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Shooter targets home of Progressive Akron politician Tara Mosley 3 months after her nephew shot a mother of four to death

Akron Councilwoman Tara Samples has introduced tampon legislation similar to Cleveland Councilwoman Jazmin Santana's.

CLEVELAND, OH – The “truth” being left out of the story about the home of Akron Councilwoman Tara Mosley’s mother being shot at twice is the date of the first shooting.  July 5, 2021. That night the Progressive politician and her mother were harboring a fugitive at 1290 Seventh Avenue who Akron police wanted for killing a woman in front of her children.  Her name was Occa Onia Bernice Edison and Franklin Delano Lewis is her killer.  He’s the councilwoman’s nephew and it was his grandmother’s home that’s now been targeted twice with a very deliberate message. When police arrived at…

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Frank Jackson’s “Kelley endorsement” isn’t sitting too well with Clevelanders who want to move on and close the door on his 32 year presence at city hall

If a new mayor and council want to avoid the FBI raids at city hall, and more criminal prosecutions, they'll read, master and obey two constitutions and the laws referenced in the governing documents identified in their oaths of office. Lots of federal, state and local violations occurred over the past 16 years that have cost Clevelanders millions. If you do not read you cannot lead.

CLEVELAND, OH – Clevelanders looking for an indication of how the 2021 campaign to replace Frank Jackson as mayor might turn out can look at two endorsements.  Jackson’s and the Plain Dealer’s.  Each endorsed Nina Turner to represent the 11th Congressional District in the August 3, 2021 primary election. Turner raised over $6.2 million to Shontel Brown’s $4.5 million and lost by 4000 votes with their endorsements and that of Russian United States Senator Bernard Gitman Sanders.  It’s Kevin Kelley who now has to see if he can do better with one of the two local endorsements.  The Plain Dealer…

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