America with her, there are questions building inspector Walter Vajusi would have to answer about his length of uninterrupted time in this nation in order to be eligible for citizenship.  He’d also have signed an “affidavit of support” with U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement that he could afford his alien wife.

It doesn’t matter if she wants to work.  Liljiana Vajusi shouldn’t be taking jobs from “any” natural born American citizen of Cleveland.  In this case she’s being paid to perform … two.  I also hear she’s only doing one.  I’ll check.

From a pure technical perspective there’s no “statutory basis” for Vajusi to record the time she spends helping the Albanian aliens without clocking out and leaving the office.  Unless Kelley sat down with Rybka to write an ordinance that authorizes Vajusi to interpret the city’s ordinances and our state and nation’s laws for the aliens, Vajusi’s engaging in theft in office when she abandons her payroll clerk’s duties to aid them.  It would be evidence in my opinion of a criminal conspiracy on Kelley and Rybka’s part if such legislation exists.  There’s no such thing as legislation written as a special favor to give an alien criminal’s family access to federal, state and local demolition funds.

Vajusi as a public employee surrogate of a municipal law enforcement officer also has immigration enforcement duties to ensure the tax funds paying her wages don’t go to individuals unauthorized by law to receive them.  That’s irrespective of any foreign “ethnic loyalty” or affiliation.  The Satka family is not entitled to any special benefits because of a shared native ancestry with a municipal worker paid to discharge public duties.  From my perspective her role in assisting them in the completion of paperwork to receive those funds would be a crime.

As an employee under the supervision of the mayor in his official capacity as the city’s chief law enforcement officer, Vajusi is Jackson’s law enforcement officer surrogate in the payroll department … only.  There are no other duties a payroll clerk is authorized by law to discharge other than those of ensuring all federal, state and local laws are obeyed in whatever payroll processing role she plays.  What Vajusi like every person has a duty to do is report felony crimes when she knows, as an example, Satka or his children are engaged in them.  Misprision of felony is found in 18 U.S.C. 4.

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Here’s what’s been made clear to me by the contractors and city hall workers I’ve heard from directly and indirectly. Vajusi is the Cleveland city hall conduit to an Albanian organized crime family of demolition contractors with six companies led by an already-federally-convicted thief who was not deported for his role in stealing $170 million from a Parma credit union.

They’re speaking in a language no one else in an English language city hall but them understands.  There’s no official law enforcement officer surrogate listening to Vajusi’s conversation to overhear the public employee answer “yes” to a question she should have said “no” to; and either corrected her or reported her conduct to the appropriate authorities.

These acts are occurring in an environment Rybka appears to have cultivated that allowed building department workers to accept food and gift cards from vendors doing business with the city.  It’s Rybka’s department and former employee, Rufus Taylor, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio has still not yet been sentenced.  What if anything has Vajusi been accepting of value from the Satka organized crime family that she and other employees under Rybka’s supervision have not disclosed on the financial disclosure forms they’re all required to be completing … annually?

The FBI has 123 years of catching dumb criminals. Throughout the year agents look at prosecutions across the nation and train on what they learn about criminals from their confessions after their plea deals and agreements to cooperate. This is a page from one of the USDOJ’s Powerpoint presentations on how to catch a dummy.

Every contractor doing business with the city of Cleveland should demand to view the financial disclosure statements of employees they’ve interacted with and given gifts to they should have reported.  The document is a public record.  If their “gift” is not on the form they know the employee has committed a crime.  The forms are required.  Irrespective of her official duty as a payroll clerk, Vajusi’s interactions with the Satka’s requires her to identify if they’ve given her anything of value.  Contractors should also be demanding to inspect the personnel files of the inspectors with whom they’re interacting.

All city employee personnel records are public and inspectable pursuant to R.C. 149.43.  You simply have to walk in and ask to “inspect” them.  The forms Vajusi aided Satka’s relatives in completing are also public records.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  I did.  Your request does not have to be in writing.  You don’t have to explain why you want the records. You don’t even have to give them your name.  Read all of R.C. 149.43 and Ohio’s manual of “Sunshine Laws.”  Our laws lets the “Sun” shine on the criminals in our government.

Here’s one problem with Rybka, Borkowski and now Thomas Vanover extending special privileges to the Albanian aliens by directing Vajusi away from discharging the duties of a payroll clerk to assisting them and the other Albanian alien contractors in completing applications.  It’s been shared with me that public meetings have been disrupted, official business obstructed by Vajusi, to explain in Albanian what the immigrants should know about the contract bidding performance and laws in English.

There is no public bidding law that authorizes a municipal government in Ohio to provide instructions in Albanian.  The Revised Code of Ohio is not available in Albanian.  National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) are not available in Albanian.  The same with Occupational Safety Health Administration laws.  The same with some of the 892 federal trucking laws and regulations I’ve read recently as truck owners I know asked for my guidance on meeting their DOT requirements.

What insanity possesses Jackson or Kelley to allow Rybka through his subordinates to bypass a system of statutory certifications contractors are required to demonstrate they know in order to receive bids; to favor Albanian aliens who don’t possess the language skills to even take the fucking certification tests natural born Americans have already passed and possess?

A comparison of the city’s bidding practices to a five-page United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) guide on how to identify and report bid riggers and price fixers will explain to Jackson, Kelley and the employees under Rybka’s supervision why they’re all being criminally investigated whether they are aware or not.  I know, individually, city hall employees have the usual “I’m not doing anything wrong” fallback upon reading words like those in their faces right now.  Yes you are. 

Six inspectors enforcing laws without licenses?  Gift cards?  Cash?  Bauman shitting all over environmental laws; and Ayonna Donald’s not smart enough to get her azz out of the office and check on her vendors and workers? She couldn’t have worked for Michael R. White or me witih that lazy “run a department from the desk” consciousness.

I did a ride-along with Mike when I worked as his special assistant and he saw tall grass in front of the CMHA senior high-rise on E. 30th and Central.  He called one of the “assistant director’s” he’d told to keep the grass trimmed.  He waited until the employee arrived and got in his azz.  That ain’t Frank.  It ain’t his people.

