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Read Ohio Criminal Rule 11 and the “pleas, rights upon plea” rights that come with every arrest to understand why Basheer Jones’ disappearing arrest records made Judge Dawson curious

CLEVELAND, OHIO – I have published Ohio Criminal Rule 11 in its entirety at the bottom of this story so readers will fully-understand the relevancy behind the question I asked East Cleveland Municipal Court Judge William Dawson about the status of Ward 7 Councilman Basheer Sudan Jones’ case.  Jones was arrested by two East Cleveland police officers on April 19, 2019. Jones was charged with “improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle.”  The offense was a 4th degree felony violation of Section 2923. 16 of the Ohio Revised Code.   The incident report East Cleveland’s cops generated doesn’t identify the

The FBI warned Ohio’s governor, mayors and sheriffs in 2006 that white supremacists were infiltrating law enforcement agencies

CLEVELAND, OH – In November 2006 I reviewed an FBI bulletin released October 17, 2006 which sought to alert elected officials that white supremacists were infiltrating law enforcement offices.  At the time I was serving my 10th month as East Cleveland’s mayor and director of public safety.  The late Patricia Lane was the civil service chief of police I had inherited.   The late Almeta Johnson, Cleveland’s first female chief prosecuting attorney, served as my director of law and chief prosecutor. The original version of the FBI’s bulletin was heavily-redacted as it portrayed how white supremacist law enforcement officers had access

Juanita Gowdy’s running for East Cleveland mayor because voters are disgusted with Richmond Heights resident Brandon King’s lying and stealing

CLEVELAND, OH – Council Vice President and East Cleveland Sunrise publisher Juanita Gowdy is counting on the truth that the voters of East Cleveland know more than a few things about Mayor Brandon King that disgusts them as she challenges him for the “chief law enforcement officer”s job he holds illegally as a Richmond Heights resident.  Elected officials under Ohio laws must be residents of the community they’re elected to serve. For the past nearly two years, Gowdy and East Cleveland Sunrise co-publisher Justyn Anderson have been distributing their 5000 circulation newspaper to every household, door-to-door, providing information-starved voters and

Gowdy demands video King’s hiding non-OPOTA certified McDonald’s death threat against a cop he asked for drug evidence to give his girlfriend

CLEVELAND, OH – Ward 2 Councilwoman Juanita Gowdy wants the videos in the possession of the Richmond Heights resident who serves unlawfully as East Cleveland’s mayor that show a member of the organized crime gang he leads threatening a certified law enforcement officer’s life.  The certified law enforcement officer had placed his bodycam on a desk to record himself entering evidence from an arrest that included marijuana, cocaine and cash. Law enforcement officer impersonator Larry McDonald had already taken the cocaine but he wanted one of the bags of marijuana.  He was impersonating a police commander.  The bodycam shows “the

O’Malley is maliciously withholding exculpatory evidence of uncertified cops from criminal defendants

CLEVELAND, OH – Michael O’Malley in his official capacity as Cuyahoga County’s prosecuting attorney has been copied, like his predecessors Timothy McGinty and William D. Mason, on “cease” letters the current and former Ohio Attorney Generals have forwarded to the office alerting them of felony crimes cops are committing by making arrests with expired Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) credentials. What he hasn’t done is deliver the “cease” letters to criminal defendants as “exculpatory evidence.”  Instead, O’Malley and the county’s judges are criminally-involved in a real time conspiracy to deprive thousands of American citizens in Cuyahoga County of their

Immigrants leading the DNC are lying in every Natural Born American’s face about Trump crashing the economy

CLEVELAND, OH – U.S. Senator Kamala Harris’ parents weren’t born and raised in the United States of America and neither were any of her ancestors.  So it would not be culturally ingrained in her that the father of this nation, President George Washington, was known as a man who would never tell a lie.  Harris didn’t like being “lectured” by natural born American Vice President Mike Pence, but he was absolutely correct that she was entitled to her own opinion but not her own facts.  I don’t know what the fuck she was talking about during the debate.  Though she

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