There are 17 empty Republican slots for Cuyahoga County common pleas judgeships 17 civil rights-minded American attorneys could have sought

CLEVELAND, OH – I was stunned when I voted for myself for Congress in the 11th Congressional District and saw that 17 Republican attorneys had not filed for one of 17 court of common pleas judgeships for this year’s primary election.  It means 17 Democrats on the other side of the ballot will have no Republican opponent in November.  The filing deadline for Independent candidacies is May 2. The salary of a court of common pleas judge is $155,000 anually.  A municipal court judge earns $146,000.  Terms are six years.  Democratic Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney Michael O’Malley, again, has no…

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PERVERT ALERT!!! EJBNEWS features actual XXX rated sex video of President Biden’s son getting his penis foot massaged by a young sounding woman

CLEVELAND, OH – The hypocrisy of the 2020 campaign for President of the United States of America was the way Americans weren’t allowed to see the evidence attorney Rudy Giuliani obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop computer. We saw all of Melania Trump’s naked azz in 2016, and took great glee in learning about candidate Donald Trump’s “grab ’em by the pussy” escapades; and turning men’s wives into hookers for $35,000 in furniture.  But the video below of crackhead Hunter Biden getting his dick foot massaged into a juicy nut by a young girl or woman, and smoking crack or meth,…

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