You never see me in Cleveland city hall and I know everything going on in it … everywhere.  In the building department I even know who’s married to whom.  Who’s fucking whom.  Who’s got college educations and ‘hood ex-offender boyfriends with city hall jobs .  I know who’s got criminal records.  

I know your ethnicities and some of your private conversations.  I know who’s LGTBQ.  I even know from IP addresses who’s reading my words from city hall.  Don’t worry.   I’ve stockpiled “sources” for 42 years.  I’ve also got 4 planets in Scorpio. My sources aren’t mad at me or they would have stopped talking 42 years ago.  I wouldn’t have made it this far.

Consider that I know all that and you never see me.  What do you think the FBI knows in partnership with law enforcement officers who know federal, state and local laws, regulations, legal opinions and their own federal manuals better than your mayor like I do; and what’s going on better than he does, with four other federal agencies and law enforcement tools and you also never see them? 

Putin’s Cleveland law firm, Jones Day, has closed its Moscow offices and immigrated the Russian who led it to D.C.

CLEVELAND, OH – If AdvanceOhio president Chris Quinn thinks readers are going to pay $100 a year to read, his reporters had better learn to find stories like those in EJBNEWS.  No intelligent person will pay to read plagiarized government news releases and paid client driven content.

Squire Patton & Boggs global managing partner and attorney Fred Nance must not believe fat meat is greasy.  Seven figure earnings and a high-rolling global lifestyle from his Moreland Hills palace must have blinded Fred to the tea leave writings on the “Foreign Agents Registration Act” wall.  The Russia shit is over.

Close the Moscow office like managing partner Steve Brogan at Jones Day did in December 2019.  Disconnect all ties with Russian government officials and the government’s clients.  Come home and the face the Logan Act, Espionage Act and Foreign Agents Registration Act music.  The traitors have been exposed over the past four years.

No more Rosneft money.  No more Gazprom Bank money.  Don’t go meet with Putin for his annual conference with over 600 U.S. corporations in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2021.  Remember?  FBI agents raided Michael Cohen’s office in Squire Patton & Boggs’ New York office in April 2018.


Representing the Russian Federation and representing Diebold while ex-chairman Walden O’Dell is selling electronic voting equipment to the nation’s election’s board is wrong.  Suing California prosecutors to keep election security flaws a secret, while representing the Kremlin as an unregistered agent, well gosh darn boys and girls.  Here in America that’s a crime which makes the perpetrators … traitors.

It’s also further evidence of a conflict in national security interests when Putin’s law firms are behind suing Rutger’s University to take down a website that published all of Diebold’s email.  I have the dastardly documents and shared them with United States Representative Marcia Fudge; who shared them with Homeland Security.  What other election secrets, violations of federal felony laws, did the two firm’s lawyers conceal by not reporting as the unregistered agents of foreign governments?

Former White House Counsel Don McGahn was a partner in the law firm of Jones Day that represents Vladmir Putin and Goldman Sachs. While in the Trump administration one of McGahn’s duties was to help the president select Supreme Court justices. This is while the employer he returned to in March 2019 after leaving Trump continued to represent Vladmir Putin. So now McGahn’s back with Jones Day and free to communicate with the law firm’s global network of 2500 attorneys in nations like Russia without his firm ever registering as a foreign agent of the Russian Federation while he worked in the White House around the nation’s defense secrets. Putin’s law firm’s partner left the U.S. with a Supreme Court justice or two in place for life.

The timing may be coincidental, but after Fudge’s congressional hearing and subpoena to the nation’s electronic voting equipment presidents, Jones Day’s managing parter, Brogan, announced the closing of the law firm’s Moscow office.  Even Jones Day’s “Moscow” office web page “does not exist.”

Moscow “partner” and Russian citizen Vladimir Lechtman‘s been “Linked In” repackaged as “more American” than Russian with three years of legal training at the University of Texas at Austin.  He’s now relocated to Washington, D.C. on some kind of green card scheme.

The Russian alien – who graduated law school in Austin at the University of Texas in 1983 on a student visa – is now made to look like a legal citizen after spending 30 years in his homeland handling Jones Day “unregistered” legal work for the Russian Federation and its business entities.   The miracle of one year citizenship and enrollment in the Washington, D.C. Bar Association would have to be rigged at the highest levels for Lechtman, Putin’s lead Jones Day attorney, to be working around the corner from the White House at 51 Louisiana Avenue as “of counsel.”  It’s an industry term for a licensed attorney.  Lechtman is not licensed to practice law in the United States of America.0

Unlike the lawyers working for Squire Patton & Boggs, Jones Day’s attorneys were deeply embedded within the Trump administration among the nation’s 94 U.S. attorneys.  Jones Day partner Don McGahn was Trump’s White House counsel.  At the very highest of levels, Americans could see the Jones Day prosecutors in the Trump administration as using the job to direct a raid on the offices of a global competitor when FBI agents entered Squire Patton & Boggs’ New York to get Cohen’s server and records.

Squire Patton & Boggs has its Moscow offices located in this building at 4 Romanov pereulok.

11 Jones Day former partners were appointed U.S. Attorneys by Trump.  That’s even in Northeast Ohio where former Jones Day partner obstructed the enforcement of the three espionage-busting laws with his police blotter-like “gun” pursuit of FBI-created fake terrorists for the past four years.

The difference between the U.S. Attorneys elsewhere in contrast to Ohio is that a team of career USDOJ bureaucrats, focused on investigating Russian collusion over the past nearly four years, have now developed a body of knowledge and conclusions.  From my perspective, having followed the law firms East Cleveland resident John D. Rockefeller employed to handle his business when he was the world’s first billionaire in 1904 living in the city I once led as mayor, I see Jones Days’ abrupt departure from Moscow as their possessing “what’s coming next” knowledge.

Wondering if the Vladimir Lechtman of Jones Day is the same Vladimir Lechtman who posted this video of a Russian “state funeral” 7 months ago? They’re still carrying around Communist Party leader Josef Stalin’s picture.

Dan Boente held the job of the FBI’s general counsel until he retired from the United States Department of Justice as a career administrator.  Barack Obama appointed him to lead the U.S. Attorneys office in Eastern Virginia.

At 66 Boente’s still in play as an appointee, somewhere inside the United States Department of Justice, of President-elect Joe Biden if he wants it.  What’s of note with the Jones Day Moscow office’s closing is the policy position Boente embedded within the USDOJ that the Logan Act, Espionage Act and Foreign Agents Registration Act are “good tools” as existing laws they’ll continue to use.

B&B demolished a building on Kinsman and put grass seed over concrete; and it’s these criminal acts the Fed’s are investigating in the Jackson administration

CLEVELAND, OH – At the end of the day Ed Rybka is Mayor Frank Jackson’s “guy” over the building department the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been investigating.  How Jackson’s former council colleague has managed the building department sets the tone for all the corruption that’s been allowed to exist in the open under a mayor whose “statutory duty” is to be the city’s biggest corruption buster as its chief law enforcement officer.  So are his subordinates.

Jackson, not the FBI, should know Navid Hussein owns Buena Vista Homes, LLC and the Moghul Corporation, and should know he and other inspectors are “acquiring” homes they’re inspecting.  He should know some homes have been outright stolen through the housing court and its judges.  That’s if Rybka was on top of his game and keeping the mayor protected and informed.

There isn’t a federal, state or local criminal law Jackson through the city’s municipal police department pursuant to R.C. 737.11 can’t enforce.  Municipal police under Ohio law have “federal” law enforcement authority as a “state’s right” gift of the 10th Amendment.  The FBI and any other federal law enforcement agency would not be needed if Jackson enforced R.C. 733.34 and “supervised the conduct” of the officers and employees of the municipal corporation; and caused neglect of duties to be promptly punished instead of “law suspending” tolerated.  That level of mayoral diligence would make Cleveland one of the most corruption-free cities in the nation.

Article 1.18 of the Constitution of Ohio instructs every person in the state that “no power shall ever be exercised to suspend a law but by the general assembly.”  Not enforcing laws is exercising the unlawful power to suspend them.  The “mayor’s” duties whether Jackson discharges them or not is to enforce all laws.

Every employee in his administration is a mayoral proxy with the duty to ensure the laws that apply to the duties of their public offices are enforced.  Jackson and every employee he supervises has no other choice but to “obey” all laws.  There’s even a federal law duty pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4, “misprision of felony” to report all felonies.  R.C. 2935.09 and 2935.10 backs up the “misprision” duty imposed on “anyone with knowledge of a felony” with the authority and instructions on how to report them.

On June 24, 2020 I photographed individuals who may or may not be “regular” employees of B&B Wrecking planting grass seed on dirt covering stone.  B&B had been “selected” by officials Jackson hired Rybka to oversee to demolish and then dump a storefront located at E. 149th and Kinsman in an approved construction and demolition debris landfill. B&B is owned by William Baumann.  His father built the business now headquartered at E. 131st and Broadway.  They operate a series of interconnected family enterprises.

The Kinsman property B&B or Baumann’s company demolished was required by federal and state laws to be inspected for asbestos.  If found the nearest landfill that will accept construction asbestos is in Minerva, Ohio just outside Canton.  Rybka’s duty was to supervise the building department’s employees in a way that caused them to “follow up behind” B&B and every other demolition contractor to ensure they were obeying federal and state EPA laws regarding demolition under the OEPA’s 46-year contract with the municipal corporation of Cleveland.  Sidewalk barriers should have been placed at the site to protect pedestrians.

Every part of the building was supposed to be removed. That includes the walls to the basement and the plumbing.  The utility lines were required to be capped.  The driveway removed.  The remaining hole under federal EPA laws was required to be filled with “clean fill” soil and readied for reuse.  It meant that if someone wanted to build a new building on the corner the land was supposed to be like new.  Restored to near original.

Merle Gordon doesn’t know the pandemic laws in the Revised Code of Ohio. She also doesn’t know the contract the city has with the Ohio EPA to enforce air, water and soil pollution laws. What Gordon knows is relationships. She has a friendship with the mayor who hired her incompetent and non-law knowing azz as the city’s health director to enforce federal, state and local laws she doesn’t know. Think about the lunacy of inspecting an illegal dump 26 times instead of closing it on the first visit.

B&B wanted to crush and bury the Victoreen building at 10101 Woodland Avenue last year.  He was told “no.”  I checked daily.  He didn’t.  On this project  the concrete in the hole gives the appearance he crushed and buried it.  Soil was placed over the stone but just enough for “cosmetic” purposes.  Grass seed was placed over the thin covering of soil to conceal the stone.  The grass seed did not take.  Not enough dirt to maintain the roots.

The hole was sinking when I took the pictures in June.  It has sank even more since then as a result of B&B’s environmental crime.  There’s no proof the water lines were capped.  Who knows how much water is running from uncapped lines in “buried” properties throughout the city? If someone walking by slips and falls onto what they think is dirt they’re going to be seriously injured.  That site is now unusable for any development; and exists as evidence of violated federal environmental laws.

The city inspector should have taken pictures of B&B’s progress for a permanent record. All of the documents that would establish “proof” the building either did or did not contain asbestos should be in his or her file.  So should dump tickets proving B&B took the debris to the appropriate landfill before he was paid.  These are the “avoided duties” that got Rufus Taylor into FBI trouble.

There should be a report from an inspector who instructed B&B not to fill the hole before it was inspected.  That inspector’s report, the one assigned to the B&B job site, should have in it the information I’ve just shared above: which is that B&B’s employees were seen seeding dirt over stone.

The inspector should have known to investigate B&B’s dump tickets to see if they were fraudulent.  Instead of a check in his name he should have faced criminal charges as Baumann had criminally failed, again, to discharge an “adjunct” function of the municipal government for which he was contracted.

Right on Kinsman Avenue near 71st and Grand Avenue is a pile of debris the Jackson administration allows Kokosing to leave in neigborhoods like he’s done up the street near CMHA. Another pile is by the Tedd Ginn Academy. There are numerous others throughout the city.

These are also federal law requirements identified in regulations it’s obvious Jackson and Rybka have not read.  Baumann should have been arrested instead of paid when he asked for a check as a federal environmental law violator.

The EPA controls waste “from the cradle to the grave.”  The building Baumannn demolished never made it to the “grave.”  Paying him made the city an accomplice in his federal environmental law crime.

The city’s contracted “waste and demolition removal” duties came from the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1976.  It’s codified under Title 42, Chapter 82 of the United States Code.   The RCRA requirements are found at Subsection 6961.  Everyone in the landfill industry knows it.  Especially those on the “insurance” side.  Landfill closure bonds.

It’s not a law most mayors would know.  It’s one every Cleveland mayor and member of council who’s served since 1976, and who’s approved the city’s OEPA contract, should know well if they read the contract council approved for the mayor to enforce for the past 44 years.

When I worked for the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority between 1989 and 1991, I reached out to Browning Ferris Industry chairman William D. Ruckelshaus for some guidance on managing the agency’s trash for then Executive Director George James.  I served as his chief of communications.  Ruckelshaus was the EPA’s first administrator.  He broke down RCRA to me.  One of his regional vice presidents arranged a tour of the BFI facility in Grafton. It’s now Republic Services.

My most recent discussion about RCRA involved the former General Electric site where Pete & Pete dumped over 1000 county land bank homes in a residential neighborhood instead of a “construction and demolition debris” landfill.  The site is contaminated with mercury, Frank, and the GE vice president I spoke to knows RCRA’s “cradle to grave” requirement makes them responsible.  Cleveland has to enforce its contract with the OEPA to make GE comply… Frank.  All you have to do is enforce RCRA and GE will clean-up the site … Frank.  No lawyers.

The family walking next to the Victoreen building B&B demolished don’t know pieces of it are crumbling; and that the wall could have collapsed on them. The entire sidewalk was required to be barricaded to the curb; and walkers redirected. Bus stops … too. Baumann didn’t act until I complained to Mayor Frank Jackson. My complaint came because building department employees weren’t monitoring the job site. I did.

Rybka’s oversight of the building department Jackson assigned him to initially lead and then oversee should have resulted in an inspector visiting the job site more than once to monitor B&B.  This is particulary since I identified problems last year with the company’s failure to erect barricades at the former Victoreen Building at 10101 Woodland Avenue.

Federal authorities know the Baumann’s have been in court over the stories of contaminated shit they’ve piled up next to Mill Creek so much it spills into the water tributary down the street from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown’s home.  Three years ago one of Baumann’s rusted excavactors had to be removed from Mill Creek.  I took pictures of it.

Garfield Heights Mayor Vic Collova and I have discussed the Baumann dump site at E. 131st Street.  He’s pissed.  Frank’s fucking a lot of mayors with legitimate environmental complaints because Merle Gordon doesn’t know jack shit about the environmental laws he’s hired her to enforce.

It’s been Jackson’s contracted duty with the OEPA to enforce the nation’s environmental laws in the entire county; and to cause violators to be prosecuted.  Federal authorities have to step in because he won’t.  This then leads to Frank’s campaign finance reports; and the millions contractors have been donating to keep him in office and not enforcing federal, state and local criminal laws for the last 16 years.

It also leads to the campaign finance reports of the members of council whose legislative oversight duties, the FBI knows are just like Congress’, they’ve never used to “investigate” why Jackson for the past 16 years has not been enforcing federal environmental laws and others mayors in this state were given “unsuspended” duties to enforce.  If RCRA did not authorize a “landfill” to exist behind homes on Noble Road in East Cleveland, and Jackson’s administration treated an illegal dump like a legimitate landfill by “inspecting” it instead of closing it; every federal law enforcement officer with RCRA knowledge sees the crime as a racketeering level conspiracy that involves numerous officials avoiding the performance of official duties.

The so-called “temporary” stockpiling of hazardous materials on Kinsman, across from CMHA; and down the street on 71st Street by Kokosing is not lawful.   That immune system weakening filth Frank and Kevin Kelly on council are allowing to pile up is blowing daily into the homes of people.  It’s covering their roofs, porches, window sills, shelves, tables and filling their lungs.

The entire purpose of environmental laws, and Congress empowering local officials to enforce them, was to “empower the people” who live in the environment with the immediate authority to protect it from the abuses of the corporations.  It’s their millions in campaign donations over 16 years that has helped Jackson, Kelly and the rest of council ignore the mayor’s andn their own contracted “law enforcement” duties with the Ohio EPA.

A Google Earth view of the Baumannn property at E. 131st Street and Broadway shows how close they’re allowing deadly chemicals from ground up homes to runoff into Mill Creek every time it rains. They’ve been under a court order to find someplace to deposit this deadly environmental mess.

It’s what’s not in “some” reports that’s required by federal laws to be in them the FBI is investigating.  Missing information and avoided public duties is evidence of violated federal laws and regulations.  In this case, Jackson’s workers have been talking to FBI agents and prosecutors with the United States Department of Justice about a number of violated federal laws since at least 2014.  More if past investigations are included.  The “focus” becomes better over time.

President’s change.  Bureaucrats don’t until they are either reassigned or retire.  The Cleveland FBI office is younger.  Trump hires.  They’ve developed a body of knowledge about “Democratic run” cities.

Ed Rybka supervises the city of Cleveland’s building department like a criminal enterprise. It’s why the FBI and other federal agencies are investigating; and people are going to jail. Criminal investigations are like chess. The pieces are not killed. They are captured. Each captured piece is interrogated for “evidence” that will lead to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of the other side’s King. Anyone paying attention to the federal investigation of Cleveland’s building department can see the “up the ladder” approach to the already captured players.

The main change in Cleveland with a change in presidents will be in the job Justin Herdman holds as the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.  Joe Biden’s going to select his own U.S. Attorney General and U.S. Attorney for the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio. They will be briefed on the “ongoing” local full criminal investigations.  The investigations of Dimora and Russo started under President George W. Bush.

If anyone paying attention recalls, it was the administration of “Democrat” President Barack Obama that investigated more than 400 individuals connected to the “county corruption” scandal.  He took office in January 2009.  Jimmy Dimora, Frank Russo and company were indicted the next year in 2010.

The Trump U.S. DOJ spent the last four years building on the investigations Obama’s U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio briefed Herdman on.  I’ve never seen a president “not” investigate public corruption and Cleveland’s officials have been easy.  They don’t read.  It’s three hours and 15 minutes to the federal prison in Morgantown, West Virginia; and lots of Cleveland and Cuyahoga county politicians have called it “home.”

Here’s a tip for mayors.  The police chief I inherited as mayor on January 1, 2006 in East Cleveland had been asked to investigate a detective who used the FBI’s NCIC database to “query” the license plates of an undercover agent.  The agent’s investigation included her husband’s drug dealing; and her use of the detective’s job and tools to help him.

The police chief was the detective’s child’s Godmother; and gambled with the detective and her drug dealing husband.  I had no clue until I learned over a year later of the FBI’s request for an investigation and the chief’s response.  The chief had included herself in the FBI’s investigation by not enforcing the federal NCIC laws.  All FBI agents did was track the Terminal ID number “they” assigned her through the city’s contract with the Ohio Highway Patrol.

I contacted Lt. Col. Atkinson of the Ohio Highway Patrol and the Cleveland FBI office.  I don’t recall the federal agent’s name, but I alerted the FBI that I’d taken over the investigation and had suspended the chief of police and detective.  I later fired them both.  Some of the investigation was shared with me.  What shocked me is how they thought I was involved because they knew the NCIC use violated federal laws; and that I was supposed to have overseen the use of the databases under federal laws.

Since federal laws had been violated, and I had done nothing, the FBI agents thought I had become another Onunwor.  They didn’t know their investigation request had been concealed from me until I shared that information with them.

Federal agents don’t “know” Jackson.  They don’t “know” Rybka.  They don’t “know” Ayonna Donald.  They don’t “know” Thomas Vanover, Paul Cuffari or Navid Hussein.  They know “about” them and they know others.  They know Rufus Taylor, Damian Borowski, James Rokakis, Armond Budish, Ronald O’Leary, Gus Frangos, George Michael Riley, Christine Beynon, Pete Ristagno Sr. and Jr., Baumann,

Eventually the big boys lose patience with a law enforcement officer who refuses to obey and enforce laws; and who they can prove with evidence has avoided discharging official duties in exchange for campaign cash, family favors and “I won’t tell if you won’t tell” secrets. An elected official with a 34 year career has done a lot of things they’ve forgotten; and did not do a lot of things they should have done to avoid looking like a criminal. A 34 year career in public office comes with 34 years of “public” records.

All they know are the federal laws they have duties to obey and enforce that are not being obeyed and enforced. They would even know what Hussein is doing in India or Pakistan; and if Jackson has an undocumented worker here with forged documents being paid in part with federal funds.

Since the enforcement of laws is a duty of the office of a mayor, the only question the FBI asks is why a mayor with law enforcement duties isn’t enforcing laws.  That would justify gaining a number of employees’ and contractors’ cooperation over the past six years without the mayor’s knowledge.

There’s a lot to be learned about a mayor over the course of a five year full criminal investigation that involves multiple federal agencies.  There’s more to be learned than what’s seen in a federal search warrant to recover federal records during a raid at city hall.

What is not over is the ongoing federal investigation of Cleveland city hall.  The regretable truth for the Jackson administration officials in the next round of indictments is they won’t know the federal laws they should have been obeying and enforcing until they read them in Statement of the FBI agent who is investigating them.

During a criminal trial or sentencing after a negotiated plea bargaining, the judge will remind the “off to jail” elected and appointed public officials of the Constitutions they swore to uphold; the laws they swore to obey and enforce; and the duties of the office they swore to discharge.

Jackson may remember the following tip he didn’t follow-up on.

Convicted pedophile Michael Cosgrove, Jackson’s former community development director, and O’Leary approved a $10,800 demolition contract for Velmir Lucic, a Serbian immigrant, to demolish his own “cited” E. 79th Street property.  Lucic was also allowed to demolish his next door neighbor’s property, Frances Caldwell, for another $10,000; although she had an unexpired permit to renovate it.  It’s in the Cleveland Clinic area on E. 79th Street where lots of properties have been destroyed by “arson.”  Barbershop II.  Courtesy of Don Scott, Jr.  I knew Don, Sr.  I know his Mom and Sister.

The building department sent Caldwell a $10,000 bill for the work Lucic had done to demolish a property she was renovating.  She’s learned the county took Lucic to court for the $38,000 he owed in taxes.  He didn’t spend a dime of the $20,800 he got to demolish his own and a neighbor’s property, illegally, on his taxes.

Jackson got a letter from Caldwell.  So did Blaine Griffin.  They obviously didn’t read it and investigate.  If they had she wouldn’t be willing to talk to the Feds; and share the evidence with them she tried to share with the “chief law enforcement officer” of the municipal corporation of Cleveland. Now Griffin leads council’s safety committee and until last year did not know the first three words of the Constitution of the United States of America were “We the people.”

Another non-reading Jackson appointee.

Herdman took a city worker without Mayor Jackson’s knowledge and used him to entrap Christian American Negro contractors

CLEVELAND, OH – Sometime before the November general election in 2017, I met with Mayor Frank Jackson and asked if he knew U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman had been using a supervisor in the building department to entrap unsuspecting American Negro contractors.  My recollection is our meeting occurred right after the 2017 primary campaign for mayor I decided to challenge him in.  He described my residency take down of Jeffrey Johnson as “cold” as he ripped him as unworthy of holding public office.  I agreed.

I had shared with Frank that at a campaign stop on Lorain Avenue how Ronald O’Leary expressed knowledge of some lower employee level “cooperation” with FBI agents.  The investigations appear to have been initiated by ex-President Barack Obama’s administration on or around the year 2013.  Scumbag James Comey was the FBI’s director.

Obama appointed a Russian American, Steve Dettelbach, to prosecute majority Protestant Christian and Catholics in the office Herdman now holds in the U.S. Attorneys office for the Northern District of Ohio.  Comey basically did the same shit through Dettelbach to Jackson that he did to the Trump campaign; and in the same city where all the Russian collusion began in 2016 during the Republican National Convention.

Jackson transferred Rufus Taylor from his job as a building department supervisor shortly after I shared the criminal misconduct that was obstructing his administration behind his back as the city’s chief law enforcement officer.  Taylor should have taken his interactions with the FBI directly to the city’s chief law enforcement officer.

What it appears Comey and Dettelbach initiated was what the FBI’s Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DIOG) describes as a “full criminal investigation” that targeted Taylor and majority American Negro Christian or Muslim demolition contractors and employees. The indictments “loosely” claim the demolition and board-up funds were all federal; but as a former mayor who has managed and supervised departments of community development, building and housing under federal, state and local laws and ordinances I know it’s not true.  I also served as one of former Mayor Michael Reed White’s special assistants and know the laws that guide Cleveland’s building department.

I have recently reviewed the DIOG’s the USDOJ has issued since 2008.  I’ve known as a journalist since 1981 that the conduct of FBI agents is guided by manuals.  The “guides” or manuals function for FBI agents in the same manner as the rules and regulations of police departments, but differently.  Every federal government agency guides employees through well-explained and statutorily-cited manuals any lawyer defending a client who hasn’t read them can’t defend their client … competently.

Every mandated instruction to FBI agents and U.S. Attorneys is connected to a federal law citation that makes a violation of a “procedure” a federal crime for the FBI agent or U.S. Attorney who violated it.  The rules of the Superintendent of Ohio Highway Patrol are closer in substance to the FBI’s DOIG.  Police department regulations across the board are not as none I’ve read supports a law enforcement act with a statute.

The DIOG affords each American citizen Herdman has investigated the opportunity to meet with federal prosecutors and FBI agents in recorded discussions to validate that the full investigation was authorized by law; and that the “federal law required” steps to protect their constitutional rights are authenticated in the documents Congress instructed investigating FBI agents to create and maintain.  Race and religion are supposed to be factors in the full investigations Dettelbach initiated and Herdman’s been conducting of mostly American Negro and Christian contractors the Jackson administration attracted, and council authorized, to interact with the administrative employees FBI agents appear to have been obstructing to entrap.

The DIOG prohibits federal prosecutors and FBI agents from ever coercing or threatening a citizen with prosecution to gain compliance; and it’s language in the manuals that provide an “affirmative defense” for every threatened American citizen.  So when criminal defense attorneys are offering a threat of conviction the federal prosecutors can’t, as their non-reading and lazy azzes are trying to get some quick cash for a plea deal their client could have got from a public defender, they’re doing the job for the prosecutor instead of asserting their client’s right.

There’s a section in the DIOG that deals with the required documentation of “tripwire” and “liaison” interactions with American citizens who don’t know they’re being investigated when FBI agents speak to them. The tripwire contacts are direct.  The liaison interactions are those that involve people like the plants James Comey directed inside the campaign of President Donald Trump.  Both are required to be recorded and documented.

The attorneys of every “losing” criminal defendant appears not to have first confirmed that the agents who engaged in a “full investigation” and obstruction of the unsuspecting Jackson administration were “authorized by federal laws” to conduct it.  Section 7.4 of the DIOG instructed both Dettelbach and Herdman, along with Anthony, that they had limited authority to investigate employees and contractors so low on the totem pole they are absolutely no threat to the nation’s national security.

The bigger national security threats are the lawyers Herdman left as a partner at Jones Day. He pocketed over $1.3 million to tide him over as they conduct deals with Vladmir Putin’s administration from their Moscow office as unregistered agents of the foreign government. Why Jackson doesn’t use Cleveland police to enforce federal espionage laws R.C. 737.11 gives them the authority to enforce is a mystery.  Especially at Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University.  Immigration laws … too.  Me and Squire, Patton & Boggs global managing partner Fred Nance would have a different relationship.

As all defending American citizens appear to have accepted plea deals negotiated between federal prosecutors and FBI agents they have never met as their accusers, none have been able to learn it Dettelbach, Herdman and the FBI’s “full investigation” of them was authorized by law.

Prior to his encounter with FBI agents and federal prosecutors conspiring behind Jackson’s back “under the color of law,” Taylor in 2013 had earned enough credibility to be promoted by the mayor to supervise other building inspectors.  I spoke to the pastor of his Protestant Christian church who called the American Negro “elder” a “good man.”

His personnel records show Taylor had a problem the Jackson administration was trying to resolve with his credentials; and those of the other building inspectors the city had learned of in 110 pages of complaints from the Ohio Building Authority.  Taylor could not validate the credentials from his municipal government employment in Mississippi. 5 other inspectors had cited property owners without credentials that had voided their citations.  No housing court had the legal authority to act on the complaint of an uncertified “law enforcement officer.”  Judges don’t confirm that prosecutors have oaths of office and law enforcement officers are credentialed before presiding over their charges.

City personnel records and email show the American Negro contractors Herdman appears to have “targeted” had been complaining to Ed Rybka, Damien Borowski, Thomas Vanover, O’Leary and Ayonna Donald about Taylor not showing up for inspections and asking for money to discharge the duties of his public employment.   Pursuant to Ord. No. 615.11 he was “soliciting.” A first degree misdemeanor.  A conviction comes with termination and a prohibition from working for the city for 7 years.   Their complaints coincide with the period of time when it appears from 2013 through 2017 that Taylor was being directed away from discharging official duties by federal agents.

Jackson had implemented a requirement that building department employees complete annual financial disclosure statements to identify any gifts; or if they had been offered or received money from contractors.  Taylor had turned in no statements and was being actively disciplined for his supervision dereliction.  No trial means he was never asked if federal agents instructed him not to deliver the records.

Jackson aide Valarie McCall had taken a hard line on employees accepting “any” gifts, including food, from vendors.  Personnel records show the Jackson administration building an administrative case against a civil service protected worker that would prevail during an appeal as Taylor’s FBI supervised misconduct was heading him towards termination.

Since Taylor and the majority of the  American Negro vendors who have already been convicted were terrorized into plea bargaining, neither Dettelbach nor Herdman has had to validate their “authority” to launch a full criminal investigation of a municipal employee they were corrupting into obstructing the city’s official business under the color of law.  No criminal defense attorney has thus far obtained records as undelivered by Herdman as exculpatory evidence to validate what I know to be easily-discredited false information in indictments.

In Taylor’s indictment he’s accused of giving one winning bidder information that would let them underbid the lowest bidder; and being paid $5000 in exchange for that vendor being the top bidder.  Had his attorney validated the FBI agent’s facts and required DIOG investigatory records, he would have seen that the information in the indictment is wrong when compared to the city’s records.  The winning bidder declined the city’s award.  The Jackson administration then chose the next bidder.  Taylor had nothing to do with the winning bidder’s decision.

The second lowest bidder was the vendor from whom Taylor got the $5000; who also had nothing to do with the winning bidder’s decision to decline.  An indictment of the second bidder for winning an award that came from circumstances beyond their “luck of the draw” control would be a malicious prosecution as even the source of funds for the demolition was not federal.  I would argue that any federal prosecutor or FBI agent who knows Herdman has been orchestrating “color of law” violations of rights against American citizens is themselves engaged in the 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242 conspiracy; and has a duty to report pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4 “misprision of felony.”  One of the FBI agents has clearly articulated to a defendant that he does not think Herdman has the authority to go forward and has expressed an interest in testifying to that fact.

Ohio mayors who appoint safety directors and police chiefs have the authority to enforce federal criminal laws pursuant to R.C. 737.11. It’s a “state’s right” feature in the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America that gives  “states” the authority to determine “who” enforces federal laws “inside municipal corporations.”  Section 7.4 of the DIOG required Dettelbach and Herdman to have Jackson’s request for assistance in writing.

The police force of a municipal corporation shall preserve the peace, protect persons and property, and obey and enforce all ordinances of the legislative authority of the municipal corporation, all criminal laws of the state and the United States, all court orders issued and consent agreements approved pursuant to sections 2919.26 and 3113.31 of the Revised Code, all protection orders issued pursuant to section 2903.213 or 2903.214 of the Revised Code, and protection orders issued by courts of another state, as defined in section 2919.27 of the Revised Code. 

Enforcing “all” of the “criminal laws of the United States” gives “municipal police” the legal authority to enforce immigration, espionage, racketeering and public corruption laws.  It also gives municipal police “concurrent” authority over federal investigations as it makes them, and not the Ohio Highway Patrol or county sheriff, the highest law enforcement authority “inside” the municipal corporation.  No other category of law enforcement officer under any Ohio law has “federal criminal law” enforcement authority but municipal police.

Had Jackson’s administration determined that a crime had been committed in Cleveland with the munincipal corporation’s funds, he had every right of his office as the city’s chief law enforcement to officer to discharge the duty of ensuring they were prosecuted under municipal ordinances. Then their fates would have been decided by a jury made up of the “actual” citizens of Cleveland where they reside or do business.  It is pure racist and anti-Protestant Christian evil for Herdman to obstruct the mayor and the city’s majority Protestant Christian American Negro controlled municipal court from using its own laws to prosecute offenders they choose not to ruin lives with felony federal convictions.

Herdman’s USDOJ news release summarizes the acts Taylor engaged in while his lawyer said he was under the FBI’s supervision; and that his personnel records show Jackson was actively and disappointingly trying to correct during the same period in time.  In the mayor’s mind I know he was thinking that he’d given a “brother” an opportunity;  and the man was failing. The truth is it may not have been his fault.

The USDOJ’s news release announcing Taylor’s indictment included a series of convolutions about a home rule municipal government’s statutory operation that could have been explained had either Dettelbach or Herdman scheduled a meeting with Jackson instead of corrupting his “Democratic run city” behind his back.  Read from the USDOJ’s news release.

Taylor was employed by the City of Cleveland as Chief of its Demolition Bureau. He was responsible for assigning “board-up” of vacant properties to contractors, emergency demolition jobs, and conducting inspections, which had to take place before a contractor could be paid, among other duties.

Taylor and a person identified in the charges as Contractor 1 met in November 2013 to discuss a demolition job on Parkwood Drive. The two agreed that Contractor 1 would pay Taylor $8,000 in cash in return for Taylor putting Contractor 1 on the bid listContractor 1 was awarded the bid. Contractor 1 gave Taylor approximately $3,000 in cash on Dec. 4, 2013. Contractor 1 paid Taylor the additional $5,000 by November 2015.

Taylor notified Contractor 1 about an emergency demolition job on East 123rd Street and Coltman Road around October 2015. Taylor asked Contractor 1 for $12,000 in exchange for notifying Contractor 1 about the job.  Contractor 1 was awarded abatement work for the premises but never paid Taylor the $12,000.

Taylor provided bid numbers to Contractor 2 for a pending demolition job on Cedar Avenue around Aug. 20, 2015. Contractor 2 paid Taylor approximately $5,000 in cash in exchange for this information around Oct. 26, 2015.  On May 7, 2016, Taylor provided Contractor 2 the names of companies bidding on a demolition job on East 130th Street. On May 10, 2016 – the last day of the bid – Taylor called Contractor 2 and informed Contractor 2 of the then-current lowest bid on the project.  Contractor 2 gave Taylor approximately $500 in cash on May 25, 2016. Taylor contacted Contractor 2 on July 21, 2016 and said he needed some “stacks.” Contractor 2 gave Taylor approximately $300.

As reporters covering the USDOJ and local governments operate under the same lack of understanding of municipal government as federal prosecutors and FBI agents, Herdman gets away with offering a statement like the following without close examination.  “Public contracts should go to the most qualified bidder, not the best connected. We will remain vigilant and public employees who take bribes will be brought to justice.”

Is this a suggestion that other city workers are being entrapped into committing corrupt acts with vendors in full investigations that are equally unsupported by probable cause?  What makes his statement even more ridiculous is that every demolition vendor has been “qualified” by the city through its own administrative processes under ordinances enacted by council and unsuspended general laws of the state his full investigation obstructed.

During American Negro and Christian Carl Stokes’ terms as mayor Cleveland’s building and housing ordinances were “civil.”  Property owners paid fines.  No jail.  Croatian American and Catholic Dennis Kucinich asked the other Eastern European and Catholics on council to “criminalize” the city’s housing ordinances at the same time American Negro Christian home ownership was growing around 1978.

I was working for the Call & Post under Mr. William Otis Walker in his production department typesetting and laying out pages in 1978; and as a photographer.  The newspaper at the time consisted of 110 American Negro workers gathering news, producing and printing newspapers in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Youngstown, Akron and Dayton.  City council consisted of 33 part-time members who served two-year terms and earned $15,000 a year.  George Forbes earned $25,000 as council president.

The demolition and board-up unit’s sources of funds are varied.  Taylor’s wages would have been paid from the general fund.  Because the city has so many property fires a considerable amount of emergency demolitions and board-ups are covered with insurance funds from private owners.  Frank has asked council for general funds to cover demolitions.  Grants from Cleveland Clinic have covered demolition.

A block grant funded demolition has special requirements Jackson does not have to comply with for the others.  HUD will approve a drawdown of block grant funds for a demolition project under federal laws if the property is inspected for asbestos and the state confirms it has no historic value.  Public bidding is a requirement.

HUD expects “direct entitlement” cities like Cleveland and East Cleveland to obey federal laws as well as state and local ones with every annual agreement.  Some HUD expenditures require a review of the “permissible uses” of federal funds in circulars released by the U.S. Office of Management & Budget. Each HUD-funded contract must come with the documents that show authorization from council in the form of a resolution, to the newspaper advertisements for the bids all the way to those records created to prove the site was inspected and the contractor dumped in the appropriate EPA-certified landfill.

There’s also one more federal regulation an OMB circular requires the city to use as an administrative tool that would determine if Taylor’s wages or duties were connected to any federal funds.  A “time allocation sheet.”  If Taylor was working on any federally-funded project the portion of his wages paid with federal funds would have to be proved in a time allocation sheet that documented the hour he started and ended working on a federally-supported activity.

If any step is missed HUD orders the city to reimburse it for the demolition and board-up drawdown from the general fund.  FBI agents would not know if a step was missed until after the federally-funded demolitions were reviewed by HUD and audited.

HUD would have no legal authority to review demolitions where federal dollars were not used because federal laws require block grant funds to be “segregated.”  No co-mingling.

Cleveland is audited, annually, by the Ohio Auditor of State under that official’s duties identified in Title 119 of the Revised Code of Ohio.  An audit of federally-funded activitiues is required in a Consolidated Annual Financial Report or CAFR as any mayor who understands municipal finance knows.  Frank also has an “internal auditor” who reviews activities funded below the $5 million threshold.

Had the state auditor issued any “findings for recovery” against the mayor’s administration for misspending federal dollars, Ohio law requires the findings to be forwarded to the county prosecuting attorney within 90 days. The only statutory “red flags” came from the disciplinary steps Jackson’s administration was taking to correct Taylor’s obstruction of official business while he was being directed away from discharging the duties of his public employment by malicious federal agents.

I’m using very specific terminology I know is contained in the documents I’m describing because Herdman’s investigation would have required this level of “confirming” specificity to prove if anything Taylor did was connected to federal dollars before he asked for the indictments. Anything less would be negligence since he said HUD’s inspector general was involved and knows the laws and regulations I’ve referenced.

What’s compelling is that under the Obama administration Jackson’s administration was “made” to look corrupt by FBI agents Comey initially directed until Trump fired his azz.  These are the same two pieces of shit who joined with Eric Holder to create the largest internet child porn website in the world to entrap pedophiles.

Frank should review the DIOG and ask Herdman for all the records his office and the FBI created in connection with the Taylor and contractor investigation.  Council should take the records and hold a public hearing with subpoeanas.  Just like Congress.  Bring in Comey, Dettelhach, Herdman and Anthony for questioning.  Question the contractors.  Question the city workers.  All in public.

The contractors should demand access to the information the USDOJ and FBI created under their names in the “system of records” associated with the investigation.  It’s a right pursuant to the 1974 Privacy Act codified as 5 USC 552a.  Their are rights within the 1974 Privacy Act that authorizes every citizen to have access to the information the federal government stores on them in a system of records; and to review, challenge and demand corrections.

Congress was warned as recently as 2015 by the Government Accounting Office about the inaccuracy in the FBI’s criminal records databases that affects over 50 percent of the citizens whose information is stored in it.  It’s why 8 million mostly American Negroes are denied employment annually.

After obtaining and reviewing the USDOJ and FBI’s records, the contractors should request a meeting with U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge to discuss their findings.   Comey’s filthy law enforcement ethics infected Northeast Ohio. The stench of it has to be identified and dealt with in a complaint to the FBI’s Inspector General; and a federal “color of law” criminal investigation if evidence of violations in the DIOG are connected to evidence of violated constitutional rights.

